Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/12/04

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Characters appearing: Jennifer, Patrick, Lucas, Sami, Will, Crystal, Nicole, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Brady, Abby, the mysterious man, the pilot and marksman, a cop.

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer says goodbye to Mickey, Julie and Bonnie. She goes back inside and tells Patrick that she hopes Julie and Bonnie can get along now. Patrick doesn’t answer. Patrick comes around the corner with his bags packed. He says that he is really leaving.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas offers Sami some kettle corn. Sami says she doesn’t feel like herself. He says he can’t believe that Marlena killed Roman. Sami tells him not to start with that again. Sami says she has this feeling that Marlena won’t make it out of jail alive.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Crystal and Nicole talk on the phone. Nicole thinks that Bo is going to give Marlena the truth serum again. Crystal says that everything is going according to plan and that Marlena will die tonight. Nicole says that’s excellent news and Brady overhears. Brady thinks Nicole is talking to her accomplice.

The roof of the prison:

Marlena is on the roof and being shot at. She wonders why they are trying to kill her.

Inside the prison:

Hope says that Bo is making a big mistake. The men call Bo on his radio. They say that Marlena has a gun and is preparing to open fire. They still cannot get a good shot at her. Bo tells them to use extreme caution and to “shoot to kill”. John hears this and angrily shoves Bo against the wall. John tells Bo that no one is going to kill Marlena.

Sami says that things are already going very badly for Marlena since she confessed to nine accounts of murder. Lucas says that Marlena doesn’t remember killing, so there must be something else going on that could set her free. Sami thinks that John will hurt Marlena more than help her. Lucas tells Sami not to start with the John and Kate conspiracy. Sami says that anything is possible. Sami says that Marlena loved Roman and things turned out badly, so this is why she doesn’t believe in love anymore. Sami says that losing Austin and Brandon was nothing compared to what Marlena is going through. Lucas says that’s an unfair comparison. Sami and Lucas hug. Lucas tells Sami not to give up on love.

Nicole hangs up the phone and gets angry that Brady doesn’t trust her anymore. Nicole says she was just checking her messages. Brady wants to know what it was about. Nicole says that she found out that Victor did not have any evidence against her in the first place. Brady wants Marlena to take the truth serum again so that he can find out about Victor’s murder. Brady thinks that Marlena must have all sorts of secrets buried in her subconscious.

John continues to fight with Bo. John says that he won’t allow Bo to kill Marlena. Another cop pulls John off of Bo and asks Bo if he wants to press charges. Bo lets John go, but warns him that he can’t do anything from behind bars. John says that what Bo is doing is wrong. Bo says Marlena is an escaped prisoner who is armed and dangerous. John says there is nowhere for Marlena to go and that she’s not a threat. Bo says he wants to do things by the book. John asks to go up on the roof and talk to Marlena. He says that he can get her down peacefully. Bo says that John will probably die. John says that Marlena may be innocent. Bo says that is very unlikely. John says that Marlena is a revered member of the community and is not a serial killer. John asks again to talk to Marlena. Hope tells Bo that he should let John try because it may be their only hope.

Jennifer says that Patrick cannot leave since he didn’t say goodbye to his mother. Patrick says his mother is used to it and that he’ll call her when he gets settled somewhere. Jennifer thinks Patrick is leaving because she accused him of stealing the bonds. Patrick says that he knows Jennifer trusts him Patrick says that they were lucky that Shawn called and tipped them off. Jennifer says that Patrick should give a description of the man who took the bonds to the police. Patrick remembers his conversation with the mysterious man and decides that since Shawn’s parents are cops things will be taken care of. Jennifer tells Patrick that he cannot leave.

Nicole tells Brady to leave her alone. Brady says that he does want to believe that Nicole is innocent. He brings up the fact that John still believes in Marlena. Nicole says that is because John loves Marlena with all his heart. Then she says that Brady does not love her in the same way.

Marlena is still on the rooftop getting shot at.

Bo says that Marlena might kill John. John says Marlena wouldn’t kill him. Bo says that she killed Roman and she loved him. John says he’s willing to risk it since his life is nothing without Marlena anyway. Hope wants to John to try and talk to Marlena. The police say that they still don’t have a clear shot of Marlena. Bo tells them to send their best marksman up in a helicopter. John is angry that Bo is going ahead with this and leaves to try and get to Marlena. Bo says that John is a civilian and shouldn’t be involved. Bo tries to go after John, but Hope stops him.

Jennifer says that Patrick has been an amazing help. He found her wedding ring and saved her baby twice. Patrick says he’s only in the way. Jennifer says that is not true. Patrick says now her life can get back to normal. Patrick tells Jennifer he’ll miss her and tells Jennifer to say goodbye to Abby for him.

