Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 5/5/04

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Characters appearing: Bonnie, Mickey, Julie, Father Jensen (in the dream), Patrick, Jennifer, Kate, Philip, Shawn, Belle, Bo, Marlena, Hope, John, Brady, Nicole, Lexie, and Alice (appears to Julie)

The country bar:

Bonnie dreams about how her marriage to Mickey would be. In her dream Julie is tied up and gagged with an apple, as they are married. Patrick sees that Bonnie has been writing “Mrs. Mickey Horton” on a piece of paper and says it will never happen.

Alice’s house:

Julie says it is quiet. Julie and Jennifer miss Alice in the kitchen making treats. Mickey says this would be a good time to say good-bye to the people they’ve lost.

The hospital:

Kate is shaken. Philip asks how she is. Kate says that Marlena was her best friend. Kate says that she doesn’t have many friends. Kate regrets confiding in Marlena. Kate can’t believe that Marlena killed Roman so that he couldn’t be with Kate. Kate says it will be hard for John and especially Belle.

The roof of the loft:

Shawn says that just because he’s leaving doesn’t mean he’s not coming back. Shawn says he’s just asking for a little time. Belle asks if she is in Shawn’s future.

Bo asks Marlena who killed Victor. Marlena says she remembers seeing “them”. Marlena isn’t answering and Bo really wants to know. Marlena says that she knows who killed Victor. Marlena keeps looking at Nicole. Marlena says that she can’t quite remember the name. John tells her to just say it. Lexie says that the drug is wearing off. Bo sees that Marlena is looking at Nicole and he grabs Nicole and asks Marlena if it was Nicole.

Shawn says that he can’t promise anything about the future. Belle is worried that she won’t be able to handle things on her own. Shawn says he’s no good to anyone. Belle asks if there is anything she can do to make him stay.

Nicole protests. Bo asks Marlena if it was Nicole again. Marlena has a flashback to when she saw Jan and Nicole outside of Belle’s apartment. Marlena says she can’t remember exactly. Hope tells Marlena to concentrate. John asks Marlena to say what she does know. Marlena says that Nicole’s face keeps coming up, but she doesn’t know why. Brady says that it’s because Nicole is guilty.

Bonnie takes the paper back. Patrick says that Mickey won’t necessarily walk Bonnie down the aisle. Bonnie says that she really does have feelings for Mickey. Patrick says that all Bonnie sees is Mickey’s money. Bonnie says she’s waited all her life for a good man. Patrick asks what Julie thinks. Bonnie asks about Jennifer. Patrick doesn’t want to talk about it. Patrick says Jennifer is in mourning. Patrick says nothing will happen because he’s leaving tonight.

Mickey says he would have loved for Hope and Lucas to be here too. Mickey says they should celebrate the lives of their lost loved ones. Mickey brings Irish whiskey and apple juice. He wants to toast Jack, Maggie, Doug and Alice. Mickey says they’ve lost Marlena too. Julie says that she wants Marlena to rot away and that she’ll never be forgiven. Julie wonders what would have happened if she hadn’t told Marlena Doug knew who the killer was. Julie says that she can’t forgive herself for the deaths. Alice appears to Julie.

Bonnie says that she was hoping Patrick would settle here. Bonnie says Mimi will miss him so much. Patrick says Mimi is grown up and will do fine with out him. Bonnie says that Patrick could help her with the bar. Patrick finds another piece of paper and asks if Bonnie is really going to steal Jennifer’s bonds.

Philip says he doesn’t want to push Belle because she has a lot on her plate right now. Philip thinks Shawn is fooling himself and blaming Belle for what Marlena did. Kate says that this is the perfect time for Philip to make a move on Belle.

Belle asks Shawn if he can “find himself” in Salem. Shawn says he has to go. Belle says that she ruined everything with her lie. Shawn says that it isn’t about them anymore. He says it’s something he has to do. Belle says, “ok”. Belle thinks that maybe she’s being selfish too. Shawn says that Belle can call him if she really needs to. Belle won’t let Shawn leave without a kiss. Belle and Shawn kiss.

Bo asks Brady is he has information that he hasn’t revealed. Brady says that maybe Marlena is fixating on Nicole because Bo keeps talking about Nicole. Lexie says he might have a point. The Judge asks if Marlena is still on the truth serum. Lexie says the drug is just about worn off. Bo asks who the other person was. Marlena says that it’s a blur. Nicole thanks Brady for standing up for her. Brady says that just because there is no concrete proof of her guilt doesn’t mean that she’s innocent. They bring the typed confession for Marlena to sign. John tells her not to sign it. Bo says she confessed. Marlena says she’ll sign as soon as John tells her what she did and why.

