Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/20/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Philip, Belle, Shawn, Jan, Nicole, Brady, John, Hope, Father Jansen, Marlena, Celeste, Will, Kate, Mr. Milbauer

Outside St. Luke’s:

Sami and Lucas arrive. Sami doesn’t want to go inside. Sami says that Marlena is not dead.

Philip and Belle stand by the place Marlena will be buried, which is next to Roman. Belle says that funeral will just be close family and friends. Belle says that everyone is happy Marlena’s dead. Belle says that Shawn still hasn’t called. Belle is angry Shawn hasn’t called.

Jan’s country house:

Music is playing in the cage and Shawn is rattling his chains. Jan brings Shawn breakfast. Jan tells him he’d better eat up.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole says that she’s going to go to Marlena’s funeral. Brady says Nicole wasn’t invited. The phone rings and Brady answers. The person on the other line says that he/she is Nicole’s new best friend.

Inside the church:

John is in front of Marlena’s casket. John says he loves Marlena and will love her forever. Hope watches him. Father Jansen says he’s been there since dawn.

Celeste is outside and hears noises. Marlena’s voice whispers to Celeste. Marlena says that it’s not her time to die.

Belle says that just recently she was talking about her future with Shawn. Belle says that she wasn’t there for her mom. Belle says if she hadn’t lied then things would turn out differently. Philip says that everyone is grieving and people do it in different ways. Philip says that maybe Shawn doesn’t have access to a TV or radio right now. Philip says that Belle will get through this. Belle gets mad and says that’s not what she needs to hear. Philip backs off. Belle says she is grateful Philip is here. Philip says that Belle would rather have Shawn.

Jan brings Shawn a hearty breakfast. Shawn is about to say Belle’s name and Jan stops him. Jan says she’ll make sure he never thinks of Belle again. Shawn tries to grab at the keys, but can’t reach. Shawn tells Jan that he wants to hold Jan, but can’t because he’s handcuffed.

Sami says that there’s nothing she can do to change this. Sami wonders why everyone she loves is dying. Lucas says that if it’s too hard then she doesn’t have to go in. Sami asks who will give her a second chance. Will comes up and says that he will. Will says that is what family is for. Sami goes to hug Will. Kate looks on.

John says that Marlena was beautiful. Hope says Marlena was one of the most beautiful women she knew, inside and out. John says the funeral home did a great job. John says when he woke up, he could still smell Marlena’s perfume on the sheets. John says that last night Celeste talked with Marlena. John says that he really believed Celeste. John says that Celeste has the feeling that Marlena’s soul is not at peace. John says this should be a celebration of Marlena’s life. Hope says that’s what they’ll do. Belle and Philip walk in. John and Belle hug.

Outside Marlena is still whispering to Celeste. Insects are buzzing and birds are chirping. Celeste asks Marlena what to do. Celeste must stop John from burying Marlena.

Crystal is on the phone for Nicole. Nicole tells Brady to go on to the funeral. Nicole says she’s talking to an old friend. Nicole tells Crystal not to call this number again. Nicole tells Crystal to be patient. Crystal says that she’ll tell on Nicole. Crystal says that she won’t call again. Nicole wonders why she can’t find a useful accomplice.

Shawn asks Jan to let him love her. Jan starts kissing Shawn.

John and Belle hold a match by the candles. Kate asks Philip if he stayed with Belle all night. Kate asks if Shawn called. Philip says Shawn did not call. Kate says that Belle needs Philip right now. Will asks if anyone else is coming. Sami says that Marlena made a difference in so many people’s lives. Sami sees Hope and tells Hope that she shouldn’t be here right now. Lucas says they should find a seat. Lucas takes Sami aside and says she shouldn’t blame Hope. Sami says Bo, John and Kate are to blame.

Jan is kissing Shawn and asking why Shawn isn’t responding. Shawn says he wants to talk to Jan and watch movies for her. Shawn tells Jan that she wants him to be able to hold her. Jan is about to unchain Shawn when the doorbell rings.

