Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/23/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Nicole, Brady, Sami, Lucas, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Mimi, Philip, and Lexie

The Kiriakis mansion:

The prison fight is on the radio. Nicole thinks Marlena is dead. Nicole is happy no one, but Jan can tie her to Victor’s murder. Nicole says Jan is next. Brady overhears that.

The hospital:

John asks Marlena if she’s ok. Marlena says she’s scared. Marlena asks if a neurological disorder excuses nine murders. John says that he just wants her well. They talk about how all this is hurting their family. Marlena asks John for a favor and he says he’ll do anything. Marlena ask John to help her die.

Belle is pacing back and forth. Shawn apologizes to Belle. He says he understands what she’s going through. Belle runs off. Shawn asks Mimi what he should do.

Bo and Hope think that John and Marlena are planning. Bo is tired of the excuses. He still thinks Marlena killed the inmate and Hope says they don’t know that for sure. He wants to know what drove Marlena over the edge. Bo says Marlena is a menace to society. Bo says that they made mistakes to trust Marlena and John. Bo says that John is protecting Marlena. Bo says Marlena deserves death.

Sami and Lucas make love.

Sami gets quickly out of the bed. Lucas asks where Sami is going. Sami says there is nothing to say and runs out. Lucas just wants to know if it was real.

Nicole asks Brady how long he was standing there. Brady says he doesn’t believe anything Nicole says. Brady thought Nicole was talking about her drinks. Nicole tells Brady that Marlena was stabbed to death (she was not). Brady goes to see John and Belle.

Mimi asks why Philip and Shawn were fighting over Belle. Philip says that he was just trying to be Belle’s friend. Philip says that Shawn is treating Belle badly. Mimi asks Philip if he has feelings for Belle.

John says that he doesn’t want to hear Marlena talk about dying. Marlena says it will be easier for everyone if she’s gone. She says she’s hurt so many people. John says Marlena is his whole life. He says Marlena is sick and that they have to get her well. Marlena still thinks it is unfair to all the victims and their families if she stays alive. John says Marlena would not willfully kill anyone. He says she’s a good person. He asks Marlena what she would do if she were one of her own patients. He says she would never turn her back on someone who needed help. Marlena says she doesn’t know what to do. John says it is his turn to take care of her. He says he will give his life to prove Marlena is innocent.

Belle wonders what is going to happen to her family. She has a flashback to her conversation yesterday with Mimi.

Shawn asks Hope how long it will take to get Marlena’s test results. Hope says Shawn was supposed to talk with Belle. Shawn says he tried to talk to Belle and now Belle doesn’t want to talk to him anymore. Hope says that Shawn has not been there for Belle and he needs to be. Hope says that Belle is going through a hard time with her mother facing the death penalty. Shawn says Hope is right and that he just needs to tell Belle he loves her.

Hope says she just wants to protect Zack and Shawn. Bo says that Hope can protect Zack, but she has to let Shawn go. Hope asks if she is being selfish for wanting Shawn to be happy. Shawn says that she thinks Shawn doesn’t want to leave Salem because he wants to work things out with Belle. Bo and Hope hug.

Mimi asks Philip what happened with Belle on the roof. Mimi says that Shawn said Philip was hanging all over Belle. Philip says he’s on Mimi’s side. Belle asks what side is that. Mimi says that she and Philip just want Belle and Shawn happy and together. Belle says that won’t happen. Belle leaves to go pray in the chapel.

Nicole imagines Lexie pronouncing Marlena dead. Nicole talks to the dead Marlena. The dead Marlena says she can’t be dead cause she has a husband and children. Nicole is happy that Marlena cannot implicate her in Victor’s death. Then the dream ends.

Brady returns and says Marlena is alive. Nicole is shocked!! Brady notices that Nicole seems surprised. Nicole asks what happened and if the police know what caused the fight.

Lucas calls Will and asks if Sami is there. Will is having a movie night with Grandpa Shawn. Sami returns to the room and says that she never really left. Sami says that she needed coffee. Lucas says that he didn’t want to take advantage of Sami. He says that Sami must regret what she did. Lucas says he still wants Sami, but it is not what she needs right now. Sami says that Lucas is wrong and that she wants him too. They kiss.

Nicole says she’s just glad that Brady’s step mom is ok. Nicole asks why the news gave a false report. Brady asks Nicole if she thinks she might know the inmate who was killed.

