Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/30/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Rex, Mimi, Kate, Philip, Lucas, Sami, Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Will, Shawn Sr., Judge Fitzpatrick, and through flashbacks: Caroline, Cassie, Roman

The country bar:

Rex thinks he might not be able to trust Mimi anymore.

The hospital:

Kate is in the chapel and Philip finds her. He says he was worried about her. Kate is thinking about how Marlena ruined her life by killing Cassie and Roman. Kate is thinking Sami is just as bad as her mother. Kate tells Philip she found Sami and Lucas in bed. Kate vows to turn the table.

Sami runs to Lucas asking why no one will listen to her. Sami says that John and Kate are the real killers. Lucas says that Sami needs to see the truth for once and that truth is that Marlena is guilty.

Sami asks Lucas if he’s going to hit her again. Sami thinks maybe she should have pressed charges. Lucas says that he slapped her because she was drunk. Lucas says their relationship has potential. Sami says that Kate ended their night of lovemaking. Lucas says that he is only trying to be there for Sami, but that Sami needs to accept the truth. Sami runs out.

John tells Marlena to say why she committed the murders. Marlena says Maggie asked the same thing. She says Caroline would have asked too if she’d had the time. Bo wants to know if she killed Caroline. Marlena says that Maggie was telling Caroline everything and that Marlena did not want to be found out. Marlena says she made a “preemptive strike”. Bo says that if anyone got close to Marlena as a killer had to die. That is why Shawn was stabbed in his bed. Marlena remembers that she did try to kill Shawn. Since she didn’t, Bo asks Marlena if she knows who was in Shawn’s bed. Marlena guesses that it’s someone Shawn was sleeping with. Shawn objects, but the Judge tells him to be quiet. Sami comes in and tells Marlena to say she did not kill Caroline. Marlena says she’ll tell the whole story, but they aren’t going to like it.

Mimi asks Rex why he’s so upset. Mimi says she would never intentionally lie to him. Rex apologizes for getting upset. Rex says he wants to know the truth about Cassie’s death. Mimi asks if he wants to go to the hospital.

Lucas says that he doesn’t want to fight with Kate again. Philip shows up concerned. Lucas tells Philip that Marlena has taken truth serum and is confessing to murders. Kate gets upset and Lucas sits down with her.

Sami says that Marlena is not the killer. The Judge tells Sami to be quiet. Shawn Sr. says Marlena could not be the killer either. Marlena says she poisoned Caroline. Marlena says she’s especially proud of Caroline’s murder. She notes that she had the timing down perfectly. She sent a digital clock message to Bo on his PDA. Marlena says she poisoned Caroline’s tea while Caroline was distracted talking to Bo. Bo did not notice Marlena in the Brady pub. Marlena says she took some of Maggie’s medication to use on Caroline. She says that since she’s a doctor she knew exactly how much to give her. Marlena says that all she had to do was play the grieving family friend and wait for tragedy to happen. There’s a flashback to the clock running down and Caroline falling down dead. Sami cannot believe what she’s hearing. Then Will appears at the door and is shocked at Marlena’s confession.

Shawn is in the chapel praying. Belle walks in. Shawn says he needed to get away for a few minutes. Belle thinks Shawn needs to get away from her.

Sami takes Will out of Marlena’s room. Sami blames Lucas and then Kate for letting Will go in there. Kate says she would never intentionally hurt her grandson. Lucas leaves to go be with Sami and Will.

The Judge calls for a recess because too many people are interrupting. She says Will should not have been there. Shawn Sr. says he didn’t know Will would overhear the confession. Shawn Sr. wants to stay, but Bo says he doesn’t think it will be good for his heart. Bo tells Shawn Sr. to take Will home. Shawn Sr. says that Caroline loved Marlena and so did Roman. Shawn Sr. says that Marlena deserves to die. John says that they still don’t know why Marlena did all this. The Judge says that she cannot bar anyone from the confessions and that this is the only way for the victim’s families to know how the victims were killed. Rex shows up, just in time for the questioning about Cassie’s death. Kate also shows up and asks why she can’t kill Sami because Marlena killed Cassie: daughter for a daughter.

