Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/15/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Marlena, Roman, Jennifer, Lexie, Patrick, John, Crystal, Nicole, Brady, Sami, Lucas, Kate, Philip, Belle, Ray, and Abe

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse:

Marlena picks up her diary and Roman comes over to see her. Marlena thanks Roman for staying over and making her feel safe. Roman asks Marlena about her diary. Roman wants Marlena to try and remember what happened before she died.

Jennifer’s house:

Lexie wishes that Jennifer would stay over night at the hospital. Patrick says he just paid the babysitter. Jennifer says she has to be here to be here to say goodbye to Abby. Lexie tells Jennifer that someone is probably pretending to be Jack. Jennifer says that she knows she heard Jack’s car. Lexie sends Patrick to get some food. Patrick brings Jennifer some cake. Jennifer drops the cake and tells Patrick that was Jack’s birthday cake.

The Kiriakis mansion:

John tells Crystal that he knows she was in Marlena’s holding cell. Crystal says that it’s because of her that Marlena is dead. Nicole pretends she didn’t know Crystal was in jail. Brady says they should get Bo over here. John asks Crystal exactly what she did.

The Blue Note:

Belle says that Philip should be honest with the girl he loves. Belle wants Philip to talk to the girl. Kate thinks that Belle is right.

Sami tells Lucas that she’s working on a research project. Lucas says Sami was all over that guy. Lucas wants Sami to choose between him and Ray. Sami says that they didn’t agree to be exclusive. Lucas says this was all a big mistake and that he should’ve seen this coming. Lucas leaves Sami.

Marlena tells Roman that her memory is not really good. Roman thinks what ever Marlena remembers could be a clue. Marlena thinks it is Stefano. Roman says that they need to investigate everything just in case it isn’t him.

Marlena remembers Crystal leading her up to the roof and Crystal beating her on the head.

Crystal says that she killed Marlena with kindness. Crystal says that she said hello to Marlena, but Marlena seemed like she was in a trance. Crystal says she helped Marlena when the other girls picked on her. Crystal says they were fighting over Marlena’s wedding ring.

John remembers Marlena giving back her wedding ring. Brady asks why Crystal why she didn’t say any of this when she first arrived. Nicole says it’s because Crystal knew Nicole wouldn’t let her in the house. John says that Crystal was with Marlena in the last hours of her life and is the only one who can shed any light on this situation. Crystal says that the bullet didn’t kill Marlena, his betrayal did.

Lucas says he has to go home and get Will packed for camp. Belle says she has to go track down her dad. Kate says that she has to go. Belle apologizes for Sami. Kate says she appreciates her being such a good friend to Philip.

Sami thinks she’ll be able to make it up to Lucas. Sami asks Ray what the warning signs of white-collar crime are.

Patrick says that the cake was on the counter. Jennifer says that she ordered the cake a long time ago and that Jack is the only person who would eat the icing off. Lexie tells Jennifer to calm down and she goes upstairs to ask Abby who cut the piece of cake. Jennifer asks Patrick what is happening to her. Patrick remembers his conversation with the guy on the phone and thinks that he knows what is going on.

Lucas can’t get Will’s bag closed. Philip says that Lucas can talk to him. Kate thinks that would be a good idea.

Sami says that she’s taking a class at the university in sociology. Sami gets rid of Ray. Sami laughs in her triumph. Belle comes over and says it’s not very funny.

Roman says he hates putting her through this. Marlena says she’ll try again. Marlena says the inmates ganged up on her except Crystal. Marlena says that Crystal must have been working for someone. Marlena says at first Crystal was hostile. Marlena says that Crystal was the one who led her to the roof. Marlena remembers Crystal beating her on the head. Marlena remembers getting shot and John trying to save her. Marlena says that John tried so hard to try and save her. Marlena hopes that John isn’t blaming himself.

Roman hugs Marlena. Marlena wishes that John knew she was alive.

Brady says that John would never betray Marlena. Brady says that John stood up for Marlena when no one else would. Crystal says that Marlena was really hurt because John called the police. Crystal says that Marlena had stolen a gun and was planning on killing John.

Kate says she’s sorry things didn’t work out. Kate says in the end she only wanted Lucas happy. Lucas says that he loves Sami and he knows Philip knows what he’s going through. Philip offers to take Lucas out on the town. Lucas goes to get a fishing pole. Philip asks Kate if she really won’t find love again. Kate says that Roman was the best thing that every happened to her. Kate leaves to go back to work.

Belle tells Sami that Lucas is really hurt. Belle wants Sami to stop hurting herself. Sami says that Belle is not one to talk because Shawn is missing and Belle is spending all her time with Shawn’s best friend.

Nicole says that this makes a lot of sense. Nicole says that Marlena was probably out for revenge and that the sniper saved John’s life. John says that Brady needs to get out of the house. Brady says that he has to look out for Titan.

Lexie says Abby was asleep and the sitter didn’t answer. Lexie and Patrick think Abby might have just been trying to copy Jack. Lexie goes home to Theo. Patrick tries to call the mystery man. Patrick says that he won’t let anyone hurt Jennifer or the baby.

Roman tells Marlena that John knows she loves him and knows she wouldn’t blame him. Marlena thanks him for saying that. Marlena asks Roman if Crystal is working for the host. Roman says it’s possible. Marlena wonders what would’ve happened had Crystal killed her with the gun. Roman says the host must have had a Plan B. Marlena says the host can’t predict everything. Marlena says Maggie got separated from Jack and that Jack got lost. Roman asks her if that was supposed to happen. Marlena hopes Jack made it out. Abe comes over with Jack’s backpack and there is blood on it.

Belle says that Philip is being good to her, just like Lucas is being to Sami. Sami points out that Philip is spending way too much time with Belle. Belle says Philip knows she still loves Shawn. Belle says she has to call the office. Sami wants to hear all about Belle’s new job.

The Pier:

Kate says that she would have to meet a very special man in order to fall in love again. John shows up.

Philip says he has to get back to the base. Philip tells Lucas to call if he needs anything. Lucas looks at a picture of Sami, himself and Will. Lucas remembers seeing Sami kiss Ray and throws the glass.

Belle says that Philip is going to help her out. Sami asks Belle if John has to approve the charities. Belle says that Kate decides where the money goes and that John trusts Kate.

Kate asks John what he’s doing here. John says he needed some air. John tells Kate that Crystal was in jail with Marlena. John asks Kate if he betrayed Marlena by turning Marlena in. Kate says that John had no choice. Kate says she won’t let John blame himself. Kate comforts him.

Nicole says she can’t believe how smart Crystal is. Nicole worries that John is still on their backs. Nicole watches Brady hitting the punching bag.

Abe says it looks like a wild animal attacked Jack. Abe and Roman think that the back pack was left as a warning to the rest of them to not go outside the fence. Roman says it looks like Jennifer might be next. Marlena worries that the news of Jack could cause Jennifer to lose the baby. Abe thinks that might be what the host wants.


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