Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/28/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bo, Hope, Shawn, Jan, Officer Casarez, Kate, Philip, John, Belle, Roman, Marlena

Bo and Hope’s house:

Hope wonders why Shawn went to Kent Island. Bo says Shawn was probably trying to get away from things. Bo says if Shawn is out there then the police will find him.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn’s trying to call for help. Jan pretends to be getting tired. She says she would remember if a motorcycle came through. The officer tells her to look at the photo again.

Outside the penthouse:

Kate and Philip show up at the penthouse. Philip says Belle and John want to be alone and that they shouldn’t intrude. Kate says that if Philip didn’t want to see Belle then he shouldn’t have come along.

The penthouse:

Belle says maybe John should move out. Belle says everyone will understand. John says they shouldn’t dwell on that. John says they should remember the good times. Belle says it still might be better to get away for a while. Belle offers to pack up some of Marlena’s things. John says everything in the penthouse will stay exactly like it is.

The Island---The penthouse:

Roman shows Marlena her penthouse on the island. Marlena is amazed at all the detail that they put into her home. Roman says it’s been duplicated just like all the other houses. Marlena says who ever did this must have enormous resources and that the person would have to know exactly how they lived their lives. Marlena notices something that is not the same in her house.

Philip tells Kate that she needs a new hobby besides grieving and meddling. Philip says that he loves Belle to make Kate happy. Kate says that she just wants Philip to be happy. Kate says he needs to give Belle a sign. Philip says that Belle wants Shawn.

Belle apologizes. John says he knows that Belle is only trying to help. Belle asks if he’ll keep it that way forever. John says he knows Marlena is not coming back. John says he won’t make it a shrine, but he likes the reminders of their life together. He points out things that he and Marlena picked out together. He says it keeps her presence alive.

Kate and Philip show up and bring Belle and John comfort food. Belle says she’s glad Kate is here. Philip and Belle take the food into the kitchen. Kate asks John whom he used to lean on. John says he leaned on Marlena. Kate wants John to ask for help.

Marlena says a picture of Belle is missing. Roman concludes that whoever did this didn’t have a chance to note last minute changes. Marlena says it’s impossible to recreate the feeling of home. She says it’s not the same. She says she used to come through the door at the end of the day and know that John was waiting for her and now he’s not anymore. Marlena says that everyone thinks she’s dead and a killer. Roman says that Marlena is not a killer and that they will get to the bottom of this. Marlena wonders how, since they are in the middle of nowhere and can’t communicate with the outside world. Roman tells her that they will find a way, but in the meantime they have food and shelter. Marlena tells him not to say “all the comforts of home” because this place is creepy! Marlena says she can’t even stay here alone. Roman offers to stay with Marlena. Marlena says that’s not what she meant. Roman says it’s not a problem and it will be like when they first met and he was assigned to protect her. Roman says he will protect Marlena.

Bo asks Hope how many times she forgot to check in with her parents. Hope says she did it many times, but it was always because she was with Bo. Bo says that when Shawn hears about Marlena’s death, he will come home. Hope says Shawn should’ve at least called Belle.

Casarez says he’ll pay for the damage to her rosebush. Jan is relieved that he didn’t see the motorcycle and says the rosebush was half dead anyway. Jan asks if the man they are looking for is dangerous. Casarez says no. Jan says if she sees him then she’ll call the police. Casarez asks to check around back before he leaves. Jan agrees.

Kate and John are talking. Belle and Philip go outside. Belle says she’s glad that Kate is here to talk to John. Belle says that if Philip is uncomfortable then he doesn’t have to stay. Belle says she heard something about a girl before she opened the girl. Kate says she’s never been lucky in life. Kate says she felt like she didn’t deserve a man like Roman. Kate says John doesn’t know her past. Kate says her kids are still paying for her sins. Kate says that John has had two great loves. Kate asks about how he was after Isabella. John says it’s over and he’s been blessed too many times. John says that Roman was lucky to have died a happy man and that is because of Kate. Kate wishes that she’d told Roman her past.

Roman apologizes about staying here with Marlena, but he says it will be less awkward than staying at his house. Marlena says that she doesn’t feel awkward around Roman and she says she does want to stay in the penthouse because it’s the first place that John would look for her. Marlena does notice that Roman is awkward around her. Roman says that unfaithful isn’t the word, but he feels bad leaving Kate behind because he never got to start his life with her. Marlena tells Roman not to give up hope. She says if Stefano is behind this than he’s taken years of their lives away. Roman says that Stefano is also the reason that she met the love of her life. Marlena says that was because she thought John was Roman. She says it was like falling in love with Roman all over again. Roman says Marlena was married to both of them and had children with both of them. Roman says that in the end, though, John won.