Sami takes Will into an empty room. Lucas shows up behind them. Will asks if Marlena is the really killed everyone. Sami tells Will not to judge. Lucas says that they should let the courts decide who’s guilty or not. Lucas says this is not the same Marlena they all know and love. Shawn Sr. comes to take Will home. Lucas says they will work it all out in the morning, as a family. Sami says she can’t handle any “I told you sos” right now and leaves.

Belle says that Marlena is at fault for Shawn’s family leaving. Belle says that he lie led to people’s death. Belle asks how they are going to live with what has happened. Shawn leaves to go be with his parents. Belle starts praying. She asks why this is all happening.

Hope warns that the Judge could hold Kate’s threat against her. Kate apologizes. Marlena says that she was very upset about Rex and Cassie not being her biological children. Marlena says that Kate had Roman and the twins and that made her angry. Bo asks why she didn’t kill Kate. Marlena says it’s because she’s methodical. Marlena says she only kills people who can incriminate her. Marlena says that she pretended to be remorseful and told Cassie to turn her in to the police. Rex says that he could have saved Cassie and Marlena says she wasn’t going to let him do that. Marlena says she had to be very careful because Cassie was very smart, but not smart enough. Marlena says she would have loved it if Kate had been convicted for Cassie’s murder. Marlena says no one suspected her because she was out of town with John when the body was found.

Lucas tells Kate to compose herself. Rex calls Kate his mother and asks to talk with her. Kate says Cassie never had a chance to call Kate her mother. Kate says Rex has already lost so much. Rex hopes it’s not to late for him and Kate. They hug.

Philip talks with Mimi about Belle and Shawn. Mimi asks if he’s hoping Shawn and Belle break up.

John wants to question Marlena. He says it might help her case. Bo refuses. The Judge allows it because she thinks nothing could help Marlena’s case at this point. John asks why Marlena poisoned herself. Marlena says it was to throw off suspicion. She says she did almost die and that was not part of the plan. Marlena thanks John for saving her. Marlena decides that she wants to be the most famous serial killer of all time. She says she was determined to make that dream come true.

Sami and Lucas talk on the roof. Lucas says that Will needs both his parents right now. Lucas says they need to settle something. Lucas says that Sami needs to come to grips with Marlena being the killer. Lucas says that she has to admit it. Sami admits it. Lucas hugs Sami as she cries.

Sami says that maybe Marlena killed everyone else, but she says that Marlena would never have killed Roman. Sami says she’s going to go make Marlena say she didn’t kill Roman.

Mimi asks Rex how she is. Rex says it was hard to hear the confession. Rex says he wants to leave. Mimi says that she’s going to hold him all night.

Kate says she wants to hear Marlena’s confession for Roman. Philip says he’s going with her. Marlena says that she did kill Roman. Bo asks about the cake. Marlena says she used hypodermic needles to fill the cake. Marlena says the cake was a warning for Roman to leave Kate. Since Roman did not leave Kate he had to die. Marlena says she pushed the bride and groom cake topper down his throat until he stopped breathing and that was how she knew he had died. Sami cannot believe that Marlena would kill Roman.

Rex is in the chapel praying. Mimi walks in and asks if he’s praying for Cassie and Roman. Rex says it’s a first for him. Mimi says that Rex is such a good man and is definitely Roman Brady’s son.

Lucas is sorry that Sami had to hear that. Kate never wants Philip to have this kind of pain. She wants him to find love. Kate and Philip hug. Hope asks Bo if he’s ok. Bo says Roman will not rest until Marlena has paid for her crimes. Bo says he’ll make Marlena pay with her life if it’s the last thing he does. Sami asks Marlena why she killed Roman. John wonders how he’s going to get Marlena out of this one.


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