Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/29/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lucas, Sami, Jennifer, Patrick, Mickey, Julie, Bonnie, Hope, Lexie, Bo, Marlena, John, Judge Fitzpatrick, Belle, Shawn, Tek, as a ghost/vision: Maggie and Abe and through flashbacks: Jack

The hospital roof:

Lucas says that Sami is afraid Marlena’s going to confess. Sami says she won’t confess. Lucas asks what Marlena’s confession will do to them.

The hospital:

Jennifer and Patrick arrive at the hospital. Jennifer says she has to know the truth about who killed Jack.

Mickey doesn’t understand why Marlena is the killer and why she’d kill Maggie.

Hope asks Lexie if she’s ok. Hope says that she could another doctor to fill in. John says that he should’ve talked Marlena out of it. Bo says he couldn’t do that because Marlena wanted to do it. Bo says he just wants the facts. Bo asks Marlena if she’s ready. Bo asks Marlena what happened after she visited Eric. Marlena says she caught and earlier flight. She says she found the mask in her bag and knew she had to kill. Lexie has a small outburst at the thought of Marlena killing Abe. Hope restrains her. Bo tells Marlena to describe what happened. Marlena says she was watching Abe. (Flashbacks accompany Marlena’s confession) Marlena says she knew Abe would never suspect her and takes off her mask. Abe and Marlena chat for a second about Theo’s christening. Marlena tells Abe he should be careful. Abe says he has his gun and vest. Marlena pulls the gun on him. Marlena says that she shot Abe and killed him.

Marlena says that Abe was her first victim. Lexie tried to get to Marlena again and Hope restrains her. Bo asks what happened next. Marlena says that Abe told Marlena to tell Lexie and Theo how much he loved them right before she shot him.

Patrick tells Bonnie to back off Mickey. Bonnie says Mickey needs her. Patrick says he’s really there for Jennifer. Bonnie says that she cares about Mickey too. Jennifer says she can’t imagine the pain Lexie is going through.

Marlena says that she had to aim very carefully because Abe was wearing a bulletproof vest. In her flashback, Abe asks why. Lexie asks Marlena why too. Bo says that they’ll get to the motive later. Belle wonders how they will get through this.

Sami says Marlena is innocent and won’t confess. Sami says Lucas is not her boyfriend. Lucas asks Sami if they are in a relationship. Lucas kisses Sami. Sami says she knows what he’s trying to do and tells him to forget it. Sami runs out.

Lucas catches up to Sami. Lucas says Sami is pushing him away because she’s worried about her mother. Sami insists Marlena is innocent. Mickey says that Marlena already confessed to killing Abe. Sami says it’s not over and that John is framing Marlena. Bonnie says that when two people are meant to be together there is nothing anyone can do. Mickey doesn’t want Julie and Bonnie to fight. Mickey says that they should just go into the chapel and pray for the victims and their families. Julie says she’s going to pray for Jennifer and the baby too.

Jennifer thanks Patrick for being there. Lexie comes out of Marlena’s room crying. Lexie tells Jennifer that she wanted to know the truth but had no idea it would be this devastating. Lexie advises Jennifer not to listen to the confession. Jennifer says she has to know how Jack ties and why.

John says he knows his wife is not a heartless killer. He says he just has to find out the explanation for all of this.

Bo says Marlena deserves to die. Hope says she can’t believe Marlena wanted her and Bo dead.

Tek comes and asks Lexie if she’d like anything to eat. Lexie says she needs to get away for a bit. Jennifer walks into Marlena’s room. Bo wakes Marlena up and asks if she killed Jack. Marlena apologizes for falling asleep and then says that she did kill Jack. Marlena asks Jennifer if she’d like to know what Jack’s last words were.

Lucas says he’d feel the same if Kate was a killer. Sami thinks Kate is a killer and working with John.

Lexie walks in and tells Sami to stop blaming everyone else. Lexie says that she just heard Marlena confess to killing Abe. Sami runs away again.

Mickey is next to see Marlena. Mickey has a vision of Maggie asking if he’s ok. He sees Maggie is Julie’s place.

