Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/27/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bo, Hope, Jan, Shawn, Philip, Belle, John, Kate, Abe, Alice, Roman, Marlena, Doug, Julie, Officer Casarez

Bo and Hope’s house:

Bo wakes up and Hope is not there. Hope brings over some snacks. Hope says it’s just not like Shawn not to call. Hope worries something has happened to Shawn.

Jan’s country house:

Jan says that no one has turned her on like Shawn. Shawn stops and says he can’t. Jan threatens to kill Belle.

The Blue Note:

Philip and Belle show up and go say hi to John and Kate. Kate asks if Philip’s on a date. Belle asks if she’s always going to miss Marlena this much.

The Island---Salem Place:

Marlena asks Roman who came up with the plot. Roman says he doesn’t know. Roman tells her that they should be thankful they are still alive. Marlena still can’t believe that she’s not the killer. Marlena says someone wants them separated from their loved ones. Roman says that they have everything they ever could need, but they can’t tell their loved ones not to mourn them. Roman says only one person could pull something like this off. Marlena says it would have to be Stefano.

The Island---Alice’s house:

Abe says this place is unbelievable. Alice says it’s just like home. Abe pours some tea. Abe says it was very hard not to crazy when he first arrived. Abe says that since Marlena’s here maybe the killing spree is over. The doorbell rings and Abe asks the person what happened.

Marlena says that Stefano is dead. Roman says that Stefano has come back before. Roman says that maybe Stefano put the plan in motion before he died. Marlena asks why Stefano would kill Tony. Roman reminds Marlena that the murders weren’t real and therefore Tony is alive. Marlena asks where he is. Roman says he hasn’t seen Tony on the island and that’s suspicious. Marlena asks Roman who else is on the island. Roman tells her to come with him.

Belle says she thinks that Marlena is still alive trying to come back. Belle says it’s been very hard on Sami. Belle says she wanted Brandon to talk to Sami so that Sami would realize how many people still care about her. Belle says that Sami doesn’t want love anymore.

Kate says that Lucas is set on marrying Sami. Kate says she wants one of her sons to be successful in love. Kate goes back over to Belle and John. Kate has a proposition.

Hope says Shawn would’ve called. Bo says that the police are looking out for him. Bo says there haven’t been any accident reports. Bo reminds Hope that it’s only been a day. Hope says she can feel something is wrong.

Jan says that she will kill Belle to make Shawn forget. Shawn tells Jan not to do that and he just misunderstood her. Jan thinks Shawn doesn’t want her. Shawn says he does want Jan. He says he wants to be free so that he can hold her. Jan is about to unlock him and then she realizes that it’s just an act. Shawn just wants his hands free so he can escape.

Kate proposes a toast to Marlena. Kate hopes Marlena is happy for them all. John says that he needs to be alone right now and tells Kate not to worry about him. Belle asks John if he’s sure. Belle thinks maybe she should go with him. Philip says that John just wants to be alone. Philip asks Belle if anything is wrong. Belle wonders why she hasn’t heard from Shawn yet. Belle thinks that Shawn has completely given up on her.

Shawn tells Jan that he doesn’t want to escape. Jan apologizes for accusing him. Shawn asks Jan to unlock him. He reminds her that the cage door is still locked. Shawn asks Jan to let him make love to her.

Doug was at the door. He is all burned. He said he made a mistake. Doug says that he was going crazy and was missing Julie. Doug says he got desperate. Roman and Marlena show up and Marlena is so happy to see Doug. She is so happy that he’s alive and that she didn’t kill him. Doug says that they know it wasn’t Marlena and that the murders were all a fake. Marlena asks what happened to Doug. Doug says he tried to jump the security perimeter and got quite a shock. Roman says he warned Doug and everyone to be careful around the outskirts of town. Roman says if you make a mistake trying to escape you could really end up dead.

Julie’s room:

Julie wakes up in bed and realizes that Doug is alive.

Bo calls Officer Casarez. Bo asks if there’s any word on Shawn. Hope says she thinks she might know where Shawn is.

Jan stops and says Shawn must pass a test. Jan wants to make sure that Shawn is really over Belle.

Belle leaves and Philip says she can take all the time she needs. Kate is upset that Philip let Belle go. Philip says he cares about Belle so much that he won’t take advantage of her.

The penthouse:

John lights a candle for Marlena. He remembers all the good times that he had with her. He looks at her picture. He says Marlena is really gone.

