Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/24/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

The Big Twist Episode

Characters appearing: Bonnie, Mimi, Jan, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Nicole, Sami, Lucas, Marlena, Brady, Mickey, Crystal

The country bar:

Bonnie says she just has to visualize what she wants and she’ll get it. Bonnie tells Max she’s ready. Max barks at her. Bonnie says that she has to visualize lassoing Mickey. Bonnie sees Mickey in Max’s place. Bonnie throws the lasso and Max runs away. Mimi asks what her mom is up to.

Outside on the street:

A newspaper blows at Jan’s feet. Jan says it’s a good thing that the police finally caught Marlena.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn yells for Jan to let him go. Shawn says he has to go to the bathroom. Nicole is dressed as Mrs. B and goes in to see Shawn. Nicole pictures Brady in the cage. Shawn says his wrists hurt. Shawn realizes that it’s not Jan.

A café in Salem Place:

Bo says he wishes he could’ve gone to the funeral. Hope says that Sami wouldn’t let the casket go. Bo is about to call Sami to see how she is. Hope stops her and says that Sami does not want to hear from Bo.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami looks through her photo album. The last picture is of Marlena and the other half is torn. Sami asks who she has left. Lucas comes in and says that Sami still has him.

The cemetery:

There is a white rabbit on Marlena’s grave. Marlena is calling out for help. She’s crying in her casket that she’s still alive.

Bonnie says that she’s visualizing. Mimi says that Bonnie is just being selfish. Mimi says that Bonnie should be sympathetic to what Mickey is going through. Mimi says that Marlena’s funeral probably reminded him of losing Maggie. Bonnie hopes to be married to Mickey.

Lucas says that he’s sorry that Sami lost he mom. Sami says she really heard Marlena calling for help. Lucas says that he doesn’t understand what Sami is going through. Lucas says that Marlena would be able to explain it though. Sami cannot believe that Marlena is really gone. Lucas says that Marlena isn’t suffering. Lucas says that Marlena is at rest.

Marlena is still calling for help inside the coffin. She is saying that she can’t die. She calls out for John, Sami, Eric and Belle.

Bo says that Roman would want him to help Sami. Hope says that it will take time for Sami to heal. Hope says that Lucas is with Sami right now. Bo says he didn’t want Marlena to die like this. Bo says that Marlena was a cold blooded killer. Bo says that Marlena would have died anyway. Hope says that even after Marlena’s death and confession there is no closure. Bo says that all they know is that Marlena did it because she was still in love with Roman.

Jan is at the café and drops her money under the table. Bo tells Jan to stop.

Shawn recognizes that someone else is dressed up like Mrs. B. He doesn’t know how it is, but he asks her to help him. Shawn tells Nicole about what Jan did. Shawn says that all he wants is to get back to Salem so that he can be with Belle. Nicole is about to leave him. Shawn asks if Nicole has ever been in love. Nicole imagines Brady. Nicole says that she has been in love. Her vision of Brady says that she must let Shawn go. Nicole goes to open the cage door.

Mimi walks up with Max. Mimi won’t let Bonnie continue to take advantage of Mickey. Bonnie says she just took advantage of the opportunity. Mimi says that taking advantage of senior citizens is not the way to get money. Bonnie says that she is fond of Mickey too. Mimi threatens to tell Mickey about what Bonnie is really like. Mickey comes in and says he already knows.

Sami looks a picture of Will. Lucas knows what she’s looking at and says he loves it when her face lights up. Lucas says that she has to do this for Will. Sami says that’s what her parents would say. Lucas reminds Sami that she still has family. Lucas opens up the photo album and reminds Sami that she still has Grandpa Shawn, Belle and Hope. Sami doesn’t let him get to Bo. Sami still believes that Bo and John are responsible for Marlena’s death.

Marlena is running out of air in the coffin. She doesn’t want to die. Marlena starts to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Suddenly the coffin moves and starts to fall into a pit of lava!!

Brady is saying that Nicole is doing the right thing. Brady says Belle needs Shawn in the same way that Nicole needs Brady. Nicole says that if he lets Shawn out then Jan will turn her in and she’ll lose Brady.

