Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/28/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bonnie, Mickey, Julie, Maggie, Marlena, Roman, Jack, Jennifer, Davies, Hope, Patrick, Rex, John, Brady, Crystal, Nicole, Earl, air traffic controller.

Alice’s: Bonnie goes to the cash register and puts the money in a bag.

Mickey wants to go see how much money they have taken in. Julie and Mickey go to the cash register and there’s only a little bit of money in the register. Mickey says there should be more. Julie asks if Rex has been at the bar the whole time. Rex says he has been here for most of the night. Julie asks Rex who else has been behind the bar. Rex says only he and the other bartenders have been back here, but then he remembers that Bonnie has. Julie thinks Bonnie stole the money.

Brady and John have drinks. They talk about Earl and Crystal and their plan to get Crystal to incriminate herself. John tells Brady that he’s taking both Crystal and Nicole down.

The Kiriakis mansion: Nicole calls Crystal, but Crystal doesn’t answer her phone. Crystal shows up and says that she went to Alice’s bar. Crystal says that John invited her. Nicole asks what happened. Nicole asks if John questioned her. Crystal tells Nicole that she saw the guard whose keys and gun she stole.

The Island---Outside Jack and Jennifer’s: Roman comes up behind Marlena and scares her. Roman tells Marlena that she shouldn’t be wandering around at night. Marlena says she couldn’t sleep. She says her meeting of Tony unnerved her. Marlena says she’s worried about Jack and Jennifer. Marlena says that it appears that Jennifer will be next. Roman says that he and Abe hope someone has stopped Jennifer.

Salem Airfield---Control tower: Patrick and Jennifer go to the control tower. Hope tells the men to so what Patrick says.

The plane: Davies wakes up Jennifer. He asks about the baby. Jennifer says the baby is ok. Jennifer worries about Patrick and remembers seeing him on the wing. Jennifer thinks this is all a trick to get her on the plane. Jennifer asks if Jack is dead.

Jack lies on the jungle floor with his locket.

Marlena asks how anyone can stop Jennifer. Marlena says since she is her, how is Jennifer supposed to get her. Roman says he’s worried about the people they left behind. Marlena says that is part of the torture.

Patrick tells them to hurry up. Hope wants Patrick to say everything he knows. The control tower guy says he found the plane. The air traffic controller says something weird has happened.

Jennifer asks if this was a plan to get her out of Salem. Davies says he doesn’t know what is going on. He tells Jennifer to sit still until they got there. Jennifer asks where they are going.

Jack is still on the jungle floor. He remembers being with Jennifer in the acid plant and Jennifer holding him above the acid. Jack tells Jennifer to let go so he doesn’t pull her in with him. Jack remembers saving Jennifer from falling out of the car. Jack remembers saving her. Jack says he has to get back to Jennifer. He puts the locket on and gets up.

Bonnie checks on the food. Julie says the cash register is practically empty. Bonnie says she’s been cleaning it out all night.

Rex says that Earl has had a lot to drink. Earl tells Rex to put his drinks of John Black’s tab. Rex asks if John is going to drive Earl home. Earl says he’ll take a cab.

Brady asks how Crystal being involved implicates Nicole. Brady says that Crystal took care of Nicole when they were younger. John says that it’s no coincidence that Crystal is living with Nicole. John thinks Crystal knows something about Marlena’s death and is using it to blackmail Nicole. John says Marlena did not confess to killing Victor and Nicole is the number one suspect. John says if Marlena had been able to take the truth serum again, they might know.

Nicole says that Crystal swore Earl wouldn’t be a problem. Crystal says Earl was alone and that John and Brady didn’t see her. Crystal says that Earl has already made a statement and there is no reason to believe that people didn’t buy it. Nicole says that Crystal needs to stay away from Earl.

Marlena says that under any other circumstances, this would be a paradise. Roman says it’s hard to think about his family moving on. Marlena says that the guilt and shame her family must be feeling is hard for her. Roman asks Marlena if the people they love will move on. Marlena says that people move on to survive because one cannot live in mourning forever. Roman says that he and Abe have been working on an escape plan. Roman says that people are watching them wherever they go and secret cameras everywhere. There is a sound in the bushes. Marlena jumps and Roman asks who is there.

A snake starts to wrap itself around Jack.

Jennifer tells Davies to turn the plane around. Davies is on the phone with someone in charge and says that Patrick and Hope tried to stop them, but he took care of them. Davies said he made sure that no one would be able to track them

The controller says there are four planes moving in opposite directions and they can’t tell which one is the real one. Jennifer calls Hope and says Patrick fell off the plane. Patrick says he’s ok. Patrick tells Jennifer about the multiple signals. Hope asks Jennifer to look out the window to see if she recognizes anything.