Lucas asks Sami to give their relationship a chance. Sami doesn’t want to talk about that Lucas thinks that Sami is afraid to be happy. Sami says that her feelings to Lucas have always been messed up. She says sometimes she wants things to work out for Will’s sake, but then other times she wants to kill Lucas. Lucas says that Sami won’t necessarily turn out like her mother. Lucas says he thinks he and Sami could have something really good.

Hope tells Bo that he has to let John try to talk to Marlena. Bo says that Marlena is desperate right now and there is no telling what she’ll do. Hope says that John loves Marlena. Bo would save Hope if she were in the same situation, Hope says. Bo says that it’s not about that; it’s about having an escaped serial killer on their hands. Hope tries to hold Bo back, but he leaves to go after John.

Marlena calls out for help. John makes it to the door, but it is locked. He can hear Marlena on the other side. He tells her that he is coming. John tries to get to the fire axe so that he can break down the door, but Bo gets in his way.

Brady says that John would give his life for Marlena. Brady says that he would not die for Nicole. Nicole is hurt. Brady says he just wants Marlena to take the truth serum so that they can find out the truth. Nicole’s mind drifts off. She says that she was thinking of some e-mail that she should check. Nicole is really looking for some late breaking news. Nicole opens her computer and sees the Marlena on the news. She gasps and Brady asks what it is.

Abby comes downstairs because she can’t sleep. Abby says that she’s not a little girl anymore and that Jennifer can talk to her about anything. Jennifer says that Marlena confessed to killing Jack and all the other victims. She says it was hard to hear because it brought back all those memories. Jennifer is sorry for reminding Abby about that. Abby says she thinks about it all the time. Abby asks about the baby and Jennifer says that the baby is fine. Abby knows that Patrick is responsible for keeping the baby safe. Jennifer says that Patrick has left. Abby thinks it is because she accused him of being a con-man. Jennifer says that’s not it and that Patrick left for other reasons. She says that Patrick just had to move on. Abby says that Jennifer made a mistake in letting Patrick go.

The Cheatin’ Heart:

Patrick tells the mysterious man that he’s leaving Salem for good since staying with Jennifer was putting her in danger. The mysterious man says that taking the bonds was just a warning to what will come. Patrick says he won’t hurt Jennifer. Patrick tells the man that if he tries to do anything to Jennifer he’s a dead man. The mysterious man gives a signal to two men to go beat up Patrick. Patrick fights the two men.

Sami says that she’s enjoyed how she and Lucas have grown closer, but she doesn’t think that their relationship will work out. Lucas tells Sami to just be quiet because words don’t seem to work for them, but kisses do. Lucas kisses Sami. Will comes back out of his room. Will asks if Sami’s ok. Lucas says she’s going through a hard time now. Will knows that Marlena being the serial killer has been hard on Sami. Will tells Lucas that he’s old enough to know the truth now. Will asks if Marlena will end up on death row. Lucas says he doesn’t know. Will says that no one will save Marlena and that she’s really going to die.

The police in the helicopter are trying to get a good shot at Marlena. They say that Marlena is taking an offensive posture.

John says that Bo will have to kill him in order to keep him from getting to Marlena.

Abby says that she can’t believe Marlena is the killer. Jennifer says many people are having a hard time with it since Marlena was their friend. Abby wonders what made Marlena do it. Abby tells Jennifer not to cry anymore. Jennifer says she’ll try. Abby says she wishes Patrick were here because he was the only good thing to happen to them. Jennifer says Patrick will probably call. Jennifer sends Will up to bed. Jennifer goes to the window and hears tires screeching.

Brady asks Nicole what’s on the computer. Nicole says it is just some Spam. She says she’s not going to let it bother her.

Lucas says that things are looking good for Marlena, but that they won’t give up on her. Lucas as says that John is out there trying to protect Marlena and clear her name. Sami says something is not right and that this is not the Marlena they know. Sami says they just have to keep praying for Marlena. Will asks if they should watch the movie now. Will goes to turn on the TV and the news is on. They are showing Marlena on the prison roof.

Marlena says that she wants to be there for her husband and children. She doesn’t want to die. John calls out to her and says that he’s coming. Marlena yells for John to save her.

Bo says that John can’t go up there because he could die. John says he loves Marlena and that he’s going to save her. John hits Bo and then breaks down the door. Bo tells the police to hold their fire. The shooter didn’t hear the whole message. The police in the helicopter think that Bo said to fire instead of “hold your fire”.

Patrick is left unconscious on Jennifer’s walkway. Jennifer runs over to him and tries to wake him up.

Nicole says that the best thing is for Marlena to take the truth serum. Brady asks if Nicole is sure Marlena won’t implicate her. Nicole says that she’s positive.

Sami is watching the news and says that they cannot kill her mother.

Marlena sees John. John tells her everything will be ok. Bo repeats the cease-fire order. The pilot says Marlena has a gun and that they have to take her out. John tells Marlena to stay where she is and to throw down the gun. Marlena runs out towards John despite his warnings. Marlena is shot and falls into John’s arms.


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