Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/21/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jan, Nicole, Shawn, Sami, Mr. Milbauer, Celeste, Lucas, Belle, John, Brady, Lexie, Philip, Hope, Marlena.

Jan’s country house:

Jan agrees to get Nicole the money, but first has to check on Shawn. Jan asks if she’ll get the money back. A glass shatters and Jan runs to check on Shawn. Nicole is happy she’s getting the money and remembers her conversation with Crystal. Nicole goes to see what Jan’s up to. Jan asks what Shawn was doing. Jan notices the keys on the floor and realizes that Shawn was trying to get out. Jan gets angry and gets out her riding crop.

The cemetery:

Sami asks Mr. Milbauer for a minute alone with Marlena. Sami is sorry that for being such and angry person. Sami says she wants to hear Marlena say “I love you” one more time. Sami throws herself on the coffin and cries. Celeste says Marlena is here. Marlena’s eyes open while she’s in he coffin. Sami hears Marlena’s voice. Marlena is pounding on the inside of the coffin asking Sami to let her out. Sami stops everything and tells everyone that Marlena is alive.

Jan is very angry that Shawn was trying to escape. Jan says that everything Shawn said is a lie. Shawn says that he wants only Jan. Shawn asks Jan to believe him. Jan says he will believe him once he proves it. Jan starts kissing Shawn all over. The phone is ringing and Shawn tells her that the phone is distracting. Nicole calls Jan. Jan says she won’t get the money.

Sami says Marlena is alive. Hope says that maybe it’s time to go. Sami says that they have to save Marlena. Hope tells Celeste that this has to stop. John says Marlena is not alive. Sami asks if Belle believes her. Belle wonders if there is the slightest chance. John says that Celeste almost had him convinced last night when he heard Marlena’s voice. Sami is angry he didn’t stop the funeral. Celeste is convinced Marlena is alive and that they have to get her out or else Marlena will suffocate. Lexie arrives and tells Celeste to let it go because all their loved ones are dead. Marlena is in the coffin calling for help. She says that it’s getting hard to breathe.

Nicole tells Jan to come out right now. Jan agrees to come. Nicole says that she means business. Jan says that Nicole will have to watch Shawn while she’s gone. Nicole agrees to do that. Jan tells Nicole that the evidence that implicates Nicole is not in the building. Jan warns Nicole not to touch Shawn. Nicole just tells Jan to go get the money.

Sami continues to say that Marlena is still alive because she heard Marlena calling. Celeste still insists that Marlena is alive. Celeste starts to hear the birds and insects again. Celeste asks if everyone else can hear them. No one else can. Celeste says they are warning them to right their wrong. Sami says that if no one will help her then she will open the coffin herself. Sami can’t open it. Marlena is suffocating inside. Belle wants John to open the coffin. John puts his hand on the top of the casket. Marlena reaches up, but her hand falls as she runs out of air.

Jan comes out all dressed up. Nicole says that if Jan marries Shawn then her name will be Jan Brady. Jan asks who that is. Nicole just tells Jan to get the money. Nicole pours herself a drink. Nicole thinks that Victor’s will and evidence are here. Nicole starts to look for the file. Shawn calls out for Jan. Nicole wants to shut Shawn up.

Sami asks John not to let them bury Marlena. Philip says that Sami needs to get a grip. Sami says that she’s telling the truth. Celeste says that if John doesn’t open the casket then he will be fulfilling the prophecy that he’d kill his wife. John tells Mr. Milbauer to open the coffin. Sami thanks John. Mr. Milbauer says this might not even be legal. Hope says that he can go ahead. They open the coffin and everyone looks shocked.

Nicole dresses up in Jan’s Mrs. B costume. Shawn asks why she’s dressed up. Nicole thinks to herself that this will keep Shawn from screaming like a banshee. Shawn wonders why she isn’t talking. Nicole thinks the evidence might be hidden in the cage. Shawn yells to be let go again.

