Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/17/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jan, Shawn, Sami, Lucas, Belle, John, Philip, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Mr. Milbauer, Shawn Sr., Celeste, other employees at the funeral home.

Jan’s country home:

Jan has Shawn chained to the bed. She says that she’s going to get every last bit of him.

St. Luke’s:

Sami says that Kate was gloating. Sami still thinks that John and Kate killed Marlena. Sami says that Marlena had to escape because John and Kate framed her. Sami still blames John.

John tells Belle to pray for Marlena’s soul. They kneel before Marlena’s body. Belle asks if Marlena’s at peace now.

Lexie’s house:

Marlena is appearing to Celeste. Marlena says that she’s here to warn Celeste. Marlena says the suffering is not over and that more people will die. Marlena says that everyone who betrayed her must die.

John and Belle pray for Marlena. Belle cannot believe Marlena is really gone. She says that Marlena was the best mother. There’s a flashback of Marlena quoting her favorite passage from a book without crying. John says that they are going to remember Marlena for the way she was. John says they will always be there for each other the same way that Marlena was there for them.

Sami calls John a hypocrite. Lucas says that Sami has not turned to anyone for comfort. Lucas says that Sami is lashing out at everything. Sami says that she wants justice. Sami wants to see justice. Bo and Hope approach and Sami tells them to leave. John says that Sami is right and that Bo and Hope should leave. Hope says that Mr. Milbauer from the funeral home is here to take Marlena. John says that Marlena is not going anywhere.

Jan is lying on top of Shawn kissing him. Shawn is thinking about Belle. Jan is cuddled up on Shawn. Shawn says he wants to make love. Jan is surprised.

John refuses to let them do an autopsy on Marlena. Sami accuses John and Belle defends him. They start fighting. Hope tells them that this is a place to find comfort not fight. Hope tells Sami to be quiet out of respect for her mother. Hope agrees that an autopsy is not necessary. Hope tells John that he needs to make some decisions about the funeral. Hope tells John he needs to let Marlena go. John says Marlena will always be a part of him. Mr. Milbauer says everyone should wait outside. John, Sami, and Belle refuse to leave. Marlena is put in the body bag and wheeled out. John reaches out to Sami. Sami refuses to let John touch her. Bo says that he didn’t want this all to happen. Hope says there is nothing they can do now. Sami says that Bo and John will not get away with this. Belle says that it’s not the time to fight. Belle asks for Sami’s help with something for their mother.

Marlena says that Celeste will be the messenger. The tarot cards on the table fly up and circle around. They land on the table in a row and they are all death cards.

Jan starts to kiss Shawn’s body again and Shawn tells her to stop. Shawn is still thinking of Belle. In his dream he is telling Belle that they should stay pure until they are married. Shawn mentions Belle’s name. Jan gets mad and brings out a pair of scissors.

The Brady Pub:

John goes to the bar to get drunk. Bo comes in and asks for a drink. John tells Shawn Sr. not to get out another glass because Bo can have his. John throws his drink in Bo’s face. John blames Bo for Marlena’s death. Bo says Marlena killed his family members too. Bo says that Marlena was a killer.

The mortuary:

Mr. Milbauer opens up the body bag to look at Marlena’s body. The lights flicker.

Jan cuts Shawn’s shirt open. She says that’s much better. Jan says that Shawn’s been napping way to long.

John says that Marlena was not responsible for the murders. Bo and John fight again. Hope tells them to stop. Hope says that Bo really did try to call off the shoot-to-kill order. Hope says that the snipers just could not hear over the noise of the helicopters. Hope says that Bo was just trying to do his job. Bo says he is sorry for everything that happened. Shawn Sr. says they should be remembering the good times. John remembers when Marlena came back to him after he thought she was dead. John says it already happened once and it’s not going to happen again.

Mr. Milbauer is about to exsanguinate Marlena, but another man comes in and says that Sami, Belle, Lucas, and Philip are here. Mr. Milbauer agrees to see them. Sami brings a picture of how they want Marlena to look. Belle brings Marlena’ favorite suit, shoes and jewelry. Sami asks for a moment alone with Marlena. Lucas and Philip wait outside. Sami opens up the bag. Sami and Belle cry together.

Bo and Hope sit at a table. John asks for another drink. Shawn Sr. says he should take it easy. John says to just give him another. Celeste arrives and gives her condolences to John. Celeste asks John if he thinks that Marlena is at peace. John says Marlena’s spirit has a right to be angry. Bo gets a phone call about police business. Celeste says that she got another premonition about Marlena. Hope says that it’s all over. Celeste says that she hopes Hope is right. Celeste leaves and once she’s outside she says Hope is wrong.

Belle says that she doesn’t understand any of this. Sami says that John, Bo, and Kate wanted Marlena dead. Sami says that everyone is selfish. Sami says Shawn is not here for Belle. Sami says that Shawn will never come back. Sami says Shawn does not care what is happening to Belle right now.

Jan tries to wake Shawn up. Shawn wakes up to a shocking revelation. Shawn wonders where he is and what Jan is doing to him. He does not know that it’s Jan since she’s still dressed as the old woman.

John looks at a picture of him and Marlena in his wallet. He remembers their wedding and her feeding him strawberries.

Philip and Lucas come back in and say that they have to go. Sami and Belle say they don’t want to leave. Lucas and Sami hug. Philip and Belle hug. Celeste arrives and says she’s here to pay her respects. Sami says that Celeste better not try to curse Marlena’s soul. Celeste says she’s here to make sure Marlena’s soul is at peace. Sami asks if Celeste could help them talk to Marlena again. Celeste says no. Celeste tells them all to go home. Sami says goodbye to Marlena again. Celeste is waiting in the corner.

Shawn asks what is going on and tells Jan not to touch him. Jan says it might be heaven. Shawn doesn’t think so and asks again where he is. Jan says Shawn is in for a big surprise. Jan reveals herself to Shawn.

Bo pours some more drinks and offers one to John. Bo says they will drink to Marlena. Bo toasts to her. Hope says she prays Marlena has found peace. All four of them toast.

Lucas and Sami walk through the park. Sami remembers Marlena showing her a picture that Sami drew at age five. Sami starts sobbing again and Lucas hugs her.

Celeste lights candles around Marlena. The wind starts blowing. Marlena grabs Celeste’s arm and sits up. Marlena says that she wants Celeste to make everyone understand that everything that has happened has been a lie.


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