Belle prays. She asks what will happen with Shawn. She asks what will happen if Marlena is really the killer. Belle says she doesn’t even know what to pray for any more. Belle asks for a sign. Shawn is in the doorway.

John says that they gave Marlena a sedative so she’s sleeping. John just says he just wants to help Marlena through this. Bo says Marlena killed people, so why should they help her. John says Marlena is not a killer. Hope stands between John and Bo. Hope asks Bo for a minute to talk with John. Hope says Bo in under a lot of pressure. John says he just wants his family together again. Hope says all the evidence points to Marlena, right down to the latest murder of the inmate in Marlena’s cell. John says that case has not been fully investigated. Hope says John is smart and he must be thinking Marlena is a killer. Lexie comes back with the test results. John asks if Marlena is in her right mind.

Sami and Lucas end up back in bed. Sami wonders what Will is going to think. Sami says that Kate will freak out because Lucas and Sami made love. Sami asks Lucas if they are together.

Belle asks why Shawn is there. Shawn says he’s answering Belle’s prayers. Belle tries to leave again. Shawn stops her and gets her to listen to him. Shawn says that he was having trouble with his own guilt for Alice’s death. Shawn says that Philip was right. Shawn has not been spending enough time with Belle. He says he wasn’t there for her but he is here now. Shawn says he won’t walk away this time. Philip watches Shawn and Belle hugging.

Lexie says that all the tests came back negative and there is no medical reason why Marlena would act violently. John asks why can’t she remember anything. Lexie says that the psychiatrist who analyzed Marlena says Marlena knows right from wrong and is probably suppressing the memories. Lexie says that Marlena definitely knew what she was doing though. John cannot believe what he is hearing. Lexie says Marlena will be released with in the hour. Bo talks with Hope over the prison transport. He wants her isolated so no one else dies. John stops Bo. John says Bo is not taking Marlena back to jail because he won’t allow it.

John says that he knows his wife and that she is not a killer. Hope asks how John can ignore the evidence. Bo tells John to face the facts. John holds Bo back and says Bo will have to go through him first. Hope tries to avoid the two of them fighting. Bo says he can just arrest John. Hope says Bo will do it. John asks them what do they expect since they are talking about his wife here. He almost cries and walks away angrily. Mimi comes forward and asks Bo and Hope if maybe they could give Marlena a truth serum test to see what she says.

Nicole asks why Brady would think she knows one of the inmates. Brady gets a phone call from John. John says that the police want to give Marlena a truth serum. John says that he won’t let her agree to it. Brady agrees and tells John to hang in there.

Nicole is worried that Marlena will reveal Nicole was involved in Victor’s murder. Nicole has a vision of Marlena saying she saw Nicole with Jan and telling the police to arrest Nicole.

Nicole says that they have to support John so that the truth serum will not be forced on Marlena.

Bo tells Hope that if they can get Marlena to confess to them, then they do not need John’s testimony. Bo just wants to get some answers.

Shawn tells Belle that he loves her. Belle says that she cannot deal with this now. Belle says she needs time to think about things now. Shawn says that he will be there for Belle and give her time. Belle asks how Shawn can do that if he is running off. Shawn says that he is not leaving Salem. He says that when Belle is ready he will propose to her. Shawn puts his purity ring back on. Belle says she loves Shawn too.

Bo says they are ready to take Marlena away. John wonders how he is going to tell Marlena that the tests came back negative. John says Marlena is going to blame herself. Bo says that Marlena should blame herself. Hope asks John if he asked Marlena about the truth serum. John says he will never let Marlena take the truth serum.

Sami is eating in bed. She asks Lucas what Will said. Sami is glad Will is with Grandpa Shawn. Lucas says that they should keep their relationship quiet for a while. They don’t want to get Will’s hopes up. They also don’t want Kate to find out. They start kissing again.

Nicole worries about Marlena implicating Nicole and Jan in Victor’s murder. Nicole wants Marlena to keep her mouth shut.

Mimi tells Philip to stop chasing after Belle because he’ll only get hurt.

Bo says that the truth serum could also prove Marlena is innocent.

Belle hugs Philip about Marlena’s test results being negative.

Marlena agrees to take the truth serum. She wants to know what she has done.

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