Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 7/5/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, Kate, Shawn, Jan, Bo, Bonnie, Hope, Patrick, Lexie, Tek, man from the pawn shop, Jennifer, Jack

Salem Speedway: Belle asks Shawn to come home. Belle asks Shawn to call. Kate asks Philip what he’s done.

The cage: Shawn looks at a picture of Philip and Belle. He wonders how Belle could hurt him like this. Jan sees Belle on TV and screams out. Jan says she thought she saw a mouse. Shawn sees Belle on TV.

Salem Police Department: Lexie asks Tek about Jennifer’s computer. Tek says all the messages are all untraceable. Lexie feels guilty that she didn’t trust her instincts with Patrick. Tek gets a FAX and says it could be about Jennifer.

Bo asks Bonnie why she’s so nervous. Bonnie says she doesn’t know where Patrick is or what he is doing. Bo shows Bonnie Patrick’s file. Bonnie thinks that Bo’s file has no information. Bo says Hope went after Patrick. An officer gives Bo a message. Bo tells Bonnie that Patrick could be in more trouble than she thinks.

In an alleyway: Hope says Patrick is under arrest. Patrick says the coin could save Jennifer’s life. Hope asks to see Patrick’s coin. He tosses it over to her. Hope tosses Patrick some handcuffs and tells him to put them on. Patrick says he’s the only one who can save Jennifer. Hope gets a message from Commissioner Gordon that says the search for Jennifer has been called off. Hope says this means they think Jennifer is dead.

The Island---The jungle: Jennifer watches the message from Jack on the digital camera. Jennifer looks around. Jennifer calls for Jack and then falls off the cliff. Jack hears Jennifer’s screams and runs to the rescue. Jennifer hopes that someone saves her as she hangs from the cliff.

Tek tries to reassure Lexie. Lexie worries about Jennifer’s condition. Tek reminds Lexie that Jennifer is strong. Lexie says that if Jennifer dies it is all her fault.

Bo tells Bonnie that the search for Jennifer has been called off. Bo asks Bonnie how well she knows Patrick. Bonnie says that Patrick is a loner. Bo says Patrick has never been mentioned. Bonnie says no one asked about him. Bonnie says she was very young when she had Patrick and made a lot of mistakes with Patrick. Bo says Bonnie and Patrick were estranged. Bo says this means that Bonnie doesn’t know about the things Patrick has been up to. Bo says that Patrick could be a killer. Bonnie says Patrick could not be a killer. Bo tells Bonnie that she needs to tell everything she knows or else Jennifer’s death could be on her hands.

Hope starts to read Patrick his rights. Patrick says that he’s the only one who can save Jennifer now. Patrick asks Hope if arresting him is worth Jennifer’s death.

Belle says there must be a really good reason that Shawn hasn’t come home. Philip thinks that Shawn doesn’t deserve a girl like Belle. Kate doesn’t understand why Philip would want Shawn to come home. Belle gives a phone number for people to call.

Shawn asks Jan to turn up the volume. Jan turns it off. Shawn gets angry. Jan says it was just the tape of Philip and Belle again. Jan says Shawn must be getting delusional. Shawn says that Jan is the delusional one. Shawn says he will never give up on Belle no matter how long he stays in the cage. Jan realizes her plan won’t work.

Kate says that Philip should be trying to win Belle’s heart. Kate tells Philip to stop being noble. Kate says Shawn is just like Bo and Victor said that it drove Caroline crazy not knowing where Bo was. Kate tells Philip to focus on the woman he loves. Belle agrees with Kate. Philip says he’s looking at the woman he loves right now.

Tek asks what Lexie means. Lexie says that she knew Patrick was up to no good. Lexie says she warned Jennifer about Patrick. Tek says Lexie must have changed her mind. Lexie tells Tek about all the times Patrick saved Jennifer and the baby. Lexie says she and Hope then thought it was a good idea that Patrick stay. Tek says they don’t know if Patrick is behind this. Tek says Patrick is suspicious though. Tek comforts Lexie.

