Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/24/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lucas, Manda, Kate, Sami, Rex, Bonnie, Hope, Jennifer, Patrick, Davies, Jack, Roman, Abe, Tony, Marlena, Lexie, Tek, Celeste, and in the fantasy: Abby, Jack and Jennifer’s future son.

Alice’s: Lucas tells Manda that Sami will always be Will’s mother, but he wants Manda. Sami sees Lucas and Sami kissing and runs away. Kate watches Sami run off and Rex asks Kate about it. Rex says Sami and Lucas are in love and what could be bad about that.

Bonnie almost lights a cigarette because she’s stressed out over Julie. Bonnie chews her nicotine gum instead. Bonnie hears Sami crying in the bathroom. Bonnie asks if she wants to talk about it. Sami says her life is horrible.

On the road: Hope hopes that Jennifer is ok. Patrick says that they probably have Jennifer on the plane. The car swerves and Hope says they are in trouble.

Salem Airfield: Jennifer watches the message from Jack. In the video, Jack tells Jennifer to trust Davies. Jennifer asks why Jack didn’t come himself. Davies says he’s only the pilot and that he doesn’t know where Jack is, but he does know where Jack will be. Jennifer can’t believe she’s supposed to trust Davies. Davies tells Jennifer to trust her husband.

The Island---In the jungle: A large cat looms over Jack. Jack tells the cat to go away. He has a vision of Jennifer with him on the island. Jack clutches his locket.

Lexie’s house: Celeste is playing with her tarot card again. She gets the lover card and wonders who it is. Celeste sees a picture of Lexie.

Tek and Lexie walk home because they had a lot to drink. Lexie says it’s been a long time since she’s walked home at night. Lexie says it’s sad because Abe isn’t here to enjoy the night.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: Roman says they might have to beat the truth out of Tony if Marlena can’t get it out of him.

Marlena says that Tony needs to help them. She tells him they have to band together and fight. Tony says that the phoenix has risen. Marlena yells out “NO!!” Roman and Abe hear Marlena’s yell and rush inside. They ask what Tony did to her. Marlena tells Roman that Tony said Stefano is alive.

Jack has a flashback/fantasy of running through the poles. Jack says it’s a sign that he made it out without getting charred. Jack says he will make it home to Jennifer. Jack comes upon a ravine and he looks at his compass. Jack sees Jennifer in the jungle and he tells her to go over the problem. Jack and Jennifer swing across on a vine. Jack clutches his locket.

The car has a flat tire. Hope tells Patrick to change the tire while she tries to call Jennifer again. Hope says there is no reception. Patrick says his phone doesn’t have reception either. Hope and Patrick change the tire together so they can get back on the road faster.

Davies puts Jennifer’s luggage on the plane. Jennifer apologizes for doubting Davies. Davies says Jack told him she’d be suspicious. Jennifer remembers Davies taking her phone. Jennifer says she’s still suspicious and puts her phone back together. She writes down the registration number of the plane and plans to e-mail it to Hope.

Bonnie says no one’s life is perfect. Bonnie says she’s just telling the truth. Sami tries to leave. Bonnie asks where Sami’s spirit is. Sami says it’s buried with her mom, dad and grandmother.

Celeste says the cards are unclear. Celeste says she needs to consult a power that can tell her everything about Tek.

Lexie says she’s been carrying the letter from Abe everywhere she went. Lexie says Abe has been gone for almost a year. Lexie says Abe would want her to move on. Lexie says she doesn’t know if she’s ready yet. Tek says Lexie can have all the time she wants.

Tony says he doesn’t deny the phoenix has risen. Tony retells the story about how Marlena told Tony on his deathbed that he was one phoenix who would never rise from the ashes. What Tony meant was that he is the phoenix who has arisen. Marlena apologizes because she didn’t know she said that. Roman tells her not to apologize to Tony because she didn’t do anything wrong.

Roman tells Abe that it’s time for Marlena to go home. Abe agrees and asks if she wants to be walked home. Marlena says no and asks why she’s being dismissed. Tony knows the answer. Tony says that Roman and Abe would like to interrogate him and beat him into submission. Marlena says that Roman can’t do that.

Davies says everything is all set and leads Jennifer onto the plane. Davies apologizes for the accommodations. Jennifer says that she’s happy it’s leading her to her husband. Jennifer looks at a picture of Jack. Jennifer says she doesn’t know what is going on, but she’s coming to Jack’s rescue. Davies talks to someone on the phone and says Jennifer doesn’t suspect anything. Jennifer tells her baby that soon he’ll meet his father.

Jack has more flashbacks/fantasies of walking through the jungle. He sees a boat and wonders how long it would take to get back to Salem. He sees Jennifer again. Jennifer tells him to hurry home. Jack says that he can do anything with Jennifer, Abby and the baby to come home to.