Hope says she’s really beginning to worry about Shawn since Shawn has not called. Hope doesn’t want to hear any more excuses. Bo says that Shawn probably hasn’t heard about Marlena’s death because otherwise he’d be here. Hope says that’s true, unless something has happened to him. Hope says that normally a person has to be missing for 48 hours before the police can be sent out. Hope asks Bo to do something about it. Bo says that Shawn hasn’t even been missing for 24 hours, but he says that he’ll have everyone on the lookout for him. Hope says this will make Belle happier too. As Bo and Hope leave, Jan says that Shawn will never make it back to Salem.

Mickey says that he saw the flowers that Bonnie sent. Bonnie says she hopes that it wasn’t out of line. Mickey says that he appreciates Bonnie showing that she cares. Bonnie gets Mickey’s some ice tea. Mickey says he’ll take the flowers over to Maggie’s grave later. Mickey says that the iced tea is very good. Mimi is listening in and says this is getting worse and worse. Bonnie asks Mickey how the funeral went. Mickey says that he went to the church and that he couldn’t go in. Mickey says that he was hoping that he could get some closure seeing Marlena dead. Mickey says he just got upset and realized that he’s all alone. Bonnie says that she’s here for Mickey. Mickey hands Bonnie a small jewelry box.

Lucas asks how Sami is going to make everyone pay. Lucas asks if Sami wants Bo, John, and Kate to die. Lucas says that they are going the same pain that she is. Sami says that no one is going through the same pain that she is. Lucas says that pain is pain. He says that Bo lost a lot of family members too. Sami maintains that Bo wanted Marlena to die. Lucas says that Marlena was trying to escape and that Bo had no choice. Lucas says that Bo tried to call off the shoot to kill order. Sami still believes that John is behind the murders. Lucas says that John loves Marlena and wouldn’t want to hurt her. Lucas says that Sami is filled with hate and that it is going to prevent her from being happy in the future. Sami says that she has no future.

Marlena hears a drill. She wakes up and asks where she is. The casket opens and a bright light appears. Marlena shields her eyes and then she sees something shocking.

Bo alerts the police. Bo asks if Hope feels better. Hope says this is just not something Shawn would do. Hope says that John is furious and even thinks that Shawn is not the right person for Belle. Bo agrees with that. Bo says this is not like Shawn.

Jan returns and Nicole asks what took so long. Jan says she was just doing what Nicole asked her. Jan bailed out Crystal and left some money for her at the bus station. Nicole leaves. Nicole says that Bo and Hope will not give up looking for Shawn. Jan says that by the time they do Shawn will be in love with her. Outside, Nicole says that she needs to get the evidence that Victor had. Jan has bought a new red teddy to show Shawn.

Bonnie says she doesn’t know what to say. Mickey tells Bonnie to open it. There is a pearl pin and Bonnie says it’s beautiful. Mickey says that Bonnie is a real gem. Mimi is relieved that it’s not an engagement ring. Mickey says that the pin belonged to Maggie and he gave it to Maggie when she opened Tuscany. Bonnie says that she can’t accept the gift. Mickey asks why. Bonnie says that it’s Maggie’s pin and that Mickey should keep it somewhere safe. Mickey insists and puts in on Bonnie. Mickey leaves to go take the flowers to Maggie’s grave. Mimi comes out and Bonnie asks Mimi not to say anything. Bonnie says she was so close to getting Mickey. Bonnie says she’s a failure. Mimi says she’s proud of Bonnie. Mimi leaves. Bonnie says that as soon as Mickey is over Maggie she’s going to get Mickey. Bonnie throws the lasso and gets it right around Max.

Bo says that as soon as they find out where Shawn’s motorcycle is they’ll feel better.

Jan comes back into the cage. Shawn asks where the accomplice is. Jan says she’s gone. Jan starts kissing Shawn.

Nicole comes home. Brady asks where she was. Nicole says she has business to take care of. Nicole is happy she has everything taken care of. The doorbell rings. Brady answers it and it’s Crystal.

Sami says that everyone she loved is gone. Lucas says that the people who died still left lessons that Sami has learned. Lucas says that Sami’s life hasn’t ended with her parents’ death. Lucas says that Sami promised to be strong for Will. Lucas says that Sami is the strongest person he knows. Lucas says Roman and Marlena are probably watching over Sami right now. Sami says that makes her feel better knowing that Marlena’s in a better place.

The Island:

Marlena is walking around on a tropical island version of Salem Place. She sees someone on a bench. It’s Alice!! Marlena is shocked to see her. Alice says that she’s been expecting Marlena. Marlena thinks she’s dead. Alice assures Marlena that they are both alive.

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