Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/29/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: John, Belle, Shawn, Jan, Brady, Nicole, Crystal, Mickey, Julie, Bonnie, Patrick, Bo, Hope, Earl, Earl’s wife

The cage: Jan brings Shawn the newspaper and breakfast. Shawn grabs Jan and tells her to let him out of the cage. Shawn threatens to kill Jan if she doesn’t let him go.

Basic Black---John’s office: Belle tells John that Shawn never misses a NASCAR race. John tells Belle she’ll get her wish. Belle says that Shawn loves her too much to walk away now. Belle is confident that Shawn will come home. John says that Shawn would have come back already. Belle asks if John will be at the race. John says he has to work. John is working on clearing Marlena’s name. John says he also has to work on getting Brady out of the mansion.

The Kiriakis mansion: Nicole haves some coffee and watches Brady. Crystal comes in and serves herself coffee. Crystal says she wants John for eye candy. Crystal says that John can’t pin Marlena’s murder on them. Nicole says that if John catches them, they are toast. Brady asks if that was a confession.

Mickey’s room: Julie asks Mickey is alone. Julie says Mickey looks younger. Mickey says he feels great. Julie says that she can’t believe Mickey was with Bonnie. Mickey says that Maggie was his love and he would love to have her back. Julie says that Mickey is not moving on, but sinking. Julie says that Bonnie is a gold digger. Mickey says he might not have any money, but he’d be happy.

Jack and Jennifer’s house: Hope says that at least Abby is at camp. Hope doesn’t know how Abby would handle losing her mother too. Bo says they don’t know if Jennifer died. Hope says they lost the signal. Hope worries the baby died too. Hope says she’s already lost so many people. Bo tells Hope to stay calm so that they can figure this out. Hope says they don’t even know where Shawn is. Bo tells Hope about Belle’s NASCAR idea. Hope says that she wants to start by questioning Patrick. Patrick is on the computer and a voice that sounds like Jack is calling for Jennifer. Bo gets angry and asks where Jennifer is. Hope says that Patrick needs to tell them everything he knows. Patrick says that he managed to get into Jennifer’s computer and was reading her messages from “Jack”. Hope says that Patrick must remember something. Patrick remembers talking to the mystery man. Patrick says Jennifer wanted him to stay here. Patrick says he wouldn’t risk his life if he were in on this. There’s a flashback of Patrick hanging on to the wing of the plane trying to save Jennifer. Bo thinks Patrick is hiding something. Hope says they should all just work together.

Julie doesn’t want to apologize to Bonnie. Julie insults Bonnie. Mickey tells Julie she must apologize or else Julie is not wanted. Bonnie and Julie fight. Bonnie says she might even be carrying Mickey’s baby. Julie is grossed out at the idea. The phone rings. Mickey answers the phone and says something has happened to Jennifer.

Nicole says that John is on Crystal’s back about Marlena’s death. Brady says that John will never stop investigating. Brady says John specializes in hard to crack cases. Brady says if Crystal is innocent, then why all the fuss? Crystal says she isn’t hiding anything. Crystal remembers beating Marlena with the gun. Crystal says guns scare her.

Belle offers to give Brady back the loft. John tells Belle that if Shawn has any brains at all he’ll come back to Salem right away.

Jan says she can’t breathe. Shawn gets the keys away from Jan and then pushes her away. Shawn doesn’t like being held like an animal in a cage. Jan says it’s because she loves Shawn. Shawn tells Jan to shut up. Shawn gets to work on unlocking the chains.

Belle calls Hope and asks if Shawn has called yet. Hope says that Shawn has not called. Hope says that Bo thinks Belle’s NASCAR idea is brilliant. Hope says she’ll say a prayer for Belle today. Belle says only a few more hours and Shawn will hear her message.

Shawn is unlocking the cuff. Jan hits Shawn on the head with a vase. Jan says her love for Shawn is just to strong. Jan says Shawn will have a headache. Jan worries that she has killed Shawn.

Crystal says she’d love to spend time with John. Crystal says she was sick last night and that’s why she didn’t go out. Brady doesn’t quite buy it. Nicole says John cannot find out about Earl. Crystal remembers her deal with Earl.

John goes to Earl’s house to apologize. Earl says that he has nothing to hide. John says he knows it’s not Earl’s fault. John says that he feels it’s his responsibility to take care of Earl’s family. Earl says he doesn’t want any favors from John.

