Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/14/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters Appearing: Marlena, Julie, Mickey, Philip, Belle, Lucas, Kate, Sami, Ray, Crystal, Nicole, Brady, John, Maggie, Bonnie

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse:

Marlena is reading over what she has written in her diary. She is talking about how she is trapped on and island that looks just like Salem. Marlena says that she thought she was the killer, but it turns out she isn’t. She worries that soon their families will forget about them.

Mickey’s house:

Mickey calls Julie to ask about Jennifer.

The hospital:

Julie tells him there is no news.

Mickey is looking for Jennifer’s health insurance information. Mickey comes across a picture of Maggie and puts it up.

The pier:

Philip tells Belle to take a break from thinking about Shawn. Belle has figured out a way to get Shawn back. Belle has thought of a sure fire method and calls someone to help her.

The Blue Note:

Lucas doesn’t want Sami to make a fool out of him. Kate says Sami is obviously seeing other men.

Ray asks Sami back to his place. Sami says they should finish talking about business here.

Lucas says that things are over between him and Sami.

The Kiriakis Mansion:

Nicole tells Crystal she has a flight to the Cayman Islands. Crystal wants John and therefore doesn’t want to leave. Crystal thinks of calling John over for a swim.

John just got off the phone with Tek. John tells Brady that Crystal was involved in Marlena’s death.

Lucas can’t believe how stupid he was. Kate says Lucas shouldn’t have to get hurt like this. Lucas says he really thought she changed.

Sami says she’s shocked as to how many cases of white-collar crimes there are in Salem. Sami asks for some details. Ray tells Sami about a woman who was embezzling money from a company’s charitable foundation. The woman had worked her way up and was offered a job by a family friend. (Sami is envisioning Kate in this story. John is the family friend and Belle is the boss’ daughter) Ray says that the woman made a mistake and entrusted the foundation to the boss’ daughter, who caught on to the woman. (There is a scene with Kate in a jacket covered with money and Belle looking suspiciously at her) Ray says that woman threw herself at him to try and get out of it. (There is a scene with Kate kissing Ray in her office) Ray says that in the end he prosecuted her.

Nicole pushes Crystal out. Crystal says she really needs to have John.

Brady asks how Crystal was responsible for Marlena’s death. John tells Brady that Crystal was in jail at the same time as Marlena.

Marlena says she was a pawn in the host’s game and that the host wants to ruin their lives.

A woman comes out of the elevator and goes into Marlena’s penthouse. She is carrying a machete. It’s Maggie coming to welcome Marlena to Fantasy Island.

Bonnie sees Mickey looking at Maggie’s picture. Bonnie notices how messy Mickey’s house is. Bonnie brings over Mickey’s dry cleaning. Bonnie reminds Mickey about a casserole. Mickey forgot to turn the oven off and the casserole is burnt. Bonnie remembers taking the casserole that Maggie made out of the fridge. Bonnie says she can just call for Chinese food. Mickey says he doesn’t have time because he has to take Jennifer’s insurance card over.

Belle wonders where her Dad is. Philip asks how John can help. Belle says she doesn’t want to talk about it until she knows it will work. Philip and Belle go off to find John.

Kate says she’s made some major mistakes in her life. Kate says she took abuse from so many men. Kate says maybe Sami and Lucas will only have their history and their son. Kate tells Lucas he doesn’t have to do this for Will.

Ray tells her about another CEO who was laundering money for his gangster brother.

Philip and Belle walk in and see Sami with Ray. They also see Lucas watching angrily. Lucas goes over to confront Sami.

Nicole reminds Crystal what they did to Marlena. Nicole says that Crystal should have left town. Crystal tells Nicole that she’s not afraid of risks. Crystal tries to go back inside.

Brady asks what Crystal was in jail for; John thinks Nicole might have wanted Marlena silenced. John thinks that Marlena must have known something about Victor’s murder and was going to tell everyone under truth serum, but Nicole didn’t want that and had Marlena killed. John thinks it’s suspicious that Crystal was bailed out right after Marlena’s death and that she showed up on Nicole’s doorstep. Brady isn’t buying it and says that a police sharpshooter shot Marlena.

