Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 5/6/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Hope, Shawn, Marlena, John, Brady, Nicole, Crystal, Trish, Jennifer, Julie, Patrick, Mickey, Kate, Bonnie, Philip, Belle, the guard named Earl, the matron, the other inmates.

The country bar:

Bonnie is talking to her money, which is fanned out on the table. Bonnie wished Patrick could see her success.

Jennifer’s house:

Julie says the bonds are not under the sofa. Julie says they will show up. Jennifer wonders who could’ve taken the bonds.

On the road:

Patrick is on the roadside. He has a flashback to when he was taking care of Jennifer. He says that he had no choice.

Outside of Belle’s loft:

Philip shows up at Belle’s door. Belle hugs her and Belle says that Shawn is gone. Kate comes up behind them

Bo and Hope’s backyard:

Hope comes through the yard and notices that someone is in the garage. She pulls out her gun. Hope holds her gun at a surprised Shawn, who is in the garage with the motorcycle.

The jail cell:

Marlena returns to jail. The matron says the girls aren’t happy to see the girl who killed tiny. Marlena denies killing Tina. One of the girls pushes Marlena down.

The visiting area of the prison:

Nicole says that Marlena is returning to jail. Nicole promises Crystal a good life if she kills Marlena. Crystal is distracted by the looks of Brady. Nicole puts on a disguise. John leaves Brady alone with Nicole in the room and Brady seems to recognize someone.

Belle’s loft:

Kate walks in on Philip and Belle hugging. Kate has groceries and offers to make something for them to eat. Philip asks if Shawn has called. Philip says that things will work out. Belle hugs Philip again and Kate smiles.

Shawn says he is here to say goodbye. Hope says that Shawn has already said goodbye. Hope thinks Shawn subconsciously doesn’t want to leave because he’s taking so long to say goodbye. Hope says she’s keeping Shawn in town.

Crystal thinks Brady is cute. Brady is actually recognizing an old friend named Trish. Nicole asks Crystal for help to escape Brady’s watch. Crystal creates a diversion so Nicole can sneak out, but John gets in her way. There is a fight going on and Trish calls for a lockdown. Nicole hides around the corner and picks up the phone.

Jennifer looks frantically for the bonds. Julie says she went to see if Patrick was there. Julie says that Patrick has left.

Patrick is on the highway hitchhiking. Patrick thinks about calling Jennifer, but then thinks Jennifer will figure it out soon enough.

The matron tells the girls that there is a lockdown. The girls are not happy. One of them pushes Marlena down again. This time Marlena decides to fight back. The other girls are excited to see a fight.

Trish says that she wants the names of everyone involved. John asks what happened because the doors all shut. Trish calls off the lockdown, but then someone informs her of a fight in the holding cell. John says he talked with the commissioner and that he might be able to see Marlena.

Shawn says that Hope cannot keep him here. Hope says that Shawn will regret leaving for the reasons he is. Hope says that Belle needs him. Hope says that this is no time for the family to split up. Shawn says that he’s no help to anyone. Hope asks Shawn to wait until Bo returns home before he leaves. Shawn says that he has nothing to say. Hope says that Bo might have some advice for Shawn. Hope thinks that Shawn might feel differently in the morning. Shawn says he has already said goodbye to Belle and that it’s over.

Philip cannot remember the last time Kate cooked. Kate brings over sandwiches. Belle appreciates Philip and Belle standing by her. Belle thinks she doesn’t deserve this treatment. Kate says that Belle is not responsible for what Marlena did.

Marlena and the other girl circle around each other. Marlena takes a swing and misses. The matron offers Marlena’s wedding ring to the winner of the fight. Marlena asks for it back. The matron refuses to give it up and says that the diamond might look good on someone else. Marlena says that the matron is supposed to stop fights, not encourage them. Marlena is thrown down by the bench and hears John’s voice saying that he loves her and Marlena fights back. Crystal shows up and joins in on the fight, on Marlena’s side.

Mickey says that he can’t believe the bonds are gone. Jennifer can’t believe that Patrick is gone. Julie thinks Patrick took them. Julie says that it doesn’t look like someone broke in. Bonnie arrives at Jennifer’s house. Julie accuses Bonnie of stealing the bonds. Bonnie tries to start something with Julie. Julie says they should call the police.

Marlena knocks out the other girl. Marlena asks for her ring back. The matron tells Marlena that John is in the waiting area and that he won’t be allowed to see her. Marlena wishes she could. Marlena asks Crystal why she helped out. Crystal says that she doesn’t want to be the enemy of someone who killed nine, maybe ten, people. Crystal asks if they can be friends.

