Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 5/14/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jennifer, Patrick, Lexie, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Jan, Sami, Lucas, Celeste, John, Marlena, Hope, Bo, Tek, Kate

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer says that she’s not going to throw Patrick out. Patrick is asleep on the couch. Jennifer says that Patrick isn’t going anywhere.

Belle’s loft:

Belle calls Shawn and Shawn is not answering. Philip says that Shawn is being a jerk. Belle thinks that Shawn just doesn’t know yet.

Jan’s country house:

Shawn hears the phone ring, but is too dizzy to answer. Jan had drugged his tea. Jan tells Shawn to lie down. Shawn says that Belle’s mom died. Jan pretends to be surprised. Shawn collapses.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami says someone will pay for Marlena’s death. Sami says that they drugged Marlena and made her confess. Sami says that Marlena is innocent, but now it is too late. Lucas hugs Sami.

Lexie’s house:

Celeste wishes she could sleep peacefully. Celeste says she’ll make some tea for when Lexie comes home. A hockey mask on Celeste table bursts into flames.

The streets of Salem:

John carries Marlena down the street. Some people on the street look on. Bo and Hope follow John. Bo says that John cannot take Marlena anywhere. He says that Marlena needs to be taken to the morgue. John refuses to let anyone hurt his wife again.

The mask burns on Celeste’s table. It’s only a vision, but Celeste wonders what it means.

Belle thinks that Shawn is ignoring her on purpose. Jan helps Shawn up and asks if he’s hurt. Jan says that maybe Shawn had too much to drink. Shawn asks what was in the tea.

Lucas says that John tried to save Marlena. Sami thinks that John killed Marlena.

John tells Bo to move out of the way. Hope tells John not to do this. Hope asks if this is what Marlena would want. John says that this is what Marlena would want. John says that Bo will have to shoot him in order to stop him. John walks right on past Bo and Hope. Bo starts to follow him. Hope stops him. Bo wonders where John is going.

St. Luke’s church:

John arrives at the church. He sets her down at the altar. He gives her a kiss. John says he will makes sure that Marlena finds peace in the next world. John takes some candles and puts them around her. Bo and Hope show up. Hope says that they should call Belle and Sami. Belle’s phone is busy. Hope hopes that Shawn’s on his way back.

There’s a knock at Belle’s door. Philip answers it and it’s Kate. Kate wonders how Belle is doing. Kate says that Philip has to keep Belle away from Shawn. Jan says that there was only herbs and honey in the tea. Jan says that maybe he’s allergic to peppermint. Shawn tries to get to his phone again to check his messages. Jan says he can’t.

Sami is still crying and the phone rings. Hope is on the other line. Hope says she’s sorry. Sami asks how they could let that happen. Hope says she’ll explain everything in person. Hope says that it wasn’t meant to happen. Hope says that John has Marlena’s body at St. Luke’s. Sami tells Lucas to watch Will. Sami leaves to get John away from Marlena.

Jennifer says that Patrick was beat up because of her. Jennifer says that the attack was in retaliation of Patrick getting the bonds back. Lexie asks what Patrick is hiding. Jennifer says that Patrick has not done anything to arouse suspicion. Lexie says something is not right.

Jan takes Shawn’s phone away. Jan says that Shawn is not well and that whatever the call is about can wait. Jan says she’ll make Shawn forget about Belle. Shawn says that he needs his phone back. Jan wonders why the drug is taking so long. Shawn slumps over the couch. She

Kate hugs Belle and says she’s sorry. Hope calls Belle. Belle thinks it is Shawn. Belle asks if Hope was there. Belle asks why it happened. Hope says she can only say how sorry she is. Hope says Marlena is at St. Luke’s and John is saying prayers for her. Belle says she’ll be right over and that Philip will drive her.

John asks God to grant Marlena mercy and forgiveness. John says they may never know the truth, but he will always believe in her. John says she’s in a place where no one can hurt her. John asks what he’ll do without Marlena since she completed him. John says he failed Marlena and will never forgive himself for that.

