Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Shawn, mysterious man, Kate, Philip, Belle, John, Crystal, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Trish, Jan, Jennifer, Julie, Mickey, Bonnie

The Cheatin’ Heart:

The mysterious man pays the bartender. Shawn stops him from leaving.

Jennifer’s house:

Julie says that Bonnie and Patrick are probably working together. Mickey says he believes that people are innocent until proven guilty. Jennifer says she never should have left the bonds sitting out in the first place.

Belle’s loft:

Kate asks Philip what he’s doing downstairs. Kate says that Philip should have stayed up there to comfort Belle. Philip remembers cuddling with Belle just a little while ago. He says that it god too close for comfort. Kate says there is not such thing. Belle comes back down too. Belle asks if there is anything she can do to help. John tells Belle to pray for Marlena. Belle says that she had a horrible nightmare about saying goodbye to Marlena for good. John says Marlena is not responsible for her actions. He says that he’ll protect Marlena and it doesn’t matter what it takes.

The prison:

Bo and Hope go to the jail to see if they can ask Marlena about Victor’s death. They arrive at Marlena’s cell and she’s not there.

The roof of the prison:

Marlena is on the roof, lying down unconscious. Crystal gives her one last good whack before leaving her there.

Bo asks what is going on. Trish comes up and says that Marlena couldn’t have gotten far. Bo and Hope ask why Marlena is not in her cell. Bo makes a call and says Marlena has escaped from jail. He gives orders to do anything to prevent Marlena from killing again.

Crystal wipes the fingerprints from the gun and leaves it next to Marlena. Crystal locks Marlena on the roof. Crystal sounds the alarm. Marlena wakes up and wonders what happened. She remembers hearing Crystal says that they needed to get to the roof. Marlena is dazed and confused. Crystal says in her mind that Marlena will die tonight. Marlena picks up the gun and tires to walk to the door.

Philip says he’s 21 and can handles his own love life. Philip says that Kate’s obsession with Belle and him is not healthy. Kate says that Belle needs a real friend right now. Kate asks Philip if he has feelings for Belle.

John says that Marlena has the answers inside of her. Belle asks John if he’s allowed to see Marlena. John says he’ll find a way. Belle says that the other prisoners already beat Marlena up and that she’s worried what will happen next.

Jan says that Shawn won’t be able to resist. Jan has a whip and thinks about having Shawn on the bed. Jan says that Shawn cannot mention Belle’s name.

The mysterious man gets a little rough with Shawn. Shawn offers to get him a drink. Shawn says that the mysterious man won’t get far and starts making a call.

Jennifer is upset because Alice entrusted her with the bonds. Jennifer says that she trusts the wrong people. Jennifer says she’s having a hard time believing that Patrick would take the bonds.

Shawn calls Jennifer’s house and Patrick answers. Shawn tells Patrick about the guy in the bar. Patrick says that it’s too late and the bonds were already stolen. Shawn offers to call his parents. Patrick says he’ll take care of things. Patrick says he owes this to Jennifer.

Crystal arrives back at her cell. Early comes up behind her asking where his keys went. Crystal says that Marlena probably took them. Crystal says that if Earl wants to keep his job then he’d better help out. Trish, Bo and Hope see Earl and Crystal in the same cell. Trish asks what Earl is doing in the cell with Crystal. Crystal says that Marlena knocked out Earl and locked him up in Crystal’s cell.

Marlena is on the roof and another alarm sounds.

Belle asks if anyone would help Marlena should anything go wrong. Kate thinks that Philip’s problem is that he cannot admit his feelings for Belle. Kate says Philip should be helping Belle sleep. John brings out a photo album and shows it to Belle. He says that they will always be a family. Belle looks at the picture of her and Shawn. She says that nothing will ever be the same.

Shawn calls the PD and asks if his parents are there. Patrick tells Shawn that they agreed not to call the police. Shawn says that the last time he did that it was a big mistake and says that they have nothing to hide. Patrick says that people think he took the bonds, but he didn’t. Patrick says that Jennifer is going through a hard time and this is the last thing that she needs. Shawn says that Jennifer trust Patrick. Patrick arrives and says that he has to get Jennifer’s bonds back to prove he had nothing to do with it. The mysterious man comes back angrily looking for his keys. Patrick and the mysterious man take it outside.

Jennifer asks where Patrick is. Julie says that they have to find him. Jennifer goes to find him, but can’t. Julie says that Alice left Jennifer the bonds because Jennifer was the favorite and for good reason. Bonnie accuses Julie of taking the bonds.

Crystal tells Bo that when Marlena killed Tina she had a mean look in her eyes. Crystal says that Marlena has that same look tonight. Crystal says that Marlena is going to try and get out of here no matter what since she’s just going to die anyway. Bo gives a “shoot to kill” order.

Marlena is on the roof. She calls for help but someone shoots at her. Marlena ducks down behind a wall. She realizes that she thinks she’s escaped.

Philip says that he won’t lead Belle on. He says that he cannot take advantage of Belle because he cares about her. Philip says he doesn’t want to get involved with someone who is still in love with someone else since he already did that with Chloe. John asks Belle if Shawn told her where he is going. Belle says that Shawn doesn’t know where he is going. John tells Belle not to give up on true love. Belle asks if John is saying not to give up on Shawn.

