Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/30/04

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Characters appearing: Abe, Tony, Roman, Jack, Jennifer, Bonnie, Patrick, Lexie, Tek, Hope, Bo, Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Casey Mears, man in pawn shop, Davies (dead)

Salem Speedway: Philip catches up with Belle. Belle is worried Shawn won’t even see this message. Belle worries she’s lost Shawn forever.

The Cage: Jan asks if Shawn knows Belle. Shawn says he doesn’t remember Belle. Jan asks if Shawn knows her. Shawn says he’s going to spend the rest of his life with her.

The Police Station: Bo asks Tek for all the information on Tek.

Jack and Jennifer’s: Bonnie tells Patrick not to get himself killed. Patrick looks at his coin and knows how he’s going to get Jennifer. Hope overhears.

Lexie arrives and Hope fills Lexie in. Hope tells Lexie Jennifer was kidnapped and taken on the plane. Hope asks Lexie what the chances of Jennifer and the baby surviving are.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s: Roman says that there are still no signs of Jennifer. Abe and Roman worry that Jennifer might have been on the plane that crashed.

The Island---The Jungle: Jack is in the jungle looking for Jennifer.

There’s some plane wreckage.

Jennifer worries about her baby.

Jack says he has to find the crash to help any survivors.

Lexie says things don’t look good for Jennifer or the baby. Lexie says she didn’t want Jennifer to carry the baby in the first place.

Patrick reads the notes Jennifer wrote. He goes upstairs to look for clues. He comes back empty handed. He wonders where they have taken Jennifer. Bonnie comes in and takes Patrick’s coin. Bonnie takes it because she won’t be getting paid for housekeeping now that Jennifer is gone.

Hope says that Patrick is Jennifer’s friend and he did risk his life to save Jennifer. Lexie and Hope think something is up with Patrick. Lexie regrets not trusting her instincts. Hope says they will find out what’s going on. Hope and Lexie go inside and discover that Patrick has run off after Bonnie. Hope goes after Patrick.

Tek is checking the news. Bo checks in with the control tower and there’s still no word on Jennifer. Bo hopes Belle’s plan works.

Philip is confident in Belle’s plan. Philip tells Belle that Shawn would be stupid not to come back. Belle thinks Philip wishes he could go on TV to tell the girl he loves that he loves her. Philip has a fantasy of being a race car driver. He is on TV saying that he will win the race for Belle, the woman he loves. Shawn is also there and Philip says he’s going to beat him.

Shawn says that he can’t wait to hold Jan. Shawn asks Jan to unlock the cage. Jan tells Shawn to take off all his clothes. When he refuses, Jan realizes that Shawn is only faking the amnesia. Shawn tries to deny it. Jan tells Shawn that Belle and Philip have a thing going on. Jan says she edited the tape so that Shawn can watch it over and over again. Shawn doesn’t watch. Jan gets angry. Jan wants Shawn to call Belle a “slut” and a “liar”. Shawn refuses. Jan knows that Shawn was lying the whole time. Shawn says that Jan is the slut and liar. Jan says it’s time to play hardball. Jan says if she has to brainwash Shawn then she will.

Bo tells one of his men to come back to work on the Jennifer case. Lexie calls with a message from Hope. Lexie tells Bo that Hope went after Patrick. Lexie says that Bonnie also left. Bo wonders what Patrick and Bonnie are up to.

Bonnie tries to sell Patrick’s coin to the man in the pawn shop. He offers $50. Bonnie wants a hundred dollars. Bonnie gets it and is happy that she played the man in pawn shop. Hope watches. In reality, the man in the pawn shop bought the coin for much less than it is worth. The coin is from the 18th century in the Caribbean.

Abe says they can’t be sure it was Jennifer’s plane. Roman asks if Abe ever heard a plane. Abe says he thought the island was so remote that it wasn’t on any of the commercial fight paths. Abe and Roman agree that the plane sounded small. Roman says there is one person that he thinks might know the answers. The doorbell rings and it is Tony. Roman had asked Tony to come. Roman grabs Tony’s collar and wants answers. He wants to be able to help Jennifer and Jack who are out there in the jungle.

Jack wanders in the jungle. He stumbles upon his old campfire. He realizes that he’s been wandering in circles. He has a vision of Jennifer.

Philip tells Belle to close her eyes for the surprise. Philip shows Belle a car with a message for Shawn to come home on it. Philip says he sponsored the car for Belle. Belle is so grateful. Philip says that Belle’s happiness is priceless. Belle meets Casey Mears. Philip says that he didn’t even know Belle was a fan. Belle says that Shawn thought that Casey was a great driver. Casey asks Belle for a good-luck kiss. Belle is more confident in her plan now.

