Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 6/7/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Brady, Nicole, Philip, Belle, John, Crystal, Kate, bartender, Mimi, Rex, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Jan,

The Kiriakis mansion:

Brady is punching a punching bag. Nicole walks in on him. Nicole says she’s sorry that Bo and Philip voted against the concert hall. Nicole and Brady kiss. It’s really all Nicole’s fantasy.

Basic Black:

Philip says that Belle knows the woman he loves. Philip says it’s time to tell Belle who it is. Philip says when he first left all he thought about was Chloe. Philip says his thoughts changed to another wonderful woman. Belle wants to know who it is.

The Blue Note:

John says he has to know everything about Crystal. Crystal asks John to dance. Kate walks in and asks the bartender if she left some keys here. Kate sees the champagne that John and Crystal left. Crystal and John dance. Crystal leans John back on a table and does a little dance for him.

Outside of Rex’s apartment:

Mimi says she used to think Shawn was great, but right now he’s being a joke to Belle. Mimi apologizes to Bo and Hope for her harsh words. Hope says that they think something might have happened to him.

Jan’s country house:

The kewpie doll tells Jan that Shawn is getting away. Jan says she’s hurt and asks Shawn to help her.

Bo is hoping that Shawn is still on the road. Hope says that they have come to check Shawn’s room for clues. Mimi asks if there’s anything they are looking for. Hope remembers the riddle that the spirit told her. Rex and Mimi suggest that Shawn might have left a message as to where he was going somewhere in his room. Hope thinks that if they can identify the person Marlena stabbed in Shawn’s bed, then that might lead them to Shawn.

Jan still calls out for help. The kewpie doll tells Jan she has to do something or else Shawn will go back to Belle. Shawn gets unchained, but he cannot find the key. Jan gets up and tells him that he’s not going anywhere.

Philip is about to tell Belle who it is. Belle stops him from saying anything. Belle says she thinks she’s jinx and doesn’t want to get in Philip’s business. Belle says that Philip has changed a lot since Chloe. Belle says she thinks things will different this time around. Belle says she thinks Victor would be happy with the charities Bo and Philip picked. Belle wishes that she could help all charities. Belle has a fantasy about running for president. Belle says that Philip could be her running mate. Belle says that she can always count on Philip. Philip says that sometimes dreams aren’t so crazy after all.

Kate asks to cut in. Crystal says Kate is old. John tells Crystal that Kate is family. Crystal asks if Kate is John’s mother. John sends Crystal to go open the champagne and John and Kate dance. Kate asks what John is doing with such trash. John says he’s trying to seduce Crystal.

Crystal asks the bartender who Kate is. The guy tells her that Kate is president of John’s company.

John tells Kate that he is investigating Victor’s murder. John tells Kate he thinks Crystal might be Nicole’s accomplice.

Nicole is still enjoying her fantasy with Brady. Brady snaps her back to reality. Nicole reminds Brady of the meeting. Nicole says if Shawn was here things might have been different. Brady says he doesn’t think so and he can’t believe that Belle didn’t take his side. Brady says that Bo just wants Nicole out of the family. Nicole asks Brady if he wants her to leave.

Rex asks Bo and Hope if there’s anything he and Mimi can do. Bo and Hope give Rex and Mimi some gloves. They all exclaim how messy the room is. They ask if the room has been cleaned. Rex and Mimi say they haven’t cleaned anything. Mimi says Shawn and Belle don’t usually hang out here. Hope finds an earring on the floor. She wonders whose it is if it’s not Belle. Mimi says she knows exactly whose it is.

Shawn tries to get the keys, but Jan yanks them away. Jan asks why Belle had to come and ruin things. Shawn says he loves Belle. Jan says she is not crazy and that she loves Shawn. Shawn gets the keys and starts unlocking the door. Jan gets thrown back onto the bed. Right as Shawn is trying to get out Jan throws the hot coffee on him. Jan says she has no choice.

Philip contemplates being vice president. There’s a fantasy of Belle announcing Philip as her running mate. Philip asks Belle to marry her. Belle knows that Philip is thinking about the girl. Belle gets reminded of Shawn and wonders why he hasn’t called.

Brady says that he’s said if Nicole is guilty then she needs to go to jail. Brady says that if Nicole is innocent then she can stay. Nicole says she couldn’t of killed Victor because she was with Brady.

