Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Mimi, Rex, Patrick, Jennifer, Julie, Mickey, Bonnie, Nicole, Brady, Marlena, John, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Hope, Lexie, Jan, Judge Fitzpatrick, and guest appearance by Rocco DiDispirito

The country bar:

Mimi arrives at the country bar. Rex is waiting in the kitchen and says he has a romantic dinner planned. Mimi says Rex can’t cook. Rocco DiSpirito is the chef.

Jennifer’s house:

Patrick says kids have a lot of homework these days. Jennifer starts to apologize for Abby calling him a con artist. Jennifer thanks Patrick for retriving her wedding ring. Jennifer offers to help Patrick. He tells her to hold the flashlight so he can see.

Outside of Jennifer’s house:

Julie is surprised to see Mickey bringing Bonnie to the reading of Alice’s will. They hear a scream and run into the house calling for Jennifer. Patrick and Jennifer are all wet.

The hospital:

Nicole asks Brady if sodium pentathol really works. Brady says it makes people tell the truth. Nicole worries about Marlena revealing Nicole and Jan as Victor’s killers. Nicole has a vision of Marlena saying that she thinks Nicole and Jan are the co-conspirators in Victor’s muder. Brady comes back and says that the procedure has already started.

There is a person in a dinosaur costume with balloons. The police tell him to move along.

Shawn says that if Marlena turns out innocent then he and Belle can work things out. Belle hopes Marlena is innocent too. Bo reminds everyone that he and Hope are the only ones asking the questions. The judge shows up and says Bo must be allowed to do his job. Lexie asks Marlena if she’s ready and John protests once again. He says he won’t allow Marlena to take the truth serum.

Nicole tells Brady to stop the truth serum procedure. Brady tells Nicole not to yell. Brady asks why Nicole is so concerned. Nicole says that she feels for Marlena because Bo is going after her in the same way. She says Bo is a thug on a witch hunt. Brady says that Marlena waived her rights when she agreed to the truth serum. Nicole says that’s outrageous.

John tries to convince Marlena not to do it. The Judge tells John he has to cooperate. John asks for a few minutes alone with his wife. The Judge grants John’s request. Hope asks to talk with John for a minute.

Bo tells the Judge he doesn’t want to do anything that Marlena could use to get off free.

Brady sees Belle and goes over to see how she’s doing.

Nicole says she should’ve gotten rid of Jan when she had the chance. Bo asks Nicole how her accomplice is doing.

Marlena notices that Lexie is very calm considering Marlena might be a killer. Lexie says Marlena should be hurt in the same way Marlena hurt Lexie’s family.

Marlena tells John that they can’t both cry. John says that when Marlena is hurting he is too. Marlena says she has always loved how John protected her, but says that he can’t do it this time.

Jennifer explains why she and Patrick are all wet. She explains how they were fixing the sink. Mickey says that Bonnie was over at his place cooking him dinner. Jennifer returns with towels. Mickey says that he came over to discuss Alice’s will. Mickey says that he tried to call but the phone line was busy. Jennifer says that Abby was doing her homework on the computer. Patrick knows that he and Bonnie are not family. Patrick gets his mother out of the room. Julie says that’s considerate. Julie goes over to the door and listens for Patrick and Bonnie. Mickey tells Julie to just sit down and be quiet.

Nicole shakes Bo’s grip off her. Bo says he’s coming after Nicole as soon as he gets Marlena behind bars. Bo says that there was someone else in the mansion who killed Victor. Bo vows to find that person. Bo is going to tell the cops not to let Nicole leave the hospital so he can arrest her right after Marlena’s confession.

Brady asks if there is anything he can do for Belle. Belle says she has always been a goody two shoes. She says she never used to lie. She can’t believe that she lied when it came down to life and death. Belle says she doesn’t want to lose her mother and Shawn.

Shawn goes in the chapel. The dinosaur follows him. Jan is in the dinosaur costume. Nicole catches up to Jan. Nicole tells Jan that Marlena’s taking the truth serum. Nicole calls Jan crazy. Jan says she’s not crazy, but in love. Nicole drags Jan away from the chapel door. Shawn comes out and wonders what the commotion is.