Shawn yells for Jan to turn off the tape. Jan thinks it’s finally getting to Shawn. Jan wants Shawn to admit that Belle has fallen for Philip.

Patrick tells Bonnie that it wasn’t her coin to sell. Patrick demands the money back and goes to buy the coin back. Hope listens in on the conversation. Patrick says that the coin had some sentimental value. The man says that the coin is hundreds of years old and he could get thousands of dollars for it. Patrick breaks the glass and steals the coin. The man pushes a button to sound the alarm and says that Patrick will be sorry he did that.

Abe holds Roman back. Roman says he wants answers. Tony says he is not the mastermind. Tony asks if Roman has forgotten about Marlena. Roman says Marlena is innocent. Abe says Marlena was brainwashed and nobody died. Tony says that he would not have allowed himself to be mauled by a tiger and be brought to this godforsaken island. Tony says he is just a victim and he wants to get off. He says he’s all for an escape plan. Abe says that if they can get to the site of the plane crash, they might be home free.

Jack realizes that the image of Jennifer was just a dream.

Jennifer is under some plane wreckage. She calls out for help. There’s a rustling in the bushes. It’s only an iguana. Jennifer looks around. She pulls herself out from under the wreckage. Jennifer is happy that she made it out. Jennifer goes over to the cockpit and sees the Davies is dead. Jennifer screams. Jack hears Jennifer scream. He goes off to find Jennifer.

Bo asks what Lexie knows. Lexie says Hope went after Patrick. Bo goes to take a look around the house. There’s a flashback of Lexie and Tek’s kiss. Tek apologizes for the kiss. He says he knows Lexie is still not over Abe. Lexie says she still loves Abe. Tek says he acted on impulse. Lexie accepts Tek’s apology. Lexie tells Tek that Celeste googled him. Tek says that Celeste is into tarot cards and not search engines. Lexie says that Celeste want to know about Tek’s love life. Tek asks what Celeste found out. Lexie says the results weren’t good and that Celeste thinks Tek is not dating material. Tek says that Celeste is right.

Bonnie returns home with groceries and she almost runs into Bo. Bo says he needs to ask her some things about Patrick.

Patrick is about to climb a fence. Hope holds her gun on Patrick and tells him to freeze. Hope tells Patrick to get down slowly. Hope asks Patrick what he stole. Patrick says that Hope has a very simple choice to make. Patrick asks what is more important: being a good cop and arresting Patrick or letting Patrick go so that he can save Jennifer.

Abe says they can’t be sure Jennifer was on the plane or if the passengers even survived. Abe thinks that if they find the plane, it might have a radio they could use. He also thinks the plane’s black box might be emitting a signal. Abe says this could be their only way of getting off this island and back to Salem.

Belle says she doesn’t know how to repay Philip. Philip says this is what friends do. Belle says Philip is a great friend. Philip says Belle’s happiness is important to her. Philip says that Shawn should come home. Belle says the girl Philip is in love with is missing out on Philip. Belle gives Philip a long list of compliments. Philip tries to be modest. Belle goes to make her announcement. Belle hopes Shawn is watching.

Jan say it’s tacky of Philip and Belle to display their affection in public. Jan turns off the tape and the NASCAR race is on. Jan asks if Shawn wants to watch. Shawn agrees. Jan thinks this might help Shawn get over Belle. Jan goes off to get some refreshments. The announcer says that before the race, there is a special message to one of NASCAR’s biggest fans. Shawn says Belle’s name. Shawn can’t believe it is Belle. Belle says that Shawn is missing and that his family is worried. Belle says that she needs Shawn especially since Marlena died. Belle says she feels like Shawn is gone too. Shawn looks at a picture of Belle and Philip and asks how Belle could be with Philip.

Roman says Abe’s plan is a long shot. Roman says finding the plane on an island this size would be difficult and getting through the force field will be even harder. Tony says he’s willing to try. Abe says that he’s anxious to get back to his family.

Tek says they can’t argue with Celeste. Tek says Lexie would be crazy to get involved with him.

Bo asks where Patrick went. Bonnie says she doesn’t know. Bo says he got the ISA search results. Bo says it looks like Patrick could be a killer.

Patrick says if Hope puts Patrick in jail, Jennifer will die.

Jack is sure he heard Jennifer and says he has to find her.

Jennifer covers Davies back up with some palm fronds. Jennifer says she has to get out of here to save her baby. Jennifer sees her purse on the ground. She watches the message from Jack again. Jennifer clutches the camera and goes to look around. Jennifer calls out for Jack. Jennifer falls off a cliff. She screams and Jack hears her. Jack says he is coming. Jennifer clings to a root on the side of the cliff and calls for help.


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