Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Julie, Bonnie, Mickey, Rex, Mimi, Patrick, Hope, Jennifer, Roman, Abe, Tony, Maggie, Jack, the pilot.

Outside Alice’s: Julie looks up at the stars and talks to Doug. Bonnie tells Doug about Bonnie throwing herself on Mickey. Julie gives Bonnie credit for calling Sarah and Melissa to book Lonestar. Julie says the tribute they played to the family was wonderful. Julie says sometimes it seems like Bonnie has a heart.

Alice’s: Rex mixes drinks. Mimi says she can’t believe Bonnie pulled this all off. Mimi says Bonnie is the world’s worst businessman. She lists off all the other jobs that Bonnie has had and failed to gain success with.

Bonnie and Mickey drink. Mickey says this place is perfect. Julie says she’s here to apologize. Bonnie thinks Julie is there to pull Mickey away.

Patrick asks Hope if Jennifer was in the ladies’ room. Patrick tells Hope that it is like Jennifer has disappeared.

Jennifer drives to the airfield. A white light flashes at her and she almost swerves. Jennifer remembers the instructions to go to the airfield.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: Roman wonders if whoever is in there is looking for the host. Roman and Abe enter the house. A man in black cartwheels through the living room and attacks Roman. He then turns on Abe. Roman and Abe fight the man in black. They unmask the man and it turns out to be Tony.

Mickey is surprised that Julie wants to apologize. Julie says that she was wrong.

Patrick says that Jennifer’s car is gone. Hope says maybe Jennifer went home. Patrick says Jennifer would say something.

Jennifer arrives at the airfield and there is a sign that says, “No trespassing”. Jennifer says it is the right place and right time. Jennifer says it’s only a little while longer before she meets Jack.

Abe says it looks like the Dimeras are behind this. Roman agrees that only Dimeras would go through all this trouble. Abe says that only the Dimeras would have the money. Abe asks what they should do with him. Roman pours a glass of water on him. Tony tells them to stay away from him. Abe says they won’t leave him alone until he tells them what they want to know.

Hope asks Patrick if he really thinks something has happened to Jennifer. Patrick remembers what the mystery man said. Hope tries to call Jennifer’s cell phone. Patrick remembers the mystery man’s threats. Patrick says there is someone they should call.

Jennifer says that it is almost time. Jennifer says it is typical Jack to be five minutes late. Jennifer remembers her plan to meet Jack in fifteen minutes the day that Jack died. She remembers that time Jack didn’t come. Jennifer remembers talking to Jack in the hospital after his attack. Jennifer says that was the worst day of her life. She says she didn’t want to give Jack up. Jennifer remembers Lexie letting Jack off life support. Jennifer thinks this is all crazy because she was there when he died. Jennifer thinks this is all a horrible trick. Jennifer decides that she needs to get out of here. Jennifer asks who is there.

Abe says Tony has some explaining to do. Tony says that he wandered in to this house and was surprised to find out it looks like Jack and Jennifer’s house. Then he says Abe and Roman surprised him. Tony says he has shocked considering he thought Roman and Abe were dead. Roman and Abe think Tony had something to do with the fake deaths. Tony says he’s innocent and was a victim just like they were. Tony says that he woke up in the jungle. All he had in his possession was the tiger tooth and claw. Roman says he doesn’t believe Tony’s story, but tells him to go on. Tony says he came upon the Dimera mansion. Roman asks why they couldn’t find it. Tony says the mansion was very well hidden. Tony says he stayed there for a while to regain his strength. Later, he decided to explore the jungle. Tony says he found something that led him to Jack and Jennifer’s house. He pulls out a silver and gold pocket watch or compass. Roman tells Tony he’d better tell them the truth and lead them to Stefano, who they think is really behind this.

Bonnie is shocked to hear Julie’s apology. Julie says the tribute to the Horton’s was beautiful. Julie says she’s sorry. Mickey goes off to take a call from one of his clients. Bonnie says she’ll take good care of Mickey. Julie says that Bonnie makes Mickey happy. Julie says there’s only one woman for Mickey. Mickey says Maggie is the only woman for him. Bonnie is taken aback and starts choking.

Patrick says Hope should call the hospital in case she went into labor. Patrick tells Hope about the messages Jennifer has been getting from Jack. Patrick wonders if Jennifer is out looking for Jack. Hope says they should go look for her and that she’ll drive.