Crystal and Nicole come in and see Brady and John. John asks Crystal what she knows about Marlena’s death.

Marlena says that she didn’t believe that Maggie was alive. Maggie says that she and Jack were out clearing paths in the jungle. Maggie says that she got separated from Jack and jack got lost. Marlena says that Jennifer might be joining them soon. Marlena explains that Jennifer’s name appeared on the plaque outside of Jack’s house so Abe and Roman think that means Jennifer will arrive soon. Marlena is so happy that Maggie is here too. Maggie wishes their loved ones were here. Maggie asks Marlena how Mickey is doing. Marlena says that Mickey misses her terribly.

Bonnie says that if there were a change in Jennifer’s condition then someone would have called. Mickey says the hospital needs Jennifer’s insurance card. Bonnie convinces Mickey to stay in. Bonnie calls for Chinese food and Mickey goes to try on the cowboy outfit. Instead of getting the restaurant, Bonnie gets Julie on the line instead. Julie finds out that Bonnie intends to marry Mickey. Bonnie gives her order to Julie and then they hang up. Mickey comes in, dressed like a cowboy and says that Jennifer and the baby are fine. He says this calls for a celebration.

Lucas tells Sami to tell Ray who he is. Lucas says he’s the father of Sami’s child. Ray doesn’t want to get mixed up in all of this. Lucas pulls Sami aside and tells Sami that she cannot go around with other guys if she’s trying to change.

Belle and Philip ask Kate what is going on. Kate says she doesn’t know the name of the guy that Sami kissed, although he does seem familiar. Belle hopes Sami doesn’t ruin her chances at love.

Kate pushing Philip to tell Belle how he feels. Kate tells Philip to tell Belle how he feels. Belle comes in and tells Philip to listen to her mother.

Crystal says that John must be mistaken. John asks Crystal if there were two Crystal Galores in jail with Marlena. Crystal tries to distract him. John pushes her away and asks again. He says he knows it is no coincidence that Crystal made bail and ended up with Nicole right after Marlena’s death. Nicole asks Brady to remind John that he’s a guest. Brady says John has every right to ask these questions. John asks again what Crystal had to do with Marlena’s death.

Maggie misses Mickey terribly. Maggie thinks that it must be harder for Mickey. Maggie asks who would take care of Mickey. Marlena asks if Bonnie will take care of Mickey. Maggie says that Alice told her about Bonnie. Maggie says it must be hard for men whose wives die first. Marlena says that statistically men do remarry.

Bonnie and Mickey are dancing in the other room. Julie is in the kitchen and sees a small bottle of liquor that she assumes to be Bonnie’s. Julie comes in and thinks that Bonnie and Mickey are sleeping together because she hears an earful from Bonnie and Mickey. Julie contemplates whether or not to walk in on them. In the end she decides she can’t let Bonnie have Mickey. Julie shields her eyes and walks in on Bonnie and Mickey dancing. Mickey is angry that Julie just let herself in.

Julie says she didn’t want to interrupt. Mickey says that Bonnie was teaching him the Texas two-step. Julie says that she came to tell Mickey about Jennifer. Julie tells Mickey that she over heard Bonnie’s plans to wrap Mickey around her little finger. Julie vows to Maggie to stop Bonnie.

Maggie says she’s better off than Mickey is. Marlena says she’s worried about John too. Maggie says they will defeat this monster and they’ll be able to hug their husband’s again.

Belle says that it would be nice to see Philip happy and in love. Belle asks Philip to promise he’ll talk to the girl.

Lucas asks Sami what she’s doing with this guy. Lucas gives Sami and ultimatum: him or Ray.

John says that he knows that Crystal was in the same holding cell as Marlena when Tina was killed. Crystal says she can’t take it any more and that it’s because of her that Marlena is dead.


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