Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Character’s appearing: Jennifer, Patrick, Abby, Marlena, John, Sami, Lucas, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Hope, Lexie, and Judge Fitzpatrick

Jennifer’s house:

Jennifer says that her fingers are swelling just like when she had Abby. Patrick is talking on his cell phone and Abby catches him.

Kate hangs up the pay phone and then Lucas comes up behind her. Lucas tells Kate that he wants to be here for her. Kate says that Sami blames her for everything. Kate is certain that Marlena is the killer. Lucas tells Kate that Marlena has not been convicted. Kate says that if Lucas ends up dead then it’s his own fault.

The hospital:

Shawn is hoping the truth serum will lead to answers. Bo says it might not turn out that way.

Hope is talking to Lexie about her reservations about doing the truth serum. Lexie says Marlena could very well incriminate herself. Lexie says that her father had something planned. They know Hattie is not the killer, but now she wonders what is really going on.

Belle and Sami are still unsure about Marlena taking the truth serums. Marlena says that she knows what the risks are, but that she has to know. Marlena says that she’s certain that this is what she has to do and she has to find out the truth tonight.

Abby tells Patrick that he is free to use the phone. Patrick says that he doesn’t want to call long distance. Abby says that she likes e-mail because it’s free. Abby says she’s about to do homework. Jennifer is fixing pipes in the kitchen and Patrick goes in to tell her to rest.

Lexie says that she doesn’t want them all to be indicted for coercion. Lexie and Tek say that there is very little health risk involved. Lexie says to Tek that she used to be a cop. Tek asks why she’s not anymore. Lexie says that she couldn’t take all the injustice, unlike Abe.

Sami says that neither she nor Eric or Grandpa Shawn blame Marlena. Sami says she’s been a disappointment and Marlena tells Sami that Sami is not a disappointment. Sami says that Marlena is the one who gave her faith. Sami says that her life is turning around now, but it won’t if she loses Marlena. Sami asks Marlena to stay with them. Sami wants Marlena to see Belle and Shawn to get married. Sami reminds Marlena that she had a fight in her when Stefano took her away. Sami tells Marlena that she needs to fight for her family.

Jennifer is upset that she cannot fix anything. Jennifer’s wedding ring fell down the drain and she’s trying to get it back. Patrick offers to help. Jennifer says that she feels useless. Abby calls for Jennifer to help her with her homework. Patrick calls his mysterious friend back after Jennifer leaves.

Abby says that she has to do a biography on a not-so-famous person. Abby remembers her dad’s advice about finding a good topic and then finding a personal angle. Abby decides to use Patrick as a subject.

Marlena says that they don’t want her to take the truth serum because they are afraid of what she might say. Marlena says she’s trying to be strong and doesn’t want them to take away her courage. Bo comes in and says they are ready. Sami says Marlena isn’t even sure. Marlena says that it is time to know the truth. Marlena wishes Sami could have her entire family back. Marlena says she’s praying for a miracle so that they can all know what really did happen.

Sami asks if the procedure is dangerous. Sami says that Lexie would like nothing better than to see Marlena dead. John asks for a minute alone and tells Sami not to antagonize. Belle tells Marlena that she loves her. Marlena hugs her girls and says she loves them. Just before Sami leaves she says she has something important to say.

Shawn asks Belle what Marlena decided. Belle says she’s going to go through with it. Shawn says that once they know the truth they can start dealing with it. Belle wonders if they are going to be able to deal with it.

Lucas confronts Kate about meddling in Philip’s life. Kate says she’s not in the mood to fight. Lucas says Philip told him Kate was pushing Philip towards Belle. Lucas asks what the difference between Belle and Sami is since they are both in the same family. Kate says that Belle is a very nice, smart girl. Lucas says that Sami is every bit as good as Belle. Kate says people have always wondered why Sami acts the way she does. Kate says that Sami takes after her mother; they are both maniacs.

