Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 5/3/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jan, Marlena, Nicole, Shawn, Belle, Sami, John, Bo, Hope, Lucas, Judge Fitzpatrick, Brady, Julie, Philip, Kate through flashbacks: Roman, Doug, Tony, and Alice

The hospital roof:

Nicole is on the roof and Jan, in her dinosaur costume comes up behind her. Jan asks why Nicole is still around. Nicole says that she’d like to get out of here before they get incriminated. Jan tells Nicole that Marlena could incriminate them while on the truth serum. Nicole says she already knows that. Jan says they should run away to Mexico. Nicole says she can’t leave the hospital. Nicole tries to take Jan’s costume. Brady walks in on them.

Marlena’s hospital room:

Shawn says that Marlena just admitted to killing her ex-husband. John still thinks there is a reason. Bo thinks John is fooling himself. John says that the woman she loves is not a cold-blooded killer. Bo says that Marlena just confessed with no remorse. John says that is because of the drugs. Sami demands to know why Roman was killed. Bo says it is probably because Roman found out who the killer was. Marlena says that Bo is not listening and that Roman died because she loved him.

Nicole explains that the dinosaur fell and she was trying to help it up. Jan says she has to go back to a party in the children’s ward. Brady says Marlena’s been confessing. Nicole asks about Victor.

Sami says Marlena would not kill Roman if she loved him. Marlena says that she had fallen back in love with Roman. John says that just before Marlena went on the truth serum she had said that she loved him (John). Marlena says that she fell back in love with Roman at the exact moment that he stopped pining away after her. Marlena says she tried to stop the wedding, but John kept telling her not to interfere. Marlena says she was angry that Roman chose Kate over her. Therefore, he had to die. Marlena says that Roman could not believe she was the killer. There is a flashback to Roman’s murder. Marlena says that Roman begged her not to kill him. Marlena says that she begged Roman not to marry Kate, but he did it anyway. Marlena says that if she couldn’t have Roman then no one could. Marlena says that Abe kept standing in the way of Marlena’s plans to keep Kate and Roman apart. Marlena says that people kept finding out and the whole killing spree snowballed. Marlena says that it was fun while it lasted. Hope says Marlena is a monster. Sami says that Marlena just wanted to get back together with Roman and that since John and Kate wouldn’t let her, they are the responsible ones.

Brady asks why Nicole thinks the police haven’t asked Marlena about Victor. Brady says that Marlena has an alibi for Victor’s murder. Nicole points out that she has an alibi too, since she was handcuffed to Brady at the time. Brady says that the police are almost positive that Nicole had an accomplice.

The Judge gives Sami thirty seconds to say her peace. The Judge warns that if Sami has another outburst she will spend the night in jail. Sami says that John and Kate are responsible for Marlena’s killing spree because they would not let Marlena have Roman back. Sami runs out and Kate tells Lucas not to follow Sami, but Lucas does anyway. Bo says that they finally have a motive. He says that Marlena killed consciously and premeditatedly, which is murder in the first degree. The Judge says that the penalty for that in this state is death.

Jan is listening to Nicole and Brady’s conversation from around the corner. Nicole says she’s innocent. Brady asks Nicole why she should worry about Marlena implicating Nicole if Nicole is innocent. Nicole says that Marlena will try to frame Nicole because Marlena never liked Nicole with Eric. Brady says that Marlena cannot lie since she’s under truth serum. Nicole says that Marlena is a serial killer and would not have any trouble sending Nicole to death row as well. Jan waves for Nicole’s attention. Nicole tells Brady to go find out what is going on. Brady says Nicole should go with him. Nicole says she wants to stay on the roof in the fresh air. Brady leaves and Jan takes off her dinosaur head. Nicole says that she’s scared of execution. Jan says that they have to kill Marlena.

Brady runs into Sami and tries to stop her. Sami says that Brady’s father is responsible and takes off again. Lucas comes up running behind Sami. Lucas fills Brady in on what just happened with the confession of Roman’s murder. Brady worries that his dad must be devastated.

Lucas finds Sami in the chapel. Sami asks God to make John and Kate to pay. Lucas says that Sami didn’t mean that. Sami says she did.

John tells Belle to leave and Belle doesn’t want to go. Belle says there has to be a reason why Marlena did all this. Shawn says there is no more to the story. John asks Marlena to finish this later. Bo says they aren’t stopping. Julie walks in. Julie says Mickey went home and that Jennifer is doing better. Julie says that she wants to know what happened to Doug. Marlena says that Doug was in the wrong place at the wrong time since he saw Marlena coming out of Tony’s cubicle. Marlena says she had almost convinced Doug she wasn’t the killer, but he refused to let it go. Marlena says that Doug’s death was the most slow and painful. There’s a flashback to Doug’s death. Julie says that Marlena deserves to die and Julie grabs for Marlena’s throat and starts choking her.

Nicole says that killing Marlena is just crazy! Nicole says that Marlena is surrounded and there is no way to get to her. Jan says that if Shawn find out Jan killed Victor then he might get upset. Jan says that she knows exactly how she’s going to kill Marlena and that Marlena gave her the idea.