Julie asks Jennifer and Mickey if they can smell Alice’s fragrance. Julie says that she can feel Alice’s presence. Mickey says that it is not Julie’s fault. Julie begins to realize how troubled Marlena must have been. Alice says someday they will find forgiveness. Mickey says that time heals all wounds. Mickey makes his toast to the family. Mickey says that they married into the family and that they are going to be ok. Mickey says that the family is still strong and no one will come between them.

Bonnie asks Patrick how he knows how much the bonds are worth. She thinks he might be planning on stealing them himself. Patrick says he’s never hurt Jennifer. Bonnie says that she’s always loved her children. Bonnie wants Patrick to get to know Jennifer. Bonnie wants grandchildren. Bonnie says that she and Mickey will baby-sit. Patrick says that is time for him to find a new adventure. Bonnie asks if Patrick is in trouble. Outside Patrick gets a phone call. Patrick says he’s leaving after he makes one stop. Bonnie wonders why Patrick is always in a hurry.

Philip asks what is on Kate’s cheek. Kate says it is probably from when Sami scratched her. Kate says that Belle is wonderful. Kate says she got to know her even better since Belle started working at Basic Black. Kate wants Philip to go for Belle. Philip says that this isn’t even about him, but that Kate is upset over Sami and Lucas. Kate says she just wants Philip to watch over Belle.

Shawn says that he does love Belle. He hopes that some day she understands. Shawn tells Belle that she should hold on to his purity ring. Belle says Shawn should keep it.

Nicole asks why the accomplice can’t be Marlena’s. Brady says Marlena was working alone. Nicole is upset that Brady is accusing her again. He says he’s trying to be fair.

Marlena says she can’t remember what she said. John asks Lexie why Marlena can’t remember. Lexie says that Marlena has had transient memory loss ever since her fall. John asks for a minute alone with Marlena. The Judge allows it. Bo thinks that Marlena should not get any special treatment. Hope says that John does. Marlena reads over her confession and asks why she killed all these people. She cannot remember confessing. John says that Marlena said she killed them all because she was still in love with Roman.

Mickey hopes love fills their lives. They clink glasses and Julie thanks Mickey for an inspiring toast. Jennifer says that she needs to get home. Julie offers to drive her. Mickey asks if the bonds are in a safe place. Jennifer says that the house is locked up. A gloved hand takes the bonds.

Nicole says she doesn’t have any evidence. The Judge asks Lexie if it’s normal for the drug to leave the system so quickly. Lexie says the brain rapidly absorbs it. The Judge asks if it would be ok to give Marlena another dose. Nicole vows that Marlena will never reveal anything. Brady returns to the room and asks where Nicole disappeared to.

Marlena doesn’t believe that she really killed all those people because she loved Roman. She says it doesn’t make any sense because she loves John now. John says that he knows Marlena loves him and not Roman. John says that something is not adding up here. Bo comes in and says that it’s time. Marlena clings to John.

Julie asks Jennifer if she’d like tea. As she heads to the kitchen, Julie tells Jennifer to lock up the bonds right away. Jennifer sees that the bonds are gone.

Patrick is outside in the woods with his backpack.

Philip asks if he put in enough sugar. Kate says everything tastes like ashes. Philip says that he knows it looks like Kate’s life is ruined. Kate says that all her kids have gone or let her down. Kate says that Philip is her last hope. Philip says he understands, but he won’t take advantage of Belle while she’s confused. Kate thanks Philip for taking care of her. Kate vows not to let Philip throw his life away. Kate thinks Belle is perfect for Philip and wants someone in their family to live happily ever after.

Shawn says someday he and Belle will be together again. Belle tells Shawn to take care and return as soon as he can. Shawn leaves. Belle’s cell phone rings. It’s Philip asking if she’s ok. Belle says she needs Philip.

Marlena hugs goodbye to John. The Judge asks if she signed the confession yet. Marlena says she hasn’t yet. John tells Marlena not to do it. Marlena signs because she gave her word that she would. John and Marlena tell each other that they love each other. Brady says he’s sorry about what John is going through. John says that something is not right here and he vows to figure out what it is. He promises that he won’t let Marlena die in jail.

Nicole visits Crystal in jail again. Nicole tells Crystal to kill Marlena tonight because Marlena is returning to the jail.

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