Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/10/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Julie, Bonnie, Mickey, Jennifer, Patrick, a cop, Shawn, Kate, Belle, Philip, John, Marlena, Earl, Crystal, Brady, Nicole, the mysterious man

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole is talking to a man in Japan. She’s asking him to give her some figures. Nicole says she’s out of touch with the business world and thinks she’ll never get caught up. Brady comes in and asks if he can help.

Jennifer’s house:

Julie asks Bonnie once again where all the money came from. Bonnie asks Mickey if he thinks that she stole the bonds. Julie says that Bonnie was the last person to see them. Bonnie says that she didn’t take the bonds. Mickey asks where the money came from. Bonnie says she won the Daily Triple. Bonnie says she bet on her children’s birthdays and won. Mickey apologizes for accusing Bonnie. Jennifer goes for some fresh air and sees the police at her door with Patrick.

Belle’s loft:

Shawn asks Kate if Belle is there. Shawn wants to see Belle, but Kate says that Belle is resting and that it’s not a good idea if Shawn sees her now. John arrives at Belle’s and Belle hugs him and tells him that she’s sorry about Marlena.

The prison:

Marlena is put into her own cell before being sent to death row. The guard says that she won’t be staying very long. Earl, the guard comes to see Crystal. Crystal seduces Earl into getting the keys to the cell. Crystal has a plan for getting rid of Marlena.

Marlena has a flashback of talking to John about not coming out alive. Marlena looks at her hand with its missing wedding ring. Marlena says goodbye to her love.

Crystal and the guard make out. The guard says he’s never made out with a celebrity before. Crystal has stolen the guard’s gun and keys. Crystal says that Marlena will never know what hit her. Crystal gets out of her cell and goes off to find Marlena. Marlena is in her bed. She has flashbacks of her marriage to John. She also has a flashback of giving John a watch in thanks for giving her time. She also remembers John giving her a bracelet with a tree on it. Then Marlena remembers just earlier when she was in the hospital with John, Belle, and Sami. Marlena asks how this all happened.

John says that he came from the jail and had a chance to talk with Marlena. John asks Kate and Philip for a moment. John says that Marlena is not doing well. John says that he believes that Marlena is not responsible for the serial killings. John tells Belle to think positive. Belle worries that they won’t have enough time to prove Marlena is innocent. Belle says that Shawn has left town. John says he’s sorry, but if Shawn cannot give Belle the support that she needs then maybe he isn’t the right guy. Kate hears this and looks at Philip.

Julie thinks that Patrick was trying to skip town. Jennifer says that Patrick could have sued her, but instead he saved her and the baby. Patrick says that he did not take the bonds. Julie still thinks Patrick and his mother are thieves. Julie thinks that they should check Patrick’s knapsack. Patrick tells them to go right ahead. Bonnie tells Patrick not to let them because he doesn’t owe the Horton’s anything.

Brady comes back from a run. Brady says he’s going to take a shower and then will tell Nicole about Titan. Crystal calls Nicole. Crystal knows all about the phone companies. Nicole says that Marlena needs to be taken care of tonight. Brady overhears Marlena’s name.

Crystal unlocks Marlena’s door and then hides around the corner. Marlena hears keys rattling and goes to her door to see what is happening.

Belle says that she doesn’t want to be alone. John asks if she’d like to come home with him. Belle says she doesn’t feel comfortable going there. Kate suggests that Philip stay over with Belle and sleep on the couch. Belle says she’d love that. Belle hugs John goodbye. John thanks Kate for her help. Kate says that she thinks of Belle as a second daughter. Kate reminds John that he has friends too. Kate asks John if he’d like to talk about Marlena. Kate asks how she’s doing. John says that it’s hard since Kate has lost loved ones. John says Marlena is despondent and that her spirit is broken. John says Marlena doesn’t think she’s coming out of there alive.

Crystal tells Marlena that there is a gas leak and that all the guards have left. She says that if a single match is lit or spark ignited the whole place could blow up. Marlena is skeptical since she doesn’t smell any gas. Crystal continues to convince Marlena that they need to get out of the building. Crystal says she volunteered to do one last sweep and realized that no one had come for Marlena. Marlena says that she’s not going.

