Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/18/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/18/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jennifer, Patrick, Mickey, Bonnie, Mimi, Rex, Shawn, Jan, Philip, Belle, John, Kate, mystery man, Julie.

Jennifer’s driveway:

Jennifer goes to put her suitcase in the car and Patrick stops her. Patrick asks what Jennifer is doing. Jennifer says she’s going to be at the fundraiser. Patrick thinks Jennifer is hiding something.

Alice’s country bar:

Mickey thinks Bonnie must be very excited. Mickey assures Bonnie that Julie is a great cook. Julie says she’s going to class this place up. Julie tastes the pate.

Outside Rex’s apartment:

Mimi is terrified to go to her mother’s opening. Rex worries about getting the drinks right. Mimi says she taught him well. Rex and Mimi kiss. Mimi worries Belle will show up with Philip.

The Cage:

Shawn sees a blonde girl through the door and thinks it is Belle. He calls out to her. It’s really Jan in a wig and Jan pretends to be Belle in love with Philip.

Philip shows up with a trunk. He asks Mimi to open the door to the loft. John and Kate are inside and ask if he knows where Belle is. Philip says he doesn’t know. Kate asks about the trunk and Philip says that he’s moving in with Belle because he’s on extended leave. Kate thinks it’s a great idea. Kate says Philip has been such a comfort to Belle since Shawn has been gone. Belle comes back and says she has the perfect plan to get Shawn back and says she has a favor to ask of John.

Jennifer tells Patrick says that she wants to go to the party, but that she wants to leave early. Patrick asks if she has other plans. Jennifer remembers the message to meet the plane. Jennifer says she just wants to go to bed early.

Bonnie says she wants to put her restaurant on the map. Mickey says Bonnie has already made him proud. Bonnie wants to put Julie in her place. Bonnie has a fantasy of winning woman of the year and being married to Mickey. In her fantasy Julie is a servant. Bonnie goes to check on Julie and spills some sauce on her. Julie goes to change and Bonnie tastes the food. Bonnie goes to put hot sauce in Julie’s cooking.

Jan as Belle says she loves Philip now. Shawn says that Jan loved him more than Belle.

Belle apologizes for running out. Belle says she remembered a kid from their high school that got an internship with the Salem speedway and she had to go talk to him right away. Belle says that she saw a poster for NASCAR and remembered that Shawn never misses a race. Belle plans to talk to Shawn on TV and hopes that her dad can make that happen. John asks to talk to Belle alone. John says he can make this happen, but asks Belle if Shawn is worth this trouble.

Jan puts pictures of Belle and Philip up. Shawn says he trusts Belle and Philip. Jan says that Philip has already started making his move. Jan takes her kewpie doll and sings.

Belle pleads with John to do her this favor. John says that Shawn deserted her when she needed him the most, even when Marlena died. John says if Shawn had been in an accident then they would have heard by now. Belle defends Shawn by saying that maybe he hasn’t heard yet. John says he’ll do it on one condition.

Bonnie continues spicing up the food. She puts in lots of hot sauce, onions and tequila.

Mimi asks Patrick to keep Bonnie in check. Patrick says he doesn’t have time. Julie asks Jennifer how she is. Jennifer says that she heard from Jack again. Julie goes to tell Mickey that Jennifer is really losing her mind. Mickey says he’ll go talk to Jennifer. Bonnie dances out of the kitchen and Julie runs in to go see what Bonnie did. Mimi asks what Bonnie has done. Mimi thinks Bonnie looks guilty

Julie tastes Bonnie’s cooking and it’s too spicy. She runs over to the water spout and squirts the water in her mouth.

Patrick gets a call from the mystery man and Patrick tells him to stay away from Jennifer.

Mickey says that if he thought Maggie was alive then he’d try to find her. Mickey tells Jennifer that both Maggie and Mickey are dead. Mickey tells Jennifer to concentrate on having a healthy baby. Jennifer says she will.

Jan says that Shawn can have kewpie Belle. Shawn says Jan is crazy. Jan says Shawn is the crazy one for being in love with Belle. Jan tears off kewpie’s head.

Philip says that he’d never hurt Belle.

John says he doesn’t even know if Belle’s plan will work. Belle is certain that it will. John says he’ll do it, but if Shawn doesn’t come back then he wants Belle to forget about Shawn and move on.

Jan shows Shawn the headless doll. Shawn tells Jan she needs help. Jan says the last time she saw a shrink, her shrink ended up a serial killer. Jan accidentally mentions that she killed someone and Shawn presses her for information.

Belle says Shawn will come back. John finally goes the optimistic route and says Shawn will come back. John tells Belle to have fun tonight and Belle says she will if he will. They hug.

Mimi kisses Rex and Bonnie tells them to knock it off. Bonnie says Rex is not dressed appropriately. Bonnie takes off Rex’s shirt.

Jennifer hopes Jack will come back.

Patrick tells the man not to hurt Jennifer. The man tells Patrick time is running out.

Julie says that no one will like the food because Bonnie doctored it. Julie says no one will come back after this. Mickey acts as a pacifier between Julie and Bonnie’s argument. Mickey agrees to taste the food and his eyes open wide. Julie asks if it’s a stroke. Mickey says the food is very spicy and he likes it.

Everyone digs in to the food. Julie doesn’t understand why everyone likes it.

Bonnie puts Philip behind the bar. Rex and Philip show off their skills.

Kate and John eat hot peppers. Belle and Philip ride the mechanical bull. Mickey and Bonnie dance. Mickey says they’ve got a hit on their hands. Mickey goes to get some more food. Julie warns Mickey about his ulcer.

Belle says John looked like he was having a pretty good time. John says Belle was having fun with Philip. Belle says she doesn’t know what she’d do without Philip.

Jennifer goes outside and makes a wish on Jack’s star. A hand lands on her shoulder. It is only Patrick. Jennifer says that she just needed some fresh air. Patrick leads her back inside. The mystery man says Jennifer’s luck has run out.

Bonnie thanks Rex for helping him. Rex says he’s going to prove he’s worthy of Mimi. Mimi asks what is going on. Bonnie says she has a surprise for both of them.

Kate tells Philip that he should make his move tonight. John asks Belle if Philip could be more than a friend. Belle is certain that Shawn will come back.

Shawn asks Jan who she killed. Jan won’t risk losing Shawn by telling him about Victor. Jan says she killed Belle and dances around with the headless doll. Jan says that Shawn must love honor and cherish her or else he’ll be her prisoner for the rest of his life. Shawn says that’s never going to happen. Jan says that Shawn is the crazy one. Jan says that Belle and Philip are in love. Shawn tears up the photo.

Philip says he won’t put any moves on Belle. Kate says Philip should tell Belle how he feels. Philip asks Belle to dance. John asks Kate to dance.

Mimi asks what the surprise is. Bonnie whispers who is coming to the party.

Rex and Mimi dance. Bonnie asks Mickey to dance. Patrick asks Jennifer to dance. Patrick says they should consider all possibilities. Patrick promises to protect Jennifer.

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