Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/25/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bo, Hope, Nicole, Crystal, Brady, Kate, receptionist, John, Sami, Lucas, Marlena, Alice, Roman

Salem Place:

Bo says that Shawn still isn’t answering. Hope is mad that Bo didn’t leave a message. Bo says that Shawn’s voice mailbox is full. Bo thinks that Shawn’s phone probably isn’t charged. Bo says this is not over until Nicole is caught and sent to jail for Victor’s murder. Hope wonders why they haven’t been able to make a case yet.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole is happy Crystal is taken care of so that she can move on. The doorbell rings. Brady answers it and it’s Crystal. Crystal introduces herself as Nicole’s long time friend.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas says that Will is with Grandpa Shawn and that tomorrow they are going to the science fair. Sami says it’ll be a good distraction for Will. Lucas says that Grandpa Shawn asked about her. Sami says, if anyone asks, she’s miserable. Lucas asks Sami if she wants to go out. Sami asks if it would be like a date.

Kate’s office:

Kate looks at a picture of Lucas. Kate says Sami is using Marlena’s death to get at Lucas.

Basic Black:

The receptionist is surprised to see John at work. John says that work is piling up. The receptionist offers her condolences. John asks if the monthly reports are on his desk. The receptionist tells John that Kate already took care of them. John asks if Kate’s been covering for her. John asks Kate when she had the time to do the reports since Kate was at the funeral with him. Kate says that she did them last night. John tells her not to keep up these crazy hours. Kate says that work is keeping her sane; Kate says that they can help each other through this difficult time.

The Island---Alice’s house:

Marlena is half dazed. She remembers being in the coffin and then having the coffin fall. Then she remembers waking up and seeing Alice in Salem Place. She remembers thinking she was dead and Alice saying that they are very much alive. Marlena wakes up all the way and realizes that she’s in Alice’s house. She is confused and wonders where she is. She sees Alice and is very happy to see her. Marlena goes over and hugs Alice.

Sami says that she doesn’t want to go out. Lucas says that Sami needs a distraction. Lucas doesn’t want Sami feeling sorry for herself. Lucas wants to know what he can do for her. Sami asks to be left alone. Lucas is about to call Kate to come over. Sami says that Kate will only torture her. Sami give in and agrees to go out.

Kate offers John a drink. John asks for a double. Kate says she can’t go back to Roman’s house. She says that there are too many memories there. John says that Roman would want Kate to live in his house. Kate says the time will never be right. John says that he never thought that when he moved out of the penthouse that it would be the last time he and Marlena would be under the same roof. John tells Kate about Sami and how she missed her mother so much that she thought she heard Marlena calling from the coffin. Kate says that must have been horrible. John says that they even opened the casket to prove it to her. John says that Marlena died in his arms and that he saw her at the morgue and at the church, but he still thought it might have been possible for Marlena to be alive. John says Marlena was so peaceful and so dead. He says that he finally has to accept it.

Alice says that Marlena must have many questions. Marlena says it’s the most realistic dream she ever had. Alice says that it’s not a dream. Marlena says she must be hallucinating from lack of oxygen in the coffin. Marlena closes her eyes and counts to three and when she opens them, Alice is still there. Marlena says that she killed Alice. Marlena remembers saying that she had to kill Alice. Alice says that Marlena didn’t kill her and Marlena is not dead either. Marlena remembers getting shot on the roof of the jail. Marlena finally realizes that it’s not a dream and that she’s not dead. She asks how she ended up in Alice’s house, since the last time she saw Alice they were in Salem Place. Roman says that he carried Marlena from Salem Place to Alice’s house. Marlena cannot believe that Roman is here too and she squeals in excitement.

The Blue Note:

Sami says that the last time they were here Tony’s thugs came after her. Lucas says that Sami is safe with him. Bo and Hope arrive too. Bo asks for champagne. A mother and son are also having a nice evening together. Bo says that they are celebrating the capture of the Salem Stalker. Bo says he’s going to catch Nicole.

Crystal says that this place is lovely and that Nicole has done well. Nicole says that Crystal is a friend from her adult film days. Crystal asks if Brady has seen any of her movies, since all men have. Nicole says that Brady is her step-grandson. Crystal introduces herself to Brady as “Crystal Galore”. Crystal talks to Nicole about the plan that they had to kill Marlena and Brady asks what they are talking about.

John says that he most worries about Sami right now. Kate says that once someone gets of Sami’s bad list he/she never gets off. John says he’s going to watch Sami from a distance. John is happy that Lucas is watching Sami. John says that Lucas can handle Sami and he can watch Will. Kate says that he knows that and that she regrets not being able to keep the promise she made to Roman. John says that Roman would understand. Kate asks what John thinks about the afterlife. John says that Marlena is in heaven. Kate says that Roman is in heaven too and that maybe they are together. John says that Kate is jealous of that.

