Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/25/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/25/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Manda, Lucas, Bonnie, Elaine, Rex, Brady, Crystal, Nicole, John, Maggie, Alice, Patrick, Jennifer, Davies, Hope

Alice’s: Sami watches Manda and Lucas dancing. Sami takes a drink. Rex tells Sami that he knows exactly what is going on. Sami tells Rex to mind his own business. Bonnie tries to get Sami to talk to Lucas, but Sami refuses.

The Kiriakis mansion: Brady says that he’s going to the opening of Alice’s. Nicole says it’s late. Brady asks if Crystal and Nicole want to come. Crystal wants to go. Nicole says they are staying home. Brady calls John. Brady asks if John is at the party. John says he’s at the office looking for information on Marlena’s death. Brady says he’s coming over.

The Island---Alice’s house: Maggie and Alice sit down to have some tea. Alice can’t believe Tony is on the island. Maggie says that Tony survived the tiger attack. Maggie tells Alice that Tony says he’s just a victim. Maggie tells Alice that Tony found Jack’s compass in the jungle. Alice asks what Abe and Roman think about this. Maggie tells Alice about the backpack that was shredded. Maggie hopes that Jack didn’t get himself killed trying to escape.

Salem Airfield: Patrick tells Hope to pull up next the plane. Jennifer tells Davies to stop the plane. Davies refuses. Hope tries to keep the car steady. Patrick grabs on to the wing. Davies says it looks like Patrick will die. Patrick hangs on for dear life to the wing of the plane. Jennifer watches in horror from the window.

Nicole tells Crystal to go easy on the booze. Nicole says that she can hold her liquor better. Nicole worries Crystal might blab, if she gets drunk. Crystal says there is no one here to overhear. Nicole says the servants might here. Crystal wants to go to the opening of Alice’s. Crystal hopes John is there.

Brady asks to see what John has. John is reading the statements. John says that the gun that Marlena had belonged to a gun. John says that guard was found in a cell with Crystal. John asks if that’s just a coincidence.

Maggie says she wishes she knew what was going on. Maggie says maybe Jennifer is not coming at all. Maggie hopes the host knows the risk he/she is putting on Jennifer and her baby.

Patrick tells Hope to stop the plane. Hope says that is easier said than done. Patrick continues to hang on. Jennifer tells Davies to stop the plane. Davies tells Jennifer to get back to her seat. Davies pulls out a gun and says that he doesn’t want to hurt Jennifer, but he will, if he has to.

Sami continues watching Lucas and Manda. Lucas asks Rex for some drinks. Lucas tells Sami that Manda is the new V.P. of nursing. Lucas says that means that Manda knows just how to turn on the TLC. Lucas says that he told Manda that Sami was selfish. Lucas and Sami fight about their relationsip again. Lucas tells Sami says that she can go kiss that guy in the bar some more. Rex tells Lucas that Manda is beautiful. Sami gets mad. Lucas goes back to Manda. Rex tells Bonnie that Sami is so stubborn. Bonnie says she doesn’t even know why she tried to help her.

A lady asks Sami who Lucas is. The lady says it must be the one who got away.

Nicole says that the last person Crystal needs to spend time with is John. Crystal says John is a hunk. Nicole says that Crystal should get out of town. Crystal says that if she flees then she will look guilty. Crystal says that John bought her story. Crystal says that she knows how to play the opposite sex. Nicole says John might have pretended to by Crystal’s story so that she’d let her guard down.

John shows Brady the statement Earl said. Earl said that Marlena knocked him out, stole his gun and keys and locked him up with Crystal. Brady says this means Crystal was locked up when Marlena was killed. John says that Crystal knows something about Marlena’s death even if she didn’t pull the trigger herself. John says it is becoming more and more clear that Marlena was set up to die and he bets that Crystal was involved. Brady asks what John is going to do about it. John says he wanted to ask Earl some questions, but Earl has been suspended and is not willing to cooperate. John says he’s going to be Earl’s best friend so that Earl won’t feel under pressure.

Crystal says she knows how to manipulate men. Crystal says that John completely bought her story. Crystal says Earl was happy when she set Marlena up to be shot. Crystal remembers her tryst with Earl in the jail cell. Nicole worries that the guard will shot. Crystal tells Nicole they don’t have to worry about Earl. Crystal says that Earl can’t admit he slept with an inmate because he’d get arrested and his wife would get mad.

Brady says that Crystal played on his guilt. John says that Marlena could never have knocked out a guard twice her side. Earl shows up. Earl apologizes for having a few beers before arriving. Early says that he’s going through a tough time. Earl says that he already made a statement about Marlena. John says that’s not what this was about. John tells Earl he feels bad about Earl getting suspended. John offers Earl a job.

