Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/26/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Hope, John, Marlena, Mimi and Philip

Sami’s apartment:

Sami and Lucas cuddle in bed. Sami kisses Lucas’ neck.

Sami and Lucas’ building:

Kate is knocking on Lucas’ door and carrying a casserole. Kate hears Sami and Lucas in Sami’s apartment. Sami and Lucas cannot believe they aren’t dreaming. Kate catches the two of them in bed.

The hospital:

Belle says that nothing is wrong medically with her mother. Belle says she wishes that something were wrong with her. Belle says Marlena will be sent to jail. Shawn says she’s sorry. Belle doesn’t believe it.

Hope wants to know if the truth serum will work. Hope says that Marlena is acting too remorseful. Bo says that Marlena is playing with their sympathies. Bo recounts all the circumstantial evidence against Marlena. He talks about the blue suit that Marlena cut up, Marlena being in Tony’s cubicle when he died and the powdered sugar in her gloves. Hope just wants it to make sense. Bo says the truth serum will lead to answers.

John says truth serum is a dangerous drug, especially since Marlena is already under stress and weak emotionally. Marlena asks John why he is so adamant about Marlena refusing the truth serum. Marlena asks John if he’s afraid she’ll incriminate herself.

Sami yells at Kate to get out. Sami has a hard time getting dressed. Kate says that she feels sick and thinks she’s going to pass out. Kate says she didn’t eat anything today. Lucas offers Kate the casserole that she brought over. Kate flings a piece of casserole at Sami’s face.

Shawn asks Belle why she’s pushing him away. Belle says that Shawn doesn’t understand how much her mom means to her. Belle thinks that Shawn can’t be there for her. Belle tells Shawn that she is not responsible for everything that goes wrong in their relationship.

John doesn’t want Marlena to sacrifice herself to find out the truth. Marlena says that drug can be safe. John says that all the evidence is connected to him. John says that Bo and Hope could ask the wrong questions and trap Marlena. Marlena has refused a lawyer and basically signed away all her rights. John says that if things don’t go Marlena’s way then she will most certainly end up dead. John says he could not bear to lose Marlena.

Lucas helps to clean up Sami. Lucas gives Kate a paper bag to breathe into. Kate says that the casserole was for all insults Sami shot at her. Kate says that Lucas doesn’t even love Sami and that it’s just lust. Sami starts to cry.

Bo says that he wants Marlena behind bars. Hope says that their lost loved ones would want them to be compassionate. Hope says Roman loved Marlena. Hope says Marlena could be family again if Shawn marries Belle. Bo refuses to let Marlena into his family again.

Belle thinks Shawn wants Marlena dead too. She points out that everything is only ok when they think Marlena is not the killer. She doesn’t think Shawn is sorry for what is happening to her.

John says that everyone needs Marlena. Marlena wants to find out what the reason is for her killing. Marlena says she knows right from wrong and that she needs to take responsibility for her actions. John asks how she can be responsible if she can’t remember. Marlena says that her amnesia is due to hitting her head. John starts to wonder if there may be more Marlena look-a-likes out there. Marlena says that she confessed to John and they don’t have an explanation for that. Marlena says that should she turn out guilty then she wants it all to end now.

Lucas hands Sami a tissue. Sami says that she wants her key back from Kate. Lucas tells Kate to leave because it’s Sami’s apartment and Sami doesn’t want her here.

Belle thinks that he hates her because she’s a part of Marlena. Belle says that she blames herself. Belle says that she wants to spend time with her mother even if she is guilty. She says if Shawn cannot understand then maybe it’s time to move on.

John asks Marlena if she still loves him. Marlena says that’s a stupid question. John points out that Marlena was afraid of him. Marlena says she was just afraid of hurting him. John says cold blooded killers don’t worry and they don’t love. John says that Marlena is his whole life and he can’t live without her. He kisses her and they hug.

Kate says she did everything to bring Lucas into the world healthy. She says that she sacrificed everything to give Lucas a good life. Lucas tells her not to make him chose between her and Sami. Kate leaves. Lucas apologizes to Sami and they hug.

Shawn says that he wouldn’t keep her from being there for her family. Belle asks if she and her mother would be welcomed into his family.

John says there’s a logical explanation. John says that he understands what it’s like not to remember. He says that they need time to find the truth. Marlena says that the police want her now. John says that if Marlena confesses anything then he will lose her in an instant. Marlena is crying at the thought of never seeing John again. John says that since he won’t testify, as long as she doesn’t say anything under sodium pentathol that she’ll walk free. Marlena says then she’ll be free to possibly be free to kill again and she could never do that. She says she might kill Sami or Belle. Marlena says that it is because she loves John so much that she has to know the truth.

Sami and Lucas drink tea. Sami says Kate will do everything in her power to keep them apart. Lucas says they have overcome a lot. Lucas says he just wants to enjoy time with Sami and not talk about Kate. Lucas turns on some music and asks Sami to dance. She says she’s not a good dancer. They laugh and dance. There is a report on the radio about the stabbing in the jail. The reporter says Marlena was rushed to the hospital. Sami starts to panic. Sami and Lucas rush off to the hospital.

Mimi says that if Philip spends too much time with Belle people will talk. Philip points out the same thing with him and Mimi. Kate shows up distraught. Mimi gets a page from Rex and leaves. Kate is sobbing and tells Philip that he is her last chance at happiness. Philip comforts her.

Hope asks to talk with Marlena. Marlena says it’s awkward knowing what she did to Alice and Doug. Hope says that Marlena forgave her for what Hope did under Stefano’s control. Hope says Marlena is not guilty. Marlena says that she doesn’t have a microchip in her brain. Marlena is happy that Hope believes in her. Marlena says that Stefano is not behind this and that he is dead. Hope says that Stefano has always tried to tear their families apart and wonders what he would feel knowing he failed. Hope tells Marlena not to take the truth serum. Marlena starts crying and thanks Hope for saying that. They take hands and Marlena says that the truth is healing and that this is what they need to do.

Shawn says that what their families are going through is terrible. Bo says that it is not Shawn’s job to protect anyone. Shawn says he blames himself.

Kate tells Philip he needs to find happiness. Kate tells Philip to go after Belle, no matter what. Kate says she doesn’t have the energy for matchmaking since it is taking all her energy to get Lucas away from Sami. Kate says murder is too good for Sami.

Sami and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Belle says she’s glad to see Sami and they hug. Sami asks John why he is even thinking of letting Marlena take the truth serum. John says that he tried to talk Marlena out of it, but it didn’t work.

Belle asks John what he wants them to do. John says that they need to come together as a family. John asks Sami to help her mother because they would all be lost without her. Sami agrees.

Philip asks Kate if she’d like anything to eat. Kate says no. Kate asks Lucas if they are still talking. Kate says that she’s heard Marlena is going to take the truth serum. Kate is surprised to know Marlena agreed to the truth serum. Kate wants to know what really happened with Roman’s death. Kate says that if Roman had lived maybe things would have worked out with Sami. Kate asks Lucas not to make things harder. Kate says that Sami will bring Lucas down.

Hope tells Shawn not to let love slip away.

Marlena is glad to see Belle and Sami. Sami and Belle say they are worried about Marlena. Marlena says that she just doesn’t understand what happened. Sami tells Marlena if she confesses then she’ll be sent away to prison and they won’t see her again. Sami says this might be the last time they are together as a family. John points out that Sami called them all her family. Sami says that her family is more important than hating John. Sami starts crying. They all take each other’s hands. John says that her entire family needs her and he tells her not to leave them. They don’t want this to be goodbye.


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