Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/23/04

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Characters appearing: Lucas, Amanda, Sami, Julie, Mickey, Bonnie, Kate, Tony, Maggie, Abe, Roman, Patrick, Hope, Davies, Jennifer, Rex, Marlena, and Jack

Outside Alice’s: Lucas brings Amanda her drink. Amanda blows him off. Lucas asks whom she has been talking to. Sami listens to the conversation. Amanda tells Lucas about what she heard. Lucas says he was young when Will was born. He says he sees Will all the time, but he was never meant to be with Sami. Amanda agrees to the drink.

Julie talks to Doug and tells him she can’t accept Bonnie on Mickey’s arm. Julie says that Bonnie is going down and she knows just what to do. Mickey overhears that.

Alice’s: Bonnie talks to Rex about her problems. Kate says Bonnie is making a big mistake.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: Tony says that he’s a prisoner too. Maggie asks Tony to see if he can identify the logo on the poles. Tony says that if it’s not the sign of the phoenix then he will be no help. Tony says there is someone who might be able to help them and she’s anything but a Dimera. Abe asks who that would be.

Glass shatters and Marlena shows up. She looks surprised to see Tony.

In a car: Patrick calls Jennifer again and Jennifer isn’t answering. Patrick thinks this whole thing is crazy. Hope says Jennifer is just grief stricken. Patrick remembers his conversation with the mystery man. Hope thinks Patrick knows more than he’s saying.

Salem Airfield: Davies gives Jennifer a picture of Jack to prove Jack’s alive. Jennifer sees the locket that Abby put in the coffin. Jennifer agrees to go, but then she thinks the photo might have been doctored. Davies tells her they don’t have any more time. He tells her Jennifer doesn’t know whether or not Jack is alive.

The Island---In the jungle: Jack lies motionless on the jungle floor. Suddenly, his finger starts to move!!

Patrick says he wants to find Jennifer as much as Hope does. Hope says Patrick should have called the police. Patrick thought that at first Jennifer was just grief stricken. Patrick remembers talking to the mystery man again and says he hopes they don’t hurt Jennifer. Hope asks what Patrick means.

Jennifer asks what the pilot means. Davies says that Jack is in a precarious position. Davies says they have to stick with the flight plan. Davies says the journey will be long and they have to get to Jack soon or else Jack might die. Jennifer looks at the picture again and says it has been doctored.

Roman asks if Marlena is all right. Marlena says she came to bring Jennifer some flowers in case she arrived. Marlena asks if Tony is behind this. Maggie picks up the broken glass and takes it into the kitchen. Tony says the last time he saw Marlena she was giving him a lethal injection and laughing her head off. Roman tells Tony not to do this to Marlena. Tony says Marlena is the reason why they are on the island in the first place. He says Marlena must be taking orders from someone and he wants to know whom it is.

Julie says she can’t explain. Mickey says he’s glad that Julie apologized to Bonnie. Mickey says he and Alice are proud of Julie. Mickey asks Julie inside for a toast. Julie says she can’t.

Rex leaves Bonnie and Kate alone to talk. Bonnie says Rex is a very sweet boy. Kate says Bonnie probably knows Rex better than him. Kate says Bonnie shouldn’t talk to herself in public if she doesn’t want people to know her business. Kate tells Bonnie it’s not a good idea to come between two Hortons. Kate thanks Bonnie for giving Rex a job. Bonnie says Rex is a good businessman. Kate compliments Bonnie on Mimi. Kate says Rex is her link to Roman. Kate says she doesn’t want Bonnie to suffer the same way she did. Kate tells Bonnie about her affair with Bill. Bonnie acts surprised, but then says that she did know that. Kate says she’s not judging Bonnie, but in fact, she respects her. Kate says that Bonnie had the success of the year. Kate says that Bonnie is taking a huge risk pitting Mickey against Julie. Kate asks Bonnie if she’s willing to lose everything.

Sami watches Lucas and Amanda. Sami imagines Lucas proposing to her and they kiss. Sami wonders if it’s really over. Rex overhears Sami and says it’s over for her.

Hope says that Patrick should tell him anything he knows. Patrick says he know about frauds. He says that people like to pray of recent widows. Hope says usually those scams have to do with stocks or bonds. Hope thinks Patrick knows an awful lot about scams. Patrick says he just follows the news a lot. Hope says that Jennifer has so many people looking over her and accuses Patrick of not seeing this coming. Patrick says he did question Jennifer on her suitcase. Hope says Jennifer really must have thought the messages were from Jack. Patrick tells Hope to drive faster.

Jennifer says that she can tell when a photo has been photo shopped. She asks what the line in the photo is. Davies says he has the photo on his memory card in his digital camera. Jennifer notices the logo on the plane. She wonders if Jack is in the tropics. She says she needs to call Hope, but remembers her phone is in the car. Jennifer is about to go get it when Davies stops her from leaving.

A tiger growls in the jungle. The tiger’s shadow appears over Jack’s body.

