Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/9/04

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Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Will, Kate, Julie, Mickey, Patrick, Jennifer, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Jan, and in Sami’s fantasy: “Martha Stewart” and the prison matron.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami is searching her computer for corporate scandals. Lucas comes in and asks where Will’s baseball glove is. Sami says she’ll look for it later. Lucas says he knows what she’s up to.

Sami and Lucas’ building:

Kate says Will couldn’t go to summer camp without saying goodbye. Will says Sami has big plans that Kate won’t like.

Outside of Jennifer’s house:

Julie says she wants to check on Jennifer. Julie tells Mickey that Jennifer thinks Jack is alive. Mickey says that is impossible.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer tells Patrick that Jack is alive.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn says that he has to get out of the cage. Shawn remembers trying to convince Jan not to kill Belle. Shawn says he won’t let Jan hurt Belle.

Basic Black:

Philip leaves to go get some information from his car. Jan comes in looking to shoot Belle.

Patrick asks Jennifer is she’s sure it’s Jack. Jennifer says that Jack sent her an instant message and Jennifer takes Patrick to see it.

Mickey says that Jennifer must know that Jack can’t be alive. Mickey worries Jennifer is under too much stress and that it might hurt the baby. Julie wonders why Jennifer isn’t answering the door so she lets herself in.

Jennifer can’t find the message. Patrick says there’s nothing on the screen anymore. Jennifer says she knows what she saw and that Jack is coming home.

Kate asks what sort of plans Will is talking about. Kate says she doesn’t want Sami and Lucas to make a mistake. Will asks Kate how people being in love could be a mistake.

Lucas thinks Sami is up to no good. Lucas thinks Sami is researching Martha Stewart to scheme again. Sami says she was just researching successfully businesswomen for inspiration. Sami says that she wants to turn her life around and be successful. Lucas says that Sami should watch out because Martha Stewart is in a lot of trouble. Sami says that Kate is a good example of how people can make it big. Lucas says that Kate worked very hard to get where she is.

Shawn is trying to get out. Jan calls and tells Shawn that Belle is at Basic Black ready to kill Belle. Shawn gets out of his handcuffs and breaks out of the cage. Jan gets ready to take a shot at Belle. Belle keeps moving around. Shawn hopes he is not too late. Philip comes back and Belle has put up a sign to encourage her and Philip. Philip and Belle talk about the charities. Jan thinks she will have to kill Philip and Belle. Shawn gets on his bike to head back to Belle.

Julie pulls Jennifer aside and says that Jack is not alive, but that all her family is here to support her. Mickey and Julie bring Abby a scrapbook and brownies. Jennifer says that what Abby really needs is her father. Julie tells Jennifer to go take a bath. Jennifer hopes Jack will come home soon.

Sami says that Kate should write a book about her life of overcoming hardship to be a success. Lucas isn’t buying Sami’s attitude towards Kate. Sami says that she even used to hate Lucas, but that has all changed. Lucas remembers making love to Sami. Lucas says Will is happy Sami and Lucas are getting along. Sami says that is why she made peace with Kate. It was not good for Will. Lucas asks if he can trust that Sami has really changed. Kate comes in and says Sami is a pathological liar. Sami says she understands where Kate is coming from because Sami did a lot of bad things to Kate in the past. Sami says she should just quite her job. Kate accepts Sami’s resignation. Lucas stands by Sami. Lucas says Sami really doesn’t want to quit and is just trying to straighten things out.

Jennifer comes back and Julie says Jennifer looks much better. Jennifer says that she’s going to get some tea. Julie offers to make it for her, but Jennifer says she wants to keep busy. Jennifer says she still believes that Jack is coming home to her. Julie wonders if maybe someone is doing this to Jennifer. Jennifer hears a car engine and says that it’s Jack.

Jan wonders who she should kill first. Philip and Belle make a toast. Shawn is stuck in the elevator hoping he’s not to late. Jan tells Belle to say goodbye. Shawn runs in and holds a dying Belle in his arms. Belle says it’s too late and she dies. The tape rewinds and Shawn is back in the cage, still chained up.

Belle thanks Philip for always being there for her. Philip says Belle is very special.

Jan is thinking about what Shawn said. Shawn said he’d never love Jan if she killed Belle. Jan wonders if there is another way to get what she wants.

Sami says she’s just trying to live her life the way her parents would have wanted. Will comes in and is happy his parents are getting along. Sami tells Will she’s made peace with Kate too. Lucas asks Will if he’s all packed. Sami goes off to help Will find his baseball glove.

Kate says she doesn’t believe a word Sami is saying. Lucas says he doesn’t want to start that again.

Patrick says that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt Jennifer. Julie asks Patrick about what he wrote in the baby book. Patrick says he only did that to try and raise her spirits.

Jennifer calls to everyone that Jack is home. Jennifer says that Jack’s car just pulled into the garage. Patrick goes to check it out. Jennifer wants to go see Jack first. Mickey and Julie sit Jennifer down. Jennifer explains that she knows the exact sound of Jack’s car. Mickey reminds Jennifer that they sold Jack’s car. Jennifer continues to say she heard the car. Patrick comes back and says there was nothing in the garage.

Belle hopes that Philip has had enough time to spend with his mystery girl. Philip assures Belle that she is not keeping him from seeing the girl he loves. Belle asks Philip if the girl went to high school with them and Philip says yes. Belle asks if they were all in the same grade. Philip says that the girl is an amazing dancer, just like Belle. Belle says she’s not that good of a dancer. Philip reminds Belle that she won a dance contest with Shawn. Belle has a flashback of it and then says that was all Shawn. Philip says he’s not a good dancer and that he’s out of practice. Belle says they can fix that. Belle and Philip dance. Jan takes pictures of them.

Lucas and Kate talk about Belle and Philip. Kate says she’s not pushing Philip and Kate together, but she did set them up to be in charge of Basic Black’s charity work. Sami overhears this and thinks the charitable foundation at Basic Black is going to be Kate’s downfall. Lucas tells Kate that Belle in love with Shawn. Kate says soon Shawn will be nothing but a distant memory. Lucas tell Kate that she needs to learn not to mess with other people’s lives.

Jennifer asks why no one believes her. Patrick says she must have been mistaken. Jennifer says she knows what she’s talking about and if nobody is going to help her then she’ll look for Jack herself. Jennifer faints because something is wrong with the baby. Patrick carries Jennifer to the couch. Julie tells Mickey to call Lexie. Patrick gets a call from some mystery man. The man tells Patrick that since he didn’t go through with the plan they have to set up Jennifer.

Sami has a fantasy of Kate in jail with Martha Stewart. Martha makes Kate scrub the toilet with a toothbrush despite Kate’s pleas of innocence. Sami giggles.

Kate overhears Sami’s giggle and says that means Sami is up to something. Lucas doesn’t think Sami is scheming anything.

Shawn says he doesn’t know what he’d do if Jan killed Belle.

Belle stops dancing. Philip asks if he stepped on her feet. Belle says Philip is a great dancer and the girl will be impressed. Belle says that Philip is very handsome and a great catch.

Shawn says that if Jan kills Belle then he will kill Jan.

Jan looks at the pictures she took of Philip and Belle dancing and having champagne together. Jan thinks that Shawn will forget about Belle once he knows Belle has moved on with Philip.

Kate tells Lucas not to trust Sami. Sami walks in and says that Kate should write a book about her life. Sami sees Will’s backpack and goes to take it to Will. Kate asks Lucas to protect her from Sami.

Julie tells Mickey to make sure Lexie comes with an ambulance because she doesn’t think Jennifer is going to make it.


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