Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/21/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Hope, Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Kate, Sami, Lucas, Bonnie, Rex, Mimi, Julie, Jennifer, Patrick, Mickey, man in black, Roman, Abe, store clerk, Lexie, Tek, Amanda

Shawn and Rex’s apartment: Hope looks at a picture of Shawn and Belle.

The cage: Shawn tears down all the pictures of Philip and Belle. Jan says that sooner or later she’ll make Shawn love her. Jan says Belle is not waiting for Shawn.

Alice’s country bar: Cameramen arrive at the party. Belle asks Philip what she wants to tell her. Philip says he’s glad they’re together. Belle says she’s glad too. Belle goes to get some food. Kate watches and says she’ll find a way to get them together.

Sami and Lucas arrive. Kate thinks Sami is back with Lucas. Lucas says he should go say hi to his mother. Sami has a flashback of her fantasy of Kate in jail. Sami says that Lucas should go greet Kate.

Bonnie is happy that the opening is such a success. Mimi warns Bonnie not to get her hopes up. Mimi asks Bonnie what the surprise is. Bonnie is excited. Julie says she is too worried about Jennifer to think about Bonnie. Mickey says Bonnie has earned the right to celebrate. Jennifer says she knows the messages are from Jack. Julie points out that Jennifer was holding Jack’s hand when they took him off life support. Patrick says someone out there may deliberately be hurting Jennifer.

The Island---Jack and Jennifer’s house: A person in black walks into Jack and Jennifer’s house. Roman and Abe show up outside Jack and Jennifer’s house on their evening rounds. Roman says he feels silly making rounds on islands because they are the hostages. Abe says he’s not looking forward to telling Jennifer that Jack may be killed. Roman wonders what is happening to them. Roman wants to know what is going on and who is behind this all.

Hope is on the phone talking about the fingerprint they found. Hope wonders what kind of danger Shawn is in.

Jan is looking through her jewelry box for a missing earring. Jan shows Shawn a ring and tells Shawn to figure out what that is. Jan says that she and Shawn are getting engaged. Shawn says no way.

Sami says she knows what it’s like to lose a mother. Kate asks if Sami and Lucas are back together. Lucas says that Sami had car trouble and he had to give her a lift.

Patrick asks Jennifer what she meant when she said she’d be with Jack tonight. Jennifer remembers the instructions from Jack to go to the airfield. Jennifer replies that she just has a feeling. Jennifer says Patrick is being over protective. Lexie and Tek arrive and Jennifer goes over to say hi. Lexie asks for some champagne. Lexie asks Jennifer if she got any more messages from Jack. Jennifer says she’s not crazy. Lexie says there are times when she feels Abe is alive. Lexie reminds Jennifer that neither Abe, nor Jack is alive.

Abe says they should check out the house just to be sure. Roman says the house looks just like Jack and Jennifer’s. Abe says they should look for some clues as to what happened to Jack. Roman says they should also look for some sign as to who is behind this. Roman wonders if Stefano wants to ruin their lives again.

Jennifer says she’s not imagining things and begs Lexie to believe her.

Bonnie tells Patrick to let Jennifer go and to save himself. Patrick refuses to let anyone hurt Jennifer.

Lucas meets a girl named Amanda. Amanda is the president of nursing at the hospital. It’s Amanda’s birthday and Lucas goes to help her celebrate.

Belle tells Sami to go after Lucas. Sami says she doesn’t care. Sami changes the subject and asks what’s going on between Belle and Philip.

Shawn says he’ll never ask Jan to marry him. Jan acts out how Shawn would propose to her. Then Jan acts how she would if Shawn really proposed. Jan says she’s been waiting for so long to have Shawn propose to her.

Helping Hands: Hope is outside of a thrift store and sees a pair of earrings that match the one they found in Shawn’s room.

Shawn says Jan can propose to herself all night long, but he’s taken. Shawn says he still belongs to Belle. Jan says that Belle is cheating on Shawn. Jan says she’d like to show Shawn what Belle is up to. Shawn says that’s a good idea and that Jan should take him back to Salem.

Belle says she hasn’t given up on Shawn and tells Sami to fight for Lucas. Sami has a fantasy where she’s a news reporter. Sami sees something shocking.

Julie says she doesn’t trust the Lockharts. Bonnie says he can’t protect her, especially not if he’s dead.

Patrick sees Tek and goes to say hi.

Lexie says Jennifer will always have Jack and the baby. Jennifer remembers back when Jack delivered Abby. Jennifer says she can’t have the baby without Jack. Lexie tries to comfort Jennifer.

Roman asks how someone could get away with this without leaving a clue. Abe says they have to find something to prove they are not really dead. The man in black lurks in a corner.