Patrick’s phone rings and he’s surprised he had reception. The mystery man tells Patrick he’s too late. The man hangs up. Hope wonders to whom Patrick was speaking. Patrick gets in the car and tells Hope they are the only two people who can save Jennifer now.

Sami says she doesn’t have time with this. Sami says she needs to leave. Bonnie asks if it’s man trouble. Sami says she didn’t even talk to this stuff with her mother. Bonnie says that as a maid she knows all sorts of things. Bonnie says the Sami Brady show is great! Bonnie says that Caroline always spoke fondly of Sami. Bonnie says Caroline liked Lucas for Sami. Sami says she’s through with Lucas.

Marlena says no one will lay a hand on Tony. Marlena says there has been enough bloodshed already. Roman tells her that they want the truth and they will resort to violence if need be. Tony says he is tired of repeating himself. Tony says he’s a victim and if he were the host why would he subject himself to such miserable company. Abe wants to talk to Tony alone. Roman and Marlena go outside. Abe says that when he died his computer was burned. Abe says that he must have known something about the host. Tony asks if Abe can piece it together. Abe asks Tony to think about Lexie and Theo because they have no one. Tony asks Abe what makes him so sure.

Tek says it wasn’t what he meant. Tek says Lexie should do what’s right for her and Theo. Lexie says she’d better go inside. She drops the letter. Both she and Tek bend down to pick it up. Their eyes meet and they kiss.

Jack has more flashbacks/fantasies of wandering in the jungle. Jack’s hair is long and he has a beard. He sees a helicopter and starts climbing the ladder. Jack realizes that the locket is gone.

Hope asks if the call was about Jennifer. Hope asks why Patrick didn’t call the police. Patrick says he lost reception. Hope thinks Patrick is lying. They get in the car and drive off. Patrick tries to call Jennifer again, but the call goes straight to voice mail. Hope and Patrick arrive at the airfield and see the plane getting ready for take off. Jennifer looks out the window and sees Hope’s car. Jennifer yells at Davies to stop the plane. Davies says it’s time to go. Jennifer continues yelling for him to stop the plane.

Bonnie hands Sami a tissue. Bonnie says Caroline was great and always talked about Sami. Bonnie says that Caroline wanted to give Sami her hope chest. Sami says she’s already ruined things with Lucas. Bonnie says Lucas will save the last dance for Sami.

Tek says it must have been the alcohol in his brain and he leaves. Lexie asks Celeste how Theo was. Celeste asks Lexie how her evening went. Celeste says there is something Lexie needs to know. Celeste says she read Tek’s cards again today. Celeste says she used something more powerful. Celeste says she googled Tek. Lexie can’t believe Celeste did that. Celeste says she knows everything about Tek now and asks Lexie if she’d like to see it.

Marlena asks what just happened in there. Marlena doesn’t want them to beat Tony. Roman says that violence is all Dimeras understand. Marlena pauses and Roman asks her what is wrong. Marlena is afraid she might really be a killer.

Tony says that Abe sounds so sure that Lexie is pining away after Abe. Abe says that Lexie is probably just trying to get through such a difficult time. Tony says that Lexie must have many suitors and that if Abe gets off the island he might find her sharing her bed with one. This makes Abe very mad. Abe punches Tony in the stomach and Tony says Abe will regret that. Tony gets ready and blocks Abe’s attack. Tony and Abe fight.

Roman tells Marlena that she is not a killer. They hear a crash and run inside. Roman pulls Abe off of Tony. Abe says that Tony and Stefano are behind this whole thing. Tony says Abe is wrong and that he’s tired of explaining it. Marlena asks him to prove it. Tony says he will.

Bonnie unlocks the door. Sami says she’ll give Lucas another chance. Bonnie says Caroline would be proud.

Manda asks Lucas back to her place. Lucas agrees. They leave lust as Sami arrives. Kate says Lucas will never belong to Sami.

Celeste hands Lexie the file. Lexie agrees to look at it. Celeste says that Tek has had many girlfriends. Lexie remembers seeing Tek in the shower. Celeste says she got some information from a good friend. Lexie says Tek just hasn’t found the right woman yet. Celeste says that is what she’s afraid of. Celeste goes up to see Theo. Lexie looks at a picture of Tek. Tek rings Lexie’s doorbell. Tek says that he lied and that he did want to kiss Lexie. Tek says Lexie is amazing and beautiful.

Tony says he and his father had nothing to do with this. Tony shows them the scars from the tiger. Tony asks if Stefano would really allow his own son to get mauled almost to death.

Jack has a fantasy of coming home to Abby, Jennifer and his son at Christmas. Unfortunately there is another man in Jennifer’s life. Jack wakes up and cries out “NO!!”

Patrick tells Hope to drive next to the plane and he’s going to get on the wing. Patrick climbs out through the window. Jennifer sees him from the plane. Patrick grabs a hold of the wing, but he is in a precarious position.


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