Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 6/2/04

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Characters appearing: Brady, Crystal, Nicole, Belle, Philip, Kate, Lucas, Sami, Joelle, Patrick, Jennifer, mystery man (flashback), John, Julie, Bonnie

Outside the Kiriakis mansion:

Brady is stretching outside the mansion. Crystal comes out and sees him. Crystal offers to work out with Brady by doing Pilates. Nicole comes out and says that Crystal must have better things to do. Crystal says she likes it here especially after taking care of Marlena. John asks what Crystal is talking about.

The penthouse:

Belle says she needed to check this place when her dad wasn’t around. Belle says there are so many reminders of Marlena in the penthouse. Belle thinks Shawn won’t be back. Philip says maybe that is a good thing.

Kate’s office:

Kate hopes Philip will be happy with Belle and she hopes Lucas will find someone other than Sami. Lucas returns because he left his keys. Lucas can’t believe that Sami is so determined to make people pay that she can’t love.

Basic Black:

Sami calls Kate at Basic Black. Kate wonders what Sami wants.

Outside Jennifer’s house:

Patrick asks Jennifer how she is. Jennifer is spooked by Celeste’s prediction that she and the baby would die next. Patrick tells her not to think that way because stress is not good for the baby. Jennifer goes to open her door, but sees it’s already open. Patrick remembers what the mystery man said and goes inside to make sure everything is ok. While Jennifer is waiting outside she gets a phone call. She thinks that the person on the phone is Jack.

Sami says that she needs to see Kate right away. Sami is on her way over. Lucas asks why Sami is coming over. Kate worries that Sami might try to kill her and asks Lucas to stay and protect her.

John asks Nicole who Crystal is and what she was saying about Marlena. Brady says Crystal is working for the free clinic and she’s a friend of Nicole’s. Nicole tells Crystal that John was Marlena’s husband. Crystal says now she knows where Brady got his good looks. Nicole drags Crystal into the house. John tells Brady he would like to know more about Crystal because he thinks she could be Nicole’s accomplice.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole says she’s done more than enough for Crystal. Nicole thinks Crystal hanging around John is too dangerous. Crystal likes both Brady and John.

Jennifer is yelling into her phone for Jack. Julie asks Jennifer what is going on. Jennifer tells Julie that Jack just called her. Patrick tells Jennifer that Bonnie was just cleaning the house and forgot to close the door. Jennifer says she knows she heard Jack on the phone and Julie tells her to go inside and think this through. Jennifer sees that she has a message on her answering machine and frantically goes to it thinking that it could be from Jack.

Julie is sorry the message wasn’t from Jack. Jennifer goes to check on her e-mail. Bonnie says she fears Jennifer may be losing it. Julie wonders why Patrick is here and she tells Bonnie that she should be cleaning. Bonnie and Julie fight over the bond incident. Patrick tells them to stop fighting because Jennifer needs them. Jennifer calls out and says the e-mail is from Jack.

Philip says that Shawn doesn’t deserve to be with Belle. Belle says she has to believe that Shawn just hasn’t heard about Marlena yet. Philip wishes he could make Belle feel better. Belle says she doesn’t know what she’d do without Philip. Philip and Belle kiss.

Crystal says she loves this champagne. Crystal says she’s going to love it here. Nicole tells Crystal to go swim. Crystal wants to know what the deal is with Brady. Nicole says Chloe is standing in the way.

John says that Nicole had to have and accomplice. John thinks it’s Crystal since she’s the only one of Nicole’s friends that they know of. Brady doesn’t think so because Crystal just came to town. Brady says that Crystal and Nicole used to “work” together. John doesn’t believe the story. Brady gives Crystal the benefit of the doubt. John says Brady is just like Isabella in that respect. John says that he is more wary and that Brady should be too in this situation. John tells Brady he could be living under the same roof as two murderers. John tells Brady to leave the mansion.

Sami is surprised to see Lucas in Kate’s office. Kate says she wanted a witness and a protector. Sami says she’s here to apologize. Kate’s surprised. Sami says she’s been terrible to Kate. Sami says she’s going to apologize to John too. Lucas asks if Sami is being honest. Kate asks what led to this turn around. Sami says she just wanted to blame someone for Marlena’s death. Sami says that Julie turned her around. Sami says that Julie told her to ask Marlena for advice. Sami holds out her hand to Kate and Kate takes it.

John and Brady return from their bike ride. John tells Brady to get out of the house. Brady says that he needs to stay around to keep an eye on Nicole. John says that’s bad logic since Nicole holds all the purse strings because Victor’s will hasn’t been found. Brady says that he Shawn, Bo, and Philip all hold veto power and can stop Nicole. Brady says they just have to stay united.

