Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/31/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/31/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jennifer, Patrick, Celeste, Lexie, Abe, a policeman, Tek, Marlena, and Roman

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer cleans Patrick’s cut. Patrick winces. Jennifer says they should call the police. Patrick says that he couldn’t identify the attackers. Jennifer is about to call Hope and Patrick tells her to stop. Patrick says he doesn’t want Jennifer in danger. He says it’s not a good idea for the whole town to know she inherited a lot of money. Jennifer says she has to check the air conditioning vents and polish the floor. Patrick says she should call Bonnie. Jennifer says she wants to do it herself. Jennifer gets up and her foot hurts.

Lexie’s house:

Celeste comes in to Lexie’s house and reads a note from Lexie instructing her to put up decorations. There is a piñata that Bonnie left and Celeste thinks it will only remind people of Cassie’s death. Celeste decides to take out her tarot cards to do a reading. Celeste is not happy with what she reads. Meanwhile Lexie is asleep and dreaming of Abe waking her up. In her dream, Abe asks her what day it is and it is Theo’s three-month birthday. Abe has a present for Theo behind his back.

The Island---Abe’s house:

Abe wakes up and remembers the package that’s supposed to be delivered today. He says if Lexie opens it he could lose Lexie forever.

The police station:

A policeman brings Tek a package for Lexie from Abe. Tek checks it out. It was sent to Lexie right before Abe died.

The Island---Marlena’s penthouse:

Marlena is asleep and remembering what Roman said about someone new arriving on the island. Marlena wakes up startled. Roman rushes over to her side and says everything is ok. Marlena says everything is not ok because someone else in Salem is going to die and they have to stop it.

Roman reminds Marlena that these people don’t actually die, but come to the island. Marlena says that the suffering is horrible for the families. Marlena says they have to do some thing. Roman says there isn’t anything they can do once the sirens start. A new structure appears overnight and then some time after that the victim shows up. Marlena’s frustrated that they can’t do anything. Marlena says this must be Stefano’s doing and she says they have to stop him. Roman says they are working on it. He says they are working on ways to contact the outside world; they are exploring the compound, and looking for clues. He points out a missing picture by Marlena’s door. Marlena asks what she can do. Roman tells her to do what they are doing. He tells her to stay healthy, get enough sleep and eat. Roman offers to make Marlena some breakfast. Marlena says that she can do that and Roman asks if she’s sure. Marlena laughs and says she’ll make something simple to keep her mind off things.

Jennifer tries to get up to get some chores done. Patrick tells her that she needs to take it easy. Jennifer says that she has things to do. Patrick reminds her Theo’s birthday party is today and that she shouldn’t over exert. Jennifer says that Patrick is not the father of the baby so he shouldn’t tell her what to do.

Celeste says this has never happened before. She shuffles her cards and then tries again. She asks the cards to lead her to her son in law. All the cards are blank and Celeste wonders where Abe is.

Abe is remembering a letter that he wrote to Lexie. In the letter he says he will love Lexie forever. Abe gave Lexie his blessing to move on. Abe says he has to get off this island before it’s too late.

Tek says that the package might be a present for Theo. The police officer thinks it might be information on the Colin Murphy case. Tek says there is only one way to find out.

Patrick apologizes and Jennifer says that this baby is hers and Jack’s. Patrick tells her to chill. Patrick says that Jennifer is right and he hasn’t been a father. Patrick says that when Bonnie was pregnant with Mimi he had to take care of his mom. If it wasn’t for his help, Bonnie might have lost Mimi. Jennifer tells Patrick not to go. Jennifer apologizes for snapping at Patrick.

Lexie brings Theo down and Celeste says Theo is looking great. Celeste says she was thinking of Abe.

Marlena brings a tray of breakfast. Marlena wonders what will happen if everyone in Salem ends up here. Roman makes Marlena’s coffee and Marlena gasps. She notices that the monogram on the pajamas that Roman is wearing is wrong. It says “R.B.” instead of “J.B.” Roman says that he put them on after he took a shower last night. Marlena says she did leave them for him, but she just noticed the monogram. Roman says the mastermind must be trying to unnerve them. Roman asks Marlena about the donut. Marlena says she got them from Alice. Roman says he hasn’t eaten a chocolate donut since he and Marlena were married. He says it’s like going back in time. Marlena yells out to the mastermind, asking why he’s doing this. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Marlena says it could be him. Roman tells her to stay back as he opens the door.