Bo and Hope pull Julie off of Marlena. Hope tells Julie to go downstairs because she cannot handle it. Julie says that she wants to know what happened to Alice. Hope says Julie cannot handle it. Julie says that she can. The Judge asks Marlena if she wants to press charges against Julie for attacking her. Julie is outraged that Marlena should have the opportunity to press charges. Marlena says she’s not mad at Julie. Marlena says she would have don the same thing if someone had tried to get in the way of her happiness. Then Marlena starts laughing and says that she did do that. Belle thinks that Marlena is going insane. John and Kate don’t know how much more they can take. Kate walks out. Bo tells Marlena to move on to Alice’s murder. Marlena takes a second to thank Belle for lying to Shawn about where Marlena was at the time of Doug’s murder. Shawn gets upset that Marlena killed Alice. Marlena says that she is not responsible for Alice’s death, Doug is.

Lucas tells Sami she can’t keep blaming John and Kate. Sami says John and Kate tried to break up her family. Sami is convinced that John is the killer and found a way to get Marlena to confess. Lucas tries to get Sami to realize the truth that Marlena is really the killer. Kate walks in and tries to get Lucas to see that Sami is crazy. Kate tells Sami that they just heard Marlena confessing to the murders, including Roman’s. Kate says that Marlena deserves to die. Sami attacks Kate. Lucas pulls Kate away, while Philip pulls Sami away.

Brady walks into Marlena’s room and pulls Belle aside. Belle says it’s even worse because it’s because of her lie that Alice died. Brady and Belle return to Marlena’s room.

Hope asks Marlena what she means when she says Doug is responsible for Alice’s death. Marlena says that Julie is responsible too. Marlena says Julie told her that Doug knew who the killer was. Julie starts blaming herself. Hope tells Julie she couldn’t have known Marlena was the killer. Marlena says that Julie spoke up a second time and said that Julie and Doug had a pact to leave a message for the other if they ever came face to face with the killer. There’s a flashback to Doug hiding the note. There’s a flashback to Marlena reviewing the surveillance tapes on John’s computer. Marlena says that once she knew what she was looking for, she got rid of Julie and went to find the note. Marlena says that Alice got there first. Bo asks how Marlena knew that Alice was there first. Marlena says that she hacked into John’s computer. Marlena says sarcastically, that the police did excellent work. Marlena says that she had to get the note. There’s a flashback to Marlena’s final conversation with Alice before Alice dies. Julie says she’s heard enough. Hope takes Julie downstairs. They decide to take a break. The Judge says she’s never seen a killer so heartless. Marlena says she knows how Belle must feel. John says that this is not the real Marlena. Marlena says that this is the real her, without the façade. Marlena asks John if he still loves her now that he knows who she really is. Brady sees the dinosaur outside Marlena’s room and goes to ask if the dinosaur has seen Nicole. The dinosaur says no. Brady unmasks the dinosaur and it’s Nicole instead of Jan!

Sami and Kate switch sides. They continue fighting. Lucas and Philip continue to hold each girl back. Lucas tells Philip to take Kate away. Lucas says she has to be here for Sami. Sami says to leave her alone. Kate is upset that Lucas chooses Sami over her.

Nicole says she paid someone for the dinosaur costume. Nicole asks about Victor’s murder again. Brady says that she hasn’t, but she confessed to all the other murders.

John says that of course he still loves Marlena. John says that he still doesn’t believe Marlena is capable of all this. He also doesn’t believe Marlena loved Roman. Marlena says that it’s true and that she loved Roman and does not love John. Marlena says she’s the killer and that’s all there is to it. The Judge says the break is over.

Bo asks Marlena about Tony’s death. Marlena says that was her finest moment. Marlena says that the tiger attack would be a great ending to the circus. Marlena says that timing was critical. There’s a flashback to Tony’s tiger mauling. Marlena says that since Tony survived she had to go to plan “B”. There is a flashback to Marlena at Tony’s bedside with the syringe explaining what the drug will do to him. Marlena says, “and then there were none”.

Jan dressed as a nurse comes in to “check” Marlena’s I.V. There is a flashback to Jan and Nicole on the roof. Jan says she’s going to inject an air bubble into Marlena’s I.V.

Lucas asks Sami to let him help her. Sami says that no one can help her. Sami asks Lucas to leave her alone. Sami sinks down and cries.

John asks Jan the nurse if it’s necessary to administer more serum because they are almost done. Jan leaves. Shawn says the nurse looks familiar. Brady asks Nicole if she knows the nurse. Nicole says she was trying to get the nurses attention to find out about truth serum. Brady says Nicole should try telling the truth sometime.

The Judge wants the confession typed up and brought back to Marlena later for her signature. Philip returns and asks if it’s over. Belle says that her mom is the killer and is probably going to die now. Belle says her life is ruined and Shawn won’t even talk to her. Belle and Philip hug. Shawn looks on jealously. Shawn leaves the room and Hope comes up to him. Shawn says that they can’t deny Marlena being the killer anymore. Shawn says that he has to leave town now. Hope wants to discuss it more. Shawn says there is nothing to discuss. Philip says that maybe Shawn doesn’t deserve Belle.

Kate and John talk about Marlena as the killer. John wonders why he didn’t see the signs before. John can’t believe that his wife is the killer. Kate says that they are both victims of Marlena’s evil. Bo tells the judge that he has one last thing to ask Marlena. Bo wakes Marlena up and asks if she killed Victor. Nicole is standing in the doorway.


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