Crystal asks what the plan is. Nicole plans on keep Chloe out of Salem for good. Nicole plans on using “divide and conquer”. Crystal asks who will be divided and who will be conquered. Nicole says everyone will, starting with Belle.

Philip and Belle continue making out. It was all Philip’s fantasy. Belle checks her e-mail and says she has something. Philip asks what it is. Belle says that there’s a charity fund in her mom’s name. Belle says all these people remember what Marlena really was like. Belle wants to help. Crystal asks what Belle has to do with this. Nicole says Belle doesn’t have anything to do with this, but she knows Philip is in love with Belle and will take her side. Nicole searches the Internet for another charity that Bo won’t be able to resist. She continues sending anonymous e-mails to all the Kiriakis’ so that they won’t want to vote for the opera house.

Kate hopes Lucas is not taking Sami’s side again. Kate says it was a wise choice to forgive Sami since Sami threatened to kill her earlier. Sami comes back and give Kate the letter she was going to send exposing Kate’s past.

Jennifer says the message on the computer was staticky, but it was definitely Jack. Julie says that maybe it is wishful thinking. Julie tells Jennifer about when she dreamed of Doug. Jennifer says that this is not a dream and she really heard Jack. Bonnie thinks that Patrick is the one behind the messages. Julie thinks there is a logical explanation. Jennifer shows Julie the baby book. Julie wonders how Jack could’ve written in the book. Jennifer says Patrick did it. Julie asks why Patrick is writing in the book. Jennifer says it’s because Patrick wanted her to feel better. Julie just thinks that Patrick is manipulating her. Jennifer says that Patrick and Bonnie have nothing to gain. Jennifer says that Jack said things only he would know in the message.

Patrick says that he is not behind the voices. Bonnie thinks he knows who’s behind it.

Brady says that he can handle Nicole. John points out that Victor said the same thing. John tells Brady to take care of himself. Nicole says before the day is over the family will be at each other’s throats. Brady asks what she’s talking about.

Kate says that since Sami didn’t actually send the letter there is nothing to forgive. Kate says that she still doesn’t buy Sami’s turn around. Sami says that when she was at her parent’s grave she decided that she wants to be like they were. Sami says now it’s too late to show her parents. Kate says Sami has disappointed Roman and Marlena. Sami says that she knows that. Lucas is about to go after Sami. Kate stops him and can’t believe that Lucas bought Sami’s performance. Outside Kate’s door, Sami smiles to herself.

Jennifer is waiting at the phone. Julie brings Jennifer vitamins. Julie brings Jennifer’s diary. Julie says that Patrick or Bonnie could have read the diary and known what Jack would say.

Bonnie still thinks Patrick knows something. Patrick gets a call from the mystery man. The mystery man says that Jennifer’s time is up. Patrick says over his dead body and the mystery man says that can be arranged.

Nicole talks about proportioning funds from Victor. Nicole says that families can break up when it comes to large sums of money. Brady is still confident that his family is close and won’t fight.

Philip says that he’d love to help Belle out with her charity. Philip says he’s sure he could get the Kiriakis Foundation to make a donation. Belle hugs Philip. Philip wants to ask Belle something but he tells Belle that she has to promise to say yes.

Lucas says that Sami wouldn’t bother apologizing if she didn’t mean it. Lucas goes after Sami even though Kate doesn’t want him to. Kate is frustrated and John comes in and asks if it’s a bad time. Kate says Lucas is making the biggest mistake of his life

Lucas asks Sami about her conversation with Julie in the cemetery. Sami is surprised that he heard that.

John says that Sami did turn around rapidly. Kate thinks Sami is up to something. John hopes that Sami does change and that it would be a good thing that comes from Marlena’s death.

Sami says that she’s sorry and that Lucas wasn’t supposed to hear that. Sami says she didn’t mean it again. Lucas says he just doesn’t know anymore because of all the schemes Sami has pulled. Sami says she needs Lucas to believe in her. Lucas says that he will give her this chance, but if she’s up to something this time then they are through. Sami says Lucas won’t regret this.

Brady says Nicole won’t be able to divide his family. Nicole hopes Brady is right, but she’s just trying to prepare him. She hopes the rest of his family can agree on how to best honor Victor’s memory.

Philip asks Belle to come to the mansion to talk about Victor’s money. Belle is so happy about this and hugs Philip again. Philip says he’ll do anything for Belle because he loves her.

Julie thinks that the Lockharts could have been snooping in her diary. Julie thinks Bonnie and Patrick might be working together. Jennifer says that Julie is wrong and that it really was Jack. Julie tells Jennifer that Jack is dead. Patrick thinks that if he doesn’t do something soon then Jennifer could be next.


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