Sami says she knows Marlena is alive. Hope asks Lexie to check. Lexie says Marlena is dead. Mr. Milbauer asks if they can proceed with the burial. John says they can bury her. Sami gets mad. Lucas takes the teddy bear out of Sami’s purse and places it in Marlena’s coffin. Will wanted the stuffed animal to be with Marlena. Marlena gave the bear to Will when he was born and it was always his favorite.

Sami says this is like killing Marlena all over again. Sami asks Celeste to tell everyone that Marlena’s alive. Celeste says she can no longer feel Marlena’s prescence. Sami says she won’t let then bury Marlena. Sami runs over to the coffin. Lucas and Philip try to pull Sami away. Sami struggles with them. John tells Sami to stop all of this. He says that they need to bury Marlena before the press gets wind of where they are and makes a spectacle out of their grief. Sami runs away and Lucas follows her. John wishes there was something that he could do to ease Sami’s pain. Belle says she doesn’t know what they will do without Marlena. John asks Philip to take Belle home and make sure she’s ok. John says that Shawn is the only person who can comfort Belle. John asks Hope where Shawn is. Hope says that maybe Shawn still hasn’t heard. Brady says that’s not possible because the media is having a field day with this. Brady thinks that if Shawn really loved Belle then he’d be here right now.

Nicole imagines Brady in the cage. In her dream, Nicole locks herself in the cage with Brady. Brady protests and Nicole tries to change his mind by kissing him all over.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami comes home. Sami tells Lucas that they really are burying Marlena alive. Sami worries about Will. Sami doesn’t want Will to find out. Lucas says that Kate is watching Will all day and he won’t hear anything. Sami starts to leave again. Lucas stops her and tells Sami to let it go.

Belle’s loft:

Belle comes home and she has no messages. Belle starts making some tea. Philip thinks that Belle needs to lie down. Philip sets Belle down on the couch. Philip assures Belle that she won’t go through this alone. Belle asks if Shawn is going to call. Philip goes to put on the tea.

Shawn asks why “Mrs. B.” won’t talk to her. Nicole is still imagining Brady in Shawn’s place. Nicole says that deep down this is what Brady really wants. Brady gives in.

Hope says there must be a reason why Shawn has not called. John says that maybe Shawn is not the right guy for Belle. John stops himself and apologizes to Hope because she had always given Marlena the benefit of the doubt. John says that Hope has been a good friend. Hope says she tries to be. John says that he wishes Bo were a little more like a friend. Hope says that Bo weighed all the options and did what he thought was best. John says that Bo was wrong and now Marlena is dead. John says that Bo is too hotheaded and that Shawn might be the same way. Brady tells John that’s enough. Hope gets defensive at John’s comments about Bo and Shawn. John says that Bo is the reason why Marlena is dead.

Brady, in the dream, says that he does want Nicole. Brady says that Nicole has to unlock him. Nicole agrees to unlock Brady, but really she’s unlocking Shawn. The phone rings and Nicole realizes that she’s unlocking Shawn, not Brady. Shawn is confused as to what happened. Nicole leaves. Nicole thinks she’s losing it and turning into Jan.

Lucas says that Marlena is without a doubt dead. Sami says that she really did hear Marlena. Lucas says that Sami was just tired. Lucas tells Sami to get some rest. Sami says she can’t close her eyes because she keeps picturing Marlena trapped in the coffin. Lucas tells Sami to let Marlena go. He promises that Marlena was not buried alive, but that she is gone.

John says that Shawn is purposely not picking up the phone. Hope knows that is not something that Shawn would do. Brady says that they should just go home. John agrees, but first he puts a rose on Marlena’s grave. He picks up a handful of dirt and drops it. He tells Marlena he’ll love her forever.

Lexie says that this nightmare is finally over. Celeste says that it’s only beginning. Lexie is confused. Celeste says she doesn’t know how or when, but that it’s not over yet.

Marlena wakes up in her coffin and sees the bear that Lucas left for her. Marlena realizes that they’ve already buried her and starts screaming that they’ve made a big mistake.


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