Crystal orders a drink for Kate. The bartender tells Crystal that Kate drinks vodka martinis. Crystal asks for a double.

John and Kate talk about Crystal. John says that Crystal is supposed to be Nicole’s old friend. Kate says that’s suspicious because Nicole doesn’t have friends. Kate agrees that Crystal is a grifter, based on Crystal’s shoes. John and Kate talk about the meeting of the Kiriakis family. Kate understands what Nicole was trying to do. Kate says Nicole was going for divide and conquer so that she could pit one family member against another. John says he won’t let Nicole hurt anyone else in his family.

Mimi later decides that she doesn’t know to whom the earring belongs to. She says that maybe he mom has a similar one. Hope says that they need to concentrate on the spirit’s riddle. That confuses Rex and Mimi. Bo says it’s a Celeste thing. Bo says he may have found their next clue. Bo studies the earring and finds a partial fingerprint. Bo thinks they’ve reached a dead end. Rex says not necessarily.

Shawn is back on the bed and chained up. Jan is dressed like a nurse and is tending to Shawn’s burns. Jan says she has a pipe under the bed in case she needs to whack Shawn. Shawn says that he loves Belle and there is nothing that Jan can do to stop that. Jan puts her fingers in her ears so she can’t hear Shawn. Jan tells kewpie doll that Shawn is much cuter than a Ken doll. Jan heads out.

John is thinking that Shawn and Belle are not right together. Kate thinks that Shawn and Belle don’t have the same background. John says that he was proud to be a Brady and that Kate is now a Brady. Kate says that’s true, but she thinks Shawn may take after Bo. John says that Philip ran out after Chloe chose Brady. Kate says that was different since Philip

Crystal throws her drink of Kate. Kate gets angry, John pleads with her not to make a scene. John tells her it’s a good thing Basic Black is right around the corner and he knows Kate always keeps a change of clothes there. Kate says she’ll just go there and change. Kate tells Crystal to watch out. Crystal says she can take care of herself. Kate leaves. Crystal apologizes and says that she didn’t want Kate hitting on John. John says he’s glad Crystal did that because he wanted to get rid of Kate. John says all Kate talks about is business and that he’d fire her if she weren’t so good.

Nicole says that Crystal did not kill Victor because Crystal was not in town then. Brady asks how long Crystal will be in town. Nicole says that Crystal is probably out hitting on some guy right now. Brady asks why Nicole doesn’t just get rid of Crystal. Nicole remembers that she owes Crystal big time. Brady thinks it might have to with Nicole’s past. Nicole says that Crystal looked out for her. Nicole says that even if she were Mother Teresa, Bo and Philip would still think she killed Victor. Brady wants to thank Nicole for taking his side with Chloe, so he asks Nicole out for dinner, drinks and dancing.

Philip says that Shawn will call soon. Belle thinks something is wrong. Belle says that she needs to concentrate on her own life. Belle asks Philip if he wants to see some of her designs. Philip says Belle is very talented. Belle hopes to turn her role at Basic Black into a charitable one. Kate walks in and says that there may be a way she can do both. Kate offers Belle a position as the director of the Basic Black Foundation. Belle says she doesn't know if she can handle the responsibility. Kate says that Belle and Philip can work together. Belle and Philip are very excited and they hug.

John says that Kate is just a friends and business partner. Crystal says she knows Kate’s type. Crystal says that old women like Kate go after rich men like John. John says he doesn’t want to talk about Kate anymore.

Brady and Nicole walk in. Brady says Nicole looks good. Tito, the bartender, tells Brady he has some messages to check. He offers Nicole a drink.

John asks if he should be worried about Nicole and Brady. Crystal says Nicole is a killer.

Nicole sees Crystal and is shocked.

Rex uses the Salem PD mainframe to match the partial fingerprint. He says that he put it in as a damaged file and that the computer will try to overwrite it. Bo puts in his password and everyone turns away. Bo says it matches the murderer’s fingerprints.

Jan returns to the cage. Shawn asks where the key is. Jan tells Shawn that he should have run when he had the chance. Jan has come back with a gun. Jan says she plans to kill Belle so that Shawn will have nothing to go home to.


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