Marlena goes towards Roman and is so happy that he’s here. Marlena almost passes out walking towards Roman. Marlena says she’s very dizzy. Roman tells her to take it easy because the stuff that they are given to simulate death is very potent. Roman says that after a while it will wear off and she’ll feel normal again. Marlena says she doesn’t want to feel normal again because she killed Roman and Alice. Marlena has some kind of revelation and says she knows what’s going on.

Brady asks Crystal how she took care of Marlena. Nicole says she can explain and Brady says that’s not interested in hearing Nicole’s side. Crystal says that she wasn’t getting many job offers so she went to Marlena’s rehab program. Brady says he isn’t even aware that Marlena had a rehab program. Nicole says it was at the free clinic. Crystal says that after she heard about Marlena’s death, she stood outside the clinic and collected money. Crystal says that Nicole promised to match any amount of money that she collected.

Lucas tries to get Sami to eat a potato and pretends like it’s a spaceship. He says it works with Will. Sami asks why Lucas is being so nice. Lucas says that he doesn’t want to aggravate her. Sami asks Lucas to make her mad. Lucas asks Sami to dance. Sami makes a cutting remark about Chloe. Sami says the invitation to dance didn’t make her mad. Lucas asks if they can dance anyway.

Hope says it’s hard to celebrate. Bo says that Marlena would’ve died anyway. Bo says he wants to remember Marlena as a loving friend and part of their family. Bo says he doesn’t want to remember these last few days. Hope is happy he feels that way. They toast to Marlena and hope she rests in peace.

Lucas and Sami are dancing and having fun. Lucas dips Sami and Sami sees Bo and Hope making a toast. Sami goes right on over and is about to slap Bo, but Bo catches her hand in time.

Kate says it’s ridiculous for her to be jealous. John apologizes for saying that. Kate says that John could be right, but only because she loved Roman so much. Kate is upset that Marlena said that she loved Roman. Kate says that was insensitive for her to say. Kate says that John is the best man next to Roman. John says she’s overstating things. Kate is happy that John gave her a job when no one else would. John says that Kate was the right person for the job. John asks if Kate has eaten. Kate says she hasn’t. John says they should go get a bite to eat and then Kate can fill him in on the reports that she did. Kate agrees.

Marlena says that this is her punishment and that she’s dead. Roman says that Marlena is wrong. Roman offers Marlena some of Alice’s donuts. Marlena refuses and says that’s how she killed Alice. Alice says if that were true, then why would she be offering them to Marlena? Marlena says this is all some sort of sick, twisted punishment. Alice says that Marlena hasn’t heard a thing they said. Roman says Alice is right. Roman says he wasn’t going to tell Marlena until she was physically stronger, but he is about to tell Marlena the shocking truth.

Nicole asks Brady to go get some aspirin and water from Henderson. Crystal is surprised that Nicole has a butler too. Crystal says that she wants more. Crystal says that she wants to live in the mansion. Nicole says that she already paid Crystal’s way out of town. Crystal says that if Nicole doesn’t let her stay here then Brady will find out what Nicole had planned for Marlena.

Bo says that they were toasting Marlena’s memory. Lucas starts to take Sami back to their table. Bo says that he did not kill Marlena and even tried to prevent it. Sami says that she still blames Bo for Marlena’s death. Bo says he understands that Sami hates the world right now. Lucas says that Bo is part of Sami’s family. Sami says that Bo isn’t even a real Brady; he’s a Kiriakis. Sami says that only one thing could make this night worse. John and Kate walk into the room.

Crystal says she’s going to love living here with a cook. Nicole says that Crystal will stay for a little while. Crystal asks Brady to show her to her room. Nicole wonders what she’s going to do now that Crystal will be around.

Lucas tells Sami to stay away from any sharp objects. John and Kate come over to say hi. Lucas says that it’s not a good time. John and Kate say they are just looking out for Sami like Roman and Marlena would. Sami tells them not to mention her parents’ names. Sami says that she’s happy that Roman and Marlena are dead. John says she doesn’t really mean that. Sami says she does mean it because now Roman and Marlena will be together for all eternity and there is nothing that John or Kate can do about it.

Roman asks Marlena once more if she really wants to hear the truth now. Marlena says she’s sure she wants to know. Roman says that everything in old Salem was a lie. He says that it was all an illusion. He says that someone has built an exact replica of Salem. Marlena finally realizes that all the people who were murdered are now living here in the fake Salem. Marlena is so happy that she didn’t kill anyone!

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