The man in the store says the earrings he has are an imitation. The store clerk says the earring Hope has is genuine silver and the person who lost it obviously didn’t buy them here. Hope thanks the man.

Sami sees a teddy bear and Belle asks what’s up. Sami says it reminds her of the bear that Will buried with Marlena. Sami has a flashback of Lucas putting it in the coffin. Sami says Marlena is gone forever and is not coming back Belle and Sami hug and comfort each other over the loss of their mother.

Hope eyes a similar teddy bear in the thrift store. This teddy bear is white and not blue like the one Sami was holding.

Roman tells Abe that he hopes Bo and Hope haven’t closed the case. Abe says they can’t give up either.

Hope says she’s seen the bear before, but she can’t remember where. Hope says that something is telling her to buy the bear. Hope buys the bear and hopes that it will lead her to some answers.

Belle says the teddy bears are part of a charity. She’s supposed to collect some for the children’s hospital. It’s her first assignment. Belle says it’s a great thing to help children. Sami asks about the foundation and how it works. Belle asks why Sami is so interested. Sami says she wants to prove herself and have a good career. Belle says that Sami should fight for love too. Belle points out that the girl could get Lucas and Will. Sami says she gets Belle’s point.

Amanda says Lucas is a good dancer. Lucas asks to take Amanda for a drink.

Tek says that Patrick has a lot missing from his record. Patrick says he just travels a lot. Patrick remembers deleting his record. Patrick says Tek is working too hard. Patrick says he has nothing to hide.

Lexie says that she knows it will be hard for Jennifer to have the baby without Jack. Lexie warns Jennifer that she shouldn’t get upset and hurt the baby. Patrick shows up and agrees with Lexie.

Bonnie says it’s time for the big surprise.

Shawn asks why Jan won’t take her back to Salem. Jan says she wants Shawn to see Belle cheating with Belle. Shawn thinks he’s finally escaped.

Bonnie leads a cameraman around.

Belle talks to Hope. Hope asks where Bo is. Belle says he hasn’t arrived. Hope says Bo is probably out looking for Shawn. Belle tells Hope about her plan to go on national TV at the NASCAR race so that Shawn will see it and come home. Hope says that’s a good idea and goes off to call Bo.

Philip says he’ll never desert Belle like Shawn did. Kate talks with Rex about staying out of Belle and Philip’s budding relationship. Rex says that he’s a Brady now. Kate says that Philip is also Rex’s half brother and that Rex should support him. Rex says that he doesn’t think it’s right for Philip to be making moves on Belle while Shawn is away.

Sami goes over to talk with Amanda. Amanda tells Sami that she just met Lucas. Sami says that Lucas knocked her up and won’t visit her son. Sami sits laughing to herself and Lucas asks Sami where Amanda went. Lucas asks what Sami said to her.

Bonnie is ready to make an announcement. Julie hopes Bonnie won’t be singing. Bonnie introduces the band, Lonestar. The crowd cheers. The leader of the band says they are glad to be here in Salem. They start playing a song and everyone claps along and then starts dancing. Bonnie says it’s time for some line dancing. Mimi is so surprised that Bonnie has pulled everything off. Bonnie pairs Patrick and Julie up. Bonnie pulls Mickey over to dance. Belle says she wants to go home and see if Shawn left a message. Kate convinces Belle to stay for one dance. Lucas line dances between two pretty girls. Sami looks on and Kate likes seeing Lucas apart from Sami.

Jennifer and hope talk. Jennifer says she is very grateful to Hope and her family. Hope says that Jennifer and the baby will be fine. Hope says she’s going to call Bo again. Jennifer says it’s time to go get Jack.

Jan brings a TV in. Shawn says he thought they were going to Salem. Jan says she’s bringing Salem to Shawn.

Abe is wondering what would happen with Tony if Stefano is behind it. Roman says Stefano wouldn’t let Tony be mauled by a tiger. Abe says there’s someone in the house and Roman says they should go see who it is.

Jan says she’s connected to a live feed from the public access channel. Jan says Belle and Shawn look like they are having a great time. Mimi says this party is awesome. Bonnie and Mickey dance. Julie thinks to herself that if Maggie were alive she’d kill her. Sami waits alone and watches Lucas.

Hope tells Bo that she doesn’t know why she thinks the bear is a lead. Hope asks Bo to tell her everything will be ok again.

Patrick asks Julie where Jennifer is. Julie says that Jennifer is probably in the ladies room. Patrick looks around for Jennifer while dancing with Julie.

Jennifer is in her car driving away. Jennifer regrets not saying goodbye to Abby. Jennifer says she’s going to go get Jack.


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