Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/13/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Lexie, Belle, Philip, Shawn, Jan, Sami, Lucas, Will, Jennifer, Patrick, Mimi, Rex, reporter

Belle’s loft:

Philip is in the kitchen looking for something. Belle comes down and asks what he’s doing. Philip says that since he heard Belle walking around upstairs he thought he’d make her some s’mores to make her feel better. Philip says that he can’t find any graham crackers. Belle says that Shawn used to make her s’mores too. Belle is afraid that she has lost Shawn for good. Philip says that Shawn doesn’t deserve Belle.

Jan’s country house:

Jan is dressed up like an old lady. She looks at herself in the mirror. She thinks to herself that Shawn will never get out; he will be a prisoner of love. Shawn knocks on the door. Jan answers and Shawn says he thinks he knows what is going on.

Rex’s apartment:

Rex is in bed asking Mimi what is going on. Mimi tells Rex to close his eyes. Mimi comes back with some incense and oil. Rex thinks something is on fire. Mimi says that Rex is going to be the one on fire. Mimi rubs the oil on Rex. Rex tells Mimi that he appreciates what she’s doing, but it won’t work. Rex says that he’s too caught up in Marlena’s confession.

Outside Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer tries to wake up Patrick. Patrick wakes up. Jennifer says that she’s going to call for an ambulance. Patrick says that he’s ok. He tries to get up and leave. Jennifer thinks that it is ridiculous for Patrick to try and leave. Patrick tries to leave again and falls on Jennifer.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami hopes that they don’t hurt her mother. She can’t decide whether or not she should watch the news. Lucas comes out of Will’s room. He says that Will is in his room praying. Lucas doesn’t think that Sami should watch the news either. Sami has to watch. They show Marlena running across the roof getting shot at. Sami thinks they are really going to do it. Then they cut to the scene with John on the roof. Lucas says that John is trying to help her. Sami sees Marlena get shot. The reporter says that Marlena was gunned down. Sami faints.

The roof of the prison:

John lays Marlena down and can’t believe that this is happening. He takes off his jacket and puts it under her head. Then he takes off his shirt and puts it over her wound. John tells Marlena she’ll be ok. Bo yells at the police in the helicopter that they weren’t supposed to shoot. He tells the police chopper and all the news helicopters to get out of here. Hope says that they need an ambulance right away. John asks Marlena for a sign that she’s ok.

Shawn says that there was a raccoon going through Jan’s trash and that was probably the sound that she heard. Jan says that she feels silly for making Shawn come all the way out here for that. Shawn says it’s ok since he was leaving town anyway. Jan says that Alice spoke often of Shawn. Shawn says that he’s going to take off, but Jan says she has a surprise for him first.

Philip says that Shawn is being a jerk right now, leaving Belle during such a hard time. Belle says that Shawn is going through a hard time too. Belle says that she’s not going to cry on Philip’s shoulder. Philip says that’s what he’s there for. Belle says that she’s all cried out tonight. Belle thinks about watching a late-night movie before bed. Philip remembers John telling him not to let Belle turn on the TV or radio. Philip stops Belle and says he has a better idea. He says he’s going to go pick up some graham crackers for the s’mores. Belle says she’s going to check her e-mail. Belle is shocked at what she sees on her computer.

Lucas is trying to wake up Sami. Sami wakes up and says she had a horrible nightmare that they killed Marlena. Lucas tells Sami that it is true.

John tells Marlena that she’s a fighter. Hope comes over to help. Bo asks where the ambulance is. Lexie comes right through the door. John fills Lexie in on Marlena’s condition. John tells Lexie to bring her back. Lexie says she’ll try. Marlena opens her eyes and says that she’s dying.

Jennifer helps Patrick to the couch. Jennifer says that she’s going to call the hospital. Patrick tells her not to do that. Patrick says that he just got mad. Jennifer says that is not what happened. Patrick was thrown from a speeding car. Jennifer says she couldn’t get the license plate.

Mimi says she is so thankful for Rex’s love. She asks him to promise that they will always be together.

Belle watches the news on her computer. Belle cries out when Marlena is shot.

Inside the prison:

They are moving Marlena through the hallway when Lexie tells them to stop. Lexie says that blood is going into Marlena’s lungs. She says that Marlena will die if they don’t do anything. Lexie goes off with John to explain a risky procedure with him. Bo holds the compression on Marlena’s wound. Hope wonders if Marlena will make it. A reporter arrives and asks if they have anything to say. Bo tells the reporter to leave, but Marlena says that she has something to say.

Jan says that she just made some tea and scones and wants Shawn to have some. Shawn says he doesn’t want to impose. Jan insists. Shawn comes in and Jan removes his jacket. Shawn sits on the couch while Jan prepares the tea. She has a little vial of white powder under a napkin.

Marlena tells Belle that it’s hard to understand what is happening, but not to let this get in the way of her happiness. Marlena tells Belle that sometimes there is no second chance at happiness and true love. Marlena says she loves Belle very much. Philip comes back and sees Belle crying. Belle says that they shot Marlena.

