Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 5/4/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Character’s appearing: Rex, Mimi, Will, Sami, Lucas, Hope, Shawn, Bo, Marlena, John, Brady, Nicole, Lexie, Belle and Judge Fitzpatrick

Rex’s apartment:

Rex and Mimi can’t believe that Marlena is really the killer. Rex says no one’s life will ever be the same. Mimi says Belle and Shawn’s relationship is suffering. Mimi says Sami is having a hard time dealing with Marlena’s confession.

Sami’s apartment:

Will brings Sami soup and tea. Will tells Sami to eat something. Sami tells Will that he should be in bed. Will goes over to Lucas’ apartment and says he’s worried about Sami.

The hospital:

Hope tells Shawn that he and Belle need each other. Shawn says that he is only staying around to hear about Victor’s death.

Nicole spills coffee. Brady thinks that Nicole is guilty. Nicole asks why they are asking Marlena about Victor’s death if they think that Nicole did it. Brady says that is because Marlena is still under the truth serum and therefore can’t help but reveal anything about Victor’s death. Bo wakes Marlena up and asks her if she killed Victor.

Lucas asks what happened with Sami. Will says that Lucas needs to help Sami. Lucas says that Sami doesn’t want Lucas’ help. Will says that usually when Sami is mad she yells and screams, but not this time. Lucas says that Sami can usually pull through things. Lucas goes over to Sami’s apartment. Lucas asks Sami if she’s ok. Lucas says that Will is worried about her. Sami thinks everyone would be better off without her.

Bo asks Marlena why she is not answering. Marlena says she doesn’t remember. John says that’s because Marlena was with everyone at Tuscany. Bo and John argue. Bo says he’s the one asking the questions. The Judge tells John to be quiet so that Marlena can answer. John and Bo agree that the next suspect is Nicole. Bo asks Marlena if she knows anything about Victor’s murder. John doesn’t think she does, but Marlena says that she does know something.

Rex asks what Sami is going to do. Mimi says that Sami can do anything when she’s upset. Rex says that he and Sami have not bonded yet, but he should do that for his dad. Mimi says that everyone who gets close to Sami gets hurt.

Lucas asks what Sami is talking about. Lucas says that Sami is just in a lot of pain. Lucas just wants to help. Sami says that her mother is a serial killer and that’s why she’s the way she is. Sami looks at the issue of the Intruder. Sami says that she is just like her mother. Lucas says that maybe Sami should go to the death chamber.

Marlena says she doesn’t know who is responsible for killing Victor. Bo asks Marlena if she has her suspicions. Marlena says that there is something there, but she doesn’t know for sure. Bo makes Marlena think. Lexie comes in and says that a nurse has alerted her to Marlena’s vital signs. Marlena’s heart rate and blood pressure are elevated. Hope tells Bo that he should stop. Bo doesn’t want Lexie to interrupt. Lexie says that Marlena is agitated and that if this continues then she could go into cardiac arrest. Bo says that he wants to know who killed his father. He says that Marlena is already going to die and he doesn’t care if it’s here.

The Judge reprimands Bo for his outburst.

Nicole says that Belle isn’t looking so good. Nicole tells Brady to go check on Belle. Brady is suspicious. Nicole says she can’t get out of the hospital. Belle and Brady hug. Belle can’t believe that Marlena confessed. Belle thinks Marlena will die.

Jan says that she would have injected an air bubble into Marlena’s IV if Shawn hadn’t been there. Jan says that she’s getting out and Nicole is getting caught should Marlena reveal anything. Nicole and Jan argue. Jan says that Nicole blackmailed first.

Shawn says that he’s leaving. Hope asks Shawn if he knows where he’s going. Shawn says no but that he’ll call. Shawn leaves without saying goodbye to Belle. Belle takes that to mean Shawn is really mad at her. Belle says she can’t take it anymore and has to leave. Brady offers to take her home, but Belle leaves alone. Brady goes back to talk with Nicole.

