Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bonnie, Patrick, Jennifer, Abby, John, Crystal, Nicole, Brady, Shawn, Jan, Philip, Belle, a waiter, Victor, Marlena.

Jennifer’s house:

Patrick is fixing things and Bonnie asks if Patrick is scamming Jennifer. Bonnie says that Jennifer hearing Jack’s voice on the computer seems like a classic Lockhart scam.

Jennifer is at her computer begging Jack to talk to her. Abby asks what Jennifer is doing.

The Blue Note:

John asks Crystal if he should be worried about Brady and Nicole. Crystal says that Nicole is a killer. Nicole sees Crystal and John and is shocked. Brady asks what’s going on. Nicole tells Brady about John and Crystal. Brady says they should go over and say hi. John says he’s getting to know Crystal better. Crystal tells Brady and Nicole to move on.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse:

Marlena gets out her tape recorder and says that Roman and Abe have gone to look for Jack because Jack has gone missing. The doorbell rings and Marlena opens the little window to see whom it is. She can’t believe that it’s Victor. She opens the door and almost passes out in Victor’s arms.

Basic Black:

Philip says there’s a lot of responsibility for Belle in her new job. Belle is very glad that Philip is working with her. Philip says that he just likes spending time with Belle.

Jan’s country house:

Jan has her gun all ready. Jan says that she can kill Belle and she will. Shawn says Jan is not a killer. Jan remembers killing Victor. Shawn doesn’t believe that Jan would kill anyone and Jan asks Shawn if he wants proof.

Victor apologizes for scaring Marlena. Marlena says Victor was not a victim of the Salem Stalker. Marlena says she thought Victor was truly dead. Victor says that the mastermind obviously knew about the plan to have Victor killed and used it to his advantage. Marlena asks if Victor knows who killed him. Victor says Nicole killed him. Marlena says that Nicole had an alibi. Victor says that Jan killed him

Jan reminds Shawn that she killed Nicole’s father in Puerto Rico. Shawn says that was self-defense and not murder. Jan says she just wants to make Shawn forget about Belle. Jan says that Shawn is wasting his breath. Shawn says that Jan is not thinking. Jan says if there’s no Belle then there is nothing to come between them.

Philip leans in to kiss Belle. Belle says they should get back to business. Belle wants Basic Black to add to the money Victor left. Belle wants all of Victor’s wishes to come true. Belle says that Victor did want the opera house built and Belle says she hates seeing Philip’s family fighting. She just wants everyone to get what he or she wants.

Nicole asks John and Crystal to join her and Brady for dinner. Crystal and John decline the invitation. Nicole throws her drink on Crystal.

Bonnie says she’s worried about Jennifer too. Bonnie says that Jennifer hearing Jack’s voice is just crazy. Bonnie is doing Jennifer’s grocery shopping. Bonnie is taking the “extra” food home to her and Connor. Patrick says that is stealing. Bonnie says it’s not stealing. Patrick says that Bonnie stole the money Mimi won and his as well. Patrick says he needed that money. Bonnie realizes that Patrick is in trouble because he owes someone money.

Abby says she thought that Jennifer was talking to Jack. Jennifer says that she was looking at Jack’s files on the computer and she says it felt like Jack was still there. Abby says she still pretends Jack is around. Abby prays that it was all a mistake and that Jack is still alive. Jennifer has Abby sit on her lap.

Marlena says she thought she was the only one who knew Jan was in town. Marlena says Jan was coming to her for therapy. Victor says that Jan killed him on orders from Nicole. Marlena says she vaguely remembers seeing Jan and Nicole together on the night of one of the murders. Victor asks her which one. Marlena says she can’t remember because she’s having problems with her memory. Victor is happy that Nicole is in jail now. Marlena breaks the news that Nicole was never even arrested because there was no evidence. Victor says there was lots of evidence in the safe. Marlena says that when they opened the safe there was nothing in there. Victor is angry that Nicole walks free and is living in the mansion with Brady.

Crystal says Nicole threw the drink on purpose. John says Crystal did the same thing to Kate a little while ago. Crystal goes to the ladies room and Nicole follows her. Nicole tells Crystal to leave John alone. Brady tells John Crystal is a porn star.

Victor can’t believe there was no evidence. Marlena asks how Nicole got Jan to kill. Victor tells Marlena that Nicole promised Jan Shawn if Jan killed Victor. Marlena wonders if this means Belle is in danger.