Crystal asks how Nicole can guarantee that she won’t run into Earl. Nicole tells Crystal not to leave the mansion. Crystal is upset. Nicole doesn’t want her or Crystal implicated in Marlena’s death. Nicole says it would have been better if Crystal had left town, but since Crystal wanted to live in the lap of luxury, this will have to do. Nicole says she and Crystal are in this together.

Brady says that he is all for nailing Crystal, but he doesn’t want to play games with Nicole. John asks Brady if he has feelings for Nicole. John tells Brady to get Crystal back to the bar. John says he will make sure that Earl is here.

Rex asks Earl if he would like something to eat. Earl tells Rex to mind his own business. Earl asks for another drink.

Bonnie says she put the money in the safe. Bonnie says it’s not smart to leave so much money sitting in the cash register. Mickey says Bonnie was very smart. Bonnie hands Mickey the receipt. They have taken in $100,000. Julie asks about some $975 at the bottom Bonnie says that was her own personal contribution.

Julie says she’s glad Bonnie didn’t steal and apologizes for suspecting Bonnie. Mickey says he’s proud of Bonnie. Mickey is glad Bonnie is running the restaurant. Mickey says he’s glad Bonnie has become such an important part of his live. Bonnie starts to cry and says she doesn’t deserve Mickey. Bonnie says she’s a fraud.

The person in the bushes is Maggie. Maggie says that she couldn’t sleep. Maggie says she was worried about Jack. Maggie says maybe Jack made it off the island. Marlena prays that is true. Maggie says Jack can be very resourceful when he needs to be.

Jack struggles with the snake. He tries to remember what to do with constricting snakes. Jack remembers that one is supposed to relax. Jack relaxes and the snake moves on. Jack says he hates snakes.

Patrick asks Jennifer is she can see anything. Jennifer says it’s too dark. Hope still thinks Patrick knows something. Jennifer says that Patrick was the one who told her the messages were fakes, but she didn’t listen. Patrick asks the controller to work faster at eliminating the extra signals. Hope comes up with the idea to trace the cell phone call. Hope calls Tek to see if he can trace it. Davies notices something is wrong with his radio. He says it is interference. He catches Jennifer on her cell phone. Patrick tells Hope that the man has caught Jennifer. Hope tells Jennifer to hang up the phone. Jennifer stays on the line and tells Hope to run the trace so that she can get rescued.

Marlena worries that with all the security precautions it doesn’t seem like they will get off. Roman says that they will or else their loved ones will move on without them. Maggie says that even though she loves Mickey, she hopes that he finds love with someone else.

Mickey asks why Bonnie is a fraud. Bonnie says she donated the money so that Mickey would be impressed. Bonnie says she’s not honest or good. Bonnie says that Mickey is too good for her.

John goes over to Earl. John says he has to discus a few things on Earl’s record. Earl says he has nothing to hide. John says that is good and the sooner they get this cleared up, the sooner Earl can start working. John asks Earl about the night Marlena allegedly stole his gun. Earl gets mad and says that John is just trying to pin Marlena’s murder on him. Earl refuses to cooperate, takes some money for cab fare and leaves.

Nicole asks why Brady is back so soon. Brady asks Nicole and Crystal to join him because the party at Alice’s is just getting started. Nicole says that since Brady owns the Blue Note, Alice’s is his competition. Nicole says there is no way she and Crystal are going to the party. Brady asks why Nicole doesn’t want to come. Nicole says that she and Crystal have had enough to drink and they are tired. Brady calls John and says that Crystal and Nicole won’t sure up. John says Earl was so drunk he could barely talk. Brady asks what they will do now. John says he has to find a way to get Earl and Crystal together.

Rex calls Mimi to ask about her studying. Rex says that he’s having a great time and he’s seeing Bonnie in a whole new light. Rex thinks Bonnie’s success is doing her good.

Julie comes over to give Mickey his briefcase. Julie catches Bonnie and Mickey in bed. Mickey says that he and Maggie promised each other they would move on. Mickey says he has grieved and it’s time to move on. Julie can’t believe he would sleep with Bonnie. Julie runs out crying. Mickey feels very bad about what he did. Bonnie tries to comfort him.

Roman asks Maggie if she’s absolutely sure that she wants Mickey to move on. Maggie says love is selfless and she wants Mickey to be happy. Marlena asks if the plane is what she thinks it is. They think it might be Jack with help or Jennifer coming to the island. Roman says that they never heard planes when the other victims arrive. They hope that it is not Jennifer.

Davies and Jennifer fight over the plane. The plane hits some turbulence. Davies goes back to the controls. He says he can’t hold it. The air controller says the plane is in trouble. Hope tries to talk to Jennifer, but she doesn’t answer. The plane goes into a tailspin.

They hear the plane crash. Marlena asks Roman if they should go help. Roman says that the plane crashed on the other side of the island and they cannot get to it because of the security perimeter. Roman says it is unlikely anyone survived.

Jack hears the plane in trouble and says it is very far away.

Hope yells into the phone for Jennifer. The air controller says that all four planes have disappeared from the radar.


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