Doug asks about Julie. Marlena bandages Doug up. Marlena says that Julie misses Doug terribly. Marlena says that Julie doesn’t just blame Marlena. Julie feels partially responsible for Doug’s death since she told Marlena that Doug knew who the killer was. Doug says that’s just crazy. He’s frustrated that they are trapped here.

Roman says that now that Marlena is here she can answer some questions. Roman says Marlena must have been under mind control. Abe agrees with Roman. They say that Marlena must have been drugged or controlled in some way. Roman asks Marlena if she remembers any weird dreams. Marlena remembers the dream she had of the tiger jumping at her. There was a voice saying that Marlena was the Salem Stalker. Marlena says that she must have been controlled because nothing else makes any sense. Marlena tells them that she couldn’t remember any of the killings so she agreed to go under sodium pentathol. Abe asked if she confessed. Marlena says she did. Marlena says they asked her what her motives were. Roman wants to know what they were since it might be a clue to getting out of here. Marlena is hesitant to tell them. Marlena eventually says that her supposed motive was that she was jealous of Roman and Kate.

John says he’ll always love Marlena and puts out the candle. Belle shows up. John thought she’d still be at dinner. Belle and John hug. John says Belle always makes him feel better. Belle says that Marlena loved John so much. Belle says that when she’s with John it makes her feel closer to Marlena. John says Belle makes him feel the same way.

Roman says that Marlena being jealous of Kate and him is just crazy. Roman says Marlena wouldn’t be jealous and even if she were it wouldn’t be a motive for murder. Roman tells Marlena to be honest with him. Marlena says she is and that under the truth serum she said that she loves Roman.

Hope asks the officer to check lookout point. The officer says he already checked there and saw no sign of Shawn. Bo says the cliffs there are dangerous and asks them to check under the cliffs. He tells Hope it’s just a routine. The phone rings and Hope thinks it is Shawn. It’s Julie. Julie says she knows exactly where Doug is and she says he’s still alive.

Marlena apologizes. Marlena didn’t want to upset Roman. Roman says they’ve always been honest with each other. Marlena says that she misses John and loves him with all her heart. Roman says that he misses Kate. Doug wonders if maybe Roman and Marlena will rekindle their romance.

Belle calls John in for some soup. Belle tells John the soup is hot and reminds John to blow on the soup first. John says he should be taking care of Belle. John says Philip’s been taking good care of belle. John tells Belle to forget about Shawn. Belle says she can’t.

Jan tells Shawn to swear he’s not in love with Belle. Shawn hesitates and Jan thinks Shawn is still in love with Belle. Shawn asks to show Jan his love. Jan kisses Shawn. Shawn says they should take a shower together. Jan loves the idea.

Julie says that Doug is singing at Alice’s and everyone loved him. Julie says that everyone was there. Julie says that Doug was singing so beautifully. Hope tells Julie that she’s talking in her sleep. Julie finally realizes it was a dream. She misses Doug so much. Hope says she’s sorry. Julie says she wants to go back to the dream where Doug is alive. Julie hangs up. Bo gets a message from the officer that they may have picked up on Shawn’s trail.

Kate says it’s better the longer Shawn stays away. Philip says he doesn’t want to be involved in Kate’s tricks. Kate says Shawn is handing Belle over to Philip. Kate says Philip would be a fool not to take advantage of this.

Belle misses Shawn. John says that Shawn should be worried about Belle. John says that Shawn is just like Bo. John still blames Bo for Marlena’s death. John says he doesn’t want to see Belle get hurt anymore. Belle says she still loves Shawn, just like John loves Marlena. Belle and John hug.

Officer Casarez says they found some tire tracks that could belong to Shawn. Bo asks where they are. They are on Kent Island. Bo says that’s a sparsely populated area. Bo tells the police to check every house. He says that once they find the bike they will find Shawn. Bo describes the motorcycle to the officer.

Jan is getting out some long chains. Shawn asks why. Jan says that they are so that Shawn can reach the shower. Jan says she’s made sure that Shawn will never get away.

Hope tells Bo that they will find Shawn. Bo says with some luck they will find him tonight. Jan gets on her old lady costume to answer the door. Jan asks the officer what the problem is. He says that they are looking for Shawn.

Shawn is gagged and trying to call for help.

Philip says he is trying to give Shawn the benefit of the doubt. Kate says Belle is perfect for him. Kate says she knows Philip is in love with Belle.


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