Marlena tells John to let her go if it turns out that Marlena killed all those people. Marlena says there is no reason that can explain away cold-blooded murder. John tells Marlena to leave the reason to him. He says he will find a reason to explain all this. Lexie says that she’s ready to administer the drug. John and Marlena hold hands. Bo calls for the Judge so that the questioning can begin.

Chef Rocco seats Rex and Mimi and starts preparing their meal. Rex and Mimi feed each other. Rocco asks if they are impressed. Mimi says she’s amazed. Mimi loves the dessert. Rocco gives them a copy of his book that he autographed. Mimi hugs Rocco and then he leaves. Mimi thanks Rex for the best night of her life. Rex and Mimi kiss.

Julie says Mickey never used to say things like that before he started hanging out with Bonnie. Julie asks Jennifer why she’s hanging out with Patrick. Jennifer says she’s about to throw Julie out. Julie apologizes.

Bonnie is listening at the kitchen door. Patrick tells her to stop eavesdropping. Patrick tells Bonnie to stop scheming if she knows what’s good for her kids. Bonnie says she had to work for the first half of her life. She says that she deserves to be happy. Patrick says she’s just taking advantage of Mickey. Bonnie says that Mickey deserves to be happy and that she can make him happy.

Abby, Will, Shawn, and Zack all get trusts. Mickey gives Jennifer a piece of paper for Abby from Alice.

Nicole is wrestling Jan. Shawn stops Nicole and says that the dinosaur is just trying to help sick children. Nicole says she is just worried about Marlena’s confession. Jan thinks to herself that Nicole needs to back off Shawn. A little kid comes up and hugs Jan’s legs.

Nicole sneaks into the stairwell and goes up to the roof. Brady sees Nicole standing on a ledge and grabs her before she can jump off. They kiss after they fall back on the roof.

Judge reminds John that Marlena waived her right to a lawyer and a trial. John asks Marlena if she understood what the Judge said.

Bo tells Marlena to remember the first murder. Marlena says that they should go back to the first attack. Marlena confesses to attacking Bo and Hope at the fashion show. Hope says that she almost died because of Marlena’s attack. Marlena says that it’s hard to get the knack of murder and that she did better the second time around. Bo asks Marlena if she went straight from the plane to her penthouse after returning from Colorado. Marlena says yes and John says that of course she did that. John says that’s her alibi. The Judge tells John to stay out of it. Bo repeats the question. Marlena says she went to her penthouse and John was not there, the first time. (the following contradicts previous facts?) Marlena says that she was happy to come home and there was a note and gardenia corsage on her bed from John. The note said to go to the church for Theo’s christening and if she couldn’t make it to go to Abe and Lexie’s for the reception. Marlena says that she looked at her watch and decided that she had enough time to unpack. Marlena says she opened up her bag and that’s when she saw it.

Rex goes to the door and locks it. Mimi asks if she’s being locked in. Rex says that he’s locking the world out. Rex and Mimi dance and kiss.

Jennifer says that Alice left Abby her prize winning cookie recipe. Julie gets jewelry, real estate and the shares in Titan. Jennifer gets bearer bonds from Alice. Jennifer gets basically the same as Julie and Hope: money and real estate too. Bonnie is listening in and gets excited over the listing of the bonds. Julie tells Jennifer to keep them away from Bonnie. Julie thinks that Bonnie is listening at the door. Bonnie opens the door, hits Julie and Julie falls back unconscious.

Mimi and Rex are on the floor under covers. Mimi says she’ll never be able to look at the place the same. Mimi fills Rex in on Shawn and Belle’s situation. Mimi says Marlena is taking the truth serum tonight. Rex asks Mimi why she didn’t tell him sooner.

Mickey helps Julie up. Julie doesn’t think it was an accident. Jennifer says Marlena’s about to confess. Bonnie asks Mickey if he’d like moral support. Patrick offers to come along too. Bonnie reaches for the bonds left on the table. Julie snatches them up before Bonnie can get to them.

Brady asks Nicole if her answer to everything is a kiss. Brady asks what Nicole is so scared about. Brady says Nicole doesn’t have to tell him since he can go hear the confession herself.

Bo asks Marlena what she saw in the suitcase. Marlena flashes back to finding the mask in her suitcase. Marlena says that’s when she knew she had no choice. She says she had to kill Abe.


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