Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/19/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Belle, Philip, Shawn, Jan, Brady, Nicole, John, Celeste, Marlena, Crystal, Mr. Milbauer

The roof of the loft:

Thunder crashes. Belle goes up to her roof and sees a chalk picture on the roof. Belle has a flashback of Shawn saying that he traced Zack. Belle wanted to trace Shawn in chalk. Shawn told her to trace Mr. Bumper the bear in chalk. Belle and Shawn kissed after they completed the drawing. Rain starts falling. Philip shows up behind Belle.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn says that he’ll get out of the cage. Shawn says that Belle needs him right now. Jan says that Belle will get over it. Jan says that she doesn’t want to hurt Shawn. Jan tells Shawn to say he loves her and not Belle.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole is asleep with an empty glass in her hand. Nicole is saying, “kill Marlena” in her sleep. Nicole remembers her conversation with Crystal about killing Marlena. Brady walks into the room, shirtless, and asks Nicole whom she is telling to “shoot Marlena”. Nicole opens her eyes.

The morgue:

John says there is something inside of him that cannot let Marlena go. Celeste says that it’s her fault because John heard her talking to Marlena. Celeste says that it must have been a waking dream. Celeste is sorry that she gave John false hope. John says that he could’ve proved Marlena’s innocence if he had only had more time. Celeste knows that and gives John a hug. Marlena’s finger twitches and John notices something!!

Philip tells Belle to come inside. Belle says Shawn promised to come back. Philip says that Belle needs to calm down and go inside. Belle says she needs Shawn right now. Belle sees the chalk drawing washing away. Belle throws herself on the drawing.

Shawn says that Jan is a psycho. Shawn gets angry that he’s chained to the bed. Jan says that the baby is Shawn’s and that they were going to get married until Belle pushed her down the stairs. Shawn says that Belle did not push Jan and that the baby was Paul Mendez’s. Jan says that Belle lied to Shawn. Shawn asks Jan who helped Jan build the cage.

Nicole says that Bo gave an order to kill Marlena. Brady says that John was trying to help Marlena get out of prison. Brady says Marlena wouldn’t escape and that it doesn’t make any sense. Nicole says she’s sure of what happened.

John says that he finally realizes that Marlena is really gone. John takes the scalpel out of Marlena’s body. Mr. Milbauer returns and apologizes for stabbing Marlena. Mr. Milbauer tells them that they need to leave so that he can get on with his work. John asks what they are going to Marlena’s body since he doesn’t want her body treated with disrespect. The mortician says that they will drain her blood and replace it with embalming fluid. Celeste says that would certainly kill her. Mr. Milbauer says that Marlena is already dead and won’t feel a thing. He asks if he can proceed. John says that Mr. Milbauer isn’t doing anything to Marlena’s body. John says that he needs a moment alone with his wife. John says he can’t think of anything except go on for the children. John says that he will see Marlena’s face in Belle’s. Marlena’s voice says that their love is eternal. John says the same thing. John tells Marlena to rest peacefully. He refuses to say goodbye. Mr. Milbauer says that John can return to see her in the morning. Celeste apologizes again. Celeste says that Marlena’s spirit seemed so real. John says he’d do anything to bring her back.

Brady had called John but he didn’t answer. Brady says he needs to find John. Nicole says that she’s sorry. Brady doesn’t think that Nicole cares at all. Brady thinks Nicole is happy that Marlena will not be able to name Nicole and Nicole’s accomplice as Victor’s killers. Brady notices the champagne. Nicole says she needed a drink after the news.

Philip pulls Belle off the drawing. Belle says it’s a promise from Shawn. Philip says that she did everything she could and now it’s up to Shawn. Belle gets up and goes with Philip back inside.

Shawn asks who is helping Jan again. Jan says she did it all with kewpie’s help. Shawn asks how long she’s been working on this. Jan says that she’s been planning this for a long time. There was a teacher she had in high school who said she was not creative. Jan says she proved her wrong. Shawn says that when he gets out of the cage he will report Jan to the police and Jan will end up in jail. Jan says that’s not going to happen. Jan says that they will spend the rest of their lives together and someday they will even get married. Shawn says that he will not marry Jan. Jan says that she has it all planned. Jan imagines Shawn win a bowtie marrying her in the cage. Jan imagines the kewpie doll as their child.