Julie, Mickey and Bonnie arrive at Jack and Jennifer’s. Julie is so worried and thinks Jennifer is dead. Hope says the radar might have been unreliable and they don’t know for sure what happened. Julie immediately blames Patrick.

Earl’s wife wants Earl to take the job. The wife asks John what the job is and how much it pays. Earl’s wife makes him take the job if he wants to come home. John says the job starts right away. Earl thinks he will regret this.

Belle tells Brady that John is at a meeting. Brady says that Shawn won’t be happy that Belle is living with Philip. Belle says Philip is a friend and he needed a place to stay. Brady tells Belle that if Shawn comes home there’s going to be a lot of trouble between him and Philip. Belle thinks Brady is still mad that she took Philip’s side over the opera house. Brady says Philip just didn’t want Chloe coming home. Brady says Philip has a history of moving in on other’s girls.

Shawn starts to wake up and Jan is relieved. Jan tells Shawn that he has been very naughty and won’t get any ice cream after the little league game. Jan asks why Shawn keeps trying to get back to Belle. Shawn asks who Belle is.

Hope asks Julie how she knows Patrick is responsible. Julie tells Hope about the diary that Jennifer was keeping. Julie thinks Patrick and possible Bonnie were reading Jennifer’s diary and using the information to gaslight Jennifer. Julie also points out that the messages didn’t start until Patrick had moved in. Bonnie defends Patrick. Bonnie points out that Patrick saved Jennifer’s bearer bonds. Bonnie says that the Lockharts care about Jennifer and don’t want her hurt. Julie can’t understand why no one else sees it her way. Hope agrees Patrick cares about Jennifer. Hope also thinks that Patrick knows more than he’s saying.

Crystal tries to get a drink, but Nicole stops her. Nicole says that John is getting to close. Nicole wants Crystal out of the country and tells her to go get dressed.

Shawn says he really doesn’t remember who Belle is. Jan shows Shawn a picture of Belle and Philip and tells Shawn that Belle is a slut. Shawn says he doesn’t remember. Jan takes advantage of Shawn’s amnesia and tells Shawn that he left Salem to try and forget all the horrible things that Belle has done to him. Jan says this is the best thing that could ever happen to Shawn and tells him he deserves a treat.

Belle asks Brady when it is ok for her to be happy in love. Belle says she’s worried about Nicole hurting Brady. Brady tells Belle Chloe will come home and they will find out the truth about Nicole.

Nicole has a fantasy of spraying champagne all over Brady. Brady reciprocates and they both kiss. Brady says he hates to waste good champagne. Nicole says she can’t wait to make that dream come true. Nicole asks what is taking Crystal so long.

John tells Earl that he’s going to work in the Kiriakis mansion. John puts Earl in charge of security. John tells Earl that security has been breached before and the owner has ended up dead. Earl knows Brady lives here. John tells Earl to keep Brady safe. John says that if Earl is good at what he does then there is nothing to worry about.

Patrick tells Bonnie he intends to protect Jennifer and her baby.

Bo says there’s nothing new on Shawn or Jennifer. Hope regrets not running a more complete background check on Patrick when he first moved in. Bo tells Hope not to beat herself up over this. Bo says they will find out exactly what Patrick knows.

John tells Brady that Earl agreed to take the job. John says Crystal and Nicole are going down.

Nicole says Crystal is booked on the next flight to the Cayman Islands. Crystal sees Earl. Earl and Crystal are surprised to see each other.

Belle remembers her promise to forget Shawn if he doesn’t come back after this message. Belle calls Philip for help.

Jan asks if Shawn remembers her. Shawn looks at Jan’s ring and says Jan is the woman he’s going to spend the rest of his life with.

Mickey says he’s going to take Julie home. Hope says she’ll call as soon as they hear anything. Bo says he’s going to the station to run a background check on Patrick. Hope says that she needs to stay to watch Patrick. Bo is worried Hope might get into trouble. Bo tells Hope to be sure to check in. Hope prays that by the end of the day Shawn is home and Jennifer is found. Bo and Hope hug and tell each other that they love each other.

Bonnie doesn’t want Patrick getting himself killed. Patrick says he knows exactly how he’s going to find Jennifer. Patrick looks at his coin and Hope watches him.


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