Hope asks how this could’ve happened. Sami comes in and asks the same thing. Sami says that Bo is responsible for Marlena’s death since he gave the order. Sami says that he can’t deny it because she saw it on the news. Sami says that Bo will pay for what he’s done.

Patrick says that he can’t I.D. the people who did it. Patrick says he doesn’t want Jennifer involved. Patrick says if he reports it then everyone in town will know about Jennifer’s inheritance. Patrick says Jennifer has been too good to him. Lexie says she’s only trying to look out for Jennifer. Patrick says he doesn’t blame Lexie for her suspicions. Lexie says it is late and that she has to go. Jennifer says it must have been very difficult having to try and save Marlena. Lexie says she’s glad it’s over. Lexie tells Jennifer to be careful with Patrick. Jennifer says that Patrick is a good guy. Patrick stands up and says that he’s leaving.

Sami says she’ll never forgive Bo for what he did. Hope says Bo tried to stop the sharpshooters but they couldn’t hear. Sami says that Bo shouldn’t have arrested Marlena in the first place. Sami says that Marlena was an innocent victim. Bo says that’s not true. Sami says Bo is responsible. Lucas apologizes for what Sami said to Bo and Hope. Bo wonders if Roman would’ve been able to prevent Marlena’s death. Kate arrives. Lucas tells her that Sami needs him.

Philip and Belle walk to the church. Belle says she needs her mother.

John tries to hug Sami. Sami tells John not to touch her. Sami says that John is the one who should be dead.

Sami tells John to get away from Marlena. Sami says that Caroline was right and that John is responsible for Marlena’s death. John says he always believed in Marlena. John says that he loved Marlena with every fiber of his being and never gave up on her. Sami still blames John. Sami says that since John turned Marlena in, it is his fault. Belle comes up and says what Sami is saying is not true. John hugs Belle and says they have each other. Sami says that John broke up her family. Sami says that Marlena bound them together and that now that she’s gone they have nothing. Belle asks what they will do without Marlena. John says they’ll get through this together. Belle says he needs to say goodbye to Marlena.

Jan finally gets Shawn into the cage. Jan says that she and Shawn were meant to be together. Shawn mumbles out Belle’s name. Jan says that Shawn will regret saying that.

Celeste goes to her tarot cards. She turns over the death card and says the nightmare is not over despite Marlena’s death.

Hope wonders what she’d do if she lost Bo. Bo says that won’t happen. Bo and Hope hug. Hope asks Bo to hold her.

John asks Philip to take Belle outside for some air because he’s worried as to how much more Belle can take. Philip says that he’ll take care of Belle and tells John not to worry. Philip takes Belle outside. Kate tells John she’s sorry and that she knew how much John loved Marlena. Kate hugs John and Sami sees it. Sami thinks they killed Marlena so that John and Kate could be together.

Philip and Belle walk outside. Philip says that Belle can always count on him.

Jan locks Shawn to the bed.

Patrick says Jennifer has done enough and it’s time for him to leave. Jennifer says that Patrick is not imposing. Jennifer sets Patrick down on the couch again. Jennifer goes into the kitchen. Patrick gets a call from the mysterious man. The man tells Patrick that it’s time to do the job. He says the target is Jennifer. Patrick says he refuses to hurt Jennifer. Patrick says that if he doesn’t do it then next time Jennifer will get the beating.

Tek is at Lexie’s house with a present for Theo. They go upstairs to put the present in Theo’s crib. Wind starts blowing and Celeste says this isn’t good.

Jan starts to undress Shawn and squeals in excitement.

Belle says that Shawn is supposed to be here for her. Philip says he will be here while Shawn is not. Belle says that Philip is such a good friend.

Lucas asks Sami how she could believe what she’s saying. Lucas says that John was trying to save Marlena. Sami says Kate is happy that Marlena is dead. Sami says that if Lucas believes John then there is no hope of a relationship between them.

John says that the answer is out there somewhere. John wishes he could’ve found it sooner.

Bo and Hope watch John with Marlena’s body. Bo says that this is all over and now they can start to heal.

Celeste sees Marlena’s ghost. Marlena says that the suffering is not over and that more people will die. Marlena tells Celeste to be prepared because everyone in Salem will die.


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