Nicole says that she was not celebrating, but in shock. The doorbell rings and it is John. John says he got Brady’s message. Brady says that he’s so sorry. John says they need to go check on Belle. John says that they need to call Eric and Carrie. Brady says that he’ll do anything to help. John tells Brady to get some clothes on. Nicole offers her condolences. Nicole says that maybe this was the best way for her to go. Nicole says that now Marlena won’t have to go through the horror of death row. John says that Nicole is not helping. John says that Marlena’s death was a tragedy and that she was innocent, unlike Nicole. John says that Nicole will get nailed for Victor’s murder.

The park:

Celeste says that Marlena was always such a nice person. Celeste remembers Marlena saying that everyone in Salem will die. Celeste hopes Marlena’s spirit is at peace. The mortician is about to inject Marlena’s body with the embalming fluid. Marlena’s eyes open. Celeste says that Marlena really is dead. Celeste says she’s tired and that her imagination must have been working overtime.

Marlena’s blood is being replaced with the embalming fluid. The mortician watches as he eats a banana and recites a quote about death.

Philip is drying off. Belle thanks him and hugs him.

Shawn says if Jan lets him go now he won’t press any charges. Jan says that Shawn will never see Belle again.

John says that they are closing in on Nicole’s accomplice. Brady shows up and tells John he’s ready to go. Nicole tells Brady to give Belle her condolences. Nicole is very happy when Brady and John leave because no on can pin Victor’s death on her anymore. Crystal calls and tells Nicole to get her out of jail now. Crystal says she can’t take another night in jail. Nicole says it won’t be that easy to get Crystal out of jail. Crystal says that if Nicole doesn’t get her out soon then she will tell the police that Nicole planned Marlena’s death.

The mortician looks at Marlena’s picture and does Marlena’s makeup. He straightens the collar on Marlena’s suit.

Nicole pleads with Crystal for a little more time. Crystal says she’ll tell the police on Nicole. Crystal says that Nicole better pay up soon. Nicole has an idea.

Shawn says he’s very turned off by Jan’s actions. Shawn says this whole thing is pathetic. Nicole calls Jan and asks for a favor. Shawn calls out from the cage for help. Nicole hears Shawn’s voice and asks Jan if that is Shawn. Jan says that she finally got Shawn where she wants him. Jan tells Nicole not to tell anyone.

Belle has some cocoa. Philip says that cocoa won’t help her sleep. Belle says that nothing will help her sleep now. Belle says that Shawn used to hold her. Philip holds Belle.

Nicole says she won’t tell anyone. Shawn continues to call from the cage. Nicole says that Shawn doesn’t sound to happy. Jan says that Shawn is just playing a game. Nicole asks Jan to bail someone out of jail.

John says this is very hard. Brady says John knew that Isabella was going to die and therefore had time to deal with it. John says that’s a good point, but now there is something else about Marlena’s death. John says he could’ve sworn he heard Marlena talking to Celeste. Brady says that’s not possible. Brady says that none of Celeste’s premonitions have ever prevented any deaths.

Celeste gets up off the bench and Marlena appears to her. Marlena asks Celeste if she remembers everything she told her.

Jan says that she has the money, but she can’t just leave Shawn hanging. Jan says she just has to run a quick errand. Shawn says he just has to get to Belle. Jan covers her ears so that she can’t hear Belle’s name. Shawn continues to yell Belle’s name.

Belle says that she always wants to stay like this. Philip is surprised. Belle says that she loves Shawn. Philip is disappointed.

Marlena says that everyone in Salem will die. Marlena says she doesn’t think that Celeste is paying attention. Celeste runs away from Marlena’s ghost. Marlena follows her. Celeste runs right by where John and Brady are. John asks what’s going on. Celeste says that Marlena is following her. John asks where Marlena is and Celeste points. John looks for Marlena.


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