Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/26/04

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Characters appearing: Sami, Kate, John, Lucas, Belle, Lexie, Tek, Celeste, Marlena, Roman, Abe, and Alice

The Blue Note:

Sami accuses Kate and John of celebrating. Kate says Sami is doing the same thing. Lucas says he just wanted to distract Sami. Sami doesn’t give John a chance. Lucas starts to go after her. Kate tries to stop him, but he gets away. Lucas runs into Belle. Lucas had called Belle to come. Belle has an idea.

Lexie’s house:

Lexie is reading instructions that she can’t figure out. She sees a picture of her, Theo and Abe. She says she misses Abe. The doorbell rings and it’s Tek. Tek says he’s just dropping by. Tek asks if Theo wants to toss a football around. Tek says maybe he should’ve called first.

The cemetery:

Celeste remembers Marlena’s warning that there will be more deaths. She wonders if it will come true. Celeste goes to Abe’s grave and says he can help her.

The Island---Alice’s house:

Marlena says this is Alice’s house; the same one she always lived in. Roman says that it’s just a replica. Marlena can’t believe Alice is alive. Roman says that Alice is baking cookies to keep busy. Marlena says she’s having a hard time accepting that this is an alternate Salem. Roman says that he had a hard time with it at first too. He says they all did. Marlena says the last thing she remembers is that she was a murder. Marlena says she killed Abe, Roman’s friend and partner. Then she reasons that maybe that is not true either. Abe shows up and proves to her that he’s alive. Marlena starts crying as she touches his face. She can’t believe it’s him and she faints. Roman catches her and wonders how she’s going to be able to deal with all the rest of what they have to tell her.

Celeste places a flower on Marlena’s headstone. She prays that Marlena is at peace.

Marlena is on the couch passed out. Roman tells her to wake up. He says she fainted. Marlena says that she had the strangest vision that Abe was alive. She says it was like he was right here in the room with them. Abe shows up again and Marlena hugs him. She’s so happy that she didn’t kill him. Marlena says she’d better sit down. Marlena asks for them to tell her the story from the beginning. Abe says it was like the “Twilight Zone” when he first arrived. Abe says he searched for his family for days when he first arrived. Abe says he finally realized that he wasn’t in Salem. They aren’t even in the U.S. Marlena is surprised. Roman says they figure they are in the tropics somewhere. Roman says they are trapped there on the island.

Lexie is trying to put together a remote control train set for Theo’s birthday. Tek gives it a try and gets the train to work. Lexie says that she can give her son all the toys in the world, but she can’t give her son his father. Tek comforts Lexie.

Belle says hi to Sami. Sami asks what’s going on. Belle won’t say anything. Belle asks Sami to trust her. John shows up and gives Belle a hug. John says he’s glad that Belle is here for her sister. Belle says she wants to go somewhere with Sami so they can talk. John says he’ll see Belle later. Kate asks Lucas what is going on. Lucas says that he called Belle because Belle had an idea on how to get through to her. Kate says that’s silly. John says that it was very nice for Lucas to try. Kate says that she knows about the promise she made to Roman to try and make peace with Sami.

Roman says it’s an island. Abe says they can’t get off. Marlena doesn’t understand. Abe says they’ve been sentenced to some kind of punishment since they don’t have their families. Roman says that they have everything they could ever need. Abe says that they don’t have their loved ones. Marlena says that everyone thinks they are dead and that they must find a way to contact Salem. Abe says he’d love to reach Lexie. He can only imagine what she must be going through.

Lexie says she’s glad that Tek is here. Lexie asks Tek to keep Theo busy while she wraps a few presents. Tek says he would be glad to. Celeste shows up and she doesn’t look happy.

John asks Kate to cut Sami some slack. Lucas asks Kate to cut him and Sami some slack. John says he has some phone calls to make. Lucas says that he has a future with Sami and plans to marry her.

The cemetery:

Sami says she doesn’t want to have a counseling session with Marlena’s ghost. Belle tells Sami to wait. Sami gets a phone call and it’s Brandon.

Celeste says that Lexie is not ready to move on yet. Celeste says the last time she read Tek’s cards she found out that Tek is interested in Lexie.

Abe thinks about his family all the time and wonders about how much she’s suffering. Roman says that he feels the same about Kate. Marlena says that Kate’s still suffering and hasn’t been the same since. Marlena remembers killing Roman. Roman says that’s not true. Marlena is still convinced that they are in purgatory and this is her punishment for killing people. Marlena runs off and Roman follows her.

Sami can’t believe it is Brandon. She thought she’d never hear from him. Sami asks Brandon to come back. She says it was like Brandon died when he left. Sami says she doesn’t know if she can do what he’s asking.