Sami asks Lucas if he wanted to see her die. Lucas says he only saved her for Will’s sake. Lucas says he’s sick of feeling sorry for Sami. Lucas says that Sami is filling Will’s head with false hopes. Lucas says that Sami is ungrateful and selfish. He says she’s even worse than Nicole. Lucas says that Sami spreads misery. Lucas says that Kate is right. Lucas says that he’s going to sue for full custody of Will.

Belle finds Shawn outside his apartment. Belle wants to talk. Shawn says that they have talked. Shawn says that he’s leaving tonight. Mimi and Rex ask why he’s leaving tonight. Shawn says he can’t talk about it right now. Mimi tells Rex to go talk to Shawn. Rex doesn’t know what to say. Mimi goes over to Belle’s and hugs her.

Lexie says she’s stopping the IV drip because it’s affecting Marlena’s heart rate and blood pressure. Bo says he still has questions to ask Marlena. John says that it’s not a good idea to keep Marlena drugged up. Bo says he wants to ask her before the drugs run out. Nicole and Brady walk in because Bo asked for Nicole. Brady confirms Nicole’s handcuff alibi. Brady says that Bo just wants to see Nicole fry. Bo is still thinking Brady is protecting Nicole. Bo asks Brady if Nicole is that good in bed. The Judge reprimands him. Bo asks Marlena if she thinks Nicole is involved in Victor’s death. Bo tells Marlena he thinks Nicole had an accomplice and asks Marlena if she can prove or disprove that. Marlena has a flashback to seeing Jan and Nicole outside of Belle’s. Marlena says she does think there is an accomplice.

Jan’s country house:

Jan returns to the country house with an arm full of groceries. She says that the cage is almost set.

Rex asks Shawn where he’s going. Shawn says nothing will change his mind. Rex says that he understands why Shawn has to go. Shawn says he’s not running away. Shawn says that reverse psychology won’t work. Rex says that he’ll just stay out of Shawn’s business.

Belle blames herself for Alice’s death. Mimi wonders why Shawn is running away and deserting Belle in her time of need. Belle says that Shawn is running from Belle. Rex says that Shawn went to the roof to get some CD’s. Rex says that Shawn didn’t listen to him. Mimi tells Belle that she needs to go follow him. Mimi hopes Shawn won’t leave. Mimi thinks that if Shawn leaves Belle now he might never get her back. Mimi is hoping that all Shawn will have to do is look in Belle’s eyes.

Lucas says that maybe Sami just doesn’t want to lose Will to him. Lucas says that Sami only loves herself. Sami says that she will kill Lucas before he takes Will. Sami realizes that Lucas was only trying to make her mad. Will comes back and asks if everything is ok.

Jan places a vase of flowers down and says everything is all set. Jan says that all she needs is Shawn now. Jan says she’ll give him a little more time before her plan goes into action.

Belle says that she has heard Shawn is leaving town tonight. Shawn says there are too many memories here and he has to get away. Belle thinks it’s because of her. Shawn says that Belle is the best. Belle says yes, save that one lie. Shawn doesn’t want Belle to go down that road. Shawn asks Belle to understand he needs time. Belle reminds Shawn that so many couples have lived here before them and carved their initials on the door. She says that they all had problems but their love survived. Belle asks if Shawn still loves her.

Sami says that she is fine. Will says he heard yelling. Will says that before it was like Sami had gone. Sami says that Lucas brought her back. Sami asks Will for a hug. Sami and Will hug and Sami says she loves Will more than anything.

Mimi paces back and forth. Mimi says Shawn and Belle have been gone for a long time. Rex says that they don’t know what is going on up there. He says Belle and Shawn could be making up or breaking up. Shawn tells Belle that he loves her. Belle says that she’s afraid if Shawn leaves she might lose him forever.

Jan kisses Shawn’s picture. Jan says soon she will be kissing Shawn’s real body. Jan thinks that since Nicole hasn’t called Marlena didn’t say anything.

Bo asks Marlena who the accomplice was. Marlena says that she remembers seeing Nicole and her accomplice.


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