Jennifer sees a rabbit on the airfield. Jennifer says this is crazy and that it’s a cruel joke. A plane flies overhead. Jennifer is excited and thinks it’s Jack who has really come for her. She waves at the plane.

Tony says that Stefano is dead and is still in his urn in the real Salem.

Abe tells Tony that it’s Jack’s compass. Tony says he found the compass in the jungle and asks Abe how he’s so sure it’s Jack’s. Abe reads the inscription that says Jennifer gave the compass to Jack. Abe and Roman tell Tony that Jack was determined to use the compass to find Jennifer. There’s a flashback of Jack wanting to get off the island. Jack wanted to make it back to Jennifer in time to see the baby born.

Maggie asks what Tony did to Jack. Maggie slaps Tony. Maggie says no on was more determined to get off the island than Jack. There’s a flashback of Jack saying he wants to make up for lost time with Jack. Abe and Roman try to convince him otherwise. Maggie agreed to go off with Jack. Maggie did not like being held hostage. Tony says where he found the compass. Abe says it was near where they found the backpack. Maggie starts to panic. Maggie doesn’t want Jennifer to arrive and not find Jack here. Tony wonders how they know Jennifer will arrive. Maggie tells Tony about the plaque outside of the house with Jennifer’s name on it. Maggie tells Tony to go find Jack.

Jennifer says Patrick was right and remembers her cell phone is in the car. Jennifer asks the pilot if he knows where her husband is. The pilot says Jack is waiting for her and that they have to go. Jennifer refuses to go unless the pilot answers some questions for her.

Rex says he knows Bonnie is different. Rex tells Mimi she can’t fault Bonnie for having fun. Rex tells Mimi Bonnie’s dreams are coming true. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Julie tells Bonnie that a love like Maggie and Mickey’s only comes along once in a life time. Bonnie says that Maggie stifled Mickey’s wild side. Julie says she only apologized for Mickey’s sake. Julie says Bonnie will always be a tramp. Bonnie calls Doug a con man and that sets Julie off. Julie and Bonnie fight.

Hope says that Patrick should have told her about the messages before hand. Patrick says that they need a password to view Jennifer’s files. Hope tells him to try “Abby”. They try many passwords, but can’t get into the computer.

Jennifer wants assurance that Jack is really alive. The man tells her that Jack didn’t say anything about Jennifer being pregnant and that if Jack had known he probably would’ve waited until after the baby was born. The pilot says he has to leave before the tower starts asking questions. Jennifer says that Jack doesn’t know about the baby because he died. Jennifer realizes that she is talking like a crazy person. The pilot says that he has orders. The pilot says that Jack told him about the serial killer, but Jack didn’t die. Jennifer says that she wants tangible proof that Jack is alive.

Tony says he’d like to help. Maggie describes the events leading up to Jack’s disappearance. This is all in flashbacks. They came upon some polls emitting high energy. At first they thought it was a source of power. Jack threw a stick at the fence and the stick was charred. Tony asks if they found a way to disarm the fence. Maggie says they didn’t have to. The alarm went off. Roman says that now it’s time for Tony to pull some strings and get Jack back. Tony asks what will happen if he can’t get Jack back. Roman says Tony will die trying.

Rex and Mimi break up the fight between Julie and Bonnie. Julie says she tried to take the high road. Bonnie goes off to have a cigarette. Mimi leaves to go write a paper and asks Rex to look after Bonnie. Julie says things didn’t turn out they way she wanted. Julie says that she’ll get Bonnie if it’s the last thing she does.

Bonnie asks Rex for a drink. Bonnie is not happy because Julie is so high and mighty. Bonnie declares war on Julie.

Tony says that death threats won’t motivate him since he was already attacked by a tiger and poisoned by a serial killer. Maggie starts to call him a name. Tony says he’s had enough of this. He tells them they are all prisoners on this island and they have to stick together until they find a way off of it. Maggie asks Tony to go to the electric poles and see if he understands to logo on them. Tony says if they are not the sign of the phoenix then he can’t help them. Tony says he does know someone who might though and she’s anything but a Dimera.

Hope figures out what Jennifer wrote on the note pad. Patrick is sure Jennifer was trying to meet Jack. They head off to the airfield.

The pilot shows Jennifer a picture of himself with Jack. Jennifer points out the locket that Jack has that Abby put in his coffin. Jennifer tells the pilot to take her to Jack right away.

Jack lies motionless on the jungle floor.


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