Brady asks Nicole what she meant by “taking care of Marlena tonight”. Nicole wishes that Brady hadn’t heard that. Nicole mentions that Marlena is on the board of directors at Titan. Nicole thinks it is not a good idea to send out Marlena’s picture with papers from Titan. Nicole says she was talking about getting Marlena off the board tonight. Brady says that will leave a hole in on the board. Nicole says she wants Brady on the board.

Patrick says he has nothing to hide. Bonnie says it’s the principle of the thing. Bonnie says that Lockharts look out for their own too, just like Hortons. Bonnie says that Julie was a thief in her early years too. Julie says that this is about Jennifer’s future and not her past. Patrick says it’s ok for the cop to check his bag. The cop says that there are no bonds and no money in the bag. Patrick asks Jennifer if she believes him.

Philip and Belle watch cartoons. Philip hopes that it’s taking her mind off of things. Belle says that Shawn used to watch the same shoe. Philip turns off the TV. Belle says that she should be there for him since he lost his dad and sister. Philip says they are here for each other. Belle asks Philip how he can get up everyday. Philip says that he was not close with Victor or Cassie. Belle says that Shawn and Marlena are the most important people in her life. Philip says that he knows Belle will feel better after she’s slept. Belle asks Philip to hold her.

Kate says that Marlena will survive prison. John says that Marlena will still be executed. John notices that Kate is very strong since she just had to listen to how Marlena killed Roman. Kate says it was like reliving the whole moment. Kate says that Marlena confessed under truth serum. John says it was hard to listen to Marlena say she loves Roman and not him. Kate says that it’s ok to blame Marlena. John says he cannot.

Marlena says that either way her life is over, whether it is here tonight or in the death chamber. Crystal says that Marlena has had a good life. She says she read in the “Intruder” that Marlena has a great family and a cat named puss-puss. Marlena says that she doesn’t have a cat and that she hasn’t had a charmed life since she killed nine people. Crystal says that everyone has his or her bad days. Crystal asks Marlena if she doesn’t want to prolong death for just one more day.

Nicole says that the company would most likely give the company to Brady anyway, since Brady is Victor’s grandson. Brady asks Nicole why she’s doing this. There is a vision of Brady and Nicole kissing and making out on the couch. Nicole says that she needs a partner.

The Cheatin’ Heart:

Shawn goes to the Cheatin’ Heart for a drink. He sees a picture of Belle in his wallet. The guy that Patrick knows is there too.

Jennifer is upset that Patrick left without saying goodbye. Patrick says that he didn’t steal the bonds. Julie thinks that Patrick could have mailed the bonds out of state. Julie thinks that Patrick and Bonnie are the real thieves. Patrick tells Julie to take the officer around the house to look for clues. Julie says that since Patrick and Bonnie have keys it doesn’t even matter. Mickey makes Julie go. Mickey tells Jennifer that if it wasn’t Patrick or Bonnie then they may never know who took them. Jennifer worries that the bonds may already be cashed by now.

Brady says that he’d love to be on the board of Titan. Nicole says that she and Victor did talk about business a lot. Nicole says she’d like to do a whole big publicity thing for the opening of the opera house as well as a tour for Chloe. Brady looks at her plans and if very pleased. Nicole hopes that Philip and Bo won’t ruin their plans. Brady tells her not to worry about that since they don’t know how to ruin huge companies.

Jennifer says she doesn’t know what to do since she doesn’t believe that Patrick would steal the bonds. She also says that Patrick said he’d never leave town. Julie says that there is no evidence of a forced entry so it looks like an inside job.

Shawn overhears the mysterious man talking to someone on the phone about Jennifer’s bonds. The man says that once the bonds are converted to cash they will be able to make their next move.

Belle tells Philip that Shawn used to hold her every night until she fell asleep. Philip cuddles up next to Belle. Philip tells Belle to forget about Belle and Shawn.

Kate says that John has to believe that Marlena confessed to the murders. Kate admires how he’s fighting for Marlena, but Kate says that Marlena is guilty as sin. John says that he believed Marlena killed those people but that there is an explanation for it. John says that as long as Marlena is alive, he will fight for her innocence.

Crystal and Marlena arrive at the door to the roof. Crystal pretends that she’s dizzy from the gas and gives Marlena the keys to open the door. She says that it is the blue key. Marlena opens the door. Crystal comes up behind Marlena and starts hitting her with the gun!!


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