Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Kate, Lucas, Sami, Julie, Jennifer, Patrick, Lexie, Celeste, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Tek, and Theo

The cemetery:

Kate puts flowers down for Roman. Lucas is with her. Lucas asks about the Memorial Day service. Kate says Commissioner Gordon gave a great speech. Lucas says he stopped by Kate’s last night. Kate says she went to John’s. Lucas asks how he is. Kate says John is going through a hard time. Kate says that she told John all about her past. Lucas wonders why Kate would tell him. Kate says John is her friend. Lucas asks how he reacted. Kate says he was a lot like Roman. Kate says they are so similar. Kate wonders how Sami could’ve turned out she way she did with two great men in her life. Lucas won’t listen to Kate trash Sami. Kate apologizes.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami is trying to find a way to make Kate pay. She’s looking on her laptop and decides on corporate scandal. Sami wants Kate to take John down with her. There’s a knock on the door. Sami yells for them to go away. Julie is there to see Sami.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer is reading Patrick’s message in the baby book. Patrick says that Jack is looking out for the baby. Patrick is going to watch over Jennifer. Jennifer wonders how Patrick was able to write Jack’s words. Patrick says it was easy; he channeled Jack through his coin.

Lexie’s house:

Lexie says that Celeste is being ridiculous. Celeste says that it was like Abe’s spirit was gone. She says she figured it out when she touched the letter. Lexie says that she can’t deal with losing Abe again. Lexie tells Celeste to put down the cards and decorate the house. Celeste looks at her cards again and gets the death card. Celeste says someone else is going to die.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse:

Marlena asks how long the siren will go on. The sirens stop. Marlena tries the door, but it is still locked. Marlena wonders about their families in Salem. She asks how they can find out who it is. Abe says there is one way to find out. Roman asks Abe where he thinks the new structure will be built. They look at a map. Abe says he started mapping the place when he first arrived. They say the perimeter is constantly changing as new structures are built. They tell Marlena that since the borders are changing if someone leaves the city for the jungle there is a possibility that they won’t be able to find their way back in. Marlena asks if that has happened. They tell her that Jack went out into the jungle and they haven’t seen him since. Marlena worries.

Celeste asks who will die. Celeste has a vision of being in the jungle. She sees a door and heads towards it, but Lexie interrupts. Lexie apologizes for being short with her mother. Lexie says she’s not ready to date, but she does have a party to plan.

Patrick says that he just knew what Jack would say. Jennifer wonders how Patrick knows Jack so well. Patrick says that he knows how much Jack loved Jennifer. Jennifer says she kept staring at that page wondering what to write. Jennifer is happy her baby will know Jack too. Jennifer leaves to go get ready for Theo’s party. She knows it will be a hard day for Lexie. Jennifer wants to be strong for Lexie.

The mystery man calls from outside Jennifer’s house. He’s been watching Patrick and Jennifer all day. Patrick tells the mystery man to stay away from Jennifer. The mystery man says he won’t as long as Patrick does his job. Patrick goes outside. Patrick looks at his coin and swears he won’t let anything happen to Jennifer or the baby.

Lucas asks if Kate is serious in being nice to Sami. Kate says she did promise Roman to look out for Sami. Lucas says maybe he’ll talk to Sami too. Kate says that she still doesn’t approve of his relationship with Sami.

Julie apologizes for stopping by without calling. Sami offers Julie something to drink. Julie asks for iced tea with lemon. Julie asks where Will is. Sami says Grandpa Shawn took Will on a fishing trip. Sami asks if that is why Julie is here. Julie says that she’s here to repay the kindness that Sami and Lucas showed at Doug’s wake. Julie says she’s here to see if Sami needs anything. Sami says she’ll be happier when John and Kate is finished. Sami asks Julie if she can give her some hints on how to make people pay. Julie tells Sami to get dressed because she has something to show her.

Jennifer makes a last minute touch on her present. Tek shows up and Jennifer introduces Patrick and Tek. Tek thinks he’s seen Patrick around. Patrick says no. Jennifer says Patrick is Bonnie’s son. Tek is suspicious. They celebrate Theo’s birthday and sing to him. Tek asks Lexie about Patrick. Lexie says that Patrick was suspicious to her at first too, but Lexie says that Jennifer trusts Patrick. Patrick tells Tek he can ask him directly. Tek asks if Patrick was in prison.

Celeste looks at the death card too. In her vision she sees Jennifer’s house in the jungle. Jennifer asks is Celeste is ok. Celeste says she must find out who is behind that door before it’s too late.