Lexie says that Abe trusted Tek and Tek even got Theo a little football. Celeste says Tek is interested in Lexie. Celeste says she found out when she read his cards. Lexie goes to go put Theo in her playpen. Lexie asks Celeste what the card says. Lexie wonders why Tek doesn’t have a woman in his life. Celeste thinks it’s because Tek is interested in Lexie. Celeste says there’s a reason why she couldn’t reach Abe. She thinks Tek is keeping Abe away. The doorbell rang and Tek brings the package for Lexie.

Abe shows up at Marlena’s door. Abe asks if he was interrupting. Marlena says Roman was just keeping an eye on her. Marlena goes to get some coffee. Abe says that Roman is getting too close with Marlena. Roman says that Marlena was just scared. Roman reminds Abe of what it was like when they first arrived. Abe says he has a point, but he thinks that is just what their captor wants. Abe warns Roman about getting to comfortable with Marlena. Roman shows Abe the changed monogram. Abe thinks their captor is tempting Roman. Abe warns Roman to stay a safe distance from Marlena. Roman says he doesn’t care what is going on here, but he will not abandon Marlena.

Jennifer apologizes again. Patrick says it’s ok. Jennifer says that she’s going to have to be a mother and a father. Patrick says that his mother wouldn’t be a role model, but he’s sure Jennifer will do great. Jennifer says she worries what she’ll do if it’s a boy, since she doesn’t understand them. Jennifer shows Patrick the baby book. She points out that the father side is blank. Patrick consults his coin about what to write in the book.

Marlena returns and asks what was going on because it looks like Abe and Roman were fighting. Abe points out that the monogram is just a sign of their captor trying to get Roman and Marlena back together. Abe apologizes to Roman and offers his hand. Roman shakes it and says he’s sorry too. Marlena says they should sit down before the coffee gets cold. Abe says he’s just been thinking about Lexie. Marlena says that Lexie is in deep mourning and the only man in her life is Theo. Abe worries that because of what he’s done he might not get a second chance with Lexie.

Lexie wonders what’s in the package. Celeste worries that the package might be a bomb or something. Tek says he scanned it and it’s safe. Tek also says that Abe sent it months before. Lexie thinks it must be a present for Theo. Lexie is about to open it and Celeste asks Tek to open it just in case. Inside is a present for Theo and a letter to Lexie.

Jennifer says she’ll wrap Theo’s present and then she’ll rest until the party. Jennifer says that Patrick was right of course. Patrick goes to take a shower and get ready. Jennifer notices what Patrick wrote in the book.

Abe says he arranged for a present to be sent to Theo and he also sent a letter to Lexie. Marlena asks if he wants to share what he wrote.

Lexie reads the letter. Tek was about to leave, but Lexie wants him to stay. In the letter Abe is saying how much he loves Lexie and Theo. He wishes them to have a wonderful life. Abe gives his blessing to Lexie to move on. Lexie cries as she reads the letter. She drops the letter and Tek goes over to comfort her.

Abe asks what he’s done. Marlena says he did a beautiful thing by trying to encourage Lexie to be happy. Abe says they are not dead, so he worries what will happen if their loved ones move on with out them.

Jennifer reads the message that Patrick wrote on Jack’s behalf. The baby moves and Jennifer keeps reading the message toe the baby. Patrick was listening in on Jennifer. He says Jack’s looking out for the baby. Patrick says he’ll watch over Jennifer.

Tek asks if there was anything about the Murphy case. Lexie says no and Tek leaves for the station. Lexie makes sure Tek will be back for the party. Celeste says that Abe is not dead.

Marlena says that Lexie will not necessarily move on. Marlena says that Lexie’s heart is broken and men like Abe don’t come along every day. Abe thanks Marlena for saying that. Roman says that the longer they are here the easier it will be for their loved ones to move on. Marlena says they aren’t giving their spouses enough credit. She believes that they must have some notion that they are still alive. Roman says that’s very romantic, but probably not true. Marlena says they must have faith. Roman says it takes a long time for people to move on. Roman points out that it took him many years to find love after Marlena. Abe says that he did find it though. The siren starts wailing again. Marlena wonders how many people will have to die. Roman says that this is part of the same warning and that one more person in Salem will die. Abe says the question is who.


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