Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/16/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Boo

Characters appearing: Doug, Alice, Maggie, Bonnie, Mickey, Rex, Mimi, Belle, Philip, Jan, Shawn, Jennifer, Patrick,

The Island---Alice’s house:

Doug, Alice and Maggie look at a photo album. They admire all the detail the host went through. Maggie remembers the opening of Tuscany.

Alice’s country bar:

Bonnie tells Mickey they have their liquor license and they are all set. Bonnie thanks Mickey for making her dreams come true.

Rex’s apartment:

Rex drinks his coffee in the window. Mimi sees her messy hair in the mirror. Rex is looking at Philip’s car in front of Belle’s loft.

Belle’s loft:

Belle comes down stairs and leaves a message for her Dad. Belle wants to tell her dad about her plan to get Shawn back. Philip asks Belle what will happen if Belle’s plan doesn’t work.

The cage:

Jan says it’s hard to look at Belle and Philip in the photos. Shawn says that Belle loves him. Shawn says that Philip is just comforting her. Jan says that Belle isn’t even looking for him.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer answers the door and it’s Patrick. Patrick offers to make her some breakfast.

Jennifer looks at her watch and notices that Abby is late for camp. Jennifer calls up to Abby. Patrick hands her a note. Jennifer says it’s not good news.

Mimi asks if he’s sure it’s Philip’s car. Rex doesn’t want Philip stealing Belle from Shawn. Mimi stops him from leaving.

Philip tells Belle just to smile. Belle thanks Philip for spending the night. Philip says that he has decided to take some extended leave and needs an apartment. Belle offers to let Philip live with her.

Shawn says that Belle and Philip are just friends. Jan says that she’s always said Belle is a two-timing slut and now Shawn has proof.

Maggie says it’s a shame Tuscany is sitting there closed. Doug says Mickey had it open for Roman and Kate’s wedding and for Valentines’ Day. Doug tells Maggie about Bonnie and Julie’s spats over Tuscany.

Bonnie continues thanking Mickey for making her dreams come true. She gets some drinks for her and Mickey. She drops the shot glass into the beer mug. She gives one to Mickey and cheers him on.

Abby left for camp without saying goodbye. Patrick says that Abby just wanted Jennifer to get some sleep. Jennifer says she wanted to say goodbye. The note says that Abby will write. Abby asks Jennifer to send cookies. Jennifer thinks the cake is a message. Jennifer says she knows Jack is alive.

Mimi tells Rex he can’t go barge in on Belle and Philip. Mimi says Belle has always been in love with Shawn. Mimi says Philip is in love with some one else. Rex says Philip has still been hanging around too much.

Belle says Mimi practically lives with Rex now. Belle says Philip should rent Mimi’s half and make everyone happy.

Jan says that now Shawn knows how she felt seeing him and Belle together. Jan says it’s laundry day and this means Shawn gets to take a shower. Shawn says he can undress himself. Jan puts him on a longer chain and lets his hands free. Shawn goes over to the shower and Jan watches through the glass.

Patrick asks how Jack could be alive. Patrick says Jennifer was there when Jack died. Patrick says that Jack is dead. Jennifer says Julie thinks her emotions have just gone crazy. Patrick goes to make some breakfast and orders Jennifer to sit down and rest. Jennifer gets a message on her computer. The message says that Jack is alive and he wants Jennifer to come to him.

Maggie asks what Bonnie has to do with Tuscany. Doug says that Julie and Bonnie had differences of opinion for Valentine’s Day. Maggie says she remembers Bonnie had a love for country western.

Bonnie says from now on Alice’s will serve only good country cooking. Mickey says he knows how Maggie would feel if she were here.

Patrick gets a phone call from the mystery man. The mystery man tells Patrick not to get in the way.

Jennifer talks to Jack through the computer. The message says Jennifer shouldn’t listen to what anyone else says. Jennifer asks for some proof that it’s really Jack. She gets a response saying he can show her proof.

Jan asks Shawn if he’d like her to join her in the shower. Jan says it’s his loss when he refuses. Shawn puts soap around his ankle to try and slip the chain off.

Mimi and Rex come over to see Belle. Rex says Philip is here very early. Philip says he stayed over on the couch because he’s on extended leave from the base. Mimi is so happy that Belle wants her to rent out her half of the apartment.

Mimi says she’ll save a lot of money especially since Shawn’s parents are still paying his rent even though Shawn is gone. Mimi asks who the new roommate is. Mimi hopes it’s not Alexis. Philip says that actually he will he Belle’s new roommate.

Patrick says he won’t let them hurt Jennifer.

Jennifer opens a file and it is Jack’s wedding vows to her. Jennifer has a flashback of her wedding. Jack had reread a poem Jennifer read at their first wedding. Jennifer believes that it is Jack and asks Jack to tell her what to do to get to him.

Doug says Tuscany was still closed when he left. Alice says that when she left things were still up in the air. Alice says that Julie had wanted to run the restaurant. Maggie says that things will be great when she returns.

Bonnie thinks Maggie would be happy the place is not gathering dust. Mickey says Maggie would be happy. Bonnie says she knows the perfect way to thank Mickey.

Rex doesn’t want Philip moving in with Belle. Belle says Philip is just a friend. Rex says he knows what Philip is doing and that Philip is in love with Belle.

Jan sees Shawn trying to escape.

Patrick says they will have to kill him in order to get to Jennifer. The man says it can be arranged.

Jennifer reads the message, which tells her to go to the old airfield at 9 o’clock because a private plane will pick her up. Jennifer says she’s going to go.

Maggie leaves to get the tea. Doug tells Alice that Julie was convinced that Bonnie was trying to make a move on Mickey. Doug asks if that could happen.

Bonnie and Mickey ride the mechanical bull.

Jennifer starts packing a suitcase. She reads a card Jack had given her. She remembers the signs that show Jack is alive.

Patrick tells the man to leave Jennifer alone. Patrick hangs up and Jennifer is gone. Patrick races up to Jennifer’s room and asks if she’s ok. Patrick tells Jennifer she’s not going anywhere.

Philip doesn’t like Rex’s accusations. Mimi explains to Philip that Rex is just being protective of Belle. Philip says that if Shawn doesn’t come back right now, he’s going to lose Belle. Belle explains to Rex that there is nothing going on between her and Philip. Rex says he trusts Belle. Rex and Mimi leave to go help Bonnie set up for the opening. Belle tells Philip that she can’t think of anything crazier than something going on between her and Philip.

Shawn tells Jan to give him the keys. Jan tries to run out. Shawn goes after her and grabs Jan’s foot while trying to get the keys.

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