Bonnie tells Patrick to take advantage of this opportunity with Jennifer.

Marlena says she snuck up on Jack as he was walking through the alley behind Salem Place. In the flashback Jack notices that his watch has stopped and hope it doesn’t make him late for his meeting with Jennifer. Marlena comes up behind him and hits his head with a brick. Marlena says that she felt a lot of freedom because she had killed two people and no one would ever suspect her Jennifer asks what his last words were. Marlena says he said Jennifer was waiting and that he couldn’t be late. Marlena says that she just told him that Jennifer would just have a really long wait. Jennifer lunges towards Marlena screaming and trying to claw at her. Bo holds her back and tries to calm her down. Sami comes in and says that John and Kate are framing Marlena. The Judge tells Sami she won’t stand for interruptions. Sami asks Belle why she’s not defending Marlena. Belle says Marlena is with out a doubt the killer. Sami says that Bo and Hope just want to send Marlena to her death. Sami says that Belle has chosen Shawn over Marlena. John tells Sami that this is enough. John tells Sami to leave and Bo tells her to stay so she can hear the confession with her own ears.

Julie and Mickey ask how Jennifer is. Jennifer says she’ll be ok and that she just needs a little time. Mickey goes in to listen to the confession for Maggie.

Lexie says that Abe would have been proud of Tek. Lexie says that Tek was the first cop to seriously suspect Marlena. Lexie starts crying. Lexie says she’s going to go say a prayer. Tek says he’ll be waiting for her. Lexie says she can never let Abe go. Lexie lights a candle and Abe’s ghost appears. Abe says he has a message for Lexie.

Patrick goes with Jennifer to the roof. Patrick asks if she feels better in the fresh air. Jennifer says she feels numb. Jennifer says that hearing the words from Marlena made it seem like she was there. Jennifer blames herself for not being able to protect Jack. Jennifer has an abdominal pain and faints. Patrick catches her.

Abe says that he knows how hard it was for Lexie after his death. He says he knows Lexie had to remain strong for everyone. Abe tells Lexie that she can move on. Lexie says she can’t let Abe go. Abe tells Lexie it’s time to make room for someone else. Abe says he’ll always love Lexie. Abe leaves and Tek asks if Lexie is ready to go. Lexie gets beeped and says that it’s an emergency.

Bo tells Marlena to remember Halloween and Maggie’s murder. Marlena confesses to killing Maggie. Marlena says that Maggie is gullible and was very easy to kill. Sami stands by in disbelief. Lucas asks Sami if she believes her mother is a cold-blooded killer now.

Lexie tells Jennifer they are going to do an emergency sonogram. Jennifer worries about her baby. Lexie starts the ultrasound. Patrick starts to leave, but Jennifer tells him to stay. Lexie says she’ll be right back. Jennifer says she’s scared. Patrick pulls out his coin for luck. Jennifer says she thought he lost the coin.

Marlena says she can’t believe how easy if was to fool Maggie. There’s a flashback of Maggie greeting Marlena in her house. Marlena says that she couldn’t have let Maggie recall that Marlena is the killer. There’s a flashback of Maggie seeing the eyes of the killer right after Marlena shot Abe. Marlena says that she thinks her choice of weapon was inspired. Bo asks Marlena if after she hit Maggie she went after Mickey and Officer Kent. Marlena says yes. Mickey tries to get to Marlena, saying he should’ve killed her when he had the chance. John can’t believe what he’s hearing. Sami goes up to Marlena and begs her to tell everyone that she’s innocent. Belle tells Shawn that she never should’ve lied about Marlena’s alibi. Belle asks Shawn if he will be able to forgive her.

Jennifer realizes that she hasn’t had a cramp in a while. Jennifer says that the coin really works. Lexie says it was probably false labor. Lexie tells Jennifer she needs rest tonight since false labor can be brought on by stress.

Tek asks Lexie if she’s ready for ice cream. Lexie asks for a rain check.

John tells Sami she’s not making things any easier. Sami is still convinced that John is framing Marlena for murders he committed. Sami runs out. Shawn says that Marlena’s confession is what they were afraid of.


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