Hope asks Shawn how he would feel if Hope was the serial killer. Hope tells Shawn to stop being selfish. Hope asks where Shawn would go if his mother were a serial killer. Hope says that Shawn is leaving Belle alone.

Belle thinks Kate for the sandwiches. Belle apologizes for being so emotional. Kate tells Belle to put some cold water on her face. Philip says it was a good idea for Kate to tag along. Kate says Belle adores Philip. Philip cleans up. Kate says that a new story is about to begin.

John says that Brady always defends Nicole. Brady says that no one else defends Nicole. He says that there is no hard evidence against Nicole. Brady asks if John really trusts the Salem PD because they aren’t trying to figure out the whole story. Brady says that if Nicole is guilty then he will personally administer the lethal injection. Brady remarks that John is still trying to prove Marlena’s innocence even though she confessed. John says that Marlena is a victim and that he’s going to get her out of this because he loves her. John asks if Brady can say the same thing about Nicole. John asks Brady if he loves Nicole.

Jennifer says they aren’t calling Patrick a thief but that she can’t believe he left without saying goodbye. Julie asks Bonnie why she doesn’t want them to call the police. Bonnie says that Patrick can’t defend himself. Bonnie says that Patrick is not a thief. Julie and Bonnie argue. Bonnie says Patrick would never hurt Jennifer because he adored her and Abby. Bonnie says Patrick came by earlier and said he was leaving. Bonnie says that he doesn’t know where Patrick is going. She says Patrick goes where his heart leads him.

Patrick is on the road hoping to catch a ride soon. Patrick says that he needs to put a lot of distance in between him and Jennifer. He looks at his coin and flashes back to when the coin helped save Jennifer’s baby. A car passes by and doesn’t pick up Patrick.

Crystal says that they didn’t start the fight so they don’t have to worry. Trish comes in and asks for Marlena. Marlena leaves with Trish.

Brady says that he loves Chloe. John says that Brady is just like him. John thinks that Brady has feelings for Nicole, especially after all that time living under the same roof. Brady says that Nicole was treated badly by Victor. Brady says that Victor made Nicole quit her job. John says there might have been a reason for that. John says that he would’ve hired Nicole at basic Black, but Kate wouldn’t have it. Brady says he had wanted to ask Nicole’s advice on something, but she had already left the hospital. Brady says that he just wants Victor’s death to be a closed book so that he can concentrate on his work at Titan. John asks Brady about the concert hall. Brady says that’s his first priority. Brady introduces Trish and John. Trish says that Marlena is here to see John.

Julie is on the phone with the police. Julie says that the police are on their way over and are looking for Patrick. Mickey says that they have no choice, but to call the police. Jennifer apologizes. Julie says she has a headache and goes for aspirin. Julie looks in Bonnie purse and pulls out a wad of bills.

Patrick tries to use mind over matter to get a car to stop. The next car stops, but it’s the police.

Hope wishes Shawn will do the right thing and to not give up on Belle.

Belle looks at her teddy bear. Philip asks if she’s ok. He says he and Kate were beginning to worry. Belle says that it’s been a hard day. Belle says the bear is from Valentine’s Day. Philip says that Belle needs a friend. Belle thinks that she’s lost Shawn forever.

Shawn knocks on Belle’s door and Kate answers. Shawn asks why Kate is there. Shawn says he’s here to see Belle.

John and Marlena reach up on the glass and match up their hands. Trish is happy that she could get John and Marlena together. Trish says that things got out of hand and that if it wasn’t for another inmate Marlena could have died. Trish says she wants to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Crystal says that now Marlena is her friend things will fall into place. Crystal says that phase two is killing Marlena. Crystal needs help. Crystal starts to seduce one of the guards.

John notices that Marlena is more bruised. Marlena says she’s ok and doesn’t want to talk about it. John says that he needs to hold her and Marlena says she needs to hold John too. John says that this whole thing is like a nightmare. Marlena says she can’t believe that she killed all those people. Marlena says she needs to pay for her crimes. John says that there is something that they are missing and that he’s going to find out what it is. Marlena takes off her ring. John is shocked that they let her keep her ring. Marlena says no. Marlena tells John to give the ring to Belle and to tell Belle that she loves her very much. Marlena starts crying and says she wishes she could see Belle again. Marlena says that she might not even see John again. John tells Marlena not to talk like that. John says that he won’t lose Marlena. Marlena says she won’t be coming out of here alive.


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