Maggie says that she didn’t think Jack was right for Jennifer at first. Maggie says that Jack grew on her. Maggie says Jack sacrificed so much during Abby’s childhood. Maggie says Jack deserves to see his new child. She says they all do. Maggie hopes Jack is ok and that they get off the island.

Davies tells Jennifer to sit down. Jennifer tries to open the door. Hope pulls her car in front of the plane. Patrick is still hanging on.

Lucas takes Manda’s hand and says he wants to know more about Manda.

Sami asks the lady what makes her think she’d be interested in Lucas. The lady introduces herself as Elaine. Elaine says she knows how Sami feels about Lucas by the look on her face. Elaine tells Sami it’s not to late. Elaine tells Sami about one of her old love interests. Elaine says that she had things she wanted to accomplish. Elaine says she put her love life on hold for her career. Sami says she wants to accomplish things too and that sometimes people have to make choice. Elaine says she lost her boyfriend in the process. Sami says that it sounds like Elaine didn’t love him. Elaine says that she did love the guy and it was the biggest mistake of her life. Elaine tells Sami not to make the same mistake.

John says that he could use a man like Earl on his security team. Earl says they blame him for Marlena’s escape. John says that Earl was found in a compromising position when the authorities found him. Earl repeats his statement to John. John says Earl was just doing his job and that he believes Earl’s story. Earl says he’s as innocent as Crystal. John offers to take Earl out for drink to talk about his new job.

John calls Crystal. John offers to meet Crystal for drinks. Crystal agrees. Nicole asks who is on the phone. Crystal tells Nicole it’s the parole officer. Crystal asks John when a good time for the meeting would be. John says that it’s going to be interesting when Crystal meets up with Earl. Crystal says that she can’t get out of town and break her parole. Nicole says that Crystal knows how to make it so no one can find her. Crystal says she’s just going up to bed. Nicole wonders what’s up.

Elaine tells Sami to go for love now and there is nothing more important. Elaine doesn’t want Sami to end up like her. Sami looks at Lucas and Manda kissing. Sami leaves in a huff and Lucas just smiles.

Alice wonders if Tony knows more than he’s saying. Maggie thinks Tony probably does. Maggie says that maybe Jennifer’s pregnancy is the reason she’s being brought here. Maggie says maybe they want Jennifer’s baby to be born here and to live here in captivity.

Jennifer tries the door again. Hope tells Patrick to hold on. Davies says he’s taking off. Jennifer gets thrown back and gets knocked out. Patrick loses his grip.

Lucas asks Manda back to his place. Manda asks if he has his own place. Lucas says they’ll be alone.

Bonnie asks Elaine how things went with Sami. Elaine said she did her best. Rex says Bonnie is a real romantic underneath. Bonnie tells Rex to be quiet.

Alice’s: Earl says this is a nice bar. Earl asks if it used to be a gourmet restaurant. John says it’s under new management. Earl eyes the girls there. John reminds Earl he’s supposed to be happily married. Earl asks about the drink. John tells Earl to order anything he wants from the bar. Earl orders the most expensive bourbon. Brady asks what makes John so sure Crystal will show up. John laughs and asks what porn star would pass him up. While he says this he opens his shirt. Brady laughs.

Crystal sneaks out. Nicole hears something and goes to check on Crystal.

Sami’s apartment: Sami arrives home and gets a bottle of water. Sami looks at the picture of her, Lucas and Will. Sami looks at the blue teddy bear and the picture. Sami remembers her fight with Lucas from when they broke up. Sami starts to cry.

Lucas’ apartment: Lucas and Manda arrive at Lucas’ apartment. They kiss. Manda says she’s glad Will is away at camp. Lucas tells Manda Sami knows things are over.

Rex says he was hoping to have a brotherly relationship with Sami. Rex says what Bonnie did was really nice. Bonnie tells Rex he’s not supposed to talk about this because she has a reputation to uphold.

Nicole wonders to where Crystal snuck off. Nicole hopes Crystal hasn’t done anything stupid.

Brady says Earl looks nervous. John says Crystal will make him even more nervous. Crystal shows up. John says that they look guilty. John says he’s going to need Brady’s help.

Maggie says she would never want this fate for an innocent child. Maggie wonders what Stefano would want for a child. Maggie says she can’t imagine what would happen. Maggie worries about possible complications during the baby’s birth. Maggie says that as far as they know there are no medical facilities here. Maggie says Marlena is the only doctor and she’s a psychiatrist. Alice tells Maggie they need to pray.

Patrick is lying in a heap of hay. Hope wakes him up. Patrick says there is only one place to find out where they took Jennifer. Hope thinks Patrick knows too much. Patrick asks if Hope is coming or not. Hope runs off after him.

Davies asks if Jennifer is ok. Davies goes back to check on Jennifer and finds her knocked out. He tries to wake her up. Davies says they won’t be happy about this.


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