The door unlocks. Abe says it doesn’t usually happen that fast. Roman says they should be happy because now they can go explore. Abe says they have to go see who’s house has been built. Abe goes to get some water. Roman looks at Sami’s picture. Marlena asks if he’s worried about Sami. Roman says he’s more worried about John and Kate because there’s no telling what Sami will do now that both her parents are gone.

Kate says that she still doesn’t approve of Sami and Lucas’ relationship. Lucas says Sami has changed. Kate says that to her, Sami has not changed. Lucas admits that Sami still has a lot of anger, but what Sami feels for him is real. Kate asks if Sami has told Lucas she loves him. Lucas says Sami said she loved him at the circus. Kate says it was right before Sami thought a tiger’d eat her though.

Julie brings Sami to Julie’s mother’s grave. Sami asks why they are here. Julie says she used to come here whenever she wanted to hurt someone. Sami asks if Julie cast spells or something like that. Sami doesn’t understand. Julie tells Sami that her mother has many lessons that Sami can still learn. Julie says she learned a lot from her own mother. Julie tells Sami to listen to Marlena’s wise words before it’s too late.

Lexie brings out some lemonade. Patrick says that he hasn’t been in jail. Tek notices a scar on Patrick’s arm. He says that it looks like a weapon that prisoners make made it. Patrick says he has lots of scars, but that doesn’t mean he was beat up. Jennifer shows up and says she’s happy Patrick decided to talk to the police. Tek wonders what this is about. Patrick says they might as well tell him now. Jennifer tells the story about Patrick retrieving her bonds. Tek gets a call from the station and says he’ll be back to hear the rest of the story. Jennifer apologizes to Patrick for blabbing, but Jennifer is glad that Tek knows now.

Patrick starts opening jars of paint at Lexie’s command. Tek returns and Patrick tells him to open jars of paint. Tek spills orange paint all over himself. Lexie starts laughing and Tek runs over to get Lexie covered in paint too. Patrick sits Jennifer down on the couch to keep her from getting too excited. Jennifer sits down on the death card and wonders what it is.

Lexie runs upstairs and Tek follows her. Lexie pleads with Tek not to get her dirty. Tek lets her off the hook. Lexie tells Tek to take off his clothes so that she can wash them while he’s in the shower. Tek takes off his shirt. Lexie tells him maybe he should get undressed in the bathroom.

In the jungle:

Roman and Abe look at the map. Marlena sees something and hopes it’s not true.

Sami asks what happened to the old mean Julie. Julie tells Sami to pour out her pain so that the hate will disappear. Sami says she needs the hate. Sami just wants John and Kate to pay for killing Marlena. Julie tells Sami she’s being ridiculous. Julie tells Sami that John is the only parent that Sami still has. Sami refuses to turn to John for anything. Julie tells Sami to turn to Lucas then because everyone needs someone. Lucas is lurking in the bushes. Kate tells Lucas that they should go.

Roman and Abe tell her that Jack’s house has been there since he arrived. Roman says it might take awhile for a new structure to appear. Abe says that something is different and their host was up to something last night.

Kate’s office:

Lucas says that Kate must be thrilled. Kate says that she doesn’t like to see Lucas hurt. Lucas says he’s through with Sami. Lucas says he really thought that Sami had changed. Kate talks to Roman’s picture. Kate says Sami has hurt Lucas for the last time and Sami needs to be stopped.

Julie tells Sami to let go of her hate. Julie says that hate will consume Sami. Sami doesn’t want to let go. Julie tells Sami to follow her heart. Sami says her heart is telling her to get John and Kate. Julie tells Sami to call Lucas and to tell him about how she’s feeling. Julie hopes Sami will do the right thing. Sami asks Marlena what to do.

Tek gets out of the shower and wonders where the towel is. Lexie comes in and brings him a towel and gets quite a peek. Lexie goes over to Abe’s photo and says she doesn’t thinks she can move on.

Roman asks Abe what he sees. Marlena notices the plaque on the wall. Marlena says Belle made that when Jack and Jennifer got married. They notice the date. Marlena says it’s today’s date. Abe says that now they know who is next.

The mystery man calls Patrick from outside. Patrick goes outside to look for the man. Patrick tells the mystery man that he’ll stick to the plan. The mystery man says Patrick better, or else Jennifer and the baby are dead.

Celeste picks up the card again and asks who will die next. Celeste goes into the house in her vision. There is a coffin. The person in the coffin is Jennifer. Celeste says that this can’t be it. Celeste says that Jennifer and the baby cannot die next. Jennifer overhears Celeste.


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