Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/21/04

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Characters appearing: Sami, John, Lucas, Kate, Marlena, Hope, Bo, Jan, Nicole, Belle, Shawn, Philip, Crystal, several police officers, the matron at the jail, and the other girls in the jail.

Sami’s apartment:

Kate says that Lucas should be pressing charges on Sami and not the other way around. Lucas says that Sami was out of control. The police say that there is never an excuse for abuse. Sami doesn’t say anything. The police start to take Lucas away amid Kate’s protests.

The roof of the loft:

Belle says that nothing is going on and that she just needed a shoulder to cry on. That’s why she was hugging Philip. Belle says that her life is falling apart since her mom is being accused of being a serial killer. Belle says that it is all her fault. Shawn says it is not. Belle says that Shawn has lost a lot, but so has she. Shawn thinks something is going on between Belle and Philip. Shawn says he still loves Belle.

In an alley:

Jan is upset that Shawn has not visited her country house yet. Nicole says that they need to take care of Marlena. Jan says that Marlena is guilty. Nicole is afraid that Marlena will reveal her and Nicole as Victor’s killers. Nicole is rethinking her choice of accomplice and leaves.

The Salem police station:

Marlena has her fingerprints taken at the jail. She has her mug shots taken. Bo handcuffs her again and leads her away. Bo lets John have thirty seconds to say good-bye to Marlena. John says she is not a killer. Marlena thanks John for believing in her. John says he will believe in her until the day he dies. They hug and Marlena cries. Bo comes to take Marlena to the county prison. John refuses to let go. Hope tells John not to make it any harder than it already is. Marlena says that she’s scared and John tells her to be strong.

Sami asks where Will is. Kate points out that Sami doesn’t even know where her own son is. Lucas reminds Sami that Will is at Grandpa Shawn’s. Kate reminds the police that Lucas is a Horton and that she is the late commander Brady’s wife. Kate says she cannot keep her promise to Roman about watching over Sami.

The jail:

Marlena arrives at the jail. The warden there tells Marlena she’ll be watching her. She doesn’t want Marlena to escape or commit suicide. One of the girls in the jail knows Marlena from Marlena’s days working with at-risk youth. Marlena also testified against one of the girls.

Hope tells John that he needs to relax. John says that Marlena is in such a fragile emotional state. Hope says that they need to review the evidence against Marlena. John refuses to testify against Marlena.

Belle is surprised that Shawn still loves her. Philip says that Shawn just doesn’t want Belle to be with anyone else. Philip says that Belle needs to get on with her life. He says that Belle needs someone to lean on and that since Shawn is not there, why can’t he be there.

John says that all Bo has is circumstantial evidence. Bo says that Marlena is obviously guilty. Bo says that John cannot even say that evil made Marlena do it. John refuses to testify against his wife. Hope says that if John does not testify, then he is their only other suspect. John says he would gladly take Marlena’s place in jail. John worries about Marlena in jail. Bo says that since she killed 9 other people, he thinks she could handle a few other inmates.

One of the girls comes up to Marlena. Marlena forgets her name. The girls name is Crystal. Crystal starts to sit next to Marlena, but sits in a plate of food instead. The warden calls Crystal out because she has a visitor. One of the other girls smears a plate of food on Marlena.

Crystal is very excited to see her visitor. Nicole is the one who is visiting Crystal. Crystal says that she is stuck in jail waiting for a trial date. Crystal wonders how Nicole found her. Crystal and Nicole are from the same neighborhood and did porn together. Crystal needs a good lawyer. Nicole says that she’ll take care of Crystal kid for her if Crystal does something in return.

Jan eavesdrops on Shawn, Belle, and Philip’s fight. Jan thinks that Shawn could obviously beat Philip up. Philip says that Shawn was running around town accusing innocent people. Philip says that if Marlena actually killed people, she was not in her right mind. Philip says that he lost people too because Shawn, Bo and Hope messed up. Shawn lost so many family members and that is why he says he needs to leave. Belle asks why they can’t get through it together. Jan says that she wants to hurt Belle. Belle hopes Shawn finds peace and walks out. Belle screams and then both Shawn and Philip run to go see what happened.