Marlena then says goodbye to Sami. She says this will be hard for Sami. Marlena is sorry that she wasn’t there for Sami when Sami was a child. Marlena says that things might have been different. Marlena tells Sami to have the courage to go on and be the best girl that she can be. Marlena asks Sami to do that for her. Marlena hopes that everything Sami has ever wanted will happen. Sami starts sobbing.

John and Lexie are doing the procedure on Marlena. Bo says her pulse is weak and irregular. Lexie tells John that he’s doing a good job. Marlena tries to say something. John tells her to save her strength. Marlena says that she’s sorry for everything .She says she’s sorry for all the pain and suffering she’s caused. She says there are no words to express the pain she’s caused. Marlena wishes that she could take it all back. Marlena says that even by dying things won’t chance. She tells Bo that she takes full responsibility. John says he won’t let Marlena die. Marlena says that it’s too late. Marlena tells John to take care of her children. Marlena says that she loves her family. Marlena says that she loves John. Marlena tells John to promise her that he’ll find love again. Marlena cannot finish her sentence.

Sami cries and asks Marlena not to leave her. Belle frantically presses the keys and tells her mom not to die. John tells Marlena not to dare die on him as he cradles her head.

Jennifer says that she’s seen all sorts of cases like this before. She says that Patrick had to have been beaten up by the guy who stole the bonds. Patrick says he can’t go to the hospital because he doesn’t have health insurance. Patrick says that he’ll be fine. Jennifer says that she’ll call Lexie to take care of him and that Lexie will keep this confidential. Patrick agrees to that. While Jennifer goes to get the phone Patrick tries to get up and leave. Jennifer catches him and tells him to sit down.

Sami asks Lucas if it’s just a bad dream. Lucas says he’s sorry and that he wishes he could do something, but he can’t. Will comes out and asks if Marlena is dead.

Lexie says Marlena’s blood pressure is dropping and that they are losing her. Lexie and John do CPR on Marlena. John tells Marlena that she’s going to breathe for him. John says that he cannot live without Marlena. John remembers all the times that he’s had with Marlena. He says that they’ve been together from the start. Lexie says that Marlena is gone.

Jan asks Shawn to carry the tea tray to the table. Jan hands Shawn his cup of tea. Jan turns on the radio for some music. She tells Shawn to drink his tea right away before it gets cold.

Mimi and Rex arrive at Belle’s. They ask what happened. Belle says that Marlena was killed. Mimi says she’s so sorry and that they are all here for her. Belle says that he just wants to know why.

Will asks why Marlena had to die. Sami dries her tears and sits down with Will and Lucas. Sami leads a prayer for Marlena.

John asks Marlena how he’s going to prove she’s innocent now that she’s gone. Lexie says that she really did try to save Marlena. Hope says she knows Lexie did everything possible. Lexie gets paged and says she has to leave. Hope says that Lexie can go. Lexie says that the coroner is on his way. Hope says that they found the gun on the roof. Bo says that proves Marlena was a threat. Hope says that Bo shouldn’t have given the “shoot-to-kill order”. John says that if Bo hadn’t given that order then Marlena would still be alive.

Lexie examines Patrick and says that there are no serious injuries. Lexie says that Patrick will need time to recover though. Lexie says that they need to report the incident to the police. Jennifer pulls Lexie aside and says that Patrick doesn’t want the police involved in this. Lexie says that is strange. Lexie says that by keeping Patrick in the house Jennifer could be at risk too.

John blames Bo for Marlena’s death. Hope says that Bo did try to call a cease-fire, but that they couldn’t hear it. Bo says he takes responsibility, but that the facts still remain. Bo says that Marlena is a confessed serial killer and that he had a job to protect the people of Salem. John says that is ridiculous. John thinks that Bo is happy that Marlena is dead. John throws his gloves at Bo.

Shawn says he likes the music. Jan makes him drink more tea. There is a report on the radio about Marlena’s death. Shawn says that he has to call Belle. When Shawn stands up he gets dizzy.

Belle says that this happened because so many people wanted to see Marlena dead. Philip says that no one is happy and that this is a tragedy. Philip asks if there is anyone she wants him to call. Belle says she needs to call Shawn and her dad. Philip says that Shawn is gone. Belle tries Shawn’s cell phone. She thinks Shawn would come back if he heard this. Shawn doesn’t answer.

Shawn hears his phone ring. He collapses from the drug before he can answer it.

Lexie says that she’ll take Patrick to the free clinic and then to a homeless shelter. Jennifer says that she wants Patrick here with her.

Lucas says that he put will to bed. Lucas thanks Sami for putting Will first. Lucas says that Will is lucky to have Sami as a mother. Sami remembers how lucky she was to have her own mother. Sami says that someone is going to pay for Marlena’s death.

Bo says that he is not happy about all these deaths. Bo says he is sorry for John’s loss. Hope says that this is not a time to fight. She says that she’s going to call the coroner to see what is taking him so long. John says that no one is touching his wife. John picks up Marlena and carries away to a place where no one can hurt her again. Hope wonders where he’s taking her.


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