Patrick tells the mysterious man that he was supposed to stay away from Jennifer. The mysterious man says Patrick is in no position to give orders. Patrick fights the mysterious man for the bonds. Shawn holds the man down and Patrick recovers the bonds. The man gets away. Shawn says that they can’t let him get away because he committed a crime. Patrick says that they don’t have time to get arrested for assault. The man says that Patrick is going to pay for what he’s done. Shawn says that it’s good Jennifer has her bonds back and understands why Patrick let the guy go. Patrick says Shawn should come with him to Jennifer’s. Shawn says he’s got to get on the road. Patrick says he knows what it feels like to just go somewhere and not know where.

Julie still thinks Patrick has run off with the bonds. Bonnie says this time Julie will be wrong. Julie says that all Bonnie cares about it money. Bonnie attacks Julie. Julie and Bonnie fight.

Hope says that if an officer shoots and kills Marlena when it’s not warranted then Bo will have to take responsibility for that. Bo says he’d gladly take responsibility.

A sharp shooter is still pursuing Marlena.

Jan gets angry that Shawn is not behaving the way that she wants him too since it is her fantasy. Jan goes back into the cage. Jan has another fantasy of Shawn chained to the bed. This time Shawn says that he wants Jan.

Julie wants to place charges against Bonnie for assault.

Hope says that Marlena is their oldest friend and that Bo shouldn’t have given that order. Bo says that Marlena will die anyway, so it doesn’t matter. Bo says that Marlena deserves to die for what she’s done. Bo says the sooner she dies, the better.

Marlena is on the roof and they are still shooting at her. Marlena is crying. She tells God that she loved Roman and Caroline and asks why she killed them. She asks why she can’t remember. Marlena says she is sorry for all the families that she’s hurt. Another shot goes by. She lies down on the roof and cries hysterically.

Julie asks Mickey to take her case. Mickey says that he’s a defense attorney. Julie says she cannot believe that Mickey would take Bonnie’s side since Mickey is a witness to Bonnie’s attack. Mickey says he doesn’t want to be in this position and that this is not good for Jennifer.

Patrick returns with the bonds. Julie says he’s brought back the evidence. Bonnie says that at least Patrick returned the bonds. Patrick explains that Shawn called him to tell him about the man. Then Patrick says he went and recovered them because the Salem PD is busy right now. Julie is still skeptical of the story since the “bad guy” got away. Patrick tells her that Shawn could confirm the story. Bonnie is worried if Patrick is ok after the fight.

Jennifer asks if Patrick is really ok. Patrick says that he’s fine. Jennifer asks why Patrick left without saying anything. Jennifer says she really wants him to stay. Jennifer says she’s relieved to get the bonds back.

Bo says that the men had Marlena in their sights but couldn’t get a clear shot. Hope says that Marlena is a sitting duck and tries to leave to go help her. Bo stops her and says he doesn’t want anyone on the roof. Bo doesn’t want Hope to put herself in danger. Hope says that they can convince Marlena to come down. They should try to talk to her. Bo says that what they are doing right now is the best way. Hope says that if a mistake is made then Bo will regret it.

Marlena says that she loves John and that she needs him

Kate asks John how he’s doing. John says that Kate didn’t need to stay around and clean up the kitchen. Kate says she’s just trying to look out for Belle.

Philip says that Belle shouldn’t go back down memory lane. Belle says that people always used to say in high school that when they grew up they would have real problems. Philip says that things weren’t so easy even though Belle says that they look so happy in the pictures. He points out that Chloe had leukemia and Mimi was homeless. Philip tells Belle that she is very strong and will get through this. Belle appreciates that, but doesn’t think that it’s true. Philip tells Belle to go to bed. Belle hugs Philip.

Shawn gets a call from Jan. Jan is pretending to be the old woman from the funeral. She says that she heard noises downstairs and is worried. Shawn tells her to call the police. Jan says that the cops just think it was her imagination. Jan asks Shawn to stop by and make sure everything is ok. Shawn says he can do that and tells her to make sure all her doors and windows are locked. Jan says that Shawn will be staying longer than he thinks. Shawn gets on his motorcycle and gets ready to go. The mysterious man watches from around the corner and says that Patrick has upped the stakes. He says Jennifer will pay.

Jennifer apologizes on behalf of her family. Bonnie says that Jennifer doesn’t need to apologize. Julie apologizes to Patrick and then to Bonnie too. Jennifer says that she trusts Patrick with her life. Bonnie is glad everything is cleared up because she doesn’t want anything to tarnish their family name.

John assures Belle that everything will be fine. Belle says there are extra pillows and blankets in Mimi’s closet for Philip. Belle thanks Kate for everything.

John remembers Marlena’s confession. John gets a call from Hope. Hope says that Marlena has escaped. John says he’s coming right over. John makes sure that Philip is staying with Belle and tells him not to let her watch TV or listen to the radio. Philip and Kate wonder why.

Hope tells Bo that she called John to help get Marlena down. Bo is upset that she called John since he’s a civilian. Bo says that John will just get in the way. Bo says that John is too personally involved. Hope says that they are too. Bo says they have no choice. Bo says the FBI is making a fuss about lending them a marksman. Hope asks Bo if he really wants to see Marlena dead.

The gunshots seem to have stopped. Marlena thinks that if she shows them that she is surrendering then they will stop trying to kill her. She puts up a hand and then the other. She still has the gun in hand though. A gunshot rings out and Marlena falls down.

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