Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 6/3/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, Nicole, Brady, Bo, Tek, Lexie, Abe, Roman, Kate, John, and Crystal

The penthouse:

Philip apologizes. Belle says there’s no reason to apologize because Belle loves Philip too, as friends. Belle tells Philip he should reveal his love for the mystery girl.

Kate’s office:

John says that Kate raised great kids. Kate thinks that Philip and Belle would make the sweetest couple. John thinks that he’s taking the wrong path with Brady because he doesn’t want to listen to reason. Kate says John’s family is already suffering. Kate tells John not to let Nicole ruin Brady.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole says she hopes that the rest of Brady’s family is just as understanding. Brady does not anticipate any trouble. Brady says his family knows that Victor wanted the opera house built and that Victor wanted Chloe as the artist in residence.

The police department:

Bo is upset that Nicole is still using Victor’s name at parties. Bo doesn’t want Nicole to use Victor’s money to get away with murder. Bo is still determined on catching Nicole and her accomplice. Tek says that Nicole will make a mistake. Bo says that maybe she already has.

Lexie’s house:

Lexie rereads Abe’s letter telling her to move on. Lexie remembers when Celeste said that Abe was still alive, but doesn’t believe it.

The Island---Abe’s house:

Abe asks if they are sure that the plaque wasn’t there before. Roman says since Jennifer’s name is on the plaque it means Jennifer is on her way to the island. Abe worries that Jack is still missing in the jungle and he could be dead. Roman says Jack is not the survival type. Abe also worries that Jack and Jennifer may be reunited, but without their kids. Roman says he knows that Abe is worried about Theo, but tells Abe to have faith that they will get off the island. Abe hopes they escape soon because if they wait too long there might not be anything to come back to.

Lexie puts away the letter and starts cleaning up. Lexie sees the football and remembers catching a glimpse of Tek in the bathroom. Lexie says she feels guilty because she knows Abe wants Theo to have a father. Lexie says she’ll love Abe forever.

Abe says he hates the thought of Lexie alone, but he hates the thought of Lexie with someone else even more. Abe is angry that Stefano took away Isaac Then it makes him even more upset to think about what Stefano did to Roman’s family. Abe says they have to be sure that Stefano is behind all of this. Roman says that they’ figure it out and that their host underestimates them.

Nicole proposes a toast to dreams. Brady says this was Victor’s dream. Crystal drools over Brady. Nicole and Crystal threaten to expose each other. Crystal says Nicole can have Brady is she gets John.

Philip remembers telling Kate that he loves Belle. Belle thinks that Philip is holding back because he was so hurt with Chloe. Belle says that Philip deserves to be happy.

Kate says she knows it’s hard to turn away from a person you have a child with. Kate thinks that Lucas would choose Sami over her. Kate asks if her children will always be drawn into relationships with people who hurt them, just like she was. Kate says even her relationship with Roman ended in tragedy. Kate apologizes for getting upset. John tells Kate to take a break. Kate is reluctant at first, but in the end thanks John for the break.

Lexie puts Abe’s picture down and calls Tek. Tek asks how Theo is. Lexie says Celeste took Theo to the mall. Lexie asks Tek out for drinks at the Blue Note. Tek accepts.

Bo is first to arrive at the mansion. Brady offers him a drink. Bo refuses, saying it could be poisoned. Bo doesn’t know how Victor was so powerful and yet still managed to get killed under his own roof. Belle and Philip show up. Belle says she hasn’t heard from Shawn. Bo says they are looking for him, but he thinks Shawn may be out of the state and probably hasn’t heard about Marlena. Brady says that Belle does not need Shawn. Philip says Shawn has to be here to vote. Bo says he will vote by Shawn’s proxy. Nicole says they should get started. Brady hopes all goes well. Brady says Bo can bring Hope and Zack by to use the pool. Brady asks if there are any concerns and no one answers. Brady thinks this will be easier than he thought. There’s a flashback of Nicole explaining her plan to Crystal.

Brady says that Victor wanted certain things, but unfortunately the will was not found. Brady says he’s been overseeing the day-to-day business at Titan and the concert hall will be the focus of their business. Philip says that he didn’t realize how much it would cost. It will eliminate the possibility of future projects for years. Brady says Victor planned this and allocated the funds before he died. Brady says that concert hall will bring in funds over the years. Bo asks if Nicole approves of this. Nicole says she doesn’t want to get in the way of Victor’s wishes. Philip says that Victor was only making the concert hall to get Brady away from Nicole. Philip says that Victor was just buying Chloe for Brady. Philip thinks that Victor bought everything for Brady and that Brady has just been taking advantage of Victor’s money. Philip says that Victor wanted his sons to earn every penny. Philip says Victor didn’t even like Chloe and just wanted her back to keep Brady away from Nicole. Philip refuses to sign away Victor’s fortune so that Brady can have Chloe.