Belle asks Philip why he’s so against this. Belle thinks that Chloe is the girl Philip is in love with. Philip says that it’s not about Chloe, but that there are so many other worthy charities than the arts. Philip says that Bo agrees with him. Belle says she just feels bad for her brother because he wanted the opera house so badly. There’s a knock on the door. The man says he has champagne and a special dessert for Belle. Belle wonders if maybe it’s from Shawn.

Shawn tries to bargain with Jan. Shawn promises his undying love to Jan if she promises not to hurt Belle. Shawn asks to prove it. He calls Jan over to him. Shawn asks Jan to come over and kiss him so that she can see it’s possible for him to forget all about Belle.

Bonnie asks Patrick what kind of trouble he’s in. Patrick says he owes these guys money. Patrick says he wouldn’t be in this mess if it weren’t for Bonnie. Bonnie says she didn’t tell him to hang out with the bad men. Bonnie says she’s going to help Patrick get out of this. Bonnie tells Patrick to just give the guys what they want so they can move on. Patrick says that he can’t do that.

Jennifer tells Abby to rest up for camp. Abby doesn’t want to go. Abby says she wants to be around when the baby is born. Jennifer tells Abby that Patrick will be here in case anything happens. Abby goes up to bed.

The dessert is from Kate congratulating Philip and Belle on their new positions. Philip says he knows Belle is disappointed, but they have something to celebrate.

Jan is kissing Shawn all over and Shawn asks Jan to take off the cuffs so that he can hold her. Jan realizes that Shawn is only trying to escape. Jan is more determined than ever to kill Belle. Jan calls Belle to see if she’s home. Jan says that 80% of all deaths occur in the home. Shawn is frustrated that he can’t save Belle.

Crystal thinks that Nicole just wants John for herself. Crystal says John is a real man and that she needs one since she just got out of jail. Nicole tells Crystal that there are plenty of other men out there.

John says Paul Mendez was a monster. John thinks that Crystal killed Victor. Brady asks if John is trying to prove this crazy theory. John says this is not such a crazy theory.

Marlena can’t believe that Jan would actually kill someone. Marlena worries about Belle. Victor says that he worries about Brady too because Nicole will go after him. Marlena says that Brady in love with Chloe and is deeply committed to her. Victor says that Nicole will do everything in her power to keep Chloe away. Victor says that what Nicole can’t have or control, she kills.

Bonnie tells Patrick he should do what the men want. Patrick says they want him to set Jennifer up. Patrick says he refused, but the men keep threatening him. Bonnie says she knows exactly what he has to do.

The person on the phone is not Jack, but the person who is going to pick up Abby for camp. Jennifer sits down on the couch and then a message comes over the computer. Jennifer thinks it is Jack.

Philip feeds Belle a strawberry. He wipes the whipped cream from her mouth and Belle pulls away. Philip asks her what is wrong. Belle says her parents used to do this and she is thinking about how her dad is alone. Philip asks if that’s it. Belle says she also used to do this with Shawn.

Jan tells Shawn that he won’t be able to yell anything through the phone because she has the mute button on.

Nicole says that when Crystal drinks a lot she tends to reveal information. Nicole worries about Crystal revealing information about Nicole’s crimes or Marlena’s death. Nicole tells Crystal that John is ISA and an ex-cop. Crystal asks if John suspects her. Nicole says the police suspect her, but not Crystal. Crystal says that is Nicole’s problem. Crystal doesn’t intend on telling John too much about herself.

Brady says that Crystal wasn’t in town when Victor was killed. John takes Crystal’s glass to check to see if the fingerprints match the ones the police found in the mansion.

Patrick says he has to protect Jennifer. Bonnie asks what the guys want from Jennifer. Bonnie leaves. Patrick tells Bonnie to give his love to Connor. Patrick tells Bonnie next time to

Jack sends a text message to Jennifer. The message says that Jack is alive! Jennifer gets really happy and hugs her computer.

Victor says that Jan is potentially more deadly than Nicole. Marlena and Victor talk about worrying about their loved ones. Victor says that is part of the plan and the mastermind must be enjoying watching their suffering.

Shawn tries to get out but can’t. He has a vision of Jan shooting Belle.

Philip and Belle decide that maybe they should get back to work. Philip leaves to get some information on the charities that he left in his car.

Jan arrives at Basic Black and waits outside Belle’s door. Belle is missing Shawn and wants him to come back. Jan gets ready to shoot.


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