Belle and Sami hug. Brady asks Kate why Sami is acting like the only one who’s lost someone. Kate says Sami will make this all about her. Bo calls Hope and says that Crystal has more info about Marlena’s escape. Sami regrets that she can never be the daughter that Roman and Marlena deserved. Sami goes up to Marlena and begs her to come back. Celeste walks up and tells Marlena she won’t let them bury her.

Jan’s doorbell is ringing frantically. Jan waits to open it. Nicole tells Jan to open the door. Nicole asks if Jan is role-playing now. Shawn calls out from the cage.

Sami asks what Celeste is talking about. Sami tells Celeste to leave Marlena alone. John tells Celeste not to give them false hope. John says Celeste hears dead people. John asks why Marlena would contact Celeste and not her loved ones. Celeste says that Marlena is trying to contact her. John says that they are putting Marlena to rest today and that if Celeste doesn’t agree, then she can leave. John holds Marlena’s hand and asks if she can hear him. John tells Marlena he loves her. Hope says that Kate must have mixed feelings about being here. Kate says that both John and Marlena were her friends. Kate says John doesn’t deserve this. Father Jansen is about to start. Belle gets a phone call and thinks it’s Shawn. It was a wrong number.

Marlena whispers to Celeste again. Marlena asks Celeste to not let them bury her. It’s not Marlena’s time to go.

Shawn is still struggling to get out. He tries to get the keys and can’t. Nicole asks if Jan has the money. Jan is not happy that she has to bail out Crystal for Nicole. Jan was not involved in the scheme to kill Marlena. Jan says she can’t hand over the money because she doesn’t have any.

Father Jansen asks if John would like to say anything. John says that this is very hard for him and for his family. John says that they are not grieving alone. John says that Marlena touched so many people and that is what she will be remembered for. Marlena whispers not to let them bury her, again.

Jan says that the money is not here. Jan says her money is in Salem. Jan says that the bank was closed last night. Jan says that she was busy preparing things for Shawn. Nicole says Jan better get the money quickly.

Belle says that Marlena was a great mother. Belle says Marlena was the mother everyone wished they had. Belle says Marlena was her best friend and always will be. Hope says that family and friends meant everything to Marlena. Hope gives her condolences from the Salem PD and says that as a friend, she will miss her. Sami apologizes to Marlena for being a terrible daughter. Sami is sorry she didn’t treat Marlena as a friend. Sami is so sorry that she let Marlena down. Sami says she didn’t stop John from killing Marlena. Sami says that Bo, John, and Kate will all pay for what they did to Marlena, if it’s the last thing she does.

Shawn is pulling at his chains trying to get out. He says he’s coming for Belle. Jan is about to leave when she hears a glass break. She goes to check on Shawn.

Father Jansen starts the burial ceremony. They all put flowers on Marlena’s coffin. Sami says she forgot to put Will’s teddy bear in Marlena’s casket for him. Sami asks how she’s going to get through this without her mom. Sami says she’s not going yet. Belle thanks Brady for speaking so nicely of Marlena. Brady says he wishes he’d said those things when she was alive. Belle says she doesn’t know what to do any more Hope hugs Belle. Hope says Bo would’ve liked to be here. Hope says that Bo didn’t think they’d appreciate his presence. John asks if that’s why Shawn didn’t come either. Hope says she hasn’t heard from Shawn. Belle is worried to. Hope says they’ll track him down.

Mr. Milbauer is getting ready to bury Marlena. Sami asks him for a few minutes with Marlena. Sami feels bad that she never stopped to appreciate Marlena’s love. Sami throws herself on Marlena’s coffin. Celeste comes up behind Sami. The birds and insects start making noise again. Celeste says Marlena is here. Marlena’s eyes open. Sami hears something from inside the coffin. Marlena asks Sami to get her out of the coffin.


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