Kate cannot believe that Lucas wants to marry Sami. Kate reminds Lucas of Austin. Lucas says that Sami has changed. He says Sami is just going through a hard time right now. Lucas says that inside Sami is just a scared little girl. Kate says that Lucas has no purpose in life. She says that Lucas needs a real job. Kate offers Lucas a job with her. Lucas says Kate already tried that with Sami and it’s not going to work.

John is talking to Brady when he gets another call. He hears Marlena’s voice and can’t believe it.

The Island---Salem Place:

Marlena is a pay phone trying to call John. Roman hangs up the phone and says that the calls only go through locally. Marlena is still confused. Roman says he’s going to take Marlena somewhere so that she’ll believe everything he’s told her.

Alice offers Abe a cookie. Alice knows Abe is thinking about Lexie. Abe says that he worries about Lexie and Theo. Alice says that Lexie is a strong woman. Abe says that the more time goes by, the more he worries. Abe says he was hanging on to the hope that they’ll be rescued. Abe says that it’s so carefully orchestrated that he thinks they may never get off. Alice tells him not to give up hope. Abe says he has even wished Lexie and Theo would end up here. Abe wonders whether it’s harder for him or for Lexie.

Lexie says she’s not going to date anyone. Lexie says she’d feel guilty thinking about another man. Lexie is still wearing her wedding ring.

Roman says that they are trapped on the island. Marlena asks if they tried to escape. Roman says they even tried to build a raft, but the current was too strong. He says they wouldn’t have been able to go with Alice either. Marlena finally starts to accept it. Marlena says that everyone thinks she killed Roman. Marlena realizes that everyone thinks she’s dead too. Marlena worries about Sami now that she’s lost both parents.

Belle asks what Brandon said. Belle says that Sami will get through this. Sami doesn’t know how she can since everyone she’s loved is gone. Belle hugs Sami.

John talks through his phone. He asks if it is really Marlena. He asks her to say something. John hangs up and tells Brady that it was probably a wrong number. John tells Brady that he heard Marlena’s voice. He knows that it’s crazy.

Lucas says that Will just wants a loving family. Lucas says he needs to go check on Sami. Kate says that she has to find a way to stop this.

Sami says that it didn’t work out with any of her boy friends. Sami says that she’s better to give up. Belle reminds Sami that she still has family. Sami says she doesn’t want to go through that pain again and will never be with Lucas.

Roman asks if Sami went after Marlena when she found out Marlena was the killer. Marlena says that Sami never believed Marlena was guilty. Sami never lost faith. Marlena says that she still thinks she was responsible. Roman says Marlena didn’t kill anyone and that Sami was right to believe in her. Marlena says that Sami even blamed John and Kate for the murders. Roman asks if Kate and Sami are still at odds. Roman says that he told Kate to look out for Sami. Marlena says that won’t happen since Sami won’t even talk with Kate. Marlena says that Sami still thinks that Marlena and Roman should never have split up.

Abe says he told Lexie there was always the possibility that he would die. Abe worries Lexie could find another man.

Lexie says that Abe is really gone. Lexie says she can’t even think about another man. Celeste says that Tek is quite attractive. Celeste gets another vibration. Celeste says that something is wrong.

Kate tells John she’s worried about Lucas. John says they can’t know what’s going to happen. John says that they thought they had found their soul mates and now they are gone. John says that no one knows what will happen with Sami and Lucas. Kate refuses to leave it up to fate and vows to get Sami out of Lucas’ life.

Sami says she’ll never get involved with Lucas. Lucas is eavesdropping from behind a bush. Sami says she can’t get involved with Lucas because he’s Kate’s son. Belle says Sami should give it a try because otherwise she’s just hurting herself. Sami swears on her mother’s grave that she’ll never get involved with Lucas.

Lexie says that she doesn’t want any gloomy predictions. Celeste says this is about Tek. Celeste says that Tek is very complicated and there are lots of surprises in store. Tek comes back down stairs. Tek says that Theo’s throwing the football really well. Celeste says that he and Theo are getting close. Tek says Theo’s a great kid and hopes to see more of him.

Alice tells Abe not to lose faith. Abe hopes that they get rescued soon so that he can get back to Lexie before she moves on.

Roman says he figured Sami would never give up on the dream that she had of her parents living happily ever after. Marlena says it’s not a dream, but a nightmare. Roman says that’s exactly what it is, a living nightmare. Marlena asks Roman if there is something he’s not telling her. Roman says no. Marlena says that Roman must have some idea of who could be behind all this madness.


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