Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Rex, Mimi, Shawn Sr. Bo, Hope, Belle, Philip, Jan, Shawn D, Marlena, John, Celeste, Mr. Milbauer

The Brady Pub:

Rex and Mimi show up at the Pub. Mimi says they were going to get take out but they didn’t realize the time. Shawn Sr. tells them to stay. Rex goes to talk to with John. Mimi feels so bad for Belle and John. Shawn Sr. says that he’ll send some food for Belle. Mimi says that Philip took Belle home. Mimi says the Shawn hasn’t been reached. Hope says that Marlena’s all over the news and that Shawn should’ve heard by now.

Belle’s loft:

Belle comes homes and finds out that Shawn hasn’t called. Belle tries again and Shawn doesn’t answer. Philip says that Shawn could be tied up at the moment.

Jan’s country house:

Jan reveals herself to Shawn. Shawn cannot believe that it’s Jan. He asks if it’s a joke. Jan says it’s not a joke. She says that she did it all on her own with help from a kewpie doll. Shawn says that he has to get back to Belle because Belle’s mother died. Shawn’s phone rings and Jan refuses to give it to him.

Outside of the Pub:

Rex says he wants to talk about Marlena. John thinks it’ll be about the serial killings. Rex says he and Mimi visited the morgue looking for Philip and Belle. Rex says that Marlena is not dead.

The morgue:

Marlena is grabbing Celeste’s arm and telling her that everything was a lie. Celeste starts praying for Marlena’s soul to be delivered from evil. Marlena says that it’s too late for divine intervention. Celeste asks why Marlena is haunting her. Celeste says that Marlena is dead. Marlena says maybe she’s not dead after all.

Hope leaves a message for Shawn telling him to call home. Bo and Mimi speculate as to what Shawn is doing. Mimi feels bad for Belle because Belle actually watched Marlena die. Bo and Hope say they need to get home to Zack. They tell Mimi to keep trying to find Shawn.

Rex says Marlena is alive in their hearts, the way that she used to be. Rex says that the funeral home is filled with flowers and that a lot of people loved her. John says he knows that Marlena is dead and never coming back.

Celeste is trying to get away from Marlena. Marlena tells Celeste to stop fighting. Marlena says that Celeste resurrected her. Marlena says that now she is the one bringing the bad news, not Celeste. Celeste asks if someone else will die. Marlena says yes. Celeste asks if Marlena is innocent. Marlena says the worst is yet to come. Marlena says that everyone in Salem will die.

Belle leaves a message telling Shawn that everyone is worried about him. Belle tells Shawn to call. Thunder rumbles outside. Philip asks if Belle if she really doesn’t care if Shawn doesn’t call home. Philip tells Belle to get some rest. Belle says she’s not going to sleep now. Philip gives Belle a shoulder rub. Belle appreciates what Philip is doing. Belle says Philip should leave before the storm comes. Philip says he wouldn’t leave.

Jan tightens the locks on Shawn’s feet. Shawn asks why Jan is doing this. Jan says that Shawn loves her. Shawn says he loves Belle. Jan says Shawn only thinks he loves Belle. Jan says if she still had Shawn Jr. then they’d be living together happily ever after. Shawn says that Belle did not push Jan down the stairs and that the baby was not his. Above all, he says that he and Jan were never a couple. Jan says she went to Europe to figure out how to get Shawn to notice her. Shawn thinks her solution of putting him in a cage is stupid. Jan takes off her costume and gets out her little whip.

Bo and Hope’s house:

Hope wonders why Shawn hasn’t called. Bo says that Shawn is probably just enjoying his freedom. Bo says that Shawn can take care of himself. Bo says maybe Shawn is camping out. Hope says she’s going to check on Zack. Hope wonders how much more tragedy John can take. Bo says Marlena is better off dead.

Celeste says it is not logical for Marlena to just get up and walk out of here. Marlena says that Celeste does not deal in logic. Marlena says that if she doesn’t walk out of here then who will continue the reign of terror? Celeste realizes that it’s not over. Marlena says she can’t reveal how everyone in Salem will die. Celeste and Marlena continue talking. John is walking past the door and hears the two of him. He rushes in.

