Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Lucas, Belle, Shawn, Philip, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Lexie, Mimi, Rita, Tina (dead), several guards, the matron, and the other inmates

Sami and Lucas’ building:

Lucas is glad that he’s not in jail and thanks Sami. Sami says that it’s ok about what happened. Sami is embarrassed about acting out on Lucas. Sami asks why she always blames Lucas. Sami can’t get her key to work and gets frustrated. Lucas says Sami was brave for standing up for him.

The roof of the loft:

Belle tells everyone to stop fighting. Philip hits Shawn again. Belle asks why Philip would do that since Shawn is his friend.

The prison:

John thinks the prisoner who died is Marlena because he doesn’t see her in the cell. A guard brings Marlena into the room and she is all beaten up. John asks who beat up Marlena. Marlena says the girls did it. Tina is really the one who died. The matron says that Marlena is a killer and is the one who killed the girl in jail.

Belle asks if Shawn is ok. Philip says that Shawn started it. Shawn says that Philip just wants Belle all to himself. Mimi arrives as they start fighting again. Mimi tries to break up the fight but gets caught in the crossfire and gets knocked to the ground.

Sami asks Lucas if he thinks Marlena will be let go without John’s testimony. Lucas says he doesn’t think so. Lucas and Sami hug.

John asks what happened. The girls all say Marlena did it and Marlena denies it. Lexie asks to examine the body. The matron tells Lexie to examine the body in the infirmary. Lexie says she’ll determine the cause of death. The weapon used was a sharpened spoon. They want it dusted for fingerprints. Hope says hat it could not be made overnight and Marlena just arrived. John asks Marlena what happened. Before Marlena can answer, Bo interrupts. Bo says he’ll take the word of the inmates over Marlena. John says he is just trying to figure out what happened. He says that Marlena is Bo’s friend. Bo says his friends don’t kill his loved ones.

Mimi wakes up. Shawn is the one who hit her. Mimi asks why they were fighting. Philip says that Shawn thinks Philip is moving in on Belle. Mimi tells Belle about the stabbing at the prison.

John says that Bo already has his mind made up. Marlena says that all the girls are lying. Marlena says that she has a history with the girls. Marlena tries to rationalize it all with psychology. John says that Bo cannot listen to the inmates because they have it out for Marlena. Bo goes over to one of the inmates, Rita, and asks her side of the story. Rita says that Marlena arrived like she owned the place and offered to bribe them if they would leave her alone. They say that Tina gave Marlena the spoon in exchange for drugs. Marlena again says that the girls are lying, but she cannot prove it. The matron says that she did not see anything and that it was too late when they tried to break up the fight.

Lucas says that John loves Marlena. Lucas says that Sami should go to bed. Sami says that she would never try and take Will away from Lucas. Lucas says he would not take Will away from her either. They each complement each other on their parenting skills. Sami asks Lucas for forgiveness. Lucas says that he and Sami have been though a lot. Lucas asks Sami why she does not come to him for help when she feels alone. Lucas says that it is human for people to need each other.

Bo says that the girls wouldn’t lie and that Marlena is going to solitary confinement. John asks why Marlena is the one with all the bruises. The guard says that he is the one who hit Marlena because she resisted. There is a flashback to Marlena waking up to find blood on her hands. The guards rush in and think she did it. They throw her against the wall and handcuff her. Marlena says she does not remember fighting them. Bo says he has had enough of Marlena not being about to remember and sends her away. John hugs Marlena to comfort her because she’s so scared.

Lucas offers Sami hot chocolate. Sami asks for tea. Lucas says that Sami is turning into quite a woman. Lucas tells Sami to get ready for bed.

Lexie says that Tina died from multiple stab wounds and that Tina was a drug user. John wonders why Marlena cannot remember anything that happened in the cell. John asks that Lexie examine Marlena for any neurological disorders. Lexie says that it is possible. Bo says that John should just give it up because its obvious Marlena is a killer. John says he is desperate to prove Marlena did not really do the murders because his wife is not a killer. John asks Hope for help on getting Marlena’s brain tested. John reminds Hope that Marlena has helped her out a lot. Hope says it might lead to answers. Bo agrees, but says this is Marlena’s last chance.

Sami is in be putting on lotion and Lucas brings Sami a tray. He brings her cookies too. Sami says the cookies are ones that Will hid. Lucas says that Will is with Grandpa Shawn and beating him at chess. Sami wants Lucas to spend the night with her. Sami says she doesn’t want to be alone tonight. Sami undoes Lucas’ tie and they start kissing.

The hospital:

John asks when he’s going to wake up from this awful dream. Hope says she has thought the same thing before, but they are both very much awake. Belle, Mimi, Philip and Shawn arrive at the hospital. John says it’s not a good place for Belle at the moment. Belle says she wants to know what happened. John has a hard time telling her. Hope tells Belle about the fight in the cell. Belle asks if it was in self-defense. John says he just doesn’t know what happened. Belle asks why Marlena is still in the hospital. John says they are running neurological tests. Belle asks if this means Marlena is crazy. John says no, that Marlena did sustain a head injury from the fall. Shawn says that Roman would not accept amnesia as a defense. Philip says that is not what they are talking about. Belle says Shawn just wants Marlena guilty.

Lucas has second thoughts about sleeping with Lucas. Lucas doesn’t want to take advantage of Sami. Sami wants Lucas to stay. Sami says she almost heard Lucas say to the cop that he loves her. Lucas says he does love Sami. Sami asks why Lucas can leave her if he loves her. Lucas says he is just trying to put Sami’s needs before his own. Sami and Lucas start making out on the bed.

John says that no one is saying Marlena is crazy. He says they are looking for any physical explanation for Marlena’s behavior. Hope says that Bo is watching Marlena to make sure that she doesn’t get away. Hope says that Belle is a wreck. Hope notices that Philip is being very attentive. Belle wonders what would happen if her mother if crazy. She wonders if it is genetic and it is only a matter of time before she loses her mind too. Marlena is on the examining table getting tests done.

Lucas asks Sami if this is really what she wants. Sami asks the same of Lucas. They tell each other they love each other and then start making love.

Belle wonders if she’ll go crazy. She remembers that her Aunt Samantha was perfectly fine until she hit her late-twenties. Belle says it could destroy her family.

Hope says Philip is probably just being a good friend. Shawn comes up to Philip and apologizes. Shawn thanks Philip for making him realize that he can’t let Belle get away. Belle says that she can never have a normal life. Belle says that no one deserves to be brought into her family if Marlena is the Salem Stalker. Shawn sends Mimi away and wants to talk with Belle. Belle says she can’t be around Shawn and runs out.

John thinks it’s funny that he is hoping Marlena has a brain tumor to prove she’s not a killer. Bo says he doesn’t need John’s statement anymore because Marlena killed Tina. John thinks it’s ridiculous for Bo to believe the inmates. John says he knows in his heart that Marlena is innocent and he just has to figure out how to prove it.


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