Lucas says he has something for Amanda’s birthday. Lucas gives Amanda a kiss. Sami watches them go inside. Sami tells Rex to leave. Rex says he wants to help Sami. Sami tells Rex to help Philip. Rex says Sami is in love with Lucas. Rex asks who the girl was. Rex says he can get Lucas for Sami.

Kate says Bonnie should rethink her attitude with Julie. Kate says she took advantage of Bill’s wife’s mental problems to seduce Bill. Kate says Lucas was the product. Kate thought the best thing would be to turn Bill against his family.

Mickey says if Maggie were here he’d know what she’d say. Mickey thinks Maggie would want them all to sit down together. Julie says that if Maggie were here, this place would be Tuscany and Bonnie would be only a maid. Mickey says Mickey and Doug are dead and they are not coming back.

Tony says that everyone knows Marlena was the serial killer. Marlena says she didn’t kill anyone. Maggie can’t believe that Tony would accuse Marlena of being behind this. Roman says Marlena was a victim just like the rest of them. Abe says Marlena probably suffered the most. Marlena retells how she was brainwashed to kill, shot by the police and then buried alive. Tony is so shocked that everyone is defending Marlena. Tony says that they all thought he was the serial killer when in reality it was Marlena. Tony thinks Marlena could still be programmed to kill and this time for real.

Lucas is impressed at Amanda’s new job as vice-president of the nurses. Lucas asks Amanda to lunch before a meeting with the Horton Foundation.

Lucas has a fantasy of talking with Sami and telling her that he’s moving on. In the fantasy Sami thanks him for being with her when no one else would. Amanda asks where Lucas is moving. Lucas moves towards Amanda. Lucas and Amanda kiss.

Patrick says that he hopes the thugs haven’t gotten Jennifer. Hope still thinks Patrick knows more than he’s saying. Patrick says he doesn’t think it’s some kids playing a prank. Hope says Jennifer is a journalist and would know what to do if she thought something suspicious was going on.

Jennifer goes to get her cell phone. She says it’s because she needs to keep in contact with her doctor. Davies says Jennifer won’t get reception. Davies has a gun just in case Jennifer tries something.

Patrick calls Jennifer again. Jennifer answers the phone and Davies stops Jennifer from answering Patrick’s call. All she can get out is “hello”.

Mickey apologizes to Julie for being forceful. Mickey says they need to move on. Mickey says Maggie has been dead for nine months now. Mickey says he needs to listen to people talking. Mickey says Maggie’d want him to be happy. Mickey asks Julie inside.

Kate gets a call from the Madrid office and leaves to take it.

Mickey brings Julie over to the bar. Bonnie offers Julie a beer. Julie says they should get everything out in the open.

Sami asks Rex how she can get Lucas back. Rex tells Sami to tell Lucas how she feels. Rex tells Sami Lucas has already tried to tell her how he feels, but Sami kept shooting him down. Rex says the ball is in Sami’s court. Rex goes back to work. Sami thinks Rex might be right.

Roman says he doesn’t want Tony to abuse Marlena. Marlena asks for a moment alone. Abe doesn’t think it’s a very good idea. Marlena convinces them. They all go to wait outside. Marlena says she can’t be behind this because she experienced every moment of her horrible death. She wonders why she would be brought here away from her family. Tony says it’s a good question and doesn’t expect her to answer.

Maggie says she doesn’t feel comfortable leaving Marlena in there alone with Tony. Roman says that Marlena knows what she’s doing and that she’ll be able to get the truth out.

Marlena says that she and Tony were friends once. She points out that they even shared two kids for a short time. Marlena says they will always be connected. Tony asks Marlena what she wants from him. Marlena says she wants the truth. She asks if Stefano is alive.

Bonnie says that Julie is not the only one who needs to apologize. Bonnie apologizes to Julie and hugs her. Kate approves of what Bonnie is doing.

Sami watches Amanda and Lucas. Amanda doesn’t want to be a home wrecker. Lucas and Amanda kiss again and Kate watches. Kate says it’s a good thing Sami is out of his life. Rex overhears that and can’t believe Kate said that.

Patrick says he and Jennifer got disconnected. Patrick fingers his coin.

Davies takes away the phone. He shows Jennifer a video of Jack. In the video Jack tells Jennifer to do what Davies says even though it’s hard to understand. Jack says that Jennifer is his only hope.

Jack wakes up and sees the tiger.

Roman, Abe, and Maggie hear the tiger growl. Abe says the fence is good for keeping the wild animals out. Maggie is worried about Jack. Maggie says she promised to check on Alice and asks them to fill her in. Abe says he’ll stop by Alice’s on his way back. Abe asks if Maggie is sure of the way back. Maggie says she’s getting used to this. Abe is glad that Maggie left. Roman says that if Marlena can’t get the truth out of Tony then they will have to beat it out of him.

Marlena says that they need Tony’s help. She says they have to band together and fight. Marlena asks for the truth again. Tony says Marlena is right about one thing: the phoenix has risen.


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