Belle thinks that maybe Shawn didn’t want to be here. Belle says there is a reason why Shawn could not commit. Philip tells Belle to relax. Philip says that Shawn would not abandon Belle or his family. Mimi and Rex show up with some food. Rex says he knows exactly where they can find Shawn.

Jan is on top of Shawn. Shawn pushes her off. Jan says that she will make love to him. Shawn says that maybe they should catch up first. Jan says that is not necessary since she’s been watching Shawn. There are flashbacks of Jan watching Shawn. Jan says that Shawn is so beautiful. Shawn says he was worried about Jan. Jan says he must have heard about her parents. Jan says she never imagined that her parents would get back together. She says that when they died, they only had one sled to carry them on and that they had to share it. Jan thinks it’s romantic. Shawn says he’s sorry. Jan says it’s ok since they were together when they died. Jan says that Shawn will be with her forever. Jan says she inherited a lot of money so they will live together forever. Jan starts making a move on Shawn and Shawn tells her to stop.

Bo comes in with some flowers. Hope is looking at old photos of Shawn. Hope says that Alice did not care about getting older. Hope says there will never be another person like Alice, Shawn Sr. and Caroline. Hope even says that Marlena was part of their family too. Hope regrets the time she lost with her family. Hope says she misses the Fancy Face. Hope says things were simpler then. Bo says that they will have to make new history. Bo says she flower shops were closed so he picked them from the park. He says that he’ll pay the fine. Hope remembers when Bo picked Alice’s prize-winning tulips. Bo says things weren’t really that much simpler then.

Celeste is fainting. John sits Celeste down in a chair and wakes her up. John says that he heard two voices and saw two silhouettes through the glass. Celeste says that Marlena is alive and that John heard right. John says that’s not possible. Celeste says that maybe Marlena is just in a deep coma. John talks to Marlena and asks her to come back if she’s alive. Mr. Milbauer comes in and asks what’s going on. John says he thinks Marlena might be alive. Mr. Milbauer says that’s impossible. John asks for proof. Mr. Milbauer takes a scalpel and sticks it into Marlena’s body.

Rex says that he developed a mini-tracking chip. Rex says that when he caught Shawn going through his computer he put one on his leather jacket. Mimi asks if there’s one on her. Rex says no. Rex says Shawn is still in or around Salem.

Shawn asks Jan how hard it was when her parents died. Shawn says that Jan should think about what Belle is going through. Shawn says that he needs to go see Belle and comfort her the same way he did for Jan. Jan is disgusted that Shawn is talking about Belle. Shawn says he promises to come back. Jan refuses to let him leave. She says that sooner or later Shawn will forget all about Belle Black. Jan starts kissing Shawn’s neck.

John is horrified that Mr. Milbauer put the scalpel in Marlena’s body. Mr. Milbauer says that Marlena is quite dead. She’s clinically and legally dead. John says that if she wasn’t she certainly is now!! Celeste says that she knows what she saw. John says that he knows he heard Marlena’s voice. John tells Marlena that maybe it was his imagination, buy he’d do anything to bring her back. Celeste asks that if Marlena is alive to give them a sign. The wind starts blowing.

Bo and Hope are cuddled up near the fire. Hope remembers Celeste not being able to see Bo in her future. Hope says Celeste said Bo wouldn’t be in her future. Bo says he’s going to be ok.

Rex says that Shawn is still in the outskirts of town. Belle thinks maybe Shawn was in an accident. Rex says that he’s lost the signal. Rex says that he hasn’t maintained the system. Rex says he must have been getting a false signal. Rex says he didn’t mean to get Belle’s hopes up. Belle says it’s ok and tries the phone again. Suddenly Belle runs out and Philip calls after her.

Shawn says that Belle did not brainwash him. Shawn says that he has to go be with Belle. Jan talks to her kewpie doll. Jan says that the doll told her that Shawn would only love her. The doll says that Jan must be persistent and break Belle’s spell over Shawn. Shawn says he’s not giving up on Belle. Jan says that she has big surprises for Shawn.

The wind stops blowing. Celeste says she didn’t mean to agitate John. She says that John must have been in some sort of waking dream. Celeste and John hug. Meanwhile, Marlena’s finger twitches. John looks longingly at his wife’s body.


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