Sami says Marlena is innocent. Marlena says that she’s made her mind up about the truth serum. Sami says that she can’t deal with losing Marlena again. Sami says this might be their last chance to see Marlena. Sami asks John to get Marlena out of the hospital since he used to be a spy and the police trust him. Sami says all will be forgiven if he can do this for them. Sami says Marlena needs to escape tonight otherwise Marlena is most certainly dead.

Jennifer says it’s not a good idea for Abby to dig around in Patrick’s past with out him knowing. Abby says it’s her homework and asks for Jennifer’s permission. Abby finds Mimi’s homepage and gets to work. She tells Jennifer she can do it on her own. Jennifer goes to make Abby a grilled cheese sandwich, just like how she used to make for Jack.

Belle says it might be the last time she gets to see Marlena. Shawn says he wishes that he could take away Belle’s pain. Belle says that she is going to pray for Marlena even if she’s innocent.

John says that taking Marlena out of the hospital would be too dangerous. Marlena says that Sami cannot help her like that. John says that they would just be on the run forever until they were hunted down. Sami says that John is only trying to protect himself and not Marlena. Marlena tells Sami not to talk like that. Sami says that she almost believed that John was trying to help them. Sami is convinced again that John will kill Marlena. Marlena takes John’s hand. Sami runs into Lucas’ arms crying.

Belle talks with Sami and says she can’t believe what’s going on. Sami says she feels guilty wanting to have a future with Lucas when Marlena is in such a bind. Belle wonders how she’ll work things out with Shawn if Marlena turns out guilty. Sami says anything is possible since Sami and Lucas worked past things. Sami and Belle go in the chapel. Shawn comes up behind Belle.

Marlena says that Sami was wrong to ask John to break Marlena out of custody. Marlena says they both know it was wrong. Marlena says the only way to get out of this is through the truth serum. Marlena asks John not to argue with her confession should she make one. Marlena says she’ll just plead guilty and not put her family though a trial.

Jennifer apologizes for interrupting Patrick. Patrick says that he was a handy man growing up in the Lockhart house. Patrick says he likes to move around. He says that he was in Albania when he was younger. Jennifer say it’s her inner reporter keeps her asking questions. Jennifer tells Patrick that he is Abby’s subject. Abby runs in and tells Jennifer to get away from Patrick because he’s not who he says he is.

Abby says Patrick is a con man. Patrick says that his identity had been stolen once and that’s what Abby is looking at. Abby thinks Patrick is lying. Jennifer says that Abby should not jump to conclusions. Patrick says that he passed Hope’s background check. Patrick returns Jennifer’s ring. Jennifer says that he wouldn’t have given it back if he was a thief. Abby admits it was nice.

Belle asks Shawn to pray for her mother. Sami says she’s been in church too much lately and that there have been too many funerals. Sami asks to be spared of another funeral. Sami also asks if her wedding would be possible. Sami leaves the chapel and finds Lucas outside the door.

Judge Fitzpatrick arrives. Bo says that he asked her to come to make sure they don’t mess up anything with Marlena’s possible confession. Bo hands Marlena the consent forms and Marlena agrees to sign. Marlena tells John to remember that she loves him, just in case this is goodbye.

Jennifer says that Abby should take a break from the computer. Abby says she’s going to do her math homework. She and Jennifer go upstairs. Patrick sneaks in and erases a page on the computer.

Sami is glad that Lucas is here for her. Lucas says that Sami has plenty of strength by herself. Lucas says that she should have something to eat. Sami thanks Lucas for being here. The two of them go to the cafeteria.

Belle asks Shawn to come with her to see Marlena get the truth serum. Shawn says they don’t even have to think about Marlena being guilty.

Marlena says that if she confesses then she’s deeply sorry. John says that’s a given. John asks Bo and Hope that if Marlena implicates someone else then they have to take it seriously. Hope says that they are officers of the law and they just want the truth. Lexie says that the drug is ready. Belle and Shawn have arrived. Marlena hopes that this will be exactly what Belle needs to hear.


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