John and Kate go out for drinks. Kate says this is just what she needed. John says he won’t run out this time. Kate says she used to feel guilty doing something normal. John says that he feels guilty looking at Kate and thinking of all the things she’s lost. John says that there are people who blame him too. Kate says she would never blame John for what Marlena did. John says that he just wants to find out what happened because Marlena would never willfully hurt anyone. John is upset he couldn’t protect the victims or Marlena.

Tek arrives and sits down with Lexie. He says he was pleasantly surprised to get Lexie’s call. Lexie says it’s important not to let things go unsaid.

Abe says he’s desperate to preserve his family. Abe even wished Lexie and Theo would show up here. Roman says they’ve all had those thoughts. Abe says there are no married couples here. Roman says maybe Jack and Jennifer. Abe says that is true, but now that Jennifer is on her way, Jack is gone. Abe lists all the broken couples. He’s angry that they never got their happily ever after. Abe thinks that maybe the plan is to have their loved ones move on while they are stuck desperately on the island.

Lexie says that Tek made Theo’s birthday so special. Lexie says that she just wants to show Tek her appreciation. Tek says she doesn’t have to do that. Lexie says the truth is that she is using Tek.

Bo says there are other worthy causes out there that Victor’s money could be used for. He says the opera house would cost too much money. Belle says that Philip also wants money for the families of military overseas. Brady tries to get Belle on his side by pointing out that Chloe is her friend. Brady asks Belle if she wants him to be happy. Bo points out that Belle does not get a vote. Philip says that Belle is impartial and he wants to know what she thinks. Belle says the opera house is not worth fighting over and she agrees with Philip and Bo.

Brady says that Victor spent the last months of his life planning the opera house. Bo says that the opera house doesn’t benefit that many people. Philip tells Brady to go be with Chloe unless he wants to be with Nicole. Brady says he doesn’t want to be with Nicole. Bo points out that Brady was handcuffed in bed with Nicole when Victor was murdered. Brady says that’s the last place he’d want to be. Bo is upset that Brady has been defending Nicole this whole time and that Victor would not be happy about this. Philip and Brady fight.

Abe says this is an eternal torture. Abe apologizes on making Roman think about what Kate is doing now. Roman says he knows that Kate will work herself to death and then he points out that John will be right there waiting in his own grief. Abe doesn’t think anything of John and Kate. Roman points out that he and John have the same tastes in women. Abe says that brings him to Roman and Marlena. Abe points out that Roman is staying with Marlena, just like how when Roman first met Marlena. Roman says he’s just trying to protect Marlena because there is no telling what their host may want to do with her. Abe says the monogrammed pajamas are a clue that the host wants Roman and Marlena together. Abe asks how long Roman has loved Marlena. Abe wonders how long it will be before those feelings resurface.

Lexie says that she asked Tek for drinks because she really wanted to get out. Lexie says she wouldn’t want to sit at a bar alone. Tek thinks that Lexie could take care of herself. Lexie says that Tek knew Abe and what he was like. Lexie says she just can’t let Abe go. Tek says she doesn’t have to. Lexie says that she can’t even take his ring off. Lexie says Abe will be alive in their hearts and memories. Tek says that they can be friends for now.

John says he may never find the answers, but he has to try. Kate says that it’s sad they are traveling a very difficult road, but she’s happy they are doing it together.

Bo pulls Philip off of Brady. Belle asks Philip to think about what Victor would want. Philip says that Victor would not want Brady and Nicole living in the mansion. Brady says that Philip lost his privilege to live here and he also lost Chloe. Nicole says it’s time to take a vote.

Brady and Nicole vote for the concert hall. Bo and Philip vote against it. Bo uses Shawn’s proxy to make it three against two. Brady is upset he lost. Bo tells Brady to wise up about Nicole. Brady tells Nicole that she did warn him. Nicole says they are mad because they are just jealous of Brady. Brady says he does believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, but he says he doesn’t want to be made a fool of. Brady says if he finds out Nicole killed Victor then he will have revenge.

John tells Kate not to go back to the office. Kate asks what John is going to do for the rest of the day. John says he wants to find answers about why Marlena and all the others had to die. John sees Crystal walk in. John says he has to make a business call. Kate leaves.

Lexie thanks Tek for understanding. Lexie makes a toast to good friends, while Tek toasts to the future.

John sits down next to Crystal and offers to buy her a drink. Crystal says that John is looking very good and accepts his offer.

Roman says they need a good escape plan because they don’t want to end up like Jack, missing and possibly dead in the jungle. Abe says that if they try to escape they could be condemning the women they love to hopeless lives on the island.


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