Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/10/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Kate, Shawn, Jan, Belle, Philip, Nicole, Crystal, John, Brady, Ray, Tek, and in a flashback: Marlena.

Sami’s apartment:

Kate wishes Sami’s computer could tell what Sami is up to. Lucas says that Sami loves him now and she has changed. Sami remembers her fantasy of Kate in jail with Martha Stewart. Sami lets out a little giggle and Kate thinks Sami is planning something. Lucas really believes that Sami has changed.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn is still stuck in the cage and Jan returns. Jan takes off her coat. Shawn asks what Jan did to Belle. Jan says she was about to do it when she realized that Belle is not a threat anymore. Jan says that Belle doesn’t love Shawn anymore.

Basic Black:

Belle and Philip are talking and Belle thinks Philip should be with the girl he’s in love with. Philip says that it’s Belle.

The Blue Note:

Nicole tells Crystal to keep her mouth shut around John. Crystal says Nicole has nothing to worry about, Brady says that Crystal wasn’t even in town when Victor died. John says he’s going to match Crystal’s fingerprints to the ones found in the mansion. Crystal returns and asks if John missed her.

Lucas asks if he and Sami are a couple. Sami says she wants to be a high-powered executive. Sami has a fantasy of Kate getting arrested for stealing money from the charity foundation. Kate asks Lucas to defender her. Sami asks Lucas to testify against Kate and Lucas agrees. Sami asks Lucas to take Will to Grandpa Shawn’s so that she can work late into the night. Lucas says Sami is dedicated.

Jan says Belle doesn’t love Shawn anymore. Shawn says that Belle will always love him. Jan says Belle is selfish. Jan says she’s going to mend Shawn’s broken heart. Jan says Belle is getting it on with Philip.

Belle just thinks that Philip doesn’t want to end up in a relationship like Belle and Shawn’s. Belle tells Philip not to give up on love. Belle tells Philip to tell the girl how he feels.

John says he was beginning to wonder if Crystal had left him. John says that the waitress must have taken Crystal’s glass. Crystal says that she and John should go somewhere to get lost in each other. John says he wishes he could, but he has things to do. John promises to catch up with Crystal later. John pays for the drinks and leaves. Crystal tells Brady that his dad is hot.

Nicole says that Crystal is not in the same league as Marlena. Crystal says that she’s alive, unlike Marlena. Nicole wants to know what John is up to. Nicole thinks that John is still in mourning and therefore must be up to something. Crystal asks Brady if John would be interested in getting with her. Nicole takes Crystal aside and says that John just wants to arrest Crystal and Nicole.

A police laboratory:

Tek introduces John to eh new D.A. His name is Ray Diaz. John says he doesn’t hire people he doesn’t trust. Ray offers his condolences on Marlena’s death. John says that he still believes that Marlena is innocent. John shows Tek the glass with Crystal’s fingerprints. Tek says that Bo and Hope just found a fingerprint match in Shawn’s apartment.

Jan says that Philip was comforting Belle when Marlena died. Jan thinks that Philip and Belle are going to grow closer since Shawn is not there. Shawn doesn’t believe what Jan is saying.

Philip asks if Belle has given up on Shawn. Belle says it hurts not knowing whether or not Shawn is coming back. Belle wonders if Shawn still loves her. Philip says that Shawn still loves her because no man could stop loving Belle.

Lucas says that Kate is still stuck on the old Sami. Lucas says that Sami has truly changed. Lucas says that Kate could take a mothering role in Sami’s life. Kate thinks that Sami is using Lucas to get her.

Ray introduces himself to Sami.

Crystal says she was going to leave town, but now she wants to stay around and help John get over his grief.

Tek says that the results show that Crystal’s fingerprints do not match the ones found in the mansion. John is frustrated. Tek is going to continue investigating. John tells Tek that Crystal was a porn star. Tek thinks that Crystal may have some more secrets.

Jan starts showing Shawn the pictures she took of Philip and Belle. Shawn just thinks that Philip is being Belle’s friend. Jan continues showing Shawn the photos, adding her own commentary about how in love Philip and Belle are.

Philip knows that Belle will always love Shawn. Belle thinks Philip should be with the woman that he loves. Philip says he should take Belle home.

The Blue Note:

Sami says she’s very interested in what Ray does. Ray thinks that Sami would be very interested in the Martha Stewart case. Sami says she loves how someone so high and mighty could be brought down to the level of a common criminal. Lucas walks in and sees Sami and Ray together. Kate comes in after him and reminds Lucas that she warned him Sami could do something like this.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Crystal says that she wanted to see Brady going swimming. Crystal says she wants John more anyway. Crystal says that she can make John forget all about Marlena. Nicole wonders why she keeps surrounding herself with dimwits. Crystal thinks Jan is pretty smart since Jan has blackmailed Nicole. Nicole tells Crystal about Jan holding Shawn hostage. Crystal wants to life the good life. Crystal takes a look at Nicole’s jewelry and says Nicole has great tastes. Nicole wants a credit card with no limit or else she’ll tell John about the plan to kill Marlena.

John comes over and tells Brady that Crystal’s prints didn’t match. Brady says he’s not surprised and doesn’t understand why John is so determined to pin Victor’s murder on Nicole. Tek gives John a call and says that John won’t believe what Crystal did.

The pier:

Philip puts his jacket on Belle because she’s cold. Belle says she feels bad for the girl Philip is in love with. Philip asks what Belle is thinking about. Belle says she’s thinking about her mom and Shawn.

Jan shows Shawn the pictures of Philip and Belle with the strawberries. Shawn tries to say they are just friends. Jan shows Shawn the pictures of Philip and Belle dancing. Jan says that she can see how much Philip loves Belle by looking at his eyes. Jan says that Belle must be able to see it too.

Kate says she came to relax. Kate asks Lucas if he knows who the guy is. Kate says Sami will do anything to get what she wants. Kate thinks that Sami is evil. Lucas finally realizes that Sami was lying.

Ray says he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sami. Sami asks Ray to tell her about how to put away white-collar criminals. Ray says that winning one of those cases is a turn on.

Lucas is sad that he didn’t listen. Lucas says that Sami won’t be hurting him any more.

Ray asks Sami to finish the conversation at his place.

Philip says that he knows Belle still loves Shawn, but asks that she not think about him for one night. Belle sees something and has a great idea about how to get Shawn back. Belle says that she owes it all to Philip and gives him a hug.

Jan thinks that Philip and Belle must be together right now. Jan tells Shawn that the image he has of Belle pining over him is just not real.

Crystal says that she loves shopping. Nicole gives Crystal the cards, but says they are only good as long as Crystal leaves town. Crystal asks if she can go say goodbye to John. Nicole leads Crystal out of the room.

John tells Brady that Crystal was involved in killing Marlena.


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