Hope asks Bo when Shawn returns if he’ll still want to join the merchant marines. Bo says that if Shawn and Belle love each other enough they can get through anything. Hope says that true love never fails.

Shawn rattles his cage and a glass breaks. The officer hears the glass break from outside. He goes back to ask Jan if there’s anyone else in the house.

Philip says this is where he wants to be. Philip says that he and Belle are friends. Belle asks Philip who the girl is.

Kate says that the secret has haunted her for so long. Kate says she was even blackmailed for it. Kate says that if the whole truth came out it could be help against her. Kate asks John to please no hate her.

Marlena says she’s not a prize and John did not win. Marlena says that she believed that John was Roman when Roman was taken away from her. Then she was taken away too, but Stefano would not reunite her with Roman. Marlena says she and Roman spent so many years apart and lost so many memories of each other and of their kids. When Marlena and Roman finally made it home. John was there, raising their kids. Marlena says that was supposed to be their life. Marlena says that the things Stefano did to them changed their lives forever. Marlena wants to get out of here before everyone moves on. Roman says that Marlena is the key to all of this. Roman says that Marlena was a victim, but she was also set up to be a serial killer. Roman wants Marlena to relive her confession because everything in there is a clue and their lives depend on figuring out what it all means. Marlena doesn’t want to think about all the deaths again. Roman says it will be hard, but she has to do it.

Kate says she believed that Billie and Austin were dead. Kate says all she had was Lucas and she didn’t want to fail him. Kate says that she wanted to give him the best. Kate says that she had to get a job. She wishes that she had done it better, but she didn’t feel that she had the time. Kate says it was so hard to put a kid to bed hungry. Kate says she was so trusting of men. John says she doesn’t have to tell him. Kate says the man set her up as a call girl. Kate says that she worked for Stefano. Kate hopes that part doesn’t change her friendship with John.

Roman says that this is the case of a lifetime for him and Abe. Roman wonders why Marlena was chosen. Marlena says she was obviously meant to kill all the people who would be sent here. Roman wonders why Marlena was given such a flimsy alibi. Roman says they both know that Marlena doesn’t still love Roman. Marlena says that is not true and that she still loves Roman.

Jan says that the noise was probably from her cats. Casarez says that it was quite a loud noise for a cat. He asks to check it out. He says maybe Jan’s hearing is going. Jan says her hearing is fine. Shawn has succeeded in removing the gag and calls out for help.

Philip says that if he needed help he would’ve asked Belle for help. Belle says he obviously cares about this girl enough to mention it to Kate. Belle says this whole thing is a nightmare. Philip says that Marlena is in heaven. Belle is glad that someone else believes Marlena is in heaven. Philip tells Belle to keep the faith in her relationship with Shawn. Belle hugs Philip and doesn’t know what she’d do without him.

John doesn’t say anything. Kate says she wouldn’t blame John if he never spoke to her again. John tells her that’s not it. John says he did horrible things for Stefano so he cannot judge. John says that Kate did it for her child and there is nothing more special than that. Kate is amazed that John said almost the exact same thing that Roman did.

Roman says that he knows Marlena loves him as a friend. He says he loves Marlena like that too, but he says that Marlena’s heart is with John. Marlena says she knows that. Marlena wants Roman to be able to move on with his life with Kate, just like she did with John. Marlena says they have to get out of here. Roman says that Marlena was the least likely suspect and wonders why she was chosen. Suddenly a siren starts wailing. The doors lock. Marlena wonders what is going on. She asks Roman. He says it’s happening again.

Bo tells Hope of the one time Shawn took the motorcycle to give Belle a joyride. Hope didn’t know about that. Bo says he didn’t want her to worry. Hope asks if that’s what he’s doing this time too. Bo says there is no reason to worry this time.

Jan returns to Shawn and says the policeman is gone. Shawn says his parents will be back. Jan says they won’t because they can cross the place off their list. Jan says she’s going to hide the bike in the shed.

Casarez tells Bo he didn’t see Shawn anywhere. Bo says that Casarez can go home for the night. He tells Casarez to check the rest of the houses in the morning. Hope asks where her son is.

Shawn says he will come home to Belle.

Belle says she wants Shawn and she can’t take this anymore.

John says that Roman would say the same thing because Roman understood what Kate was going through. Kate says she is supposed to be comforting John. Kate says she just realized how alike John and Roman are. John says they will never know if that was by nature or design. John says they were so alike they even fell in love with the same woman.

Marlena asks what’s going on. She tries the door and it is locked. Roman says it always happens this way when someone new is going to come to the island. Roman says this means someone else in Salem is going to die.


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