Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 6/4/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Rex, Mimi, Philip, Belle, Crystal, John, bartender, Bo, Hope, Celeste, Jan, Shawn,

Rex’s apartment:

Rex and Mimi are together on the couch and Mimi is rubbing ice on Rex. Rex says that he has homework to do. Mimi says Rex already graduated. Rex says something in iambic pentameter. Rex shows Mimi the book he’s using.

Basic Black:

Philip and Belle talk about the Kiriakis family meeting. Philip says he’s happy Belle chose his side. Philip doesn’t think Brady was thinking about what Victor would want. Belle thinks this is really about Chloe.

The Blue Note:

John asks Crystal if he can buy her a drink. John chooses expensive champagne. John says he couldn’t keep Crystal off his mind. Crystal takes the bait and John says this is going to be a piece of cake.

Bo and Hope’s house:

Hope talks with officer Casarez. Hope asks Bo about the meeting. Bo is upset with Nicole. Bo says that Victor was building the concert hall to keep Brady and Nicole apart. Bo thinks Philip doesn’t agree. Bo says Philip and Brady even fought over it. Bo thinks that Victor’s money is better used in charities. Bo wants Nicole in jail. Bo asks Hope about Shawn. Hope says she’s been calling everyone and no one has seen Shawn.

Celeste’s room:

Celeste lights a candle and closes her eyes. Her ivory tiles from Madagascar start shaking. Celeste says the window of opportunity is brief. Celeste starts overturning the tiles. The tiles spell out SDBRADY. Celeste realizes it’s about Shawn.

Jan’s country house:

Jan dresses up like a French maid. Jan brings Shawn coffee and pastries. Shawn says all he wants is Belle. Jan says he’s being rude. Jan starts eating the pastries while sitting atop Shawn. Shawn notices the key that Jan has.

Celeste starts overturning the tiles in reverse. The tiles reveal that Shawn is in danger. Celeste asks for more, but the box closes. Celeste goes off to warn Bo and Hope about Shawn.

Shawn eyes the keys. Shawn says the food looks good. Shawn apologizes and asks for a taste of the pastry. Jan puts the pastry in her mouth and gives it to Shawn that way. Shawn reaches for the key. Jan stops him.

Rex gets dressed. Rex doesn’t see what the big deal is. Mimi says there’s nothing wrong with being a bartender. Mimi thinks Rex is doing this for the wrong reasons. Rex says he’s not trying to impress Bonnie. Rex says he wants to do this himself with out the Dimeras or Kate. He says he is trying to make it on his own like Philip. Mimi says that Philip already has a lot of money. Rex says he’s going to Bartending School so that he can get job experience for the future. Rex says that later he will get a job in science and engineering. Mimi says all she needs is Rex.

Philip says that he might be upset if Chloe comes back just for Brady. Philip says he was such a jerk when he was with Chloe. Philip says he’d do things differently. Philip says there is a new girl in his life, but he can’t tell her how he feels.

John apologizes for the way he acted at the Kiriakis mansion. Crystal says that Nicole always causes too much drama. Crystal says Nicole needs to get away. Crystal asks how John is doing. Crystal says Marlena was an angel and thinks that John is cutting the mourning short. John says their relationship was strained for awhile. John says that Marlena had been sick for a while and thinks that her death gave her peace. John says he hopes for something to ease his pain. Crystal says she can do something about that. John and Crystal kiss.

Bo says that when he was on the road he didn’t check in. Hope is upset that Shawn hasn’t called in. Bo says when he was young he just wanted to prove to his parents that he was grown up. Bo says that when Shawn comes back Hope can ground him. Bo says it’s a nice night and that they should grill some steaks and open up a bottle of wine. Hope thanks Bo for taking her mind off things. Hope talks to Shawn’s picture and tells him to call. Celeste comes over and says that she has news about Shawn. Celeste says that Shawn is in grave danger.

Jan says that Shawn has been very bad. Jan says that she’s going to let him get away with that. Jan takes off her apron and is happy that Shawn wants to be with her. Shawn keeps eying the keys attached to her apron.

Rex mixes a drink. Mimi thinks Rex is taking too long. Rex tells her to make a Manhattan. Mimi says she used to bartend for her mom all the time. Mimi is a pro at bartending. Rex is so surprised. Rex says maybe he should call Belle and practice on her. Mimi says that Belle is with Philip. Rex is upset that Philip is trying to make a move on Belle.

Belle asks if this is the same girl. Belle says that Philip has already mentioned this girl three times. Belle says that Philip should just tell this girl how he feels. Philip says he just wants to take it slow. Philip says that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes that he did with Chloe. Philip says that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship that he has with this girl. Belle demands to know who the girl is right now.

John asks what he did to deserve the kiss. Crystal says she’s always been so sympathetic. Crystal says Nicole told her how caring John was to Marlena. John says he’s all alone now. Crystal says that sometimes the only way to ease pain is to get lost in pleasure.

Celeste tells Hope about what the tiles said. Celeste says the spirits wouldn’t tell her anymore. Hope says that Shawn always has a cell phone. Hope can’t figure out why Shawn wouldn’t call. Hope asks Celeste to contact her departed loved ones to help them find Shawn. Celeste says she’ll try. Celeste calls to the spirits. A voice speaks through Celeste and says that the spirits they seek are not present. The voice says that Hope can enter that realm if she dares. Bo returns and sees Hope with a collapsed Celeste. He asks what’s going on.

Jan is kissing Shawn and Shawn is picturing Belle instead of Jan.

Bo asks why Celeste thought Shawn was in danger. Celeste tells Bo about the tiles. Bo asks for information. Bo doesn’t believe what Celeste is saying. Hope says that if Bo had seen it he would’ve believed it. Celeste and Hope tell Bo that the spirits they are looking for weren’t present. Bo says that maybe Celeste is losing her powers. Celeste says her powers have not been reliable lately. Bo says that is reason not to worry. Hope tells Bo and Celeste about the riddle that the spirit said. Hope decides that the riddle leads them to Shawn’s apartment. Hope and Bo leave to check it out and leave Celeste to watch Zack

Mimi says she already asked Philip about Belle and Philip says that Belle is only his friend. Rex says he can see things Mimi doesn’t. Rex says that he knows Philip is eying Belle. Rex doesn’t think it is right.

Belle apologizes for pressuring Philip. Belle hopes that things work out between Philip and this girl.

The bartender says that he had to send someone to the cellar for the champagne. John kisses Crystal’s hand and Crystal says that John is so romantic. John asks Crystal why Nicole hasn’t mentioned Crystal before. Crystal says she’s been keeping her head down. John asks why Crystal came back to town. Crystal remembers beating up Marlena. John asks Crystal more questions. Crystal takes John over to dance.

Belle asks Philip what kind of confession. Philip says that Belle does know who the girl is. Philip says that it’s time that Belle knows the truth.

Mimi tells Rex to stop. Mimi says that Shawn is treating Belle wrong right now. Mimi thinks that Shawn was being possessive and now he’s abandoned Belle when she needs him most. Bo and Hope overhear this.

Celeste uses her tarot cards and asks what kind of danger Shawn is in. Celeste says Shawn must act quickly to avoid danger. The next card she over turns is the death card.

Jan continues kissing Shawn and Shawn reaches for the keys. Shawn manages to get Jan off him and puts the keys in his mouth to try and get out of the handcuffs.


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