Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/17/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/17/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Julie, Bonnie, Mickey, Belle, Philip, Shawn, Jan, John, Kate, Jennifer, Patrick, Will

Lucas’ apartment:

Sami knocks on Lucas’ door. Sami hears the smoke alarm and tries to get in. Lucas says the steam set off the smoke alarm. Lucas tells her to get out.

Alice’s country bar:

Julie thinks the food will not be good. Bonnie grabs a fire extinguisher to tend to a disaster in the kitchen.

Belle’s loft:

Belle looks at her tickets. Philip comes back and asks what’s wrong. Belle refuses to tell Philip about her plan. Belle says that it is the not knowing that bothers her about Shawn. Philip says that moving in with Belle might not be a good idea.

The Cage:

Shawn gets Jan on the ground and grabs for the keys.

Basic Black---John’s office:

John is working and Kate says she can’t believe he pulled an all nighter. Kate brings John some coffee. Kate hopes John finds out something about Marlena’s death. Kate says she has often dreamed of her wedding to Roman and hoped that it was just a nightmare, but it wasn’t. Kate asks what John will do if he doesn’t find those answers.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer reads a card from Jack. Jennifer remembers the message telling her to go to the airfield. Patrick asks if Jennifer is ok. Patrick says that Jennifer is not going anywhere. Patrick and Jennifer accidentally rip the Valentines’ Day card that Jennifer was reading. Jennifer says she can’t lose Jack again.

Lucas asks why Sami is here. Sami says that Will called her and says there was an emergency. Sami says that she’ll miss Will. Lucas says that Will is the one who is hurting.

John says it’s too much of a coincidence that Crystal was with Marlena the night she died. John says that there is a guard who can confirm Crystal’s whereabouts when Marlena died. John says that Crystal did not have the means or opportunity.

Jennifer tapes her card together. Patrick says that Jennifer will be disappointed when she doesn’t find Jack. Jennifer says that she’s just packing a suitcase for when she goes to the hospital. Patrick apologizes. Jennifer is still convinced Jack is communicating with her. Patrick says someone could be tricking her. Jennifer doesn’t think any one would do that. Jennifer asks Patrick if there is something he’s not telling her.

Bonnie says her chef passed out. Julie tells Mickey that he should have let her run the restaurant. Mickey asks Julie to cook for the restaurant. Julie refuses.

Belle says she wants Philip living with her. Belle says she needs Philip’s friendship now that Mimi is always with Rex. Belle wonders why she can’t get through to her dad. Philip asks how John is. Belle says her dad is still trying to figure everything out. Belle says her dad needs a friend right now. Philip says Belle needs the same thing.

John says that he needed someone who understands. Kate brings up Philip. John approves of Philip and Belle’s relationship. Kate thinks they would be cute together. Kate says she just wants her kids happy and is glad that Lucas is wising up about Sami.

Lucas says that Sami doesn’t care about having a happy family. Will overhears Sami and Lucas and asks Sami if she really doesn’t want them happy.

Lucas tells Sami to answer. Sami is angry that Will lied about an emergency. Will says that Sami lies sometimes. Will says he just wants his parents happy together. Will says he’s spending the night with his friend. Sami wants Will to stay home since he’s leaving for camp in the morning.

Julie apologizes for Bonnie’s failure. Julie gets ready to leave. Mickey says that this opening is to honor the Horton’s. Julie says Mickey is using emotional blackmail.

Belle wants to run her plan by her dad.

Jan gives Shawn some clothes. Shawn asks for some real clothes. Shawn says they will never fit. Jan says he can wear them or not, but she’ll be happy either way.

Patrick says that he’s worried about Jennifer. Jennifer says she’s on edge about Celeste’s prediction. Patrick says that the time he spent here has changed him. Jennifer asks Patrick if he’s interested in her. Patrick says he’s a friend. Patrick says he won’t let Jennifer be deceived.

Kate says her work and her sons are now her life. John says they should take a break and have fun. John asks Kate to the opening of Alice’s.

Mickey asks Julie to do this for her grandmother. Mickey says that Julie should be selfless like Alice. Julie agrees to cook. Bonnie says she’ll run down the menu and Julie should take notes.

Shawn can’t button his shirt because it’s too small. Shawn says his parents and Belle won’t stop looking for him

Belle takes a box from Philip, but it’s too heavy and she drops it. Belle says she can be pretty stubborn. Philip has a fantasy of waking up with Belle in her arms. Philip says this is a good idea. Belle looks at Philip’s high school yearbook. She looks at her picture and says that’s exactly how she can find Shawn.

John says that Kate should go to see Philip and Belle. Kate says people will talk about her and John together. John says they’ve gone on business dinners before. Kate says they’ve never gone anywhere alone. John says that if she doesn’t go with him then 100 men will hit on her. Kate finally agrees and says she doesn’t care what everyone else thinks.

Lucas says that they will be going to the party, but not together. Sami goes to makes sure Will has everything. Will tells Lucas that he’s already had many chances to get together with Sami. Will says he wants to give Sami and Lucas some time together. Will doesn’t want Sami and Lucas to go down to the car with him. Will asks Lucas if they have an understanding. Sami asks what that is. Lucas says Will wants something he can never have. Lucas says they are going to break their son’s heart.

Jennifer says Patrick is not responsible for her. Jennifer says Patrick has made her and Abby feel so safe. Jennifer says she’ll never forget Patrick. Patrick says it sounds like Jennifer is saying goodbye. Patrick asks if she’s leaving. Jennifer says she can’t leave because she’s the co-chair of the Horton Foundation. Jennifer says her clothes are in the closet. She tells Patrick to go take a shower. Jennifer is sorry to have deceived Patrick, but she needs to meet Jack.

Bonnie tells Julie that all the food must be extra spicy. Julie says she’s the chef and she’ll decide what to cook. Bonnie says the food must be country fried. Julie says it will be gourmet.

Sami asks who broke up with whom. Lucas says that it’s all Sami’s fault because she kissed that guy in the bar.

Philip returns and tells Belle not to help carry the boxes. Belle is not there.

Shawn is looking at the pictures of Philip and Belle. He says he knows Belle loves him. Shawn hears Belle’s voice.

Julie says she’ll prove she deserves to run the restaurant. Mickey says he’s always loved Julie’s cooking. Bonnie says it doesn’t matter as long as it tastes good. Julie heads off to the kitchen with Bonnie on her heels. Bonnie doesn’t want any fancy French stuff.

Philip looks at the yearbook. He remembers Jan Spears and is thankful she’s gone.

Shawn yells out for Belle. He sees a blonde girl through the doorway and calls to her.

John says he’s going to see Belle because she left messages on his phone. Kate offers to come too. John asks why. Kate says she can offer a female perspective on things.

Sami says that now that Will is gone she and Lucas don’t have to talk for an entire summer. Sami leaves and Lucas tells her not to come back. Sami says she won’t.

Jennifer is about to put her suitcase in the car, when Patrick stops her and asks what she’s doing.

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