Marlena is crying and the other girls say that she has to stop or they will pick on her. Marlena just wants to get out of jail no matter what. One of the girls grabs Marlena’s hair.

Nicole says that Crystal can to the world a big favor and save the taxpayers a lot of money. Nicole says that Marlena is on her way out anyway. Nicole says that if Crystal doesn’t help then Nicole will end up in the cell next to her and won’t be able to take care of Crystal’s kid.

Belle says that she thought she saw someone in the shadows. Belle has a scratch and leave to go put something on it. John says that Marlena would never hurt her daughter. Bo says that if John doesn’t testify then future deaths will be on his hands too.

The police bring Lucas into the station. Lucas says that Sami was out of control and that’s the only reason why he did it. Kate continues to say it’s ridiculous. Hope says that there are witnesses so there is nothing that can be done. The other officer says that they brought Sami in just in case she wanted to press charges. Sami says that all she wants is her mommy and daddy.

Bo calls John into his office. Bo says Sami is a wreck because of Marlena. John says his testimony will do no good. Bo continues to try and persuade John by saying that John will be responsible for anyone Marlena kills should she walk free due to his lack of testifying.

One of the girls asks Marlena for help. Marlena tells her to take deep breaths. The girl gets angry and says that she needs drugs. Marlena calls for the matron and says that the girl needs medical attention. The matron tells Marlena to take care of it herself. The other girls say that Marlena has never helped anyone. Crystal returns to the cell.

Hope says that she wants to believe in Marlena, but she believes in the law. Hope says they need to trust the system. Sami comes in and asks where Marlena is. Sami blames John for Marlena being in jail. John promises that Marlena will not go to prison. Hope promises Sami that they will get to the bottom of things if they trust the law. Sami doesn’t trust the system since she was almost executed herself. Sami remembers the day of her execution and when Lucas saved her. Sami also remembers Marlena standing by her when everyone else thought she was a killer. Sami says that Marlena is so good that she won’t be able to survive in jail. John tells Sami he won’t testify against Marlena and that means that the D.A. won’t have a case. John says that Marlena will walk free.

The girls in the jail are all whispering to each other, but no one tells Marlena anything. Marlena fears the girls are up to something.

Philip says he makes his own rules. Shawn says that isn’t very shoulder like. Shawn says that Philip has been trying to take Belle away from him since he returned to Salem. Philip says that Shawn chose Jan over Belle before. Jan, listening in, is happy about that. Philip and Shawn continue to exchange insults. Shawn gets very angry and lunges at Philip. They fight.

Sami asks John if he really won’t testify against Marlena. Bo and Hope say he doesn’t have to answer that, but John tells Sami he would never testify against people he loves. Sami is happy. The police say they are ready for Sami’s statement. Sami overhears Lucas’ side of the story. Lucas says that he knows hitting Sami was wrong. He says he would never intentionally hurt Sami because he loves her. Sami is about ready to make a statement and she looks in John’s direction.

The drug addicted girl starts going crazy and thinks Marlena pushed her. The girls start yelling for a fight. Everyone starts pushing each other and a fight breaks out. Marlena ducks down in the corner and calls for help.

Jan roots for Shawn, but then changes her mind because if Shawn is unconscious then she can drag him to her country house. Belle runs back to Shawn and Philip and yells at them to stop. Shawn tells Belle to get out of here, but while he’s distracted Philip punches him. Shawn is knocked into the corner.

Nicole is happy that she will get away with murder a second time. She hates having to hire people to do her dirty work, but she is happy that her own hands stay clean.

Marlena continues calling for help and trying to stay out of the fight. She says that someone could get hurt. The matron asks Marlena if by someone she means herself. Suddenly some one raises a spoon in the air and Marlena is shocked.

Sami says she’s ready to say her side of the story. Sami says that Lucas is telling the truth. Sami says that she knows Lucas wasn’t trying to hurt her. Kate thinks Sami is up to something. Sami says that she knows Lucas was just trying to help.

Bo gets a phone call. He says that a fight broke out in the jail. He says someone was stabbed and that someone died. John thinks it would have to be Marlena. Everyone in the jail is lying motionless on the floor.


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