Bonnie says she hasn’t done anything. Bo asks if Bonnie is so sure about Patrick. Bo gives Bonnie one last chance. Bonnie remembers Patrick telling her about the mystery man’s plans. Bonnie says Patrick isn’t who he says he is.

Patrick asks Hope to let him go. Hope fingers the coin and calls Bo. Patrick gets out of the handcuffs and hangs up the phone. Hope asks Patrick how he got out of the handcuffs. Patrick hits the gun out of Hope’s hands and points it at Hope. Hope starts to make a call. Patrick tells her to put the phone down. Hope says Patrick wouldn’t dare pull that trigger. Patrick says he will if he as to and a shot rings out.

Jack finds one of Jennifer’s luggage tags and starts calling for Jennifer. Jennifer hears Jack.

Philip says that Belle is the only one he wants to be with. Belle tells Philip he should live his life.

Shawn says that this will never work and Jan is finally starting to realize this. Jan says she always wanted Shawn to love her. Jan says Shawn cared about her in high school. Shawn says he has loved Belle since before he can remember. Jan reminds Shawn about the baby he said he wanted. Jan says she kept the baby for Shawn. Shawn says he did a lot for Jan, including letting Jan move in. Jan is mad that Shawn dumped her for Belle. Shawn says that was because Jan lied about Belle pushing her down the stairs. Jan says she was left with nothing. Jan asks Shawn if she was that horrible of a person.

Patrick shoots the phone. Hope says that he could have killed her. A man shows up in the background and then runs away. Patrick asks for Hope’s PDA and then he asks Hope to remove the cuffs.

The pawn shop man calls the police. He says Hope is in quite a spot.

Bo is upset that he can’t reach Hope. Bo continues to question Bonnie. Tek interrupts and says that Patrick is holding Hope at gun point. Tek says they are outside the pawn shop. Bo and Tek go off to find Hope. Bonnie worries that they are going to kill Patrick and starts crying. Lexie comforts Bonnie.

Patrick studies Hope’s PDA. Hope asks what he’s doing. He says he is trying to find Jennifer and he wishes Hope had trusted him in the first place. He moves Hope over to a wall and then they hear sirens. Hope says it’s over.

Belle asks Kate if Shawn called. Philip tells Belle to stay positive. Belle goes to talk with her dad. Kate asks Philip what he’s doing. Kate says that Shawn would have called by now. Philip says they don’t know if Shawn will come back. Kate says that even John is furious at Shawn for the way he’s treating Belle. Philip says that he’s not going to make a move until he’s sure that Shawn is completely out of the picture.

Shawn says he just wanted to help. Jan says Shawn was the only one who helped her. Jan says that Shawn was the only one she had left after her parents died. Jan says she came back just for Shawn. Shawn asks why Jan didn’t just call him. Jan says Belle was always around. Shawn says that if Jan lets him go he promises not to abandon her. Jan says she’s not ready to let Shawn go just yet. Shawn asks Jan if he can make a phone call. Jan says this phone call could ruin everything. Jan says that she still believes Shawn will fall in love with her if she’s keeps him here long enough. Shawn begins to protest. Jan says she knows it is only wishful thinking.

A man says that Shawn is on line one. Belle is thrilled. Philip says it’s all over.

Bonnie is a wreck. Lexie gives Bonnie some water. Lexie has to leave for an emergency. Bonnie doesn’t want Lexie to go. Lexie says she’ll tell Celeste to come and stay with Bonnie. Bonnie says she’d call Mickey, but he’s in court. Bonnie asks Lexie to tell Celeste to hurry. Bonnie thinks Celeste’s psychic powers can prove Patrick is innocent. Bonnie starts to smoke again.

Bo wonders where Patrick is and what he’s done with Hope. Patrick and Hope are hiding in the dumpster. Patrick is still holding a gun on Hope and tells her not to make any noise or else Jennifer will die.

Jennifer is still on the cliff. The vine she’s holding on to starts to slip. She remembers being in the car on the edge of the cliff and doing it for Abby. Jennifer says she has to save herself for the baby’s sake. Jack is calling out to her. Jennifer recognizes Jack’s